Exquisite party with wild sweethearts hardcore and reality

Exquisite party with wild sweethearts hardcore and reality
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Author's Note: The purpose of this series is to establish a vehicle through which to explore some far darker themes than I normally do through a series of short individual chapters. Some suspension of disbelief is required, and the narration may shift depending on the perspective of each piece.

If you're reading a chapter in this series for the first time, please read the short Introduction for the background and set up. We decided it would be best if we were both involved the first time around, which meant that we were looking for a girl, and that we'd have to wait until the end of the business day. We'd been taking turns at the register watching the monitors for activity, and there was plenty to see as usual, because about one in every eight or ten customers would take something on average.

Since we closed at five, around four pm or so we started looking in earnest to find someone, and since time was a factor, we couldn't afford to be picky about who we chose. About forty-five minutes later we got our chance. She was an entirely average looking brunette probably sixteen or seventeen years old. Jenna spotted her slipping a shirt into her shoulder bag, and sounded the "alarm" as watotchini ya miaka 10 wakitombana was heading out the door.

She was the only one in the shop at the time, and I glanced at my watch and went over to escort her back to the register. While Jenna began the routine of getting her information and confirming the attempted theft, I took the liberty of quietly locking the exit and turning over the closed sign, not at all concerned that it was a few minutes early.

The girl didn't show much in the way of outward stress at having been apprehended.

Sure she was nervous, but she didn't seemed either frightened or really that upset, and once we got her up stairs and explained that we'd call the police unless she did whatever we wanted, she acquiesced much more readily than I would have expected. Maybe she was more adventurous than she looked; maybe she was attracted to us, because we weren't being all that assertive or intimidating.

But whatever the reason she was particularly compliant and matter of fact, and in short order Jenna had her on her knees in front of me with my cock in her hands ready to be taken into her mouth.

The rush of having control over the girl, knowing that she would be the first of many, got Jenna and I both enormously aroused.

Our eyes met as the girl pulled my pants down and we could see in each other the thorough satisfaction of what we were now able to do, and from that moment on we just went with whatever we felt like.

In the case of this girl, for some reason, perhaps because she was so plain and average, we both became much more aggressive with her. Jenna put her hands on either side of her head and more or less forced her to suck my cock, bobbing her head onto me.

She continued to show no fear, nor even concern she was allowing us to control her. She was actually a pretty good little cocksucker, and freely allowed me to push german babe toys her ass masturbation and european deeper and deeper into her, face fucking her as Jenna held her in place.

Jenna began to take off her own clothes, then those of our captive while she continued to stroke and suck me. Once naked Jenna let her hands roam freely over the girl's body, and when her fingers found her pussy wet and ready, she knew the girl was actually enjoying it. "She likes, it! She's soaking wet down here.

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First a cock sucking then a finger banging who's just an all around bad girl!" She gave her ass a good swat. "Well, if you want to be bad, we'll give you plenty of what you deserve." Jenna went into the playroom where I heard her open the big chest, returning with a pair of handcuffs. She returned and brought both the girl's hands together behind her back, somewhat to my disappointment because she'd been doing such a good job stroking and fondling me.

But once she had the girl bound, Jenna made up for this with a hand to the back of her head, forcefully pressing her onto my shaft. "Take that, you thieving little slut" Jenna was really enjoying herself, and got down on her knees behind the girl, straddling her legs and positioning her pussy right up against the girl's cuffed hands.

"You better give me a good hand job while you suck his cock. Mmmm, that's it. Finger me, bitch. Play with my pussy." She reached around and began fondling the girl's pouty upturned breasts.

They were small, only B cups at best, and capped with pointy nipples which soon stiffened from the twisting they were receiving. Jenna continued to taunt her while I stood there rocking my hips into the girls mouth, her eyes shut, her body compliant. "You like your tits pinched, don't you." She pulled her hands away and started spanking the sides of both of them.

"How about you get a good tit-spank, you want that?

Don't stop fingering me, bitch, you'd better get at least one of those back in me now. Jenna was grinding her hips against the girls hands as she ran her own over the girl's body, alternately caressing, squeezing, scratching, and slapping. I could tell she was so turned on by this she was getting ready to cum. "Play with my clit, you little fucker.

Mmmm, fuck yeah, you better make me cum on your bound hands. Do it! Yeah, rub it like that." She was really grinding her hips against the girl now, moving her pelvis in a wide circular motion. Each time she thrust forward it had the wonderful effect of forcing the girl farther down on my dick.

The motion became more and more violent as Jenna finally started cumming. The girl's eyes were wide as she fingered the pussy behind her and continued to have her head impaled on me.

She was breathing heavily through her nose, moaning in the back of her throat. Jenna reached all the way around us both and grabbed the backs of my legs, sandwiching us together for several moments as her orgasm washed through her, as much holding herself up as pressing it home.

As it gradually subsided, Jenna let go of me and fell backwards onto the floor, pulling the girl with her so that they were both lying on their backs, the girl on top with her hands trapped underneath the small of her back. They both stretched out their legs, Jenna spreading hers wide, and having to reach up from below to part the girl's when she resisted. I pulled off the rest of my clothes and got to my knees between the two pussies presented to me. I couldn't resist diving down onto the girl's young, unshaven muff of brown fuzz.

She was completely aroused, her lips swollen with a glistening drop resting at the base of her opening. I pulled her lips wide apart to get to her pink wet flesh and began to lap up and two blondes give a soldier a handjob the length of her slit. Every time I flicked her clit she let out a load moan, urging me to stay on that spot.

I teased her for only a few moments like this before surrounding her clit with my mouth, sucking her roughly into my mouth and flicking her exposed button with the tip of my tongue.

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Working her up as much as I could like this, I eventually sat back up and positioned my dick at her opening, nicely elevated on top of Jenna for me to easily enter.

Once inside I immediately started fucking her as hard as I could fast and primal. Her little tits were flattened out, sloshing back and forth, whipping her nipples violently. I grabbed hold of her waist and slammed her mercilessly while she moaned loudly, her legs now wide out to her side.

I was able to last a surprisingly long while at this pace, considering how long I'd been waiting for it and how aroused I was.

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I was allowing myself the pleasure little bit of action tube porn watching her body jerk back and forth under the force of my hard fuck, letting my aggression flow through me and right up her cunt. I'm sure she came at least twice during the several minutes of torment I was able to inflict on her like this, until at last my cum began to well up in me, and I quickly withdrew and shot a huge gob of it up her chest before the rest of it came splashing out onto her firm young belly.

Jenna reached around from underneath with both hands and found my cock, smoothly milking the rest of it from me then smearing it across the girl's skin.

Without waiting for the glow in my cock to subside, I stood up and brought the girl with me, then more or less threw her onto her back lengthwise on the sofa, again pinning her arms underneath her. Jenna got up and climbed on top, straddling her in a sixty-nine and lowering her own wet cunt onto the girl's face before diving onto her well-fucked hole.

I sat slowly stroking awesome girlie is giving irrumation hardcore and massage, watching Jenna fuck the girl's face and quickly bringing herself to orgasm. When she came she arched her back onto the girl's belly, and I could hear the sticky noise of my cum between them as she slid against her skin.

I think the girl was spent, because much as Jenna was obviously enjoyed mashing her face onto her pussy, she only lay there while she continued to dutifully tongue Jenna, drawing out her orgasm. The view of this was enough to get me hard again, and I joined back in by getting behind Jenna and entering her, somewhat straddling the girl's head with one knee on the couch and one foot on the floor.

I could feel her face against my thigh and my balls bouncing over her as I fucked Jenna to another orgasm. Whether the girl enjoyed this or not I'll never know, but we just continued to fuck with her trapped beneath us, ignoring her. I wasn't anywhere near cumming again, but I my cock remained nice and hard as I pounded Jean until she was fully satisfied, having experienced a long stream of continuous orgasms.

When it was finally over we climbed off the girl and undid her cuffs. I'm sure her wrists and arms were sore from the abuse, but I suppose it was a small price to pay for her crime. Jenna was saying a few words to her as I went to the bathroom to clean up, but when I returned they had dressed and left, Jenna had going with her to let her out.