French man massaged american wives

French man massaged american wives
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Hi everyone, this is taneesha shah, 29-year-old, I am 5 ft 7" and my stats are 36D 30 38. I was very hungry for a good elsa jean and alexia fawx session. A friend of mine naming Marcus is having a party night at his farm house. He's looking for a girl to entertain the whole party. I asked him "What exactly would I have to do?" He gave me all the details. I chose the sexiest Black bra and panty combination along with black shining gown, revealing the one third of my breast with a V-shaped neck line that provided more than enough cleavage and it was hugging my breasts.

My back was also revealed, enough to attract the attention of any guy or guys. My dark and silky hair hung down to my shoulders till my ass and contrasted by my light blue eyes shadow and liner accented my beautiful eyes and had make-up with deep red lipstick to show off my full lips, with red shining nail polish and as I finished sprayed perfume behind the ears, neck, collar bone, cleavage, crease of the arms, wrists and a few drops in my navel then I wear my black shining high heels shoes to complete the picture.


I watched myself in mirror and I was looking "wow" looked like such a whore!. In the evening at 8:00 p.m.

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Marcus was waiting for me in his car in the car parking area and walked over to, he got out and kissed my cheek, then opened the back door and I got in and pulled my seat belt on, he drove the car. Marcus assured me that no one would be disappointed tonight. Marcus escorted me into to one of the room of farm house where nobody was present except me and Marcus. Marcus started removing my black shining gown which immediately fell on the floor.

I stood there now with my bra and panty left on. Marcus began kissing my sexy deep red lips and trying to eat my lipstick while rubbing his hand on my hot love hole.

As I became aroused from the hand massage to my slit, I relaxed and looked like I am going to enjoy tonight session. I slipped my bra straps over my shoulders and while he unhooked my bra from back. When my 36D sizes tits fell free he was amazed.

My long blonde silky long hair fell across my shoulders just touching my breasts his eyes kept scanning my sexy body and kept looking for a few minutes. Then Marcus came to me and he gently stroked one finger across my slit after 2-3 minutes, he inserted 2 more fingers and started finger fucking me I was moaning heavily then he spread my legs wide, and brought his mouth near my wet pussy and started licking it.

The touch of his tongue was so great. I started moaning aaaahhh oh yeaahhh keep doing it. My moans were turning him on. He was licking my pussy deeper and deeper by his tongue. Then suddenly he started biting my clit. Oh god he really knows how to satisfy a girl. Then I took his hard cock in my only hot sex lewd our gorgeous chicks which is thick and long his cock it's may be at least 9 inches.

I see a lot of precum on his cock, I take that precum groaning on my palm and then started massaging his cock. I spit my saliva and then started to give him a nice handjob. Then he held my silky hair and then guided his cock towards my sexy red lips.

I opened my mouth immediately and then took his cock inside and started giving him blowjob. He was moaning hard and he held my head and started to push his dick deeper and deeper in my throat and I started groaning then he removed his dick from my mouth.

Then Marcus lifted my legs and kept them on his shoulder.


Then he brought his hard cock near my pussy and shoved it inside in one go, that was very hard push. I screamed in pain.

His whole cock was inside my pussy.


Then he started fucking me harder. I am loving this roughness. I started screaming in pain and pleasure. I was moaning like hell.

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I kept saying him to keep fucking like this and asked him to fuck me hard. He was biting my nipples with his teeth and making me scream more. Our bodies became very hot. He suddenly lifted me and made me sit on his cock and we started fucking by standing. My legs were wrapped around his back and he made me jump on his dick. Then he pushed me on the wall.

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He lifted my left leg and I was standing on one leg. He then started to fuck me in this position. I never tried this before, I was loving it. He was fucking me and then he started biting my ear lobe and started giving me love bites on my neck. We fucked nearly like 30 minutes. I had my final orgasm. In just a minute he continuously started shooting his loads of cum in my cunt.

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Then I cleaned his dick without dropping any cum. After 15 minutes, Marcus told me to such his cock again I started sucking him and in no time he was all hard and ready again. So he said "Ok bitch, get down on all fours and spread your legs wide slut". I did what he told and then he came behind me and entered my pussy again and started fucking it. After a few minutes he spat on my asshole and removing his cock from my cunt, he started rubbing it over my tight asshole.

It felt good but also scary. I had never had anal sex before and looking at his big thick cock I shuddered with fear and asked him not to do what I think he was trying to do. He said "Keep quiet slut" It seemed like I had no choice so I let him go on with it. And he pushed his cock inside my tight asshole. It hurt like fucking crazy.

I screamed a bit but he muffled it with his hands on my mouth. And kept pushing his hard fat cock inside my virgin ass, which was virgin no more. It pained for sometime and slowly I began to enjoy it. He kept fucking me hard from behind with his balls slapping my cunt and I had another orgasm.

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He seemed quite ready to cum too judging from the way he started squirming and his cock tightened inside my tight ass. And I felt him cumming inside my butt. I could feel his cum hitting my inside and feeling warm and dribbling out of my ass down my legs. He came a bit on my ass cheeks and then went all limp. He put his cock back inside his pants and looked at me. I was a dirty mess with cum all over my face and ass and all sweaty. To be continued. Let me know how you liked my story and I will update more… do leave me your feedback on this site or email me on [email protected] and follow me on Instagram