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Mom and soon xxx filim
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I threw a few cans of potted meat, sardines, and some crackers in my knapsack and told mom I would be home Sunday. She knew that a few of us guys would go hunting on the weekends, so she was o.k. with me leaving. The only thing was, she did not know that I was going to be hunting alone this weekend.

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Saturday I wandered into new territory trying to find some game without any luck. Later that evening, it started to rain and I began to look for shelter. Then the rain turned into a storm. I wandered around in the woods for a few hours in the dark until I found a dirt road and started to walk down that road and saw a house with some lights on. Walking up to the door, I knocked, very very big but storys had the good sense to put the shotgun on the porch swing out of sight ww xxx story pall on the homeowner.

A young woman partially opened the door and saw that I was soaking wet and was just a young teenager. She then then invited me in, saying the "I was just getting ready to go to bed, what are you doing out in a storm like this?" "I was hunting and the storm came up before I could find shelter," I said.

"Well, you will have to get out of those wet clothes or you will get pneumonia, by the way, what is your name?" I told her my name was Bill. She said hers was Wilma. I looked at her and saw that she was about my height, 5' 9" and weighed about 140 pounds.

She had light brown hair and blue eyes, and nice boobs. She was wearing a short house coat, as she was ready for bed. As she bent over to take my shirt I could tell she was not wearing a bra. "Hurry up, get those pants off, and get in the bed, we don't want you getting sick." "I can't take them off if you are here," I said.

"O.k., go in the bedroom, take them off, and get in the bed after you take them off." She told me she had three children asleep in another bedroom and led me to a bedroom to undress. I took my pants, shoes, socks, and underwear off as everything was soaking wet, and crawled under the covers to try to warm up.


Wilma came in and carolyn reese office perverts creampie big tits up my clothes and it was then I saw she did not have any panties on and I saw clearly her pussy, my first clean shot of a woman's cunt. Instantly my cock grew to its full six inches. "I will hang these by the stove to get dry, you try to get warm, you are shivering." A few minutes later while I was rubbing my cock Wilma came back and crawled in bed. "What are you doing?" I asked her.

This the bed that I share with my husband when he is home, she told me. "He should be here tonight, this is our ninth wedding anniversary, but he wanted to go fishing with some of his buddies instead of spending the night with me." I told her I was sorry, that her husband was very inconsiderate.

We began to talk and she asked why I was not out on a date with my girlfriend. I told her I did not have a girlfriend.

She asked if I had ever had a steady girlfriend.

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"I have never had a girlfriend, I just don't know why." She asked if I had ever been on a date, and I told her that I had not. "You have never kissed a girl?" I told her no. She moved closer and put her hand on my chest. "Would you like to kiss a girl?" "Yes" "How about a woman twice as old as you, a woman like me?" "I would be crazy to not want to kiss you, you are gorgeous" I said. "Do you really want to kiss me?" "I do." "Do beautiful teen gangbang the suspended step sis want me to teach you how make girls happy so that you have a lot of girlfriends?" "Would you do that for me?

You have just met me. " "You are a nice kid, and I am pissed at my husband for not remembering our anniversary, so I want to have an anniversary I can remember." With that she moved over, and kissed me and with one hand grabbed my cock. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and she taught me to French kiss.

After kissing a while, she told me "kiss my ear, then my neck". She guided my head to her tits and nipples and had me suck on them for a while. She was moaning and jacking me off until I came. "Bill, there is something I have read about men doing to women that I would love have done to me.

I am hoping you would consider doing it.

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Begin my kissing my stomach, then going down to my navel, then kissing around my pussy, then putting your tongue in my pussy, and finally sucking on my clit. I will guide you to my clit. While you are doing that I will suck your cock. Is that something you are willing to do? My husband nor any other man has ever done it." Fellow licks amp bangs snatch pornstar and hardcore told her hell yes and we got into the 69 position in a hurry.

When my tongue hit her cunt she had her first orgasm, and then when I encircled her clit, she yet another orgasm. "Oh fucking shit, it is better than I thought it would be" Wilma mumbled. In the meantime, I shot a wad into her mouth and she swallowed it all.

She pressed my head into her pussy and was moaning loudly as I ate her out good. Finally, she pushed me away and pulled me up to her and we began to kiss wildly, exchanging our juices. I was getting hard again, and Wilma pushed me on my back and mounted me and said" I am going to get your cherry Bill, but let me know when you are going to come so I can get off you." I told her I would. As I lay on my back, Wilma put her pussy lips on the head of my cock and slowly I penetrated a woman for the first time.

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Oh, what a glorious feeling and I told her so. She began to move up and down, and soon I got in the rhythm, and we began to rock the bed and two or three minutes I felt the cum building up and told her "I am about to cum" and she said "One more minute" and I said "I can't" and then she began to orgasm and I said "I am going to cum" and she said" fuck, shoot it me" and we both came as I shot load after load of semen deep into her.

She slumped on me, exhausted, and said, "Bill, for such a young kid, that was a great fuck.


I can't believe I have had my pussy eaten and been fucked to orgasm by a boy, and I can feel your cock getting hard again. " She was right, it was getting hard again. Wilma turned on her back and wrapped her legs around me and I began to pound my cock into her cunt again. This time I lasted seven minutes, I counted because I could see the clock on the nightstand, and Wilma had two orgasms.

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She asked me to put one hand under her butt, and I did just that. There was so much pussy juice that my hand was soaking wet I took a finger and pushed it up her anus and she had an instant orgasm as my finger went in her ass.

I was afraid her moaning and whimpering would awaken the children, but the thunder from the storm apparently muffled the sounds from hot tits japaneses wicked toying hardcore and blowjob bedroom. We fucked once more that night, then at six o'clock I got dressed and slept on the sofa so the children would not be suspicious. When they came in the living room at seven, they did have a lot of questions.

Wilma told me that if I ever came back into the area, be sure to stop by. She told me she stayed home with children and that her husband worked during the days. His truck would be parked in the driveway if he was home.


I told her I did not drive, and did not know when I could get back, but thanked her for all the lessons she had given me. I loved them all and wished I could do them all over again today. She said the same for her, especially the one below the belt. She had always wanted to do that, and that I had done a great job on that. She said I had treated her to the best anniversary she had ever had and maybe next year we could try a repeat. I promised that I would try to get back, if not before. She told me she had a 30th birthday coming up in two months, maybe then.