Bilad sax in fast times

Bilad sax in fast times
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My name is Ben. I work an accounting job out of my house. I have a beautiful wife, and two great sons. I live in a regular neighborhood, and I pay my taxes. I shop at the grocery store, watch movies at the local theatre, and I eat drive through fare.

I am your average every day American guy, with one small exception: I am planning to fuck the shit out of the little neighbor girl, Tammy. She's the sweetest, hottest little piece of meat that has ever lived on my street, and believe me, I've seen them all.

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She may not know it, but she is absolutely begging for her little pussy to be stuffed full, and I am more than happy to oblige her, repeatedly, thoroughly, and if necessary, forcefully. So far, though, she's taken everything I've given her like a proper little fuck doll. Tammy and her mom moved in down the street about six months ago.

From the day she moved in, she and my boys really hit it off. She's always playing in my front of my house, or in the garage.

Tammy is tall and lithe. She has a cute little nose, big hazel eyes, and long brown hair. Her butt is so pert, sitting on top of those super long legs. She hasn't gotten any tits yet, but they are coming soon, I can tell. The first time I ever saw her, she had been running around the yard all morning, and was sweating and pink, leaning over the water hose, having a drink. My dick sprang to attention. I didn't make any attempt to hide it, either. I noticed her notice. She wasn't nearly surprised enough to see a grown man at attention.

From that day on, Tammy on my dick has been on my mind. Tammy hangs around the neighborhood with Krisin and Meggy, both of whom I'd love to fuck, too. I have tasted both of their pussies, and even vigorously finger-fucked Meggy's asshole with two of my fingers while she used her tongue on my balls.

Kristin is going to be an expert cocksucker some day, too. However, there is something about Tammy that tells me that she'd probably appreciate a proper fucking the most. I fully intend to stuff her tiny pussy full of my cock and cum before her tenth birthday. In the meantime, while I work up to that, I am playing with her in every other way.

She likes it, too. I can count on her being at my house bright and early every Saturday, while my wife is at work and my boys are still asleep.

It always goes the same way. Tammy knocked on my door last Saturday at 8:30 a.m. "Morning, Mr. Ben! Can Steven and David play?" "The boys are still asleep, Tammy. Do you want to come in and watch cartoons?" "Okay!" And in the door she came, just like she does every Saturday. Tammy sat down on the couch and I offered her juice or milk. "No, thank you," she said, politely. She settled in on the side of the couch so that she leaned on the arm.

I sat down at the other end of the sofa, and pretended to be interested in the program on the television, while I watched her out of the corner of my eye. Slowly, Tammy stretch out into a laying position, feet inching toward me, legs falling open slightly. I took that as my cue to start getting closer. I started by playfully tugging at her toes.

"Mr. Ben! Stop that!" she protested. I smiled and tickled the bottom of her feet, and then rubbed up and down her calf. I stopped for a bit, and then got up for a drink. When I sat back down, I told her to move her legs so that I could sit in the middle of the couch. She did, and then I told her to stretch out with her legs over my lap.

She did, never stopping to take her eyes off of the television. The picture before me was so perfect. Tammy lay with her head on the arm on the sofa, head turned. Her long, pale legs draped over my lap, one knee falling to the side so that her legs were slightly opened and I could see up her shorts leg right into her crotch.

I started to rub her leg and upper thigh. With each stoke, I inched closer to her little pussy. When my fingers first slid themselves under the hem of her short shorts, she indian big tits glirl on cam camaster my hand away. "Mr. Ben," elegant teenie gives a head in pov and gets wet twat screwed squealed.

I stopped for a moment, and then continued. She always protested, and I always pretended to stop. When I started again, she let me go further.

After a few moments, I had rubbed my hand all the way into her shorts. I began to stroke her panty clad girl-pussy, ever so lightly. Tammy squeezed her legs shut, trapping my hand inside.

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"You shouldn't do that" she said, quietly. "Tammy," I answered, calmly, "if it doesn't feel good, I will stop." She didn't answer, and I took that as permission to continue.

I slid my fingers inside of the elastic of her panties and felt her baby smooth slit. Slowly and carefully, I stroked her slit up and down. Young as she was, I dani daniels vs valentine nappi she was becoming aroused. She squirmed and thrust herself at me. The rub of her leg against my stirring cock caused me to jerk, too. My dick had been hard since the moment the doorbell rang, and now it was straining, throbbing, and begging to be let out of my shorts.

Tammy moved her smooth calf up and down on my hard-on. I continued to finger her slit, rubbing my fingers up and down. Every time I touched her tiny button of a clit, she she would jerk like she had been shocked. I knew that my time with Tammy was limited, and that my boys would be up soon. I wanted to cum so badly, and I wanted to taste her sweet bald pussy. "Tammy, take your shorts off," I said, my voice commanding but quiet.

She shook her head no. "Do you want me to do it for you?" I asked. Never taking her eyes off of the TV, Tammy's nod was nearly imperceptible. And so, I reached up and pulled her shorts and panties down her long legs. She lay before me, legs slightly spread, naked from the waist down. "Tammy, I want to kiss you right there," I said, pressing my hand to her flower. "Can I?" Once again, she never took her eyes from the TV, and barely nodded to me. I shifted myself around, and pulled Tammy's legs around.

I placed one on the back of the couch, and one on the floor, so that her pussy opened up to me like a fresh spring bloom. I knelt before her and began to worship at the alter of the little neighbor girl's sweet virgin pussy.

First, I used my thumbs to spread her lips as wide as they would teen couple first tape and long hard nipples xxx my dad always says that once you open. I paused to take in the vision before me. There is no more beautiful sight than a preciously pink, moist, tiny bald slit.

I stared into her, imagining what it would look like when I finally got to shove my cock into her.

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My dick leapt again, and I couldn't wait any longer. I devoured her. I licked over her tiny nub, causing her to jerk and moan and breath heavy. I used my tongue to explore her folds. I kissed and licked her inner thighs, and dipped my tongue into her tiny puckered asshole. She seemed to really like me playing with her ass. She whimpered and raised her hips to me when I made a tiny poker out of my tongue and pretended to fuck her little asshole.

I made a mental note of that. Maybe someday I could stuff my dick there, too. And then finally, when I knew she was slick and relaxed, I put just the tiniest tip of my tongue inside her virgin hole. I held it there for a moment before I started to work it in a circular motion, thrusting in and out, fucking her sweet hole with my tongue. I reached up with my thumb and pressed it against her clit while I did so.


She moaned, "Mr. Ben, I don't think we should be doing this!" I didn't want to stop, but, "Tammy," I replied, "if it doesn't feel good, I will stop right now. Does it not feel good?" No answer, as I expected. I continued. I made her beautiful little cunt as sloppy as I'd ever seen.

She wiggled and said finally "Mr. Ben! It feels like I have to casa das brasileirinhas temporada 17 I smiled into her, and continued. "Mr. Ben! Stop! I can't stand it ." and I continued for another moment until she began to make sounds like a mewling cat. She wasn't having an orgasm, she was much too young yet, but I knew that I had taken her as far as she was capable of going.

When I finally came up for air, I was hot and on the brink of cumming, just from eating her sweet pussy. "OK, Tammy. Did that feel good?" She nodded, her face red with embarrassment. Something about the shame on her face, coupled with the obvious physical enjoyment she had gotten, made my dick grow even harder, even bigger.

"My turn, then. Don't you want this to be fair?" She nodded again. I finally pulled my cock out of my shorts. My dick is not porn-star long, but it is very thick and meaty. I stood up over Tammy, and took her hand. I spat into it, and placed her hand over my rock hard rod. A tiny girl's hand against my thick grown man's cock, well, that's just one of the most arousing sights I've ever seen. "OK, Tammy, now rub the tip of it, then rub your hand up and down," I instructed.

This was not the first time I had put my cock in her hand, and she was a quick study. She used her hand up and down and around my length.

She put the flat of her palm against the head, and rubbed back and forth. "Stick your tongue out, Tammy," and when she did, I made her lick her own palm for more lubrication. Part of me wanted to stick my dick in her mouth, but I didn't want her to move.

I could still see her open cunt, dripping with my saliva and her own juice. It was a sight to behold. I kept imagining her soft walls surrounding my dick, her cries and moans as I fucked myself in and out of her, rocking myself to dumping a huge load into her tight womb.

We heard the stirring in the back of the house at the same time. I knew the boys were up and I didn't have much more time before they caught me with this sweet piece of girl, spread on the couch. For just a second, I thought about what I could teach my sons about with this little girl.


She could suck their little cocks and they could stick them into her asshole. But, I wasn't ready to share her just yet, and I certainly didn't want any one's little dick to go near her before I had a chance to fuck her with my thick cock. I grabbed Tammy's hand in mine, and helped her jack me off. She tried as hard as she could to keep her eyes on the television, but her fear of getting caught overwhelmed her and she looked up at me.

Fear, shame, and fascination combined in her eyes and when she turned them on me, I knew there was no turning back. "Tammy. I'm going to come now." And with that, I pointed my dick at her.

The first spurt landed on her forehead. The next, her right cheek. Seeing 9 year old Tammy lying there on my couch, hand around my cock, wide-eyed and afraid of being caught with my cum on her face, fueled my balls to churn out three more huge loads, across her nose and cheeks, and the final bits across her sweet pink mouth. Quickly, before she could protest, I used my thumb to wipe the cum from her lips and pressed until her mouth opened so that she tasted my seed.

Her face registered surprise and the feel of her tongue against my finger almost made me fuck realitykings cfnm secret dani daniels romi rain cfnm secre lovin lounge right then and there. I pulled up my shorts, used her shorts to wipe her face, then finished helping her into them just as David rounded the corner into the living room.

She was seated in the crook of the arm, looking scared and startled, but he was too sleepy to notice.

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I sat down at the other end of the couch as he settled in on the floor near Tammy's feet. I took a deep breath, savoring Tammy's smell on my face. I closed my eyes briefly and imagined the scenario again. I wondered what it would be like to be inside her velvety depths, and I wondered if she would protest, or if she would let me fuck her. I decided that I didn't really care, one way or the other, I was going to stuff her cunt someday, and from the way my dick started to twitch in my pants again, I decided it was going to be sooner, rather than later.