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Sex jav dit em huong dan vien du lich
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Paula came home to an empty house, but she knew it wouldn't be empty for long. Her mother and her brother would, be home in a short while. Mom was attending a club meeting near the high thick amateur brunette fucked xxx art imitating life and she'd already arranged to pick up Dennis on her way home.

Neither Mom nor Dennis were expecting her to be home. She had lied to them both, when she told them earlier she was going straight from school with her friend Heather to her house and would have supper there. The teen-age girl was quite certain what woman police officer forced sex storys brother would do, once he realized he and his mother were alone, and that he wouldn't be interrupted by his sister coming home.

Paula knew what her brother had in mind, because she knew him so well but also because stepdaughter doing oral sex on her stepfather the little things he'd mentioned to her and he didn't realize she'd put two and two together. But letting her brother think she wouldn't be home would cause him to [missing text].

This was Dennis' big chance. If he had as much nerve as Paula gave him credit for, he would try to make his fantasy into reality. Whatever might take place between her brother and her mother made no difference to Paula. She just wanted to be there to see it! Watching her mother and her father on the picnic table the previous Sunday afternoon made Paula realize how exciting it is to watch a couple fuck. Paula grinned to herself as she considered that she had all the makings of a female peeping-Tom!

Standing by her bed, she stripped herself naked to take a shower, a ritual she performed almost automatically each day she arrived home from school. She was almost to the bathroom when she stopped suddenly… What are you thinking of, you dumb little ass?

You can't take a shower now! For one thing you won't be finished before Mom and Dennis get here and that will blow the whole thing.

Even if you finish and hide in time, the wet shower stall is a dead giveaway that you're around someplace. Forget the shower! And pick up your clothes and get them out of sight, in case they look in your room!

A moment later Paula tip-toed naked into her mother's bedroom and slipped into one of the closets. To her delight she found that in her hiding place, with the door slightly ajar, she had a good view of nearly all the room especially the bed. If Mom should reach into the closet for something, she was still well hidden from view by the clothes hanging there. Her decision not to take a shower was a wise one, for no sooner was Paula in the closet than she heard the door open downstairs.

A few minutes later she heard her mother and brother talking as they came up the stairs. Then her mother came into the room and just before she closed the door behind her, Paula got a glimpse of Dennis going into his room across the hall.

Paula watched her mother move to the dresser where she took off her ear rings, necklace and wrist watch. Then she sat down on the seat and removed her shoes and her nylons.

Paula's mother was anything but old fashioned in her wearing apparel, but she did prefer nylons and a garter belt to panty hose. Paula knew why. She'd heard Dad tell Mom that panties and a garter belt really turned him on.

Panty hose did nothing for him at all. Knowing Mom, she'd be only too willing to wear whatever kept Dad in a loving and horny mood. Mom was standing by the bed now, taking off her dress. She laid it carefully over the back of a chair. Then off came her bra and her panties. As she stepped out of her panties she bent over to pick them up. That was the position she was in when Paula saw the bedroom door behind her open quietly.

Standing in the doorway, staring excitedly at his mother's bare ass, was Paula's brother. He was stark naked and his stiff cock stood out in front of him. It was huge and solid! Paula saw her brother hold his breath as long as he could, savoring this last delicious moment of anticipation, then just as his mother straightened up, he sprang!

"Eeeaaahhh!" the attractive golden haired woman shrieked as grasping fingers closed over her naked breasts and a long hard cock pressed against her vulnerably positioned bare ass. Paula could see for one horror stricken instant her mother was flooded with animal-like terror that a woman instinctively feels when her life is threatened by something she cannot see or understand. It was only a moment though, before she realized who her attacker had to be. Paula could see the fear in her mother's eyes giving way to a look of lurid excitement.

It caused her mother's knees to go weak so that she tumbled face down onto the bed. His penis! My brother's penis is touching Mom's bare ass! Paula watched a long shudder wrack her mother's nude loins. Even though her brother's cock was not at the moment touching her mother's sprawled out body, Paula could see its enormous smooth-skinned hardness quivering from the brief exciting contact.

My brother is naked! Naked with a gigantic hard-on! And Mom is naked too! A billowing wave of sexual passion flowed through the teen-age girl hiding in the closet and watching all that was taking place in the bedroom. Mom could get up and escape from him! she told herself. She could prevent this if she really wanted to! Paula could see her mother's muscles trembling with indecision, as though the commands of her conscious brain were being ignored in favor of her rising sexual desires.

Instead of making a dash for the door to the hallway, she lay quivering in immobilized expectation of her naked son's next move. "Oh God!" the boy's voice cracked with passion as his aching prick seemed to swell to even larger dimensions after it grazed the satin-smooth flesh of his mother's luscious ass.

"At last! I've wanted to fuck you for a long time, Mom. And now I'm going to do it!" "Dennis! No! I'm your mother!" "I know! I love you, Mom. What's wrong with a guy fucking the woman he loves?" "Nooo, Dennis…" she moaned, grinding her breasts against the smooth cool sheet on which she was lying.

Paula could see that this movement only intensified her mother's wicked excitement, and her next whimper was more of a plea than a protest.

"Ooohhh nooo. Ooohhh…" "Oh yes, Mom!" Dennis cried, his voice trembling with lust and triumph. "I'm gonna fuck you, just like I've always wanted to fuck you!" Then the athletically-built youth's lean naked body was settling down onto his attractive mother's curvaceous figure, pressing her full breasts down into the yielding mattress and causing her to gasp for breath from the impact of his weight upon her back.

"Oh wow, Mom! I've been wanting to hold you like this for so long," Incestvidz real father daughter creampie brother groaned.

"Oh it feels so good, having my cock laying in the crack of your luscious ass!" "Ooohhhh… Dennis…" From her hiding place in the closet, Paula watched Dennis' hands groping under Mom's silken-fleshed hips, taking a firm grip on her and turning her over onto her back.

In the next instant he was on top of her again. Grinding his loins down on top of his mother's helplessly trapped body, his impatient cock pressured between the attractive beautiful young latina rides a throbbing penis soft smooth thighs. He pressed his mouth onto hers, kissing her in the same way he had kissed his sister that Sunday afternoon by the river bank. It excited Paula to see the effect her brother's actions were having on her mother.

The beautiful woman was becoming just as eager as Paula had been that day, hungrily sucking at her son's tongue and running hers over his lips and teeth like a child savoring some strange and forbidden delicacy. God, is Mom ever hot! She's doing her feeble best to hold the reins on her passion, but she's losing… Paula watched her mother's richly sculptured body squirming and writhing like a bomb about to explode.

"You're a beautiful sexy woman, Mom," Paula's brother mumbled into the soft warmth of his mother's mouth. "And I'm going to fuck you like I've always wanted to. Spread those lovely legs of yours, Mom!

Come on!" "No! We mustn't, Dennis… I'm your mother." "That doesn't matter. Come on, Mom. Open your legs for me!" Paula could see that with every passing second Mom was growing more reckless, and these last words seemed to break down more of her remaining inhibitions.

Yet still she could not quite bring herself to the point where she could surrender herself to the desires of her son. It looked as though part of her wanted to give in to her son for whom she obviously felt a hot sexual desire, but another part of her held back. "It's wrong, darling, what you want to do, what you want me to do," said Paula's mother shakily. "It's evil and adulterous. How can you have any respect for me your mother if I spread my legs open and let you do it to me?" "That's what I want to show you, Mom," replied Paula's brother, "how I love and respect you how I need you and want you!" "But we can't do this, darling.

It would be incest!" "If the truth could be known, you'd find at least halt of the attractive mothers in this town have had their teen-age sons in bed with them, fucking like crazy while the old man is away at the office." "Uuummm…" "And why shouldn't a mother and her son have a little fun together when he gets home after school? Chances are the old man has his office door locked with his secretary sprawled out on top of his desk, fucking the hell out of her!" "Dennis… please!" "The thing to remember, Mom, is how good it feels to be lying here, cuddled up in each other's arms, both of us naked.

Then I'm going to put my bone-hard prick up into you and we're going to fuck for immorallive licking cum on my friends ass amateur threesome next two hours. And nobody is ever going to know about it.

Just you and me." "Ooohhh. Nooo," she whispered, but it was obvious to her son as well as to Paula watching from the closet that she really meant yes. She made no effort to resist as his eager hands gently spread her legs wide apart. Then his hands moved up onto her full firm tits, gently caressing and teasing the already distended nipples.

His long hard prick moved up into position between her legs until the bulbous head was pressed against the warm slick lips of her cunt. Paula watched her mother raise her head from the mattress, lewd curiosity compelling her to watch her son's cock entering her. My brother is going to fuck her. He's going to fuck his own mother! Right here in her bedroom, on her bed. And I'm watching the whole thing! Paula watched her mother as she instinctively spread her legs farther apart, to make the entry easier for her son's erect cock.

"Oh Dennis… darling! I can't resist you!" she moaned softly. The sound of her mother's words filled Paula with a lewd exhilaration and she noticed the words had the same effect on her brother.

"Yes… do it to me, sweetheart! I want you to screw me!" The naked golden haired woman's obscene words of submission were the last straw for her lusting teen-age son. Unable to hold off a minute longer, he lunged forward, taking a firm grip on his mother's hips as though they were handles. With a guttural sound of pleasure, he eased his huge hard cock into her.

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"God, Mom! You feel good!" he gasped. Paula watched her mother's sensuous movements bring moans of bliss naughty teen kat dior fuck and squirt on the couch her son's mouth.

She writhed seductively, firing him with passion. Best of all, Paula noticed, was that her mother was responding to her son's lovemaking with a far wilder wantonness than even she had expected. Her son had finally brought her around, conquered her, made her a slave to his huge hard cock that was now deep inside her! "Ooohhh!" Paula's mother groaned. "Ooohhh yes! That feels wonderful! Oh Dennis, darling! Fuck me!" In response to his mother's obscene cries, her son commenced a smooth in-and-out fucking motion, expert blonde hooker surprise big cock threesome she undulated her shapely hips in a wanton wriggling movement against his huge hard shaft impaling her throbbing cunt.

"Darling! I'm cumming! Oh!" "Let yourself go, Mom!" Paula's brother gasped. "You'll come off a dozen times before I'm through with you!" It was all too much for Paula to bear. The erotic scene before her had her so hot she couldn't resist the urge to play with her nipples until they stood out like tiny spears on the full round contours of her tingling tits.

One hand moved down to her pussy, her finger working over her aching clitoris. And moments later, when her mother rolled and pitched in the throes of a fabulous orgasm, Paula was having one of her own.

She could tell by the way her brother lunged fiercely, burying his cock right up to his balls, that he was shooting his load into his mother's cunt. Paula's self-induced climax made her feel like she was a part of it. If Paula thought that the show was over, she was greatly mistaken. By the time she had caught her breath and her excited nerves had settled down somewhat, her brother and her mother were going at it again. For the next hour it seemed like her mother was writhing and undulating though one orgasm after another.

She watched her brother shoot his load three times, before he finally sprawled on top of his mother and stayed there. When their heavy breathing settled, they lay in each other's arms so still that Paula thought they would surely sleep and she could tiptoe out of the closet and back to her own room. Just as she was about to try it however, she saw a movement on the bed. Her mother's legs slowly withdrew from around his back and settled onto the bed. "That was wonderful, darling," she said softly, smiling happily up at her son's face.

"You're a sensational lover." "Thanks, Mom. You're really terrific!" "You want to go again?" "Sure… but I can't." She laughed softly.

"It does feel a little shrunken inside me. Take it out and bring it up here where I can reach it." What Paula saw next excited her considerably. She saw her brother raise up on his hands and knees, causing his long but subdued cock to slip wetly from his mother's cunt. He moved up over her until he was straddling her breasts, his dangling organ touching her chin. "Put a pillow under my head, darling," Paula's mother said.

The youth quickly did as he was asked, and before Paula was aware of what happened next, the bulbous head of her brother's cock was in Mom's mouth. "Ooohhh Mom…" the youth moaned with delight.

"Do you like that?" his mother asked, taking his cock from her mouth for a moment. "Oh yes! Yes!" Then Paula's mother engulfed the head of her son's cock in her mouth once more and worked on him with determination. Dennis moaned and babbled incoherently.

She could see it was nearly impossible for him to concentrate on anything except the intense thrills tingling in his cock. His sunny leone xxx sex blue film pussy humping6 worked on it provocatively with her lips and tongue while his balls were being teased by her naked pressing tits. "Oh Mom!

My beautiful wonderful mother!" he panted. But the golden haired attractive woman acted as though she had not heard her son's endearing words, as her sucking mouth and licking tongue continued to massage his growing erection. She took his incestuously aroused hardness deep into her mouth and teased it erotically with her tongue, while her full firm tits were thrust in a deliberate way up against her son's huge swaying testicles.

The flushed face that peered up at her son was bright and confident, as though she fully understood the pleasure he was feeling. When at last she took the huge glistening wet organ from her mouth, it was anything but flaccid. When she pushed gently on his hips, he understood and moved back to just below her tits.

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Gently his mother pressed the long wet hard shaft into the valley between her satin-smooth tit-mounds and smiled up at him while he moved his cock back and forth in its tender cradle. "There," she said proudly. "You're back in fighting shape again.

I'll take it back in my mouth again and finish you off if you want me to." "No… I…" Suddenly he leaned forward and his mouth pressed onto hers. The tender incestuous kiss japanese girl boobs press in bus for several erotic minutes, before he finally withdrew his lips and tongue from those of his eagerly responding mother.

Paula thrilled to the sight of her brother licking with slow, sensuous strokes until he reached the twin globes of Mom's gently swelling tits.

He licked all around the tender satin-smooth mounds, then teased the rose-pink nipples that were already hard puckering erections. Not until his mother was groaning in anguished bliss, did he allow his wetly massaging tongue to slide down over her flat and quivering belly toward the enticing golden-haired vee of her pubic mound. Paula's mother cried out in response to the erotic kisses her son planted in her pubic curls.

"You're so beautiful, Mom!" he murmured. "My beautiful adorable mother!" Before he could move his eager mouth onto the tender swollen cunt-lips nestled between his mother's trembling legs, she grasped his head gently but firmly with both hands. "Oh darling!" she gasped breathlessly. "I'd be only too happy to have you eat me but let's save that for another time. Right now it would be a shame to let that beautiful big hard-on go to waste!" "Mom… I want to put it… in your ass!" "Well, I… don't know.

That's quite a large-sized tool you have there!" "I know… but…" "If you promise to be gentle with me…" "I do! I promise, Mom!" "All right then, darling. Let's try it!" Paula was shaking with excitement. Her brother was going to work his huge hard prick up into her mother's ass! And she would watch the whole erotic scene taking place before her just like she'd watched her father do it to Mom that Sunday afternoon as Paula's mother leaned over the picnic table.

Quickly Paula's brother climbed off his mother so she could turn over onto her stomach. Her heap nestled on the pillow and she hugged it with her arms. Then she brought her knees up under her, raising her shapely ass up in the air. Paula's brother wasted no time in getting into position behind his mother's naked rear-end. Passion raged like flames of fire through Paula's trembling body. Her hand was on her cunt again and she knew she'd have another frantic orgasm before her brother and her mother were finished with what they were about to do.

She heard her brother's groan of desire as he moved in close, guiding the head of his erect prick toward the moistly puckered opening of his mother's luscious ass. The huge blunt-nosed head of her brother's cock looked so enormous to Paula that she felt a twinge of trepidation, but it was too late for her mother to stop her son now, even if she really wanted to.

"I'll be very gentle, Mom," he said in a hot blonde and brunette d heroes fucked raw whisper. "But I'll make it really good for you!" "I know you will, darling," replied Paula's mother. Paula could see that her mother's asshole was well lubricated with cum that had flowed over it earlier, and her brother's cock was glistening wet from his mother's mouth.

"Now!" Paula heard her brother's voice, low and vibrant with passion. "I'm going to put my cock into your asshole, Mom. I'm going to fuck my beautiful mother's lovely ass!" Dennis' muscular hips moved forward and his hands grasped the shapely globes of his mother's ass. Paula's hand was massaging her cunt faster and faster, as she watched her brother's cock going deeper and deeper into Mom's widely stretched asshole.

Her brother was getting quite a bit of help, as his mother pushed back at him until the round smooth globes of her ass were pressing into his groin. Paula watched her brother's busy hands, one of them on Mom's tits, squeezing and caressing it, the other under her, fingering her parents films this homemade sextape tube porn. His mother's response was to wriggle her ass wildly against the hard-muscled body of her son pressing up to her.

"Oh Mom! What I've always dreamed about it's happened! I have my cock up your ass!" "Yes, darling! Give it to me. You're not hurting me. Do it to me!" Her exciting words so amused Paula's brother that he let out a wild growl and began humping her as fast as he could go. Paula stared in fascination at his long hard prick thrusting in and out of his mother. "I'm getting into you, Mom! Right up to my balls!" he cried out. "Feel my balls slapping against your cunt!" "I feel them!

Oh! You're making me cum!" "I'm shooting off, Mom! Shooting into your sweet luscious ass!" Paula wanted to scream out that she too was coming, but she didn't dare. For several moments the hotly aroused teen-age girl was sure she was dying at the very least she was having a quick round trip to heaven. Hot flames of pleasure raged in her throbbing cunt, and she was dimly aware of a warm moisture flowing down the soft flesh of her thighs.

Then gradually the ecstatic moans of her mother and her brother could be heard above the ringing in her ears. Her vision cleared as the waves of scorching bliss slowly subsided.

She could see her mother stretched out face down on the bed, her son on top of her, hugging her tight. Obviously his cock was still deeply imbedded in Mom's ass. For a second time Paula thought about trying to tiptoe past them while they lay cuddled together kissing each other, and once again she decided not to.

In her dazed condition she would surely trip and make her presence known. "Am I too heavy for you, Mom?" Paula heard her brother ask softly. "No, my darling. I could lay here like this forever, with you on top of me and your beautiful cock deep inside me.

But that isn't very realistic. In a very short while your sister and your father will be arriving home. According to that clock on the dresser, we have just enough time to shower and get dressed, and change two sexy brunette teens kissing and licking on webcam sheets if we hurry!" "You're right, Mom." "And I have to get supper started.

I would have a great time trying to explain to your father what I'd been doing all this time, if supper wasn't on the table when extreme petite kinky nicole finds a good match got home." Paula saw her brother get up off his mother, and in so doing, drag his long shaft out of her tight asshole. "Can we shower together, Mom?" he asked.

"Yes darling," she said, leaping up from the bed. "But no funny stuff. We don't have time." She smiled at him and added, "But the next time…" "The next time?" Her arms entwined about his neck as she pressed her body up against his, "Would you like to fuck me, standing up in the shower… the next time?" "Yes!

In the shower or anyplace else!" A moment later they were out of the room and Paula heard them in the bathroom, laughing happily. Then came the sound of water running in the shower. Quickly Paula made her way out to the hall and back to her room. She dressed in record time and hurried down the stairs and out of the house. Strolling leisurely around the block to kill time, she let twenty minutes go by before she arrived back at her house. Her father's car was in the driveway.

Inside, her mother was busy in the kitchen and Dennis was helping her by setting the table. "Hi everybody," she said cheerily as she stuck her head in the kitchen door. "Set a place for me. Heather's boy friend came over and I decided not to stay there for supper. Do I have time to shower before supper's ready, Mom?" "Yes dear, if you hurry," her mother replied, a note of gaiety in her voice. Paula trotted up the stairs, smiling to herself at how happy her mother sounded. Maybe she had a real good day, she thought.