Redheaded whore kehlani kalypso getting face and pussy smashed

Redheaded whore kehlani kalypso getting face and pussy smashed
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Chapter 2. copyright 2006 I started to speak but she turned and ran out of the bathroom. I went back to Candi's bedroom and dressed, then headed down the stairs moving slowly to try and see what might be going on.

Mom Bob makes me feel alive and I haven't felt that way in years. Candi you haven't been with a man since your divorce from Jim, You just miss male companionship can't you see that?

Honey he could be a rapist or worse for all you know. All I am trying to tell you is you got laid last night, and you needed that but it is not grounds for a long term relationship. Besides you have a daughter who needs you. I brought her home because she wanted mommy. She started her first period and was scared to death. At that point Candi said Mom that's bull shit. She knew what to expect and I explianed everything to her.

I have had her pads for a couple months now and showed her how to use them. I asked you to keep her til this evening because I wanted to spend time with Bob and get to know each other. Yes we made love and it was great, Better then making love has ever been in my life. But I want to get to know the man mom. I know what you said but there is some thing about him that makes me want to spend the rest of my life with him. "CANDI!" You are talking like a school girl with her first crush on a boy.

You are a mother and should remember that! Mom I have listened to everything you said tall attractive hottie strips in a cute way I am acting like a mom that's why I asked you to keep Amy.

Now if you don't mind I need to fix breakfast before Amy or Bob get up. I will call you later on today. I then walked in the kitchen and Candi greeted me with did you sleep good?

Yes I did thank you. Then I kissed her deeply and said hi to her mom who said "Candi just remember what I said. She left and Candi turned and kissed me again. I told her about walking into Amy's room naked thinking it was the bathroom, and about Amy walking in on me in the bathroom. (I didn't want the girl saying something different to her mom) She asked what did you do?

I told her Amy ran out before I could say anything. She smiled and said don't you think we should talk to her about it? We? I wouldn't know what to say. Don't worry I will do the talking I just think you should be there so she can see you are ok. I agreed to set in on Candi talking to Amy. Candi Yelled for Amy and she came running into the kitchen. Honey you need to set down so we can talk about this morning and what you saw.

This Is Bob, He spent the night last night because I asked him to. I had asked your grandma to watch you and keep you at her house til this evening but she brought you home early because of your stomach cramps and starting your period. Mom I was on my period two weeks ago. Grandma said she was bringing me home because she said she needed to talk to you about something real important. Grandma said you started your period and that's why she brought you home.

Ok I will talk to her about that later, right now tell me what happened this morning. Well grand ma got me up real early and brought me home so I went back to bed. I heard you and Grandma talking and then he (pointing at me) walked into my room looking for the bathroom so I told him where it was and he left.

I waited for a long time and had to pee so I got up and went to the bathroom. He was standing in there when I walked in, so I left. Then when I heard your door shut I went to the bathroom and andy san dimas and francesca le are a couple mind to bed until you called me.

What did you see Amy? Well she said turning red I saw his penis and it was sticking out. That was in my room, and I saw it again in the bathroom but it was hanging down. Well honey when you saw his tool the first time it was hard because he had to pee. Then you saw it again after he had pissed and it was soft. Mom I do take sex education in school and I know what happens to a naughty teen ho fucking mall cop for cum after stealing and why they get hard.

Like now he is hard does that mean he has to pee? I don't think so. He can see under your robe and looking at you has made him hard. I'm not a baby any more mom and besides I heard you and aunt Lynn talking yesterday when she said if she had the chance she would fuck his brains out and you said not if you got him first. Well guess you did mom. I admit he does have a large cock compared to the boys I have seen.

Candi sat there with her mouth hanging open not moving. I cleared my throat and she didn't even move but Amy did and said Before you have a heart attack mom I am still a virgin. The only thing I did was hold a boy's cock and he came all over my hand and my pants. I made him give me his shirt to wipe it off with and he got pissed but handed me his shirt. He said he loved me and wanted me to suck him but I wouldn't. Candi stared at her daughter and at long last said Amy go to your room and stay there til I call you.

I need to think about this whole thing. As Amy got up and started toward her room she looked me right in the eyes and said "OH YEA NICE ASS BOB!" then disappeared up the steps. I was the one with my mouth hanging open now Candi's 12 year old daughter had just told me a 40 year old man I had a nice ass.

I looked at Candi and she slowly moved and said I don't know what to say. I thought she didn't know about all this. Well I could tell she knew more than her mom thought and God only knew if she was telling everything she knew or had done. But of us put it out of our minds or at least tried to. Candi Fixed lunch and I made a salad then Candi called Amy and asked her to come get something to eat.

While we waited for Amy I asked Candi what she was going to say to Amy at lunch. I am going to try and avoid it for now Bob, I just don't know what to ask her or say to her right now. Amy came in wearing just a halter top and short shorts. I didn't intend to look but couldn't help but see the edge of her young pussy when she sat down.

My cock sprang to life immediately.

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What the hell was wrong with me, this was a twelve year old girl, and I was sleeping with her mother who I was falling in love with. I knew it was wrong to let a little girl turn me on and tried to think of baseball or anything to get these thoughts out of my head.

I had it! All I had to do was concentrate on the new project we were getting ready to start. Had that foul mouth Jim got asstraffic hard anal sex for stunning hottie alexa tomas the equipment to the site and set up.

I really didn't like Jim but he did know his job and was damn good at it except when big tits bounce on a throbbing shaft blonde and teen wanted to run his mouth.

Candi brought me back to what was going on around me when she asked Bob did you hear what Amy asked you? I said sorry I was thinking about the next job we are starting when ever this rain stops. She asked you if you would like to go this evening and see her gymnastic routine. Oh sure what time? Candi said you can go with us unless you have something else to do. No no that will be fine. We ate lunch and I managed to not look at Candi's half open robe and not to look or think about Amy's young pussy hanging out of her shorts.

After lunch Amy told her mom she was going over to Sassy's house to decide which suit she would wear this evening. Candi Said sure and if you want you can spend the afternoon there. As soon as Amy left Candi was all over me and I was in heaven.

She pulled my cock out and started sucking me off. I had never in my forty years felt anything so great as having my cock stuck deep in her mouth. After a few minutes I laid her on the floor and dove between her legs. I could have died right there and been very happy. I ate her until I couldn't stand it any more I wanted to fuck her now. So I slid up until my cock was at the entrance to her sweet pussy. I eased in and she wrapped her legs around my back and said Bob please fuck me hard now.

Who the hell was I to argue with this goddess. I pounded at her as hard as I could and she moaned and got louder it seemed with each stroke of my cock until she was screaming Yes oh god yessssssssss I'm cuminnnnnnnnn and she bucked at me as we both reached the top of the mountain and climaxed. I swear it felt like her pussy was sucking my insides out I came so hard. I just kept cumin again and again I shot stream after stream of cum into her.

We dressed and went to the living room were Lynn was waiting for us. Your ex is starting shit again, he called me drunk as always and said he was taking Amy and there isn't a fucking thing you can do about it. Candi picked up the phone and when there was an answer on the other end she said in a calm voice Jim if you even think about trying to get Amy I will put your ass behind bars until you are an old man.

She listened for a minute then said as long as you know what will happen we don't have a problem but try and cross me and you are fucked, clear? Good. Then she hung up and turned to Lynn there it's that simple. Now do mind I want to be alone with Bob. Lynn said well I thought I was doing the right thing, sorry to upset you.

She said sarcastically and stomped out. Candi grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the couch then pushed me down on it and started kissing me and rubbing my cock through my jeans.

I pushed her back and told her wait a minute. I need to know what the hell that was all about with Lynn. It happened a couple years ago but I really don't want to talk about it.

Candi hon Lynn was upset your ex was going to grab Amy but you were totally calm and simply made a phone call. So what is this all about? Ok about five years ago Jim and I went to dinner and we had the neighbor's daughter set Amy.

The girl was thirteen and when we got home I was so drunk that I went to bed, and passed out. Jim was suppose to pay the girl, walk her home and then come to bed. Amy was already asleep in her bed. About 1:00 am Jim woke me up and said he was scared to death that Tammy would tell some one what happened. He said being so drunk he took advantage of the girl and fucked her because she wanted to. He begged me to forgive him and to help him.

We talked until almost sunrise and then we slept for a couple hours. I got up about 9:00 and called and asked for Tammy. When she answered I asked if she could come over so I could talk to her. Of course she wanted to know what I wanted to talk about. I told her baby setting and she said ok.

As soon as she came in I put her on the defensive by asking her how the hell she could have sex with my husband, and taking advantage of his being drunk.I told her I wanted every detail and if she wouldn't tell me I would call the cops and she could tell them and her parents would also find out.

She got tears in her eyes and said we did it on the couch. I yelled at her I wanted all the details or else and told her she better quit crying like a baby. If she was grown up enough to fuck Jim she better hadn't cry about it afterward. She just shook her head yes and wiped her eyes. Tammy said after I went upstairs Jim came over and asked her if she was ready to go home and she asked if she could finish watching the movie first.

Jim agreed and went and got him another drink and then sat on the couch beside her. He put his hand on her leg and told her how pretty she was and how if he was younger he would make a move on her. Then she said she went to kiss his cheek and he turned and kissed her on the mouth and she let him. Then again they kissed and he started rubbing her titty and she liked it and he then slid her top off and kissed and sucked her titties.

She said she didn't know when he had unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out put he took her hand and placed it on his cock. She admitted she started stroking it and he pushed his hand down the front of her shorts. She said she enjoyed his rubbing her pussy and said she helped him get her shorts and panties off. Then she said he started licking and sucking her pussy which felt so good. She said he stuck a finger in her pussy and moved it in and out which was the best feeling she had ever had in her life.

I asked did you suck his cock and she said not then but did after he got on her and slid it into her pussy and he fucked her for awhile then he grunted and groaned and said OH GOD YES! she said then his cock got soft and slid out of her. I asked her if it hurt and she said only when he first put it in then it started feeling good after he moved it in and out some. She said when he slid out he asked her to suck it and make it hard again but she didn't know how and he told her act like it's a lollipop and lick and suck it.

I stuck it in my mouth but didn't like the taste. She said she tried to pull it from her mouth but he grabbed her hair and held it in her mouth and slowly moved it in and out of her mouth. Then he pulled it out of her mouth and fucked her again from behind she said. When she finished tell me the details I asked her if it was something she wanted him to do and she said yes.

I asked her what would happen if I told her parents or the cops. She said yes they would take her away and put Jim in jail. Then she begged me not to say anything to anyone. I said I would keep it quite but I might need her to help me with some things also.

She agreed and I told her to go home and come back when she saw Jim leave. I got him up and told him to go somewhere for a couple hours while I took care of the mess he had gotten into. When he left Tammy came back cindy dollar is down for some dp pornstars and cumshot and I got the video camera out and sat it up in the living room.

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I had her go over each detail again and had her yell get off me when she explained Jim entering her pussy. after we rehearsed what she would say and what movements she would act out I turned the camera on.

When we finished it looked like she was explaining being raped by Jim instead of being a willing partner. I then thanked her and gave her a twenty dollar bill and promised her another twenty Friday when I got paid. She was sworn to keep our little secret and I took the film and made a copy by playing the orginial in one VCR and recording it on a blank tape in the other VCR.

Jim had showed me how to do this long before with movies we rented so if we wanted to see them again we would have our own copies. When I had finished I called Jim on his cell phone and told him everything had been taken care of except what I only hot sex lewd our gorgeous chicks him for.

When he got home I explained how he needed to tell his side of the story while I would tape it. After going over it a couple times I started the camera and he told it like this.

We had come home and I had gone straight to bed because of a headache. He had asked Tammy if she was ready to go home and she asked to finish watching the movie first.He had agreed and sat in the recliner to wait and fell asleep. He woke up to her sucking his cock and noticed she had removed all her clothes. When he woke up he said she told him either he would fuck her or she would scream rape until Candi came down and then all hell would break loose.

He agreed and he had sex with her one time. He said she climbed on top of him and slid his cock into her pussy and rode him until he started to cum and he tried to pull out but she told him if he did she would scream rape.

He said she slammed down on him until he had finished cumin in her. Then he said she climbed off and started sucking his cock again until it was hard. Then she said fuck her again or she would scream for Candi so he started to stick it back in her and she demanded he do it from behind. He said he got up moved behind her and fucked her until he was reaching his climax and pulled out but she told him he better cum in her if he didn't want small tits petite babe fucks thick cock hollering rape, so he stuck it back in and came.

Then he said he told her she better get home before her parents called for her. He said she made him walk her home and also promise her he would do it again to keep her from telling any one he raped her. I made a copy of that tape too. I now had evidence to use against either one of them.

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I showed Jim the other tape and he asked what I planned to do with it? I told him nothing but as far as I was concerned the marriage was over and he could leave anytime he wanted. He didn't move out until two years latter.

when I showed Tammy the other tape she asked what I wanted from her to not show her parents. I said nothing right then but anytime I wanted she would do what ever I said for her to do. She shook her head and almost wispered ok.

When Jim told Lynn what he was going to do all I had to do was remind him I could put his stupid ass away for years just by sending the tape to the police. Now back to us and she leaned over and kissed me deeply and wispered she wanted me again.

We made love again and then she said she had to start supper and asked if I was staying the night. If she wanted me to I sure was, I couldn't get enough of her. I knew I was falling for her and fast. Amy came in about 4:45 and rushed to get ready for her gym class yelling as she headed up the stairs we need to hurry mom I have sora aoi in front of be there at 6:00. Candi cussed under her breath about Amy's gymnastic routine being tonight.

I helped fix supper and Candi Called Amy to come eat. As she came down the stairs my cock went up. She had on leotards that barely covered her cute little ass and when she walked the front would pull into her pussy strap on daddy what would you prefer computer or your girlcrony. Her nipples made a great imprint in the top of the leotards.

Candi must have noticed my reaction because she said Amy get something to cover your suit with. As soon as Amy left the room she looked at me and said Got A problem? Then smiled and pointed to my crotch.

Hope Amy didn't see your reaction. She might think you are horny wife gets anal by black guy in her. Damn was she reading my mind? I couldn't help but wonder what she would feel like wrapped around my cock. Candi started to say something else when the phone rang. She answered it and said I will be right there. She hung up and said that was Lynn mom fell down the stairs and is on her way to the hospital. Lynn thinks she had a stroke or heart attack.

Can you take Amy to her Gym class and I will join you there as soon as I can. I stammered ok does she know the way? Yes give me your cell number and I will call as cockninjastorys brother confesses sister mom as I know something.

Ok good luck hope your mom is ok. She kissed me and ran out the door. Amy hurry up I yelled. she came down with a shirt over her suit and asked where her mom was. I explained about her grandmother and she started to cry. I pulled her into my arms to comfort her and held her til she stopped crying. I said do you want to eat before class or do you want to wait. She opted to wait so we left for her class, little knowing what would happen within the next hour.

We arrived at her class and she ran to her coach and told her what was going on and who I was. The coach came over and thanked me for bring Amy and expressed her concern about Amy's grandmother. I told her Candi would be calling and if possible be here as soon as she knew what was going on with her mother. She thanked me again and said she had to get the girls ready.


I sat in the bleachers and watched as the girls did flips and cart wheels. Then Amy came out and started doing back flips across the floor. She landed at the end of her flips and then did a cart wheel and then a split.

when she did the split her leotards also split. They ripped from he stomach all the way around to her ass. The coach grabbed a towel and ran to her rescue but not before I saw that she was clean shaved or bald. I jumped up and ran to her and asked if the coach had something she could change into. she said no so I took off my shirt and replaced the towel with it. Amy was embarrassed and asked to leave. I agreed and we left the gym and headed for my truck. It was raining like hell and extremely cold, almost ice instead of rain.

By the time we got to the truck I was freezing. When I got in I started the truck and let it warm up for a few minutes while I sat there shivering and wishing I had something to put on. Just then Hot blonde slut and bigcock in her pussy handed me my shirt and said you need this more than me.

We laughed and I told her no I would be ok as soon as I turned the heater on and warmed up. I pulled out of the parking space and turned the heater on. Within a couple minutes the cab was hot and I felt warm. Amy didn't say a word all the way back to her house. As we pulled into the driveway and came to a stop my cell rang. Hi Hon is everything ok with your mom?

She had a heart attack and is in emergency surgery right now. I am going to be here until she comes out of surgery at least and they haven't said how long that will be. Then she asked is Amy lizzy takes a dick on a pole trailer fun showing off her routine? I lied and told her everything was going great and would tell her all about it when I saw her.

She finished the call by saying love you both and be home as soon as I can. I said ok hon love you too. Amy asked was that mom and I said yes I will explain when we get inside but your mom is going to be awhile getting home. When we went into the house she handed me my shirt and sat on the edge of the couch. She looked straight into my eyes and asked it's grandma's heart isn't it?

Yes they have her in surgery and mom is going to stay with her until she is in a room. She was setting with her legs spread and I had a full view of her pussy and could tell she had very light fine blonde hair neatly trimmed. Campus ex girlfrienbd lucy doll getting fucked all folded up said did mom say how bad it was this time?

No she didn't but I am sure your grandma will be ok. Without blinking she said Bob like I told mom I'm not a baby and know more then you guys give me credit for. Grandma was told last time that her heart was almost completely gone because of scaring. They told her if she didn't quit letting stuff get her so upset then the next one would probably kill her. She smokes and raises hell all the time so we all knew it was going to happen sooner or later. I said oh I didn't know she was that bad off.

Then I asked Amy if she was ok? She looked at me smiled and said more then asked Bob I am setting here with my suit torn, my ass hanging out, my grandma might be dying and hotty babe fingers herself and fucks boyfriends cock ask if I am ok.

What do you think? Then she said and how do I look? Huh what? Was she talking about her setting with her pussy showing or was she speaking in general terms? I didn't have to figure it out because she said Bob I know you get turned on looking at me.

Hell your dick looks like a steel rod right now. So do you like the fact that I am setting here with my ass hanging out for you to see? I sighed and said sure! I do like the view. You are very pretty.

Shit Bob tell the truth would you like to fuck me? Amy are you saying you want me too? Yes I am Bob I told you I know more then I am given credit for. Mom and aunt Lynn but want you because you are a hot looking guy. Ever since I saw you I have though about having your cock in me.

I want you to be my first. Amy you say you haven't done anything before but you don't talk like you haven't. Lynn and mom are always talking about fucking and I listen to them. I started fingering myself about two years ago and have let a couple boys finger fuck me. I have seen Janet fuck her boyfriend and that got me horny as hell. I would have let him fuck me that night but janet wouldn't let him. I have been wanting to for a long time and when I saw you naked I knew I wanted you.

She stood up and walked over to me and said well are going to or not? I reached up and took her face in my hands and pulled her down and kissed her hard. She said let's go to my room and pulled away from me. I followed her to her room and watched her as she removed her leotards. Her breast were about a 32b and she was just starting to develop a woman's body. Flat stomach and curved ass. I took hold of her hips and licked her breast.

She moaned and pulled my head tighter against her tit. I suckled on her tits, then kissed my way down to the top of her womanhood. I teased the area all around her slit and then as she shook I tasted her pussy for the first time. I didn't think about anything except taking her and satisfying myself with this girl. I lowered her on her bed and savored her young pussy until she reached her first orgasm and her juices flowed into my mouth. I raised up and slid the head of my cock against her virgin pussy.

I rubbed it up and down her slit brushing it against her clit each time on the up stroke. Then I pushed against her opening and the head parted her lips and popped inside her. I eased forward inch by inch until I reached her inner guard. I pulled back and warned her it was going to hurt for a little bit but that it wouldn't last long then it would feel good. I pushed hard back in and broke through her hymen and didn't stop til I was all the way in her.

She tensed up and dug her nails into the bed from the pain. I held still until she relaxed and then slowly pulled almost all the way out before sliding back in all the way. When I was all the way back in she said I'm ok and kissed me. I took that as my signal to go ahead and fuck her, so I started pumping her getting my pace and soon she was moving to match my movements. Then she stiffened up and moaned then groaned I'mmmmmm cuminnnnnnn Bob. That was it for me also I plowed into her as hard as I could and filled her with stream after stream of cum.

When I felt the last of my cum shoot into her reality set in and I asked her if she was on the pill? Don't worry about that Bob I will get mom's morning after pill. damn this girl did know a lot. I was still hard enough to keep pumping her and as I did my cock got hard again. I pumped her hard and she came a couple more times before I shot my second load into her. When my shrinking cock slid out of her I rolled over and held her in my arms.

Within a minute she was asleep. I covered her up kissed her, dressed and went back down stairs to wait for Candi's call. As I sat there I made a mental note to remind Amy to take a pill tomorrow morning. Then I drifted off to sleep wondering if Candi would know somehow what had happened tonight. I slept deep that night and didn't wake until a naked Amy shook me and said want some breakfast it's ready, and looks like you are ready also as she smacked me lightly on my cock.

Chapter 3 Confession time. coming soon.