A horny hooker met on milfsexdating net

A horny hooker met on milfsexdating net
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Part 2. Following on from the events earlier in the week. My teacher girlfriend, Julie and I had fucked each other while secretly watching a schoolgirl initiation with a group of 18 year olds involving forced lesbianism.

Julie took her teacher duties seriously! and had sent the ring leader for a punishment which turned out to be her at my house where she sucked my cock and I fucked her tight teenage pussy.

All was quite for a few days but I had been promised another surprise snd was eagerly awaiting it. Friday night arrived and Julie and I headed out for a drink at the local pub which was actually about 3 miles. As we made our way home we saw someone walking towards the school.

This was unusual because there was nothing else around here. As we got closer I could tell it was a young girl dressed in our school uniform. Julie told me to stop and offer the girl a lift. As I stopped I could tell that the girl was Emma, the girl from the other night, and realised this was part of Julie's plan.

She wound down her window and asked the girl if she was lost and did she need a lift back to school. The girl explained she was new to the school and got lost when she was walking around her new area and a lift would be great. Thick woman masturbating while standing up Emma climbed in and introduced herself.

She kept referring to Julie as "Miss" and every time she said it my erection grew. She was doing as she was told and seemed to be in on the plan too.

When we arrived back at the school Julie invited her to our house and she quickly agreed because it was very quiet as most her new friends had left for the weekend. Most of the pupils went home at the weekend but because Emma was new she said she decided to stay at the school instead of going home. Once back I poured some wine and gave Emma her glass and she thanked me and even called me "Sir"! We went thru to the lounge and Julie suggested we all watch a movie. After half an hour Julie gave me a wink and asked Emma if she wanted to join us in the sofa as she looked lonely sat on her own.

Within a few minutes we were all huddled together julia ann justine hunt xxxstory my mind was going crazy. I wanted to get started but I wasn't in charge so I let it play out as Julie had obviously planned it. As I lay back I felt Julie's hand on my leg and it started to creep up towards my crotch. Emma saw this and joined in, copying Julie and huge boobs blonde teen babe skyla novea boned by big cock my leg nervously.

I flinched and Julie sensed this and so she turned to Emma and told her to tell me about her punishment. Emma looked at me and I could tell she was nervous. She slowly told me that she had been caught by 'Miss' being naughty with some other girls and because the school did not like this kind of behaviour she would have to be punished. She then told me her punishment was that I had to do whatever I told her and if she disobeyed she would be expelled. I went along with this and asked her what she had done to get into trouble.

She didn't want to say but a stern look from Julie and she soon blurted out that she had been playing a sex game with some older girls. I asked her if she had enjoyed it and she couldn't help but smile a little as she tried to deny it. Her face had turned bright red and she had curled up in embarrassment. Julie asked me what her punishment should be and my mind raced with ideas and scenarios. I asked her what sexual experience she had and she muttered a reply. Julie gave me a look and I pretended to get angry with Emma.

I ordered her to speak clearly and waited for her reply. This time she got a little confidence and looked me direct in the eyes and told me that the other night was her first time with anyone and that she was still a virgin. She also said that she knew it was time to grow into a woman and that's why she was willing to take the punishment she was due.

I don't know what Julie had told her about tonight but by now she had realised that she was here to be fucked and she seemed to be ok about it. I asked her if she had enjoyed kissing the other girls and she nodded so I told her to kiss Julie.

Up to this point it had all been talk but now Emma had been given her first order, I wasn't sure if she would go with it especially as this was kissing a teacher and not a friend. She looked over at a smiling Julie and knew what she had to do.

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She leaned across me to get closer to the first part of her 'punishment'. Julie did the same and their lips met each other right in front of me. Julie still had a hand on my crotch and was slowly rubbing my cock to hardness while she kissed her teenage pupil. I put my hand on Emma's ass and pushed her closer to Julie. There bodies met and this caused her to kiss Julie harder and they became a tangle of lips and tongues.

They pulled apart after what seemed like ages and I pulled Emma to me, telling her it was my turn. She kissed me passionately and I got my first taste of her. She smelt amazing and her lips were the softest I had ever kissed. I soon found her probing tongue and kissed her harder. We stopped to catch our breath and then I told her to help Julie who was rubbing my erection thru my jeans. Julie unbuckled my belt and without any instruction Emma put her hand inside my jeans to get a better feel.

I asked her if this was the first cock she had touched and did she want to see it. She nodded a yes to both questions so I told the two of them to pull my jeans off. My erection made my pants into a tent and Emma's eyes became huge as she stared at it. I jokingly told her it wouldn't bite and she laughed and pulled my pants down, throwing them over her shoulder.

Julie took her hand and put it around my cock and showed her how to wank it properly. I have a pretty big cock, about 7", and Emma had such small hands that she needed to use both to get a better grip.

The sight of this innocent young girl stroking me was amazing and she was doing a really good job. I playgirl with curves adores sexy fuck hardcore and blowjob at Julie who was smiling excitedly and we locked lips as Emma continued her education. I didn't want to come too soon but Emma was really getting into it and I knew I wouldn't be able to take much more, so I said it was time that I got to look at Emma and I ordered her to strip for me.

She started to unbutton her blouse but I wanted a better view so pulled her into my lap. She was a very small girl and I picked her up and sat her down with ease. I sat her ass down with my hard cock between her groove and told her to carry on.


I wasn't the only one getting my first look tho and Julie moved to give herself a better view. As Emma took off her blouse I started to stroke her bare thigh and Julie copied the action on her other leg. We both moved our hands from her knee to under her skirt and I felt my fingers brush Emma's panties as she took off her bra. I had seen her naked chest yesterday but didn't realise how big her breasts were.

For such a small girl they were well above average, very pert and a beautiful bronze colour. Her nipples were already poking out and I leaned it to taste one and at the same time brushed her panties again with my hand.


She let out a sigh and pulled my head tight into her. Julie leaned forward and took her other nipple between her lips and as we sucked away I felt her hand join mine, her soft fingers on her clit and my rough fingers stroking her slit. I tasted the other nipple as the girls kissed and our hands were having the desired effect on her pussy. Her panties were now very damp as Emma's juices started to flow. I leaned back and watched them kissing before deciding it was time to take this upstairs.

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The sofa was cool but the bed was much better and so Julie and I took Emma's hand and led her upstairs, ever closer to her first fuck. Once upstairs we undressed each other and fell onto the bed, Julie and I ganged up on Emma and cheekily held her down as we kissed her and groped her body.

Our fingers worked Emma's pussy together but we stayed on the outside only, holding back from entering her till later. It wasn't long before Emma's breathing sped up and she pulled us tightly together as waves of her orgasm hit her. She body shook as she climaxed but Julie carried on rubbing her clit giving her the best orgasm of her young life.

I held her as she calmed down, but the action had only just started so it wasn't long before I took Emma's hand and put it on my cock, encouraging her to get it hard again. Julie repositioned herself so that sexy jenna rides on a fat pole could suck me so I told Emma to join her and learn the art of blowjobs.

In the few months we had been together, Julie had insisted on blowing me at every opportunity so I knew Emma would be getting a great teacher. I laid back and listened to Julie giving her a lesson.

She demonstrated her technique and made sure the Emma copied her exactly. Initially I could tell which girl was sucking me but pretty soon Emma had gotten the hang of it and was getting better. She was a very quick learner so I told Julie to leave her to it two legal age teenagers and one weenie we watched Emma together, Julie kept giving her instructions and after each one Emma would take my cock out of her mouth and say "Yes Miss" before opening her soft lips again and adapting her technique.

I could soon feel the inevitable coming so I ordered Emma to keep going until I told her to stop, no matter what. I got a "Yes Sir" in reply and she sped up, instinctively knowing what was on the way.

She was using both hands to wank me while she sucked the head like a giant lollipop. At the final second, she looked up at me, mouth full of cock and this pushed me to come. She carried on sucking hard as I shot 5 or 6 loads into her mouth and she still continued until my cock was totally clean.

I told her to stop and she looked up at me and Julie, mouth full of cum, not sure what to do. I looked at Julie and she told Emma to swallow which she did immediately, even opening her mouth to show us. I've had some damn good bj's in my days but that was right up there with the best of them. Emma looked very pleased with herself and was ready for her first fucking. But first I told that I wanted to watch her eat Julie's pussy, she was the only one not to orgasm yet and Emma had never tasted pussy so it was the perfect time to start.

This time I was the teacher and Emma watched me carefully as I licked and teased Julie's swollen clit. She took her turn and I watched Julie's face to gauge her reaction. Emma was obviously doing a good job because Julie looked in bliss.

I turned up the action again by pushing two fingers into Julie's wet pussy. She let out a loud groan as the double action worked her over. Emma's tiny fingers soon joined mine and I watched as she put 2, 3 and then 4 slim digits into my girlfriends hole. This and Emma's tonguing on her clit was pushing Julie towards her first orgasm of the night.


I left Emma alone and started to suck and massage Julie's tits. Julie was gasping and moaning as Emma's tongue flicked across her bean and her fingers slid in and out of her pussy. Julie grabbed my hair and arched her back as one of her school pupils brought her to a shuddering climax. Emma carried on her action with gusto until Julie had to push her away. She lifted her head from Julie's pussy and she had her juices running off her lips and down her chin.

I pulled her close and licked and kissed my girlfriends come off her pretty face. Emma had a massive smile and as Julie lay panting she asked her if that deserved an 'A+' in class! She was really enjoying her new experiences and I hadn't even got round to fucking her yet.

I decided it was time to put this right so I told Emma to lay down and I got to work on her body. I started kissing her before slowly moving down her body. Julie followed my lead so that when I had reached Emma's breasts, Julie had reached her mouth and they were kissing passionately. I continued down and soon found her fragrant pussy. As my tongue started to gently probe her tiny clit, I looked up to see Julie sucking each nipple in turn.

I spread Emma's legs apart and licked the full length of her slit which sent a bolt of ecstasy through her young body. I opened up her lips and smiled as I examined her intact hymen. My excitement was building but Emma still needed a little lubrication so I went back to her clit and teased it with my lips and tongue sleep mom fack his small son on xstory a few minutes, giving Emma time to relax and prepare for her first cock.

I worked my way back up her body, joining Julie at her breasts, before giving her a gentle kiss. It was almost time but Julie wanted to check with Emma that she wanted to carry on. She told her pupil that you only lose your virginity once and if she wanted to stop now then that was still ok. Emma looked at us both for what seemed like an eternity.

We had crossed some dangerous boundaries tonight but there was one final one left for me and I was desperate for it. She finally spoke and said to my delight " Miss, I really want Sir to fuck me please". Such filthy words from such an innocent sweet girl are rarely heard and I wasted no more time. I manoeuvred Emma so she was leaning into Julie, she quickly found Julie's hand and held it, ready to grip it as the inevitable pain hit her. I slid between her legs and laid on top of her, letting her get the feeling of a man pushing on her.

I kissed her and moved myself so my cock was near her pussy. I had to wriggle around till my head found her entrance, then I held it there and kissed Emma gently. I pulled away so I could see her pretty face and slowly but firmly pushed my cock into her virgin hole.

She closed her eyes and gasped as my swollen head struggled to get in, I looked at Julie who gave me a nod, encouraging me to give Emma a bit more cock. I pushed harder and felt myself pushing thru her hymen. She let out a little squeal and squeezed Julie's hand hard as I kept pushing.

I stopped after a few inches and rested, allowing Emma's pussy to get used to the new feeling and to let her obvious pain subside. I could feel her pussy contracting on my cock, it felt like a heartbeat squeezing me tight.

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I pulled out slightly then pushed into her again, this time going another couple of inches. I withdrew again and pushed back harder getting to a point where about half my cock was inside her. Emma had hardly moved yet and her eyes had been tightly shut.

I laid on her and whispered in her ear asking if she was ok. She said that it was hurting her but she wanted to carry on so I kept on gently fucking her.

I had still only given her half my length but could feel her pussy relaxing as she got used to me. After a minute of this Emma finally relaxed her body.

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You could see the tension disappear as she opened her eyes and smiled. She started to move with me and she said it didn't hurt anymore. I smiled back at her and asked her if she was ready to take the rest of my cock?

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The look on her face was priceless. She had held and sucked it so she knew it's size but she said her pussy felt so full that she thought it must have been all the way in. Julie chuckled knowingly, the voice of experience, she told Emma that she only had half and if she wanted it all she would have to beg 'Sir' for it. Emma looked at me with pleading eyes and said " Please give me all your cock Sir.

I've been a good girl and deserve by reward"! Immediately I moved into kiss her lips and withdrew almost all of my cock before thrusting with all my body, forcing her pussy to open further and allowing all of my cock into her tight hole. I repeated the action and drove into her several times, each thrust getting a verbal groan from Emma.

I then slowed it down and gently fucked her, allowing myself to enjoy the tightness of her pussy. I had never fucked a virgin, even as a teen, so this was also a first for me.

After a few minutes Emma started getting into a rhythm with me. I was trying to keep Julie involved so I told her to kiss Emma. Two girls kissing always turns up the heat for me and being buried in a virgin pussy was helping too.

I told Emma to turn over and kneel for me. From behind is probably my fave position and I pornhup porny pissing live story myself up and watched my cock squeeze itself into Emma. It looked as good as it felt and I was grinning like a Cheshire Cat!

I was pulling almost out before slamming all the way in again, Julie always loved this and she was smiling as she watched me give Emma her own favourite treatment. I started to thrust harder and grabbed Emma's hair pulling he head back towards me. I held her in this position, fucking her tender pussy hard. I could felt my balls slapping Emma's clit as my pounding got more intense. By this point she was totally lost in this new sensation. She was panting hard and trying to keep her head up to stop her hair being pulled.

I pushed her head down into the pillow and with another few thrusts I felt myself starting to come. I told Emma that I was about to come, not that she could do much about it, and with one last push I felt myself unload into her contracting pussy. I kept her head pushed down as the last of my cum pumped into her.

I withdrew and told Julie to clean my cock. She quickly pounced and licked every inch until it was soft. She then put her mouth on Emma's pussy and licked up all the juices that were dribbling out of her.

After this frenzied fuck I collapsed on the bed and the two girls fell on top of me. We laid together in a heap. Sweating bodies with arms and legs entwined. It took a while for us to catch our breath and recover. Julie was asking Emma how it felt so I left them to it for 5 minutes and went to get some drinks. I shouldn't have been surprised but as I re-entered the room I was greeted by the sight of another new experience. Julie was stood in front of a raunchy minx barbara bounces on two cocks with amazing ass Emma who was eagerly sucking the strap on dildo that Julie was wearing.

It was about the same length as my cock but it was much thicker and she was having trouble fitting it into her tiny mouth. Julie was smiling at me and my look of amazement.

I had never seen this thing before and guessed she had bought it especially for tonight. I sat on the bed and watched as Julie forced her new toy further into Emma's mouth. Julie then told Emma to lay on the bed, she knelt before her so the dildo was perfectly lined up at Emma's pussy entrance.

She took her legs and lifted them up to her shoulders, another fave position of ours, and then she started to feed Emma her rubber cock. I had struggled to get myself into her tight pussy, but I must have opened her up well because the toy slid nicely into her. She gasped as its size hit her but Julie didn't let up and carried on pushing her hips forward till most of her new toy was buried deep in teen pussy. She pulled it all the way out before lining it up again, this time forcing it all the way in so far that it disappeared.

Emma's face was once again contorted with pain as she struggled to cope with this fat new cock. Julie took no pity on her and told her that this was her real punishment. Emma dutifully said "Yes Miss" and tried to relax and accept Julie's fucking. I moved so I was close to Emma and started to grope her tits as Julie pounded her pussy. She was getting used to its size and reached out her hand trying to find my cock.

Her hand soon had me hard again and Julie noticed. She said if she wanted more cock she would get it and told Emma to stand up. She lined up behind her and told her to lean over the bed before resuming her pussy pounding.

I got the idea and moved myself so I was knelt in front of Emma. My hard cock was poking towards her and she obligingly opened her mouth and I slid into her. I watched Julie and started to fuck Emma's face, timing my strokes so that as I was withdrawing, Julie was entering and vice versa.

I had my hands free so put then under Emma and started to grope her tits again. Julie copied me and her fingers were toying Emma's clit as her relentless pounding continued. We changed our timing so we were entering and withdrawing together and this seemed to encourage Emma more. Her moans had started to get louder and she was moving back and forward trying to get as much of both cocks as she could. I watched Julie face concentrating on Emma's pussy and felt myself coming again.

Just as it began to hit me I heard Emma mumble "I'm coming" and I held her head tight as my cock slid in and out of her warm wet mouth. Julie's heard her too and increased her finger speed as well as her fucking speed. Emma looked up at me and was almost crying with ecstasy when I shot my first load into her mouth. I carried on fucking her until I had emptied my balls and she swallowed the lot again before licking my cock clean. Julie pulled the huge dildo out of her throbbing pussy and she quickly cleaned her own juices from that.

Once again we collapsed on the bed, a spent force. We took a shower together and took our time washing each other. We got dressed and went downstairs. It was late and time for Emma to go back to her empty dorm. She left with a loving kiss from each of us and a promise to do this again when the chance arose. We watched her disappear and I swear she was limping. It was no surprise given the pounding her young pussy had taken but I bet she had a huge smile on her face.

The promise of more kept me happy and Julie and I curled up together in bed extremely satisfied. Well that was my week, hope you enjoyed it as much as me.