Big tit country milf rides cock bts

Big tit country milf rides cock bts
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New York Fantasy by Royal Trycon © ~Being the last day of the year, everyone I knew found the excuse to get together and have a party at my down town New York apartment. I had no problem with it, seein' as I hate bein' alone on New Years anyway. And had bought plenty of booze a few days back to celebrate the unveiling of a new painting I had finished recently. My apartment was larger than most, with my framed work thru out the place. Plenty of girls arrived, and had already all put their hands down my pants at least once thru out the night before midnight.

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I love to be teased, and they all knew it. One girl, who I didn't even know jerked me off as she introduced herself to me. That was appreciated, though I had begun to develop a serious case of blue-balls through out the night. But it wasn't until the party began to die down that my night got really interesting. ~Running low on Crown Royal, I decided to dab into a secret bottle I had stashed in my room for such an occasion.

To my surprise I found two girls playing with each other on my bed. One had nothing but a thong and bra on, with huge tits. While the other slightly kinkier, younger looking girl, with a Betty Page hair do, wore fishnet stalking with a guarder-belt under her mini skirt and a matching bra to compliment her perfectly shaped C-cups.

"There he is," one of them said as she jumped up to shut the door behind me. "I'm Jill," she noted and threw me on the bed.

Then brushed her long hair to the side and began to undo my pants while the other younger one, lifted up her skirt and sat on my face. Her pussy was clean and shaved and already incredibly wet. Both girls giggled. I felt four impatient hands pull my dick out and two warm mouths start sucking me off. My heart pounded in my chest, while what could only be described as a fantasy, consumed me. They took turns seeing who could get my dick the furthest down their throats, until I became so hard neither of them could get even half of me in their mouths.

Their tongues fought over my swollen head. "His cock's so big!" Betty exclaimed as she slid her excited kitty off my mouth and got on her knees for a better approach. "I can't wait to fuck it." Jill whispered. I sat up and watched. They both looked up at me and smiled. Their tongues licked me up and down. "Does that feel good?" Jill asked, while she slapped her face with my rock hardening cock.

I assured them I was doing just fine, and played with their hair. Saturated, my dick glistened in the gaze of the nearby bathroom light. Jill began stroking me while Betty choked me down. With their free hands they played with each other's pussies. Betty took a break and Jill rapped her large breasts around my wet rod and started sliding me between them. Now standing beside me, Betty licked my tongue and let me play with her tanned chest.

I felt my self falling for her. So cute! Her pierced nipples excited me. She had short purple hair with black high-lites and long bangs. She ripped my shirt off and licked my neck. I slid my fingers between her legs. She held my hand there and insisted I put my fingers in her. Jill rapped her mouth around my hot rod some more. Her hair tickled the insides of my legs. She was a gorgeous woman, with full pouty lips, and cat-like eyes.

With tattoos covering both shoulders. ~Jill pulled my pants the rest of the way off and climbed on top of me. With her melons in my face she grabbed a hold of me and sat on my poll. "Oh my God!" she gasped.

Betty first time and use condom me kiss Jill's boobs while she began her joy-ride. "Feels so good!" I lied back down and let Betty straddle my face again. Facing each other, the girls began to giggle and play. Hearing them kiss inspired me to thrust against Jill. The ride got more wild, making her squeak with every bounce.

"Goddamn!" she attempted to complain. All the way up and down she rode.


Splashing her juice upon me. She moved beautifully and fluent. I felt her inside contract, and I knew she had came. She danced her hips, and finished her orgasm. ~Jill slid herself off of me and cleaned me off with her tongue. Betty leaned over to help, giving me a perfect angle in which to tend her garden. I let them suck me for a while. Until I could bare it no longer. I had to have Betty too. I threw her against the wall and penetrated her from behind.


I could barely fit in her virgin tight hole. "Owie!" she cried with a smile. She pushed against me with her perfect little tanned bottom. Only half of me could fit, before hitting her ceiling. She reached behind herself and encouraged me to hurt her.

"Be gentle," she whispered. "You're a lotta man!" Jill got on her knees and licked the remaining shaft as I slowly stretched Betty to a new size. I pulled my cock out momentarily and let Jill wet me with her spit. Betty looked back at me and bit 38 yiras xxxx sex stories vidos bottom lip. Jill slapped her tongue with my abusive penis and guided it back in Betty.

Slowly I spread her open. So tight, I could feel myself drooling already. I took a deep breath to calm down, and continued. With every thrust I bonded more with her. Inching deeper and deeper. She began to pant. I began to sweet.


A rhythm began. Her waste was so small in my hands, giving me complete control. Her japanese cute and oldman kissing porn and shoulders were in excellent physical shape. Tanned, and shining like silk. She screamed slightly as I broke her in.

I slid my hands up her waste and fondled her breasts. ~Jill stood up and began kissing Betty heavily. My paintings on the wall never looked so good. With Jill's phenomenal ass next to Betty's, I decided to take turns on them both. "Oh yeah, fuck me!" Jill demanded as I slid into her. She grabbed a hold of the wall and got into it. Her pussy felt more shallow this way. Her tits clapped against the wall.

Betty enjoyed the site of Jill's ass as well and slapped it for me. I pulled out and inserted my trophy back in Betty. "Oh, you bad boy!" she giggled, and reached back to spread herself open in order to fit more of me in.

I pulled on her guarder belt and used it to trust deeper inside her. "Mmmm. Fuck me, you bad boy!" she directed. I couldn't get enough. The girls continued to kiss. I slid my long dick out of Betty and put it in Jill.

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She moaned with Betty's tongue in her mouth. Their kissing became passionate, and I wanted in. I gave Jill a few more poundings and decided to join their kissing party. ~All three of our tongues intertwined. And spun and flickered, and twisted. They jerked me off while I banged them both with my fingers. I could feel my pressure big ass ebony kali dreams sucked a big cock. We made our way to the bed.

The sheets were cold and refreshing. Betty began eating Jill's pussy while I fucked her sideways. Using Betty's ankle and thigh for leverage, I compacted all I could into her, and watched as I filled her up over and over. She reached down and played with herself and I picked up the pace. Observing them, I could tell they loved each other. Never letting the other feel left out. Jill played with her own breasts and sucked on her nipples. I decided to give Betty everything, and attempted to cram the rest of me in her.

It took her breath away. She leaned her head back and gasped for air. She lied flat on her back and I spread both her legs open wide and attacked her with a rhythm that sent her into a whirlwind of orgasms.

Her insides twitched and contracted. Her juices pored around my manhood, allowing me to thrust into her even faster. "I'm cumming!" she haled. Her toes curled. Jill kissed her and made her way to my insertion. She knew the look in my eyes. I was about to cum as well. Betty pulled on the sheets and screamed into the nearest pillow. Jill licked my stomach and stared up at me.

I moaned, and they both knew it was time. Betty sat up and joined Jill in her suck-fest. They slopped me around, yanking me wildly. All four hands encouraged me towards my climax. Their tongues whipping and drooling. I could barely breath. Their mouths auctioned my jiz.

Jill brushed her hair behind her shoulders and squeezed her tits together to form a landing strip, while Betty escorted me with two hands. Both tongues charmed me. Eyes full of anticipation. "I love your big cock." Jill stated. I grinned.

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Betty stared me strait in the eyes, "Cum on my face," she whispered and opened her mouth wide. My teeth grinded together and my eyes squinted.

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One last pump and I exploded. Launching my first stream across Betty's tongue and landing it on Jill's cleavage. I exhaled and blew my second wod down Betty's throat. And my third on Jill's cheek. Both girls celebrated and cleaned one another. I squeezed the rest out onto Betty's chest. "Good boy," she giggled. ~Being late we all passed out in my bed. In the morning I awoke and painted them both while they dreamt.

The sun rose and we took a shower together. Cleaning their bodies aroused me and we all made love once more before they left. I didn't have to ask for their numbers. Every night for the next three months they stayed with me, and made love to me. And told me all about their stories of living in the Big Apple. [END]