Czech milf stockings public pickup

Czech milf stockings public pickup
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I was at work today and in my general, typical fashion I was checking out everyone of my co-workers and judging them. My eyes stopped on one of the nurses. Her name was Misty. She was one of the most beautiful women I had seen in quite some time.

She had an attitude about her that let me know she thought she was better than anyone else.


She was in charge and knew it. She had light brown, coppery skin and gorgeous hair. Her eyes were very sexy. Her tits were huge and perfectly shaped. She was thin, but not too thin. She had a nice round ass on her and we could always see her thong poking up from under her waistband when she bent over. She has those nice full lips that makes a man think about his dick in her mouth. I'm not into women, but I thought she was hot. I had a quick idea about her but put it on hold until I could find out more about her.

I began watching her every little move. Something was just slightly off about her behavior and, being a curious person; I wanted to know what it was. Later that afternoon a resident asked for her pain medication and I watched the nurse prepare it and take it to her. An hour later the resident was still requesting her pain medication.

I found out after watching the nurse that she was taking the resident's medication. She went into the resident's room and told the woman to shut up and if she continued to ask for her medication she wouldn't get her next dose either. I asked her if I could talk with her when she had a few minutes.

I am new to the job so she didn't think anything of it. We went into the locked medicine room and told her that I knew what she had been doing. She began to justify herself and I walked over to her and grabbed her with my fingers digging into each side of her jaw. I applied some pressure and lifter her head so she could look into my eyes. I told her that I was going to report her to the DON and to the resident's family.

Not only would she lose her job, she would lose her nursing license. She tried to give me some sob story about being in so much pain and she couldn't afford to lose her job because she was a single mother.

I asked her how much it meant to her to keep her job and was she willing to do anything. She asked me what I had in mind and I told her that me and my guy were looking for a woman to join us in a threesome.

She said no and had thought I had lost my mind. I picked up the phone from the office we were in and made an appointment to talk with the DON. She began crying and asked me what she had to do. I told her that it was real simple. All she had to do was show up couple caught smuggling now in trouble with customs and where I told her to and follow directions we gave her.

I slid my hand inside her nursing top and grabbed her tits hard and then pinched her nipple even harder and dared her to cry out. She tried to pull away but I put my hand in her hair and grabbed a handful and guided her head to my tits and told her to suck on my tits.

She hesitated and started crying. She had never been with a woman and didn't want to be with me. She began to suck on my nipples and it was obvious we were going to have some work to do because she was terrible. I told her she was to meet me in the medication room for one hour each day and practice. She could tell people that she was training me on something.

Our first session would be after lunch. During our first session I told her to take off all of her clothes. She refused and started asking me if there wasn't something we could work out. I took a pair of surgical scissors and cut her top. When she realized I was serious she stripped. She began crying and said she was afraid someone may walk in on us. I assured her the door was locked.

She asked me how she was going to explain her torn shirt. I didn't bother acknowledging her fear. I told her to take everything off but the thong. I also explained that she would be asked to audrey bitoni the negotiator police something only once and she had better comply.

She asked me what I was going to do to her and I told her that it was all about giving pleasure, not receiving any. First we had to work on kissing. I told her that if it helped she could close her eyes and think of kissing a man. While she was kissing me I wanted to feel her hands on my body. Every time she would hesitate I would grab a handful of hair and yank it. I took off my shirt and bra and told her to suck on my nipples. I gave her instruction to flick them with her tongue, now suck them, harder.

Pinch one while you are sucking the other. Bite them…harder. Squeeze them together and suck on both of them. I had her practice biting and pinching them with licking them and sucking on them gently. When you enjoy pain it is vital to learn to alternate that pain with pleasure.

With practice she was getting better. I thought it was time to move onto the next lesson. I took off my pants and panties and sat on the med cart.

I spread my legs and told her that the goal was to finger me until I came. She refused. I jumped off the med cart and grabbed her by her throat and squeezed as I reminded her of losing her job. I grabbed one of her tits and pinched her nipple as hard as I could. She couldn't help but cry out. With my hand over her mouth I told her that I enjoy inflicting pain and that if she didn't start doing as she was told I was going to really hurt her.

She nodded that she understood. I got back on the med cart and I took her hand and guided it to my pussy. I told her to take her fingers and lightly caress my pussy. Just tease my pussy. I instructed her to gently rub my clit and tease it. When that had me going I told her to press a little harder. I was rotating my pelvis as she did this.

I told her to slide her two fingers inside of me and stroke me with her thumb ever so gently. I was so turned on that I thought I was going to cum as soon as she touched me.

Being powerful and in control always gets me wet. Hurting her damn near pushed me over the edge. She wasn't good at what she was doing but would get better as time went on. I was just so turned on my the thought of her disobeying me and having a reason to hurt her.

I grabbed her by her shoulder and told her to get down on her knees. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved her face between my thighs. I told her to lick and suck on my clit and she had better not stop until I told her to.

When I came I pressed her face even deeper and told her to make sure she licked every last drop of cum out of me. Her humiliation and degradation made me cum so hard. This anal fisting and pussy fisting in a double fisting session tube porn definitely a turn on.

The next day I had her lick my ass and pussy until I came and then we got down to the serious business of rules for my special night with my man. I told her she was to do exactly what amateur teen spunked over reality and teens was told to do by either one of us. I told her that each time she refused or even hesitated the pain would be that much greater. I secretly hoped that she was noncompliant. I reminded her that her career was in jeopardy.

We agreed to meet after work that day to do some shopping. I wanted her to look just right for the big day. After work we went to a local department store and I picked out her outfit, panties, bra, shoes and told her how I wanted her to fix her make-up and hair.

She didn't understand the importance of how I wanted her to look. I didn't feel the need to justify anything. We agreed that we would meet Friday night at my house. I needed privacy for what I had planned. I took my time on Friday getting ready and preparing for the evening.

I told my man that I had a special surprise in store for him. She came over and the fear and reluctance was written all over her face. I had her come in and sit in the living room. Instead of trying to calm her fears and reassure her, I made sure she once again knew what was at stake. Rell arrived about ten minutes later and I made the introductions.

I could tell that he was a little disappointed because he thought he was in for a treat and now it looked as if his surprise would be postponed due to the "unexpected" guest. I had already instructed Misty that when I introduced her to Rell she was supposed to get up and give him a hug and run her hands over his body. She followed directions well.


Rell is used to hugging people, but when her hands ran over his ass and back up again as she pressed herself against him he had a look of panic on his face. It was almost comical to see his disappointment turn to shock and confusion. We had talked about a threesome several times. We talked about the turn-on of having one and we talked about the consequences and how it might affect our relationship.

I had some definite reservations, but to be honest, it was definitely something I have always wanted to try. I explained to Rell that Misty was our plaything for the night. I explained to him what the situation was and he began to look uncomfortable and nervous that Misty was not a willing participant.

I assured him that everything was okay. I told Misty to follow me into the bedroom. I told Rell that I was going to have fun with my new toy. He could either come join me in having some fun or he could let me have all of the fun by myself.

I knew that this was my last chance to have a little fun with her. Our agreement was that once we had our threesome her secret was safe with me. Once in the bedroom I undressed and I sat on the side of the bed. I made her get on her knees in front of me and suck on my tits.

I grabbed her chin and lifted her face and made her kiss me and lowered her head back down to my tits. She hesitated for just a moment and I slapped her hard.

You could see the imprint of my hand on the side of her face. I called out to Rell and told him to come watch how well the bitch minded me when I told her to do something. He reluctantly stood in the doorway and watched. As nervous as he was, he was also excited. I could see his dick getting hard as I laid back on the bed and guided her head between my thighs. I kept my head turned toward the doorway and looked in Rell's eyes as she licked my pussy. I wanted him to see on my face the pleasure I was experiencing.

I stopped her before I could cum. I wanted the anticipation to last. I went over to the doorway and grabbed Rell's hand and led him over to stand beside the bed. Misty, still on her knees began crying when she realized that I was really going to force her to go through with this. I grabbed the back of her hair and told her to unzip his pants.

When she did so I told her to pull his dick out of his pants. I shoved her head toward his dick and told her to suck it and not to stop until I told her to. As she was taking his dick into her hot, wet mouth, I put a dog collar around her neck and attached a horny amazing hotties love kinky games lesbian and dildo to further humiliate her. I know it had to be feeling good to him, but Rell was standing as still as a statue.

I think he was afraid to show that he was enjoying himself. I had to give him instructions. I worked too hard to plan this out for it not to go right. I told him to grab her by her head and fuck her mouth. I wanted to see him thrust his dick down her throat and make her gag over and over again. She was a thing to be used for our pleasure today and I was not worried about how she felt about it. I reached down and grabbed her tits hard and then gave her nipples a hard pinch.

I pulled her back with the dog leash and grabbed her by her throat and told her to get up. I pulled her clothes off. She tried to fight but Rell held her down while I cut the rest of her clothes off.

I wanted to lay down and have her lick me again, but she was fighting too much. I grabbed the whip and gave her several severe blows and then I put my hands around her throat and cut off her oxygen. Rell held her hands and I tied them to the bedposts. I straddled her face while reassuring her that as soon as she got both of us off she would be finished with her end of our agreement.

I maci mays anal gets drill balls deep by her bf my pussy into her face and told her to lick it. Rell got behind me and played with my nipples. He teased them.

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I was so turned on and my pussy was dripping wet. I instructed her to suck on my clit while I came. I came so hard the whole room started spinning. I slid over and knelt beside her and put my tits in her mouth on by one and told her to suck. I squeezed them together and had her lick both nipples at once.

Rell had moved up beside her head and he grabbed her face and turned her towards him and slammed his dick in her mouth. I encouraged him and told him I was going to cum again just watching him.

I started rubbing my pussy blonde beauty nathaly cherie gets fucked and creamed I didn't know how much more I could take. He started pumping faster and faster and his body was trembling. I told him to stop…I didn't want him to cum yet.

I had him lay down on his back beside Misty and I got on top of him and slid my pussy down his dick. I slid up and down while he alternated between playing with my tits and rubbing my clit with his thumb. It was a turn on to fuck him knowing someone was watching. Misty couldn't seem to take her eyes off of us.

I brought him to the brink several times, but would stop just short of letting him cum. I, however; came three times. I made him slide his dick back in her mouth and made her lick all of my juices off of his big, black dick.

Rell told me that he couldn't wait any longer. He was about to explode. I positioned some pillows and rolled Misty over so that she was laying face down and she was propped up with pillows so that her ass was high in the air.

I had Rell hold her still so that I could put the gag in her mouth and cover it with tape to muffle the noises I knew she would be making. She became really frightened. She didn't know what was coming, but she knew it was going to involve pain. I took the dog collar off of her and replaced it with a scarf.

I tied it in such a way that when she moved it would tighten on her and cut off her air supply. I held her head down against the pillow and told Rell to get behind her. I grabbed some Vaseline and rubbed it all over his dick. I made sure to caress it just the way he likes while biting his chest and scratching his shoulders and back. I didn't care about easing her comfort, I wanted it to be comfortable for him. I handed him the whip and told him I wanted to see him really use it. I wanted to see him hurt her.

I didn't want him to cum until she was in so much pain. I got behind him and had him bend over her so that he was on his hands and knees. I reached aidra fox new years sleaze his legs and massaged his balls. I started licking his ass just the way he likes. I told him to slide his dick in her ass. He was so ready to explode at this point that I had to remind him to slow down and slide his dick in and out slowly so that he could enjoy it for a while.

He begins to slide in and make her take all of him and begin whipping her. The more she cries the faster he starts slamming his dick into her. The harder and faster he pumps, the harder and faster I I am rubbing my throbbing pussy. You can hear Misty's muffled screams from behind the gag and she is bucking and trying to throw him off of her. He grabbed the scarf and pulls it tight to settle her back down.

I can see that the more she struggles, the more turned on he is. She doesn't realize she is making it worse on herself. I see his body begin trembling again and he is really giving it to her good and hard. I pull the vibrator out and rub it against my clit as he lets out a scream and with a few final thrusts he is cumming so hard and I am cumming. We both fall across the bed and try to catch out breaths.

After a few minutes I reach over and remove the tape and gag from Misty's mouth. She has honored her part of our agreement and she is humiliated, in pain and ready to go.

I sit up and begin to untie her hands but Rell reaches out and stops me. I look at him questioningly. He says that she and I had an agreement, but he was not part of that agreement.

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He doesn't have to let her go. He suggests that we shower and go grab something to eat and come back and enjoy her again before the night is over. I secure her to the bed and we leave, knowing when we get back the fun will begin all over again. Who knows, maybe we'll keep her for the whole weekend.