Chicks ride guys ass hole with big strap dildos and burst load

Chicks ride guys ass hole with big strap dildos and burst load
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-From the beast within- (This story is pure fiction. none of it is nor will ever take place) If you have already read the first two chapters, White and Pink, then you pretty much have the gist of how my week went. My formerly "tomboy" girlfriend couldn't keep her hands off of me, and was dressing like a teenage wet dream. My 10 year old little sister wanted an orgasm once every couple of nights or so.

Not to be out done by big sis, baby sister was right there too a couple of nights a week, wanting me to "read her a story". Although I have to admit its hard to read a book to a 5 year old when your face is buried in her crotch. As of yet I never let her do anything to me.

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She would have if I would have asked, but she would have only to please me. She wouldn't have enjoyed it, and I wanted her to enjoy this to the fullest. I had started talking to Shawna about her virginity since her first real bj and fingering orgasm.

I think she understood the gravity of it, and why I wanted her to make the decision, not make one for her. Thankfully both of my lick me fuck me and cum on my latin pussy were taking me seriously as far as secrets and my "serious" talks with them about our sex lives together.

Tina on the other hand was a handful. I think if she could figure out how to have sex during classes she would be all over me the entire time the kissable nympho gapes soft vagina and gets deflowered was in the sky, and most of the time it wasn't. She hadn't brought up my "birthday present" again, but I was starting to get an idea as to what it was.

My birthday fell on a Saturday this year, which was kinda nice. I got to spend the whole day as I wanted to. Tina started her plans for me on Friday. She knew I didn't go for the street corner girl look, too trashy. But today she picked me up for school wearing a nice almost professional business suit, skirt and heels. This was kind of an extreme the other direction.

"Wow, job interview, or court appearance? Either way they don't stand a chance!" "Gee thanks, I think. No, I have a test in my debate class today and we're supposed to dress professionally. So I borrowed some of my mom's clothes. Do you think it looks alright?" "Alright is an understatement. You really do that getup justice." "Thanks, I've been super nervous about this. I've never had to dress up like this.

I'm usually a tee shirt and jeans girl. But I've been having fun with some of the other stuff in my closet lately." "To my benefit!" I replied honestly. She blushed, started the car and drove us to school. The dark blue and pinstriped skirt and jacket fit her like they were tailored to her body.

She had skin toned pantyhose on, and a lacy yellow top on under the jacket. Her normally mousey shoulder length hair was slicked back into a short ponytail. It was going to be another one of those days that I just couldn't get her off of my mind. Her debate class was just after lunch, and she wanted to meet me out by her car at lunch. I assumed she wanted to go somewhere for lunch. Not uncommon for us. This time was no different. We went to our favorite burger joint. She called it "comfort food".

She was definitely nervous about this debate class thing. We wandered back to her car when we were thru, we still had 20 minutes or so to kill, and we were only 5 minutes from school.

"I think I know what will help with the nerves" I told her. Before she could reply, I kissed her deeply. I knew better than to wrinkle her clothes, so I slipped my hands under her jacket and found the button to her skirt in the back, and undid it. I think she got the idea, and slipped off her jacket as we got into the back of her car. It had tinted windows and was parked in a shady area beside the burger shop, so we had some privacy, if but for now.

This was going to be all about her. So when she started going for my pants I stopped her, and told her to lay back, relax, and enjoy. I almost regretted that decision as I slipped her skirt off and found out she was wearing stockings not pantyhose, and a pale yellow lace bodysuit. I figured out how to pop the crotch of the bodysuit open and dove in face first. She wrapped her nylon covered legs around me and pulled me in tight. A little nibble here and a poke of a finger there, I felt like a madman playing some sort of human musical instrument.

She had recently shaved her pussy, she was smooth, and scented like a flower. I ran my thumb into her pussy and wiggled it around, gently pushing up against her hymen. Once my thumb was well lubed with her juices, I slid it a bit south and slid it in her back door up to the second knuckle.

This was somewhat new for her. I had fingered her pussy and ass before, but never this deeply. She apparently liked it. Her moans were coming with more enthusiasm.

I slid my other thumb into her pussy and was finger banging her hard with an opposing rhythm. She was gaining on her climax like a runaway freight train. I resumed nibbling on her clitty and kept up with the thumb job. She went stiff as a board, then let out a whimper. It seemed like forever for her to her to catch her breathe. I repositioned myself up beside her and hugged her tight then kissed down her neck.

Once she had come down she said "thanks. I really needed that." She wriggled back into her skirt after buttoning up her bodysuit, then drove us back to school. It's probably a good thing we got back a little early. She was still a bit wobbly kneed when we walked back to the school from the parking lot. "Been walking in heels long, love?" "The heels aren't the problem and you know it smart ass." I got a smack on the arm for that. Yup, that was my girlfriend under that business suit. Never tell her she hits like a girl.

She will promptly redefine how you think girls hit. Tina apparently did super fat cock rips the young twatwm better than she had feared.

She practically ripped my clothes off when I met her at her car after school, and then she swallowed my manhood in one fell swoop. "Well, good to see you too. How'd the debate test go?" I was trying to get my mind off of the damn good blow job I was receiving. She slipped my dick out of her mouth long enough to whisper "I passed with an A, now shut up and let me show you much I appreciate you." I wasn't about to argue!

We finally made it back to my house after we both had our fill of each other.


We were having a barbeque tonight for my birthday. It was a day early, but it was the best time to get everyone together. Dad had to fly out tomorrow afternoon for some big seminar, so we had the big get together tonight. Shawna and Sierra were dressed in almost matching skirts, tees, and sneakers. I seriously doubt if either had panties on.

They had both taken to going commando. Easier to hide our sibling love. The next door neighbors were also over. This had become more and more common. They were great neighbors. It was a mom, Amy ( tiny Asian woman, not model level gorgeous, but definitely hot), her son, Andy ( nice kid, kinda small and effeminate, super smart, same age as Shawna), and a daughter, Becky ( same age as Sierra).

The dad was a soldier, but was killed in action before we moved in next door. He left his family well off, the house paid for, and his pension paid for most of their needs. I was their regular babysitter. Amy had a military support group she met with once a week. Once a month the kids got to go, but the rest of the time I babysat for her. Dad helped her with keeping the house up and keeping her car running. Amy and mom had hit off well enough as well.

They both liked gardening. Becky & Hairy milf enjoys anal while fingering pussy and Andy & Shawna were friends as well. the kids were always off tearing around our yards or running up and down the street.

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Tonight was no different. Becky and Sierra were running around the yard playing tag. Andy and Shawna were up in Shawna's room playing on their laptops. A couple of my friends from school had stopped thru during the night to wish me happy birthday.

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All in all a good night. But I had a hard time keeping my eyes off of Tina. She had been a bit flirty with me all night, and I'm fairly certain everyone had noticed. She still had on her suit outfit from school earlier, somewhere along having lost the jacket.

Once things xxxx bdsm rape japan school down for the night, I found Tina's jacket and rode with her to her house. Once her mom acknowledged she was home, I kissed her good night and wandered home (all of a block). Apparently the festivities hadn't all ended for the night.

It sounded like mom and dad were keeping each other amused for the night. I poked my head into the girls rooms to make sure they were settled in for the night. It looked like Andy and Becky were staying the night with the sisters. As I went downstairs to my room, still able to hear mom and dad moaning in their bedroom, it almost sounded like there was another voice in there. Na, couldn't be, must have been hearing things.

As I made it to my bedroom, I noticed a box with a bow on it sitting on my bed. "Well hello there" I said to the box, my curiosity peaked. I opened the card attached to the top. It said "I know you have been treating them with respect, and have been more gentle with them than any man I could have ever hoped for them.

Use the contents of the box wisely. Happy birthday, son" It was in dad's handwriting.


There was keys to hot tits japaneses wicked toying hardcore and blowjob pickup, and $100 in with the card, and the box was a 100 count variety pack of condoms. Holy crap! Not only did he know I was having sex with Shawna and Sierra, he was giving me permission to take both of their cherries. That realization stunned me. I sat down on the bed hard.

I wasn't sure if I just escaped the grim reaper or was just handed the devils keys to the kingdom. It was about that moment that I heard someone coming down the stairs from the garage and the moans from mom and dad's room got louder.

Now I knew someone else was in there lisa ann pov cow girl them.

And from the pitch of the voice it was Amy from next door. "Well it sounds like you aren't the only sexually deviant one in the house." Tina said as she got to the bottom of the stairs. There I was sitting on my bed with a vacantly numb grin on my face, and a huge box of condoms in my hand.

"Looks like you were expecting me" Tina said as she dropped the trench coat she had on. She was wearing nothing but a purple lace teddy with garters attached to black stockings, and some Mary Jane style heels. Yup, must have been the devils keys to the kingdom. (Author's Note) Input please, keep your comments polite. This is as far as I've written so far. I have most of the story laid out in my head, just haven't had time to type it out yet. Please comment and give me some ideas for continuing.

I will not do hardcore, torture, or really anything other than softcore. I do have 2 other stories I'm working on as well, so if I don't put it in here, I may use it elsewhere. A few hints so far: Tina and Sean try out some of those condoms Andy would really rather be Andrea Sean, Tina, Andy(Andrea), Shawna, Sierra, and Becky go swimming Amy and family move into Sean's house Shawna, Andy, and Tina get "caught" in Sean's bedroom.