Cuban amateur threesome more years of penis for this beautiful brunette

Cuban amateur threesome more years of penis for this beautiful brunette
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I am 42, divorced and I live with my 18 year old son Blake(not his real name). Blake has been dating this 18 year old Latina "Princess" named Mariah.

Now I call her a princess because she is spoiled and expects to be treated like a princess. Fittingly enough she also has a pair of shorts that say "Princess" on the ass. I try not to interfere in my son's relationships and I understand why he pampers her.


She is extremely attractive. She is about 5'3″, weighs maybe 105 pounds, has what I'd guess to be size D knockers and a sweet bubble butt that a lot of Latina girls do. So on that level I like having her around the house as she has provided me a sizable spank bank of mental images. I started letting her sleepover in my son's bed about a month ago on the weekends and she took that inch I gave her and has practically moved in as she only sleeps at her house maybe one night a week now.

I confess once she more or less moved in I got into the bad habit of sneaking into my son's room and looking for her dirty panties and sniffing them. Sometimes if I knew they weren't going to be home for awhile I would take her panties into my bedroom and masturbate with them in my face.

The smell of that eighteen year old pussy was just so intoxicating. When we all three sit around watching TV before bed she wears skimpy short shorts and tee-shirts. I have gotten the feeling that on more than one occasion she liked to tease me. Whenever my son leaves the room, she will often get extra flirty with me. A few times when we were alone in the early mornings because my son has already left threesome with aidra fox pornstars group sex the day she pranced around the house in just her tee-shirt and sexy underpants.

That started one morning when she walked into the kitchen in just a short t-shirt, no bra and a pair of boy shorts. My mouth dropped open. She said "oh gosh dad, I am sorry I hope this doesn't make you feel uncomfortable, I could go change?" I just muttered some unintelligible response that ended with "uh&hellip.

no you don't have to change." She smiled and seemed very pleased now that she had my balls. It didn't take her long to test her control over me. One morning her car wouldn't start and my son wasn't at home so she came back into the house and said "dad, my car won't start could you take a look at it"? Her battery was dead so I jump started it for her. Then I let her car run, shut it down and tired to restart it. It was deader than a doornail as her battery was completely shot.

I said " Mariah, your battery is shot if you buy a new one I'll put it in for you." She put her hand on my thigh, gave me those puppy dog eyes and said "dad I don't have any money do you think you could help me out?" I dropped her off at work and 45 minutes later I was putting her new $80 battery in for her. I left for work and had to stay late to make hot mom jessica bangkok is blowing her young trainer for the hour I came in late that morning.

When I got home she and my son were gone as they had apparently gone out for the evening. I went into my bedroom to change out of my work clothing and I noticed something sticking out from underneath my pillow. I pulled it out. It was a large sealed 9×12 envelope and it simply said "Dad" on it and it wasn't in my son's handwriting. I opened it up and there was one of Mariah's thongs in there. There was also a handwritten note. Dad, I wanted to thank you for the new battery.


Since I don't have any money to pay you, I decided this would be the best gift I could give you. Besides it will save you the trouble of sneaking into Blake's room looking for them. I wore these all day thinking about you. This will be our little secret.

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Love, Mariah P.S. Just put them in the dirty cloths basket in the laundry room when you are done with them, and I will leave you another fresh pair under your pillow tomorrow. Oh fuck! How did I get myself into this mess? Not only did she have me by the balls because she knew I liked looking at her, but she really had me now that she knew I had been sniffing her dirty panties. I needed to clear my head so I brought the crotch of the thong to my face and right where her pussy would have been which was easily identifiable because of the milky white girl cum spots she had left on them.

Her scent was a heavenly mix of honey and pussy. I didn't know where this was going or how it was going to turn out, but I just decided to live in the moment, pulled my cock out and jerked off to her scent. The question that kept running through my mind was what the hell did she want? I found it odd that an eighteen year old girl would want to live in a house with a single 42 year old guy that she knew he was sniffing her panties unless she was trying to get something out of it.

I had decided to talk to her the next morning at breakfast as I knew my son would be at work. The next morning came and sure enough she pranced out in front of me in just a thong and a half shirt. I said, "have a seat." She poured herself some juice, got a plate and sat down. She looked at me smiled and said in her sexist voice "what is on your mind daddy"?

I replied "uh… uh…&hellip." She smirked and said "you want to know why I am teen anal idol first time cherie deville hates that her fresh step ally has long hair my panties under your pillow right"?

I said "yes… you are my son's girlfriend and it is not right." With a big grin on her face she said "you are right it was much more on the level when you snuck into your son's bedroom and retrieved them out of my dirty cloths pile you old pervert." She had me there. So I asked her "how did you know"?

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She stood up, pulled her thong off, plopped it down on the table next to the plate of bacon and sat back down in her chair. She said "you see how these are right side out even after I took them off." I nodded my head yes.

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I started to notice a few days after I moved in when I would put them in the wash they were inside out. At first I didn't think too much of it, but then when I started seeing them that way every day I knew somebody was messing with them.

I knew it wasn't Blake so that left you. I decided to do a test. Before Blake and I went out for the night I put my panties on top of my dirty cloths pile and took a picture of them with my phone. When we came home that night and I saw that they were inside out and in a different spot on the pile from where I had left them, I knew you had messed with them.

You had been the only one at home to mess with them. She smiled. I was at a loss for words. I was certainly caught. I asked her "ok you caught me, but you tease me and you know your teasing me, hell you don't have any bottoms on right now why do you do it"?

She looked and me stood up, turned her back to me, bent over exposing her bare ass and shaved brown snatch. As she smacked her ass she asked me "does daddy want to punish his bad girl"? I replied "that wouldn't be right" and "I couldn't do that to my son." She sat back down and said "I knew you were a good person." Then she asked "do you know how me and your son met?" I replied "no." She said as she ate her bacon "through Christina you know who that is right"?

I stammered and paula lee playing with herself and teasing "yes that is the girl Blake had a crush on since the 6th grade." She looked at me and said "he still has a crush on her." Look when Christina set us up she was dating another guy and now she wants to be with Blake.

She wants me to break up with him. I was willing, but then once I realized if I broke up with him I wouldn't get to see you anymore I couldn't. Now you might find this a little sick and twisted, but I have a thing for older men and I like to do the whole daddy daughter thing.

Doing it with a guy my age just doesn't do it for me as it isn't believable or worse yet the guys usually end up thinking I have issues. Maybe I do, but I know what I need to work them out. Holy shit I said to myself as much as I loved my son I knew I couldn't pass this gift up.

I said "well you know I am attracted to you, but that still doesn't solve the problem of what to do about Blake." Since I think you are trying to tell me you are willing, I have a solution, but I'll tell you about that later as I have to talk to Christina first. Right now you have to punish me for being a bad girl and I would suggest you hurry as we don't want to be late for work.

She got up took my hand and lead me to my bedroom. She got down on her knees where her head was right in front of my cock. Pic of Mariah body so youll understand me!