Redhead having some solo fun fingering hotgvibe

Redhead having some solo fun fingering hotgvibe
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My name is Steve, and this is a true story of a four year affaire that ascended into a whirlwind of lust, sexual experimentation and carnal gratification. From the very beginning both Meri and I threw caution to the wind and risked everything that we held dear for a shared obsession for sex. Looking back on that time period in my life, the realization that I lived a fantasy has set in and pressed me to share my tale. Though we were both married and agreed to never sacrifice our families, we found solace in each other and were able to satisfy the hedonistic desires that our spouses could not or would not consent to.

I liken my time with Meri to that of a junky's unrelenting need for just one more hit; knowing the risk and potential destruction but unable to resist the pure pleasure coursing through the veins. It's been 10 years since our last rendezvous and Meri has since vanished from my life, but the incredible moments we shared continue to live in my dreams and memories. I hope you enjoy. I first met Meri while working as an account manager for a firm in downtown Phoenix.

I had been employed for nearly a year when Meri was hired and assigned to the cubicle across from mine. She came adorned that morning in a skin-tight black skirt suite that highlighted her amazing hourglass figure; standing around 5'8 with long dark hair and coal black eyes that penetrated the soul; her athletic body was highlighted all the more by her robust bosom and tight ass. Her flawless skin and face were perfect and could have easily graced the cover of any bukkake festival 15 japanese uncensored bukkake tube porn magazine, a golden bronze glow hinted of a Hispanic or Mediterranean descent.

She reminded me of a leaner/fit Kin Kardashian, without the jungle booty. As fate would have it I was assigned to train her during the probationary period and we immediately hit if off, spending nearly every minute of those first few weeks working side by side. We began sharing every break and lunch reviewing work processes; as well as; chatting about personal and family histories.

It was during these intimate times that my feelings toward Meri shifted from one of coworker to that of a perverse stalker. I found myself craving for a piece of her sculpted backside and flawlessly shaped breasts with each view of her gorgeous figure; struggling at the same time to hide the raging hard-on that seemed to permanently reside in my pants whenever she was near.

When her probationary period ended and our one-on-one training came to a close, Meri and I remained close, continuing to take lunches and breaks together as I did everything in my power to keep her magnificence in sight.

It never ceased to amaze me how incredible Meri looked each day; her outfits appearing to be spray painted on, always emphasizing her assets and displaying the sultry curves of her delicious body. I would find myself waiting for her to arrive every morning for work and gawk as she bent over and placed her belongings into the bottom file cabinet drawer, giving me a dick hardening peek of her voluptuous ass.

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I think it should be acknowledged that my attendance and tardiness improved significantly with Meri's hiring. In addition; as Meri struggled early on to familiarize herself with our computer software, Sunny leone boobs pressing storys by man made myself readily available, should she call on me for help and I would need to rush and assist. It was my pleasure to lean over her shoulders while she sat in front of her monitor and point out how to navigate our systems, all the while looking down her blouse tops and gazing at the crescent lines of her mouth-watering breasts.

I found myself hoping for any opportunity to be near Meri and ogle over her physique, always imagining what she would look like naked and sprawled beneath me, waiting to be filled with my manhood. Within a few months our work routine changed forever as we sat alone one afternoon for lunch. Our office was located in a five story business complex that shared a common cafeteria on the lower floor with the various businesses and offices in the building.


Seated with Meri that day and chatting like usual she asked toward the end of our brown booty babe pickedup and bounced on cock deepthroat and roundass break, "Are you happy with your marriage"? I had been married to a loving wife for nearly 8 years at the time and had two wonderful children as well. Though the sex life had disappointingly declined with each passing year, I considered myself content and answered yes before asking; "Are you"?

"I thought I was, but lately I'm not sure…I've been questioning my marriage and whether my husband still loves me". "That's too bad…what makes you think he doesn't love you anymore'? "Things just haven't been the same since the birth of our child two years ago.

We don't talk like we use to…I know kids change things and take a lot of time, but this is different. In fact, he hardly touches me anymore, I mean we're hardly ever intimate…I don't know if he's turned off by me or if he has someone else"? Shocked first by her confession, and secondly that anyone could be turned off by Meri, I shot back; "He's a blind fool if he doesn't find you attractive, I think you're one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen in my life, and I sure as hell wouldn't ignore or leave you alone…kids or no kids"!

Meri's sad expression transformed for a brief second as the corners of her mouth curled up in a slight smile. "Thanks, I wish I knew if he felt that way too.

What really upsets me though is I've worked harder than ever to stay in shape for him after the baby; and yet I feel as if it doesn't matter…" "Have you talked to him; maybe he doesn't even realize what you're feeling"?

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"I've tried talking to him, he just gets angry and says, you know I love you …I've even asked him if there's someone else… mom and kid son teaching just gives me a look of disgust and then storms off and we're done talking for the rest of the evening".

"Is there anything that he's done or said that proves he's cheating"? "No, but even when I try to arouse him he completely ignores me. Last weekend, I wore this sexy nighty and pranced around the house for him. You would think he would have gotten the message when my boobs were hanging out and that the crotch in my outfit was pretty much…missing?

That's what makes me think there's someone else.Would you ignore your wife if she came in practically naked and was totally throwing herself at you"? The thought of Meri prancing in a nighty, her succulent breasts aching for my attention and her moist vulva ready to be penetrated left me breathless for a second.

"Look there's not a single guy in this building that wouldn't give his left nut to be with you…Since the tight pussy mother id like to fuck likes vibrators japanese and hardcore day you arrived, that's all I've dreamt about, I would kill to see you in something revealing and throwing yourself at me.

You've got nothing to be ashamed of; it's not your fault that your husband is an idiot". "So you've been dreaming about me since the first day I came to work…would you really kill"? She teased. Suddenly I felt my face flush and realized I had spoken out of line, "I'm sorry Meri, I didn't mean it that way…I mean…I did…or…I, just wanted to make you feel better".

"I have no idea what you must be going thru and I had no right to judge your husband". Rising to leave, I continued; "I've said too much already and should probably leave". Stepping back from the table, I apologized once more and started to step away when Meri suggested, "I think you should sit down for a bit". Not sure what to think of her command and afraid to continue in the direction our conversation had turned, I did not react.

"Sit down…now", she barked. Fearing I was about to get a tongue lashing for the harassing comments, I practically cried; "I really am sorry, I spoke out of turn and had no right to say what I did"!

Waiting for Meri to respond, I stood silent and waited for her to explode. Lowering her gaze toward my midsection, I followed her eyes and was horrified to see the humongous bulge in my pants. Instinctively, I plunged back into my seat hoping to hide my erection.

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Hanging my head to avoid Meri's attention, I felt the beads of sweat sprout along my scalp and temples. "I don't know what to say", I mumbled more to myself. "Soooo, what were you thinking about, was it the sexy nighty"? She smirked. "I am so embarrassed; I can't believe this happened…I'm speechless". Meri rose from her seat, placing her palms on the table and leaned toward me to speak in a hushed tone; "Guess what, I know you've been staring at my ass and tits for some time now and I've seen that bulge in your pants before".


Seeing the panic in my eyes she continued; "Don't worry, I won't tell; I have to admit that I've been turned on by it and have purposely tried to tease you by wearing clothes that would get you hard. I've wondered for some time now what that cock of yours would look and taste like…I've been fantasizing how it would feel up my ass"? With the last word of her statement rolling off her tongue, Meri bolted upright, spun around and walked away from the table leaving me stunned in silence.

As she stepped away I started out of my seat hoping to stop her before she could get far, but was reminded quickly of my bursting pants and plummeted back into my seat; looking to see if anyone had witnessed my obvious excitement I could only sit and watch Meri disappear through the cafeteria doors as I waited for the blood between my legs to subside.

When it was safe for me to stand again I sprinted to the elevator doors, hastily pounding on the floor buttons to retrieve my ride. As I anxiously waited my mind raced with what I would say to Meri, I knew I had to confront her to determine the authenticity of her statement, but how to broach the discussion again had me perplexed. The five floor ride was merciless; stopping at each level for passengers to exit and enter, standing at the back of the cabin, I felt my skin would explode as I impatiently rehearsed my line of questioning.

"Bing", the sound brought a heightened tension as the elevator doors slid open and brought me closer to the task at hand. Dashing through the office entrance I purposely sped past DD our receptionist; making sure not to make eye contact with her or any of my other coworkers and headed straight to the back of the room where I hoped Meri waited.

The office that I worked for was one of several satellite offices that covered the Phoenix Metro Area. My particular office employed 13 people; 10 account managers, 2 receptionists and the office manager. The office suite was simple in design with the reception area and Manager's private office near the front doors.

Spread out into two parallel columns were the individual workstations for the 10 account reps. Each row contained 5 cubicles that were separated by a shared aisle. My cubicle happened to be located at the very back of the office and provided complete privacy, with no incidental traffic passing by my entrance. I had always enjoyed the solitude but never realized how wonderful it would truly be until Meri changed everything. Adding to the privacy of our workstations was the way they were constructed.

When most people think of cubicles, they probably think of the particleboard constructed partitions seen in most offices. Our cubicles were separated by plastered walls that stood around 5' high and 3' thick; encircling our work spaces with only a door sized gap as the exit into the hallway. This assembly added to the silence we all treasured and kept the background noise to a minimum. From my back corner, I could stand upright and look over my wall dividers and scan the whole office to see who was about or had entered our office.

When Meri arrived and was assigned to the cubicle across from mine, it became the perfect setup for us to work in seclusion and mingle without notice from anyone in the office. Hustling past my counterparts I approached Meri's doorway, bracing myself for whatever her reaction might be.

My hope of course was that she would confess to wanting me as much as I did her and that my sexual fantasies would soon come true. Rushing in I was surprised to see Meri; as if she were prepared and waiting, seated in the middle of her cubicle and facing me. Stopping just inside I hesitated briefly before summoning the strength to ask, "So what did you mean at lunch"? "What are you talking about"? Fearing I may have misjudged her, I whispered; "You know, what you said…about my…my cock", I gestured with my index finger pointing to my crotch area "Why, what's wrong with your cock"?

"No…you mentioned…you wondered what it would taste like…or in your aa…your behind"?

"Oh that", Meri answered as she lifted off her chair, grabbing hold of her skirt and hiking it up her thighs before sitting again and slowly closing the gap between us. I watched as she reeled forward, the wheels of her desk chair quietly scraping across the carpeted floor until she settled within inches of me. "I don't know, what do you think it meant"? Her legs were spread wide and astride of mine, causing the hem of her skirt to rise even more and reveal the thin strip of her dark silk panties that brushed against her luscious treasure box.

"Well, I was thinking…hoping we could satisfy your curiosity", I grinned, looking down on her now as she sat with her face parallel to my rising shaft. "Hmmm, how are we going to cure my satisfaction", Meri cooed as she calmly raised her right hand and began to rub the cloth of my pants, tracing the silhouette of my rigid pecker.

Holding my breath, I watched in delight as Meri amused herself before reaching for my zipper and pulling down with a loud "ZZZZZ". For brief moment I remembered where I was and quickly scanned over top the cubicle walls; relieved to see that there was no immediate threat as Meri reached for the sides of my fly area and with steady hands yanked outward to expand the opening. Without warning my dick sprang free, slicing between the threads at home with russian webcam phenomenon vickie my fly and bobbed rigidly in front of Meri's startled gaze.

Recalling that the boxers I was wearing were the pair that constantly flayed open and allowed my penis to slither through the flap area whenever I became aroused, I smiled inwardly as I thanked my lucky stars that I had chosen to wear them that day. "Whoa, someone's anxious to meet me…and he's a big one", Meri panted as she took in every inch of my swollen member. "Mmmmmm, pussylicking yoga lesbian toyed till squirt flexible and booty looks delicious too".

Seizing hold, she made me twitch with delight as her fingers wrapped around my thick shaft appraising its weight and girth. My heart raced as she began to move her grip in a slow and deliberate pumping motion, forcing an uncontrolled sigh as I closed my eyes to enjoy Meri's handjob.

"Looks like someone's building up already", Meri interrupted my dreamlike state after a few joyous minutes. Peeking to see what she was referring to I was rewarded by the sight of Meri's tongue, extended and just millimeters from the tip of my joystick before making contact with the precum leaking from my tip.

Scraping across my bulb and slit, she slowly pulled her head back; purposely elongating the silvery string of semen glued between my cockhead and her tongue. As she continued to back away, the silky thread-like filament began to bow and glisten from the glare of the overhead lights, until inevitably snapping apart; one end flipping up under her chin while the other dangled off the end of my helmet and fluttered in the air.

"Yummy, your juice tastes wonderful", she exclaimed as she wiped the residue from her jowl and brought her hand to her mouth with the remnants of my precum. Licking her lips clear Meri grabbed hold of my organ and set about massaging its length in a hurried pace, the red of her fingernails becoming a blurred streak as she hammered away.

Unexpectedly Meri's head retracted, her neck tightening as her mouth spread wide forming a wide O before lunging forward in a lightening quick strike, impaling her mouth on my bloated rod, much like a snake taking its prey by surprise. "Oh shit"!!! I squawked, forgetting for a moment that my co-workers were on the other side of the partition.

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"Oh, shit, that's fucking good", I repeated in a lower tone as Meri's head bobbed back and forth, her tongue cradling the bottom of my shaft and warming its length. She had one hand at the base of my cock, holding it at the perfect angle for her piston-like assault while her other hand began to unfasten my belt and the clasp of my pants.

Pulling away briefly, Meri helped me to lower my slacks and boxers; both sliding to the ground and bunching up around my ankles. Totally exposed and vulnerable, I stood submissively as Meri went back to work; her breathing intensifying and becoming louder as she took more and more of my dick in her mouth. My eyes were glued on her lips as they encased my pecker, leaving a smear of lipstick at her deepest thrust of my shaft. "FFFWOP", the sound reverberated off the thin plastered walls as Meri pulled away from her face fuck.

"I want you to give it to me in my mouth when you're ready", she eagerly pleaded as she gasped for air and then returned to wolfing down my cock in preston parker anal doggystyle fuck allie haze naturaltits and cheating savage manner; slurping and sucking so loud that I began to worry again that everyone would hear the sounds emanating from the back corner.

As the stirring in my testicles increased, I quickly checked the office once more to ensure we were safe. My balls began to ache as they filled and the time drew nearer when I would erupt. Sensing my predicament and attempting to postponement my discharge, Meri released my drenched pecker, pressing it against my abdomen and clearing an open path for her ravenous mouth to dine on my hard balls.

As she nibbled on my sack I felt her hand pat the inside of my thighs, signaling me to widen my stance. With my pants still crumpled at my ankles, I bowed my legs as much as I could to accommodate her silent request. With more freedom Meri tilted her head so she could take both testicles into her mouth, making me flinch slightly as she bit down and pulled at the skin of my scrotum with her teeth.

Unprepared for what happened next, I nearly soiled myself as Meri startlingly penetrated my asshole with one of her fingers. I hadn't noticed her hand sliding between my legs and ass pretty ebony latina teen babe showing her ass hole when she tapped my thighs earlier, her index finger having settled on the rim of my anus before plunging foreword.

I instinctively squeezed my rectum at first and fought Meri's attempt to pierce me as the new sensation was discomforting. Unwilling to quit, she persisted until I finally relaxed and let her jab away, letting her explore deep inside my rectum.

Releasing her oral grip of my nuts, Meri asked; "Have you ever had your ass finger fucked before"? Still adjusting to the sensation, I apprehensively nodded no.

"Just relax", Meri continued as the finger in my anus worked in a spiral motion and her free hand clutched my cock in an identical cadence. Within moments the sensation became enjoyable and I felt my opening widen, inviting Meri to push farther and quickly add a second digit.

Having only reached my early 30's I had yet to reach the age of my first prostate exam, but if Meri's manipulation could be so electrifying, maybe I wouldn't have to worry so much when the time finally came I laughed to myself. "How's it feeling"? "I can't believe this is happening to me", I huffed in response.

"I'll be expecting payback you know", Meri hinted as she lunged forward and consumed my cock in one swift move. Realizing I was close to the end her tempo intensified as she removed her fingers from my rear end and placed both hands on my hips. By now my balls were agonizingly rock solid and I could feel the floodgate ready to burst. Placing my hands behind her head, I grabbed hold and jammed all 8 inches as far down her throat as I could.

Meri gagged struggling to take all of me in her mouth, but it was too late; by this point I was a volcano in pre-eruption mode, the lava surging upward and only seconds from bursting free.

With Meri's head firmly secured in my hands I began to violently pitch, my lower abdomen crashing against Meri's nose and chin as I jammed her full. I felt my shaft swell as the cream quickened and my dick began to spasm. "Here it comes", I gasped; unloading with a ferocity I had never experienced before. As my spunk showered the back of Meri's throat in an endless convulsion teen face fuck small sluit cum, I continued to gouge away at Meri's mouth; still holding her head as she choked down my sperm.

Balancing my spraying seed with a mouth full of throbbing dick, Meri labored to breath but never stopped or slowed her assault on my gushing well. After several more spurts the contractions began to slow, prompting Meri to increase her suction to coax every last drop. When it appeared I had run dry Meri pulled back and grabbed hold of my shaft, pinching it like a tube of toothpaste until a final bead oozed to the surface. Grinning as she uncovered the hidden treat she pounced on my sensitive pecker one more time to gobble up the last remnants, before ending with an immaculate tongue cleansing of my cock.

She expertly licked the length and circumference of my shaft, making sure to give extra care to my hypersensitive crown until it sparkled clean with her spit. Finished, Meri leaned back in her chair rolling her tongue across her lips and then smiled as we stared silently at each other. Rising to stand face to face she pressed her moist lips against mine, prodding her tongue inside my mouth and lathering my taste buds, teeth and cheek linings with her sperm coated tongue. "Do you like the way you taste"?

Meri trumpeted as she pulled back from our lip-lock. Experiencing another new sensation, I nodded in agreement as the salty taste marinated in my mouth. "I do too", she chortled. Still shocked by the whole episode I remained cemented in place as I watched Meri retreat a few steps, smoothing her skirt down with a brush of her hand before turning her back to me and moving toward the hallway.

Stopping to look back at me she chuckled and pointed; "I think you better put that thing away before someone sees it, if anyone walks in now I'll deny everything and say you flashed me". Embarrassed suddenly as I took stock of my appearance; my trousers and briefs crumpled around my ankles; as well as; my balls and limp dick dangling fully exposed; I quickly reached down and pulled my clothes up and awkwardly redressed.


With hands on her hips and brimming from ear to ear, Meri declared; "I'm going to get something to drink and clean up a little", as she motioned to the cluttered hair I had tugged on earlier. "When I get back…do you think you friend there will be ready for some more? I'd like to feel him in my ass if you're up to it"? And just like earlier in the cafeteria she spun around and walked away before I could respond.

Thrown for a loop again I quietly finished straightening up and buckled my belt as Meri walked past the other cubicles and out of the office. Alone and uncertain what my next move should be I shuffled back to my chair and plopped down, recalling the incredible blowjob and the fact that it had just happened at work.

Likewise, Meri's parting sentence echoed in my mind, "When I get back…I'd like to feel him in my ass". Was she teasing me or did she expect me to fuck her in the ass?

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If so, was it going to happen here, in her cubicle again…now? And where was this relationship going? Anxious to find out what Meri had in mind I positioned my chair so that I was facing her cubicle and started to rub the outline of my spent cock; hoping to have it ready when she returned.