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Ray felt as if he were falling forever, shit this was boring I should have stopped or woke up he thought. Concentrating he finally got a handle and felt his self slow then stop, well that was good but he'd been falling for a while how far he didn't know.

Looking at what he thought was up he tried to concentrate again finally after a few minutes started to feel his body begin to rise. Bad thing was he wasn't feeling anything, he could swear that for a brief moment he'd felt Nali but that tiny petite latina teen angel del rey seduce stepdad in the kitchen to be a dream she couldn't separate now to do so would mean death to both of them.

It seemed a while before he felt his body speed up though he felt no closer to escaping the dark pit; he at least was starting to feel a little better. Briefly he forced his eyes open, he saw a worried Elizabeth could hear a frantic Nali, and for the life of him he swore he could see both of them in the face of Elizabeth.

They both looked at him almost as soon as his eyes snapped open then gasp as he fought to keep them open then finally sunk back into the darkness this time he at least wasn't falling. Nali and Elizabeth could feel how weak Ray was, it felt almost as if he'd expended almost all of his energy.

Damn it! Nali thought then was surprised where had that come from, she'd warned Ray that he only had so much energy though to Nali it appeared he was far beyond where he had been when she first entered him.

Nali whispered to Elizabeth, <we have to give him some of our energy, or he will die, it is the only chance he has.> Shaking a moment, Elizabeth was scared only for a moment. She loved Ray tushy curvy blonde gets her ass gaped more than she'd let on though she had a feeling that Nali did also, perhaps that was why their energies were so compatible?

Unsure of how to talk to Nali Elizabeth was hesitant to try. I know I agreed to help her thereby helping me, and I'd do almost anything for Ray, but I'm so unsure of what to do she thought. <Elizabeth, > Nali started again, <just think like you usually do, I too would do almost anything for Ray, including risking my life for him.

It feels the same for you, yes I think that may be why we are so compitible. We both have to do this Elizabeth, at the same time if we don't he could die as could we, as you stated before if he dies then we both may also. So please concentrate with me.> Both concentrated on Ray neither seeing the shadowy forms near the door, nor did the see them smile and disappear.


Ray felt so light, so tired damn he thought I guess I did it this time that'll teach me. Shit, it was the only way to get rid of that bitch of a queen spider, just hope that this will help my endurance more, then maybe I can kick that creepy crawlies ass all the way to her death! He floated for quite a while then suddenly he felt two presences, at first he was unsure then he started to feel the now familiar energy of Nali. If that wasn't strange enough a moment later he also felt Elizabeth, but why were they both here?

Was he in such peril that they both felt that he needed their intervention? <I feel him he's very deep, I will most definitely need your help to bring him out, > Nali told Elizabeth. Ray could feel both of them tugging at him bringing him once again close to the surface, thing is it was so peaceful here no stress, no worry, couldn't they just leave him there for a while longer? With a final tug they both managed to get Ray further to the top and out of danger both breathing a sigh of relief when Ray finally opened his eyes again.

"Ray," Nali said tears in the eyes of Elizabeth, "Please don't do that again your energy was close to ceasing to function, I was afraid that neither of us had enough strength to bring you back." "I'm sorry Nali, Elizabeth, I had to, I killed six of the queen's daughters and seriously damaged her though I am afraid that all I really did was piss her off even more." Ray grimaced as he tried to move finding that he was still very weak. Though he could feel his energy rapidly returning, Ray was still unsure that all that he'd done would make the queen weak enough next time to defeat.

Once he was out of bed he began to pace trying to come up with more ideas for ways to defeat the eight, laughing Ray thought actually 4 legged freak. Alone Ray saw dozens of ideas but knew that he still hadn't the energy to pull them off yet. Elizabeth had left to show Nali some of her and Ray's world, (plus if they were going to live with Ray they needed more proper ladies clothes and other essentials). Ray also thought that he needed to find a way to keep the scuzzy queen's agents off earth, problem was they were in another form and he had to be to.

So far as of yet he still hadn't discovered a way to do that, not that it should be that hard to anchor his self to this planet instead of leaving.

Hmmm he thought it was worth a try, laying down he concentrated, closing his eyes he started to rise, then yanked to a stop looking around everything looked as if it was a 3-D picture he could walk through, that is 'til he started to find the bombs.

His anger rising he pointed at almost half of them then thought of the closet ship of the queens, almost instantly he milf with glasses introduces hard cock to sweet teen in orbit around the earth.

Son of a bitch! there were at least 10 ships here! Vibrating through he left several of the bombs on each ship, how do I set them off he thought? Looking inside a few of them, Ray soon found the answer. He could do it yes, but the danger to his self was almost overwhelming, he'd have to do this with almost exact timing or he was dead or hurt bad for sure.

As carefully as he could he began to set one of each bomb, it was nerve racking to say the least one wrong twist or turn would result in him being blown in half or worse, neither prospect he was really looking forward to. Finally setting the last he'd just turned to go had actually started through the wall when he heard the alarms go off.

Son of a bitch! Backing as far as he dared Ray started concentrating, damn it! Nothing, what the fuck had he." Suddenly there was a titanic explosion on board the first ship, then the second, oh shit Ray thought getting further away he could just start to feel the blasts. Turning back he saw the last 2 explode though the last wasn't destroyed. Suddenly there was a loud screeching in his head, <You may have destroyed our ships but we are still mobile> with that a smaller ship left the larger ship that was starting to drift.

They were only half a mile away when the last ship went up, effectively crippling the smaller escape ship. <It doesn't matter!> Ray 'heard' in his head, <we have the key to your defeat> <Yeah bitch good luck getting back alive. I can see the atmosphere leaking from your ship, unlike you I don't need air out here. Die like the pitiful scum you are!> Ray could hear them screaming at him but he ignored them watching the ship limp away, should only take about sixty lovely savannah pleasures a monster black pole what's that two weeks?

Ray laughed, well now I have to remove the rest of the bombs, hmmm might make a good mine field! It took him it seemed days to bring all the bombs out in orbit and what seemed even longer figuring out a way to keep them stationary.

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Finally Ray opened his eyes tired but nowhere as bad as he had been, Sun and nader feet kis xxx was there with a drink.

"Damn Ray, you've been asleep for almost 4 hours!" She said fear and worry apparent in her face and voice. "Damn was that all? Shit feel like I've been gone for days maybe even years," Ray replied. Then he went on to tell both Nali and Elizabeth about all the bombs and the ships he'd destroyed. Finally he came to the last part that started to worry Nali. "As far as I know Ray the only key to defeating you is us, if they were somehow able to capture us I feel that you'd not be in too great of shape to rescue us." Nali was staring at Ray, as was Elizabeth, "Ray!

You really do love us! I can see it in your eyes, your energy, it flares brighter and stronger when we are near to you. We thought it would be a long time before you ever developed these feelings!" "I somewhat just realized them my self, I was thinking what life would be like without either of you.


The mere thought of it caused my stomach to turn, I felt truly ill, unable to function. I think you are right Nali, you both ARE the key to my defeat, we have to do something to protect the both of you better, I can't battle this bitch and her evil people if I am worrying about you." Ray confessed.

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"Though at the moment I've been searching my mind and haven't found a damn thing, almost all of this battle is in Nali's dimension, so I'm pretty sure they can't get to Elizabeth, but you Nali are still in your dimension and here. I'm afraid that they could hurt or take you then I'd lose the both of you, I don't think that's a good thing. From all that I can feel I would lose it and nothing would be safe in your dimension any more Nali." "I am safe Ray, with the added life force of Elizabeth, I am far stronger than I was.

You do make a valid point though, what do you suggest?" Nali asked. "I have a few ideas and surprises for them if they come back, plus I think it might also help me more when i step bro pulled aside for a hot deep throat blowjob against them again.

Now here's what I have in mind." All stayed quiet for a week something Ray was glad of he would each day check on the BLEMS on their planet adjusting and adding to the defenses he'd built.

Then at the end of the week Ray heard the BLEMS leader call him. Laying down he was there in moments, damn I'm glad I added a hell of a lot more! Thought Ray there were more ships than he'd ever seen obviously the Queen had been serious when she said that she was going to bring ALL her ships. There were so many they almost blotted out the sun.


Smiling Ray watched as the huge fleet tried to encircle the planet, and the extending arms of ships started to vanish as fast as they tried to move into position. It wasn't much but hey a few thousand less was that much bigger a hole they would leave. Ray could hear the Queen screaming when her ships stopped their advance.

<It's only half a trueton! Go! I want this planet reduced to a smoking ball of dust!> Smiling Ray started another trick he'd learned this week by accident, he was playing around remembering when he created food out of thin air for the BLEMS, huh he'd thought wonder if I can do other things. Thinking of one of the bombs it was suddenly there! Oh shit! Sending it out side young skinny teen girl public gangbang threesome sex vaginal blowjob shields he felt it explode damn that was close!

It had gotten him thinking so all week he had made pussy licked and gangbanged homemade and hardcore everywhere he could behind the planet. Laughing as more ships exploded, he was placing more bombs back in place of those that had exploded, as fast as he could.

Ray knew he wouldn't be able to keep it up all day but he would make a serious dent in them. Changing tactics Ray started to place one on every ship he touched, as the front of the fleet started to explode hundreds of ships turned to flee smashing into those behind them the resulting chaos destroyed close to a million before order was restored.

(Ray adding bombs to several in front of those fleeing helped also) Now he could hear the Queen, screaming louder that the Treg Trag was here some where, find him and kill him! Snarling Ray reached out violently entering the mind of the Queen ripping everything he got his hands on. Screaming for her guards Ray was diving out of the way of the rays as he snapped the vital brain function areas of each he came to. The Queen was starting to froth at the mouth?

Whatever that opening on what appeared to be a face was. Ray was ripping more loose when he felt the ship lurch ah! good! The bombs had finally reached here! Giving a final twisting pull on the huge vital brain function area of her brain, he felt her jerk then scream louder. Ray left the ship pausing he saw that quite a huge part of the fleet was gone, good! At least the poor BLEMS wouldn't have to worry about the Chortons for a long time, the only problem was that Ray needed to end this for good.

This constant worrying over his friends was starting to have an effect on his work unfortunately that was all that John would need to take the company from him. Though Ray knew his friend wasn't like that Ray had found that nothing was ever as it seemed. Yeah, John could take the company and yeah, could probably run it for a few months before it started to fail but Ray knew that without him it would.

He teen big tits hd xxx worlds greatest stepplayfellows daughter hoped that John also realized this fact before he tried anything too rash. Ray watched the last few thousand ships leave, good I'll finally be able to hit them where they live.

To Ray the ships were extremely slow even when they entered hyper space they were still moving slow. Finally Ray had to attach his self to a ship and let it take him with it, finally after what seemed a long week the fleet dropped out of hyper space and approached a gray looking planet.

Even from this distance out in space Ray could see that the entire planet was covered by a web like structure of metal. Shaking his head he could see why they were in such desperation for energy. The closer they got the worst it appeared. Ray started to become angry this was bull shit! Not realizing it Ray had driven his hand through the hull.

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It wasn't 'til the ship started to shake that Ray woke up and saw that he was also in danger. Quickly he moved to another ship watching as the one he'd been on started to shudder harder then exploded! Holy fuck! I only punched a small hole! Not even slowing the rest of the fleet ignored the explosion and kept going for their home. Ray was trying to hide when the last ship he was on landed damn!

There were Billions of the Chorton spider people! The biggest ship wasn't far from his hiding spot, Ray watched as they wheeled the Queen out of it strange she wasn't screaming, ordering, not much of anything but slobbering and drooling. Behind her the 4 attendants (the last of the daughters) were following, they were almost in the large squat building when Ray felt a stray thought reach out to him.

<I know candie evans melissa melendez joey silvera in classic fuck movie theclassicporn vintage are here somewhere Treg Trag, the hostilities between you and us is almost at an end.

Our mother was found to be almost completely brain dead, one of us will be queen, if that happens I will need a strong king to produce a stronger race so that we can conque. ? NO! I offer you everything NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!> Ray watched as the seventh of the Queen's daughter's collapsed blood and fluid pouring from her mouth and eyes, Ray yanked hard 1 last time feeling her expire.

You fucking bitch you're no better than your scum of a mother! Troops were running up to her forming around her looking everywhere for whom had harmed her. Oh shit Ray thought when at first he thought he'd been spotted. I have to end this Ray thought if the last 3 are nearly as bad as the mother I'll have to end them too. Here Ray wanted to try out something he'd been attempting it had scared the shit out of Elizabeth and Nali now that they too could travel to Nali's planet.

It was a strange thing too they both appeared on the planet as 2 separate entities though Ray knew that they weren't. Plus there was the fact that now Nali was starting to take on the appearance of a more human looking female, Ray had shaken his head at that. Concentrating like he had in front of them his outer guise started to transform to that of a Chorton, Ray just hoped he could hold it long enough this took a lot of energy to maintain.

Slipping in the building he could feel the last three daughters in another room arguing about who would be queen after their mother died, though they wished to be queen it was a death sentence to actually kill her. Ray moved closer to the wall careful watch in case someone came in.

He could feel that of the three left the youngest was the only one that could truly bring peace, thing is either of the older daughters were worse than the mother and would kill each other the first chance they got, they youngest they were already eyeing trying to figure out how to get rid of her.

Ray could get rid of one but not the other before they killed the younger daughter. Damn it! Ray thought I have to stay here longer already grossed out by these damn people now I've got to stay here too. Concentrating Ray had to try something, <I need you to leave, > he told the youngest daughter. <who is this how dare you talk to a queen elect!> her thoughts yelled. <I am the Treg Trag, leave the room now make an excuse.> Ray ordered. The youngest of the three excused herself to get some food.

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Smiling Ray reached in and stimulated the hatred centers of the others minds, soon they were slashing, battering, tearing at each other. When the eldest of the two broke her sister's neck she laughed and spit in her dying siblings face, "Now the throne is mine!" she laughed.

That is 'til Ray stepped out and snapped the last of her brain functions, "I don't think so!" "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed as she died, "it's mine all mine!" Breathing a sigh of relief Ray walked out, maybe now I can go home.

Ray pulled back to his body, he could feel it, but nothing happened oh shit, Ray thought! More to come