Bringing big ass girls home from the club xxxx

Bringing big ass girls home from the club xxxx
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Philip was sweeping the floor of the restaurant where he worked when he finally heard a knock. He set the broom aside and quickly bounded across the room to open the door. My wife Amanda poked her head in and smiled. "Hello, Philip.


Sorry I'm late, I got caught up in traffic." The tall Asian man smiled at her. Philip was a shade over 6 feet, standing about 6 inches over Amanda. He had a wiry but muscular body, and always seemed to have a solemn expression on his face. Philip busty babe gets punished with a dick long black hair which he currently had tied up in a ponytail, similar to my wife. "No worries," he greeted her with a warm smile. "What's that saying, better late than never, right?

Please, come in." Philip took her hand and admitted her into the deserted restaurant. It was a small establishment, consisting of only a dozen tables. All the chairs had been overturned and placed on the tabletops in preparation for closing.

But one small table for 2 in the middle of the restaurant was still set. Philip shut the door as my wife stepped in. She was wearing a nonde olive trench coat and black high heels. There was an "Open" sign still hanging in the front window that Philip quickly flipped over to "Closed", and then he lowered the shutters.


Philip turned back to Amanda, bringing her hand to his lips to give it a respectful kiss. Amanda blushed. "Thank you," she said simply. Her heels clattered on the clean wooden floor as she stepped into the center of the restaurant. "I hope I didn't catch you at a bad time." She looked at Philip, and she tried her best to sound casual.

"Is everyone else gone?" Philip nodded. "I started cleaning early to get ready for you. I wanted everything to be right for." His voice trailed off and he looked embarrassed. "Yes, we're all alone." "Great.

I hope you don't mind if I take off my jacket." Without waiting for a response, Amanda slid the trench coat off her shoulders and down her arms. She was only wearing a silky lilac-colored bra and panty set that hugged her curves beautifully. Philip tried to keep his expression neutral as he drank her body in. "Here, let me hang that up for you." "Thank you." She pulled her cell phone from the coat pocket as Philip took it from her.

Amanda walked into the center of the restaurant while Philip hurried off to hang up her trench coat. She approached the lone table that was still set with tableware and utensils. A single candle burned as its centerpiece. She looked at Philip. "Is this for me?" Philip nodded as he approached. "Yes, it is. I---I don't know how your experience with the other men have been," he began softly.

"I don't know if they&hellip.just got right to the point. But I was hoping to make this night a little more special. I actually cooked something for you, I hope you're hungry." Amanda beamed him a bright, genuine smile. She kissed Philip on the lips, and the stoic Asian man was so caught off guard that he blushed.

"How wonderful," my wife told him in her most girlish voice. "I came to see you straight from work, so I haven't eaten dinner yet." "Fantastic! Please, sit down and make yourself comfortable. I'll go and get your meal." As Philip disappeared into the kitchen, Amanda sat down and placed her cell phone on the table.

She was smiling to herself, lost in her own thoughts and anticipation of the night. Philip quickly reappeared, carrying a plate of pasta, covered in a savory red sauce, with a slice of bread and a tall glass of red wine. He placed them carefully on the table before my wife, arranging everything meticulously.

"So, your husband told me that you have a love of spaghetti, so I prepared a plate with my restaurant's secret sauce. To bring out the mom and son romantic sex v, I poured a glass of Italian red wine for you.

I think you'll find they taste fantastic together." "You are so thoughtful! Thank you, it looks absolutely delicious!" Philip hesitated and suddenly looked embarrassed. "I…I was wondering if I could ask a favor from you?" Amanda's eyes twinkled at him. "Yes?" Philip asked awkwardly, "May I feed you?" "That actually sounds very romantic, Philip. Of course." But the ponytailed man still hesitated. My wife smiled at him and let him wallow in his own discomfort for a moment before she prodded him.

"Yes?" "I'd like for you to strip naked while I feed you…" Amanda made a show of considering his request.

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"I can agree to that." "…and let me tie your brunette temptress taking bfs shaft up in her slick pussy tube porn behind your back, too," Philip finished in barely a whisper.

My wife blushed, but she was smiling. "I always suspected you were the kinky one of the group," she admitted slyly. She gave her consent. Philip slowly reached out and slid Amanda's bra up her chest, gliding his palms over her perfectly-formed 34C breasts as he did so. His hands lingered over her engorged melons as he gently played with them, squeezing them and gnashing them together, feeling her erect nipples poking into his palms.

"Stand up." Amanda obeyed. As she stood up, Philip hot vixen apolonia lapiedra enjoys big cock and jizz his hands down her sides to her hips until he came to her silky panties.

He hooked his fingers around the waistband and pulled them down her legs. Amanda carefully stepped out of her underwear, and Philip brought them to his face, sniffing them. "Your scent is just the way I remember," he intoned. Philip stood up and gently guided Amanda back into her seat. He finished removing her bra, which was dangling around her neck, and walked behind her. Amanda extended both of her arms backwards and crossed her wrists. As he swallowed and licked his lips, Philip used her own bra to bind her wrists together behind the back of the seat.

"Now I have a favor to ask of you," Amanda told him. The tall Asian man looked down at her and grinned as he moved in front of her again. "I don't think you're in a position to be making requests. But go on." "Take a picture of me with my phone, and text it to my husband." Philip shook his head incredulously.

"I envy the open relationship the two of you have together. And I finally understand why your husband is so happy to share you. He must be so very proud to call you his wife," he said with sincerity. He took Amanda's phone and switched to the camera. Philip moved slightly to the side so that Amanda's bound wrists were clearly in the frame.

"Smile." Amanda gave one of her beatific smiles as Philip took her picture and sent it to me with a brief message. Then he laid her phone back on the table. My wife's pussy was already wet with anticipation as she looked at Philip ravenously. "I think I need a bit of an appetizer before the main course." "Oh?" "Take off your pants and let me take you into my mouth." Philip didn't require any more urging. His pants hit the floor, and his cock sprung into view a moment later.

It was smooth and cleanly shaven, just the way I had told him Amanda preferred her man-meat. Amanda opened her jaws, and Philip cleanly thrusted his shaft down her throat. Since my wife's wrists were tied behind her back, all she could do was slide her head back and forth on the wiry man's erection.

As she sucked him off, Philip removed his shirt until he, too was completely naked. Then he gently cupped her face to hold her head still as he slowly face-fucked my wife. Philip enjoyed my Amanda's throat for a while until, with near-superhuman willpower, he pulled out. Taking a fork, he stuck it into the plate of spaghetti, and rolled several strands around the prongs.

Then he brought it to Amanda's lips and carefully fed it to her. "Mmmm&hellip.delicious. This sauce is divine. My compliments to the chef." "Thank you," Philip told her, and he happily fed my bound wife some more. As he brought more spaghetti to her lips, the food suddenly fell off the fork, first landing on her chest then splattering onto her lap, leaving behind a saucy red mess on her tanned skin.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Philip quickly apologized, reaching for a napkin. But he looked at the spaghetti sauce adorning Amanda's right breast and tummy, and her thighs, and his cock elevated noticeably. He put the napkin back down, leaned in, and licked the food off my wife's chest. Philip looked up at her to gauge her reaction, and Amanda smiled at him. That was all he needed. He licked further down her body, cleaning the splatter of red sauce around her navel with his tongue, and moved further down to eat the sauce off her legs.

Without a word, Philip reached into the pile of spaghetti with his hand and began smearing more red sauce on my wife's body. First he streaked some across her chest, working down her body, and even tossing some pasta into her lap. The tall Asian man took another handful and kissed my wife again, shoving his tongue down her throat and then sucking on hers, before pulling back and smearing more sauce all over her face. "Not in my hair!" Amanda warned with a giggle.

Philip picked up her phone again. "Your husband definitely needs to see what he's missing." He snapped another picture of my wife, smiling and covered in food, and texted it to me. He bent towards my wife again, licking and kissing her body clean once more. Philip spent an ample tamed teens presents nora and sandra in rough teen spanking scene swallow and cumshot around her tits, moving up to kiss her again, letting Amanda taste the sauce on his lips and inside his mouth.

Philip wasn't finished cleaning her yet when the cell phone vibrated on the table, indicating the arrival of a text message. Philip was always calm and collected, but he did look a little nervous. "Ummmm&hellip." "It's probably my husband," Amanda told him.

"It's ok, go ahead and see what he says." Philip lifted her phone. He pursed his lips as he scanned my text, reading through it twice to make sure he understood. "What?" my wife asked curiously. He showed her the phone, scrolling through the message for her so she could read it to its entirety.

Amanda looked up at her partner for tonight when she was finished reading. "Well?" she asked. "What are you waiting for? I'm hungry." The ponytailed Asian shook his head in disbelief again. "You two are incredible, neither of you know any bounds whatsoever.

Then again, I'm not complaining." With one hand, Philip grabbed Amanda her own ponytail to keep her head in place, and with his other hand crammed his swollen member back into her mouth. He thrusted his hips back and forth in short, powerful burst, making sure my wife felt the girth of his manhood gliding against the slick walls of her throat. It wasn't long before she felt him growing even hotter in her mouth.

Philip's entire body began to quiver. But instead of unloading inside of her, he pulled out again and hastily spun towards the table, almost losing his balance in the process. Stroking himself furiously, he sprayed his cum all over her plate of food, thick spurts of milky white semen spewing forth all over the pasta and even on the slice of bread.

My wife's eyes widened, and she urged him on with lewd, sexy words. After some loud moans and grunts, Philip's ejaculation began to gradually subside, and he waggled his cock over the glass to deposit his final cumdrops into the wine.

Once he was finished dousing her meal with his spunk, Philip collapsed onto the chair next to Amanda. He was gasping and sweating, leaning back so far that he was almost sliding off the chair. My wife eyes flicked between his cut, chiseled body as he was breathing and the plate of delicious spaghetti, which almost appeared to have as much semen in it as red sauce!

Finally, Philip composed himself and lifted the slice of bread and knife from the table. Casually, he began spreading his thick cum over the bread like butter. Once the slice was completely covered, he very gently wiped the flat of the knife on my wife's breasts to clean it, then brought the bread to her lips. Amanda, still bound to the chair with her own bra and covered in food, inhaled deeply. ebon gorgeous gal is satisfied to maximum is going to taste as good as it smells," she said, before taking a bite.

Philip slowly fed her the rest of the cum-covered slice until she ate it all. "May I have a sip of wine, please?" Philip nodded and reached for the wine glass. He had noticed that a thick white glob had gathered at the bottom of the drink.

He took a spoon and quickly swirled it in the wine. It took a long while to break up the thick semen and mix it in completely. Once he was finished, Philip brought the wine glass to my wife's lips, gently lifting it as she took several sips. When she was satisfied, he set the wine glass down, and begin twirling the plate of spaghetti with a fork. Just like he had to mix his spunk into the wine, so, too, did he have to blend his semen into the pasta.

"Bona petite," he said, offering Amanda another forkful. She ate the entire plate and was still hungry for more cum. Philip's cock was rock hard again during the entire time he was feeding Amanda, and purplish veins appeared as though they were going to burst out of his angry red skin.

He grabbed a hold of the chair that she was still sitting on and spun it so that Amanda was facing away from the table. Philip then straddled her, pressing his erection against her chest, in that cavernous space between her tits. He grabbed her breasts roughly and pressed them together, sandwiching his cock with them.

No longer wearing a calm demeanor and looking down at my wife with unbridled lust, Philip began pumping his hips back and forth; Amanda was helpless to do anything but tittyfuck him.

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As their skin burned from the friction, Philip scooped some sauce from the plate and smeared it across my wife's face once more. Amanda opened her lips, and he fed her some more with his hand. The tall Asian man then leaned down and gave her a sloppy kiss, Amanda's face still streaked with red sauce. He managed to lick a good portion of it off before he pulled away. Philip reached over for the plate, and dumped the rest of its contents onto her chest as he was still tittyfucking her.

The sauce, they both privately thought, made for good lubrication. With a primal grunt, Philip loosened the bra, stood up, and pull Amanda up to her feet, spinning her around. He then began grinding his crotch against her bottom, trapping his erection along the crease of her toned ass. As Amanda pressed back gently and rubbed her butt against him, she took his hands and placed them over her messy tits.

Philip gladly cupped and squeezed them, smearing more of pasta and red sauce all over her body in the process. "Fuck, I love rubbing against you," he growled lustily into her ear. "I could do this to you all night and day." He began raining kisses all along her neck.

His hands continued to grope her breasts and glide over every inch of her body, and their bodies moved as one as they undulated against each other. Philip had every intention of fucking my wife tonight, but he used Amanda's ass to unintentionally masturbate himself to the point of no return.

"Oh, shit! I'm gonna explode! I'm gonna explode!" There was actual astonishment in his voice. Amanda was facing away from him, so Philip couldn't see the wide grin on her face. But instead of letting her partner of the night erupt on her beautiful ass, she quickly spun around and dropped to her knees.

Amanda snatched his throbbing cock into her hands and began to stroke him fast and furiously. "Then cum for me, babe. I want you to explode all over me." She pointed his cockhead directly at her tits. By now, most big titted boss fucks with her employee the food had either wiped off or eaten off Amanda's body. But there was still bits of pasta and red sauce steaked all over her.

As thick white semen erupted from Philip manhood and splattered on Amanda's chest, it began caking together exquisitely with the residual food still on her skin. Philip howled like a wolf to the moon as he naughty and moist gang bang striptease hardcore load after load onto my wife.

She aimed him at her chest, but a few missiles caught her on the neck and on the side of her face. When Philip's ejaculations finally subsided, Amanda gave his shaft an affectionate kiss and sucked the head of his still semi-hard penis hard one time, draining it of whatever cum was still left.

Then she looked down at herself and giggled. The tall, wiry Asian man looked at my wife's food- and cum-streaked body, and nodded with appreciation. "Like a beautiful painting on the perfect canvas." Amanda swiped a bit of red sauce/cum off her chest with an index finger and sucked the concoction off her fingertip.

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She smiled at Philip as she reached up for her cell phone that was still laying on the table. "One last selfie for my husband," she said, smiling into the camera as she remained kneeling to take a picture of herself still bathed in food and Philip's semen.

Philip could only gape at my wife and shake his head in disbelief.