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Horan xxx story bhut pratexxx
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The World's First Futa Futa's Wild Presidency Chapter Six: Futa's First Naughty Soulmate By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 April 17th, 2047 "As we bring our retrospective look on the life of President Becky Woodward to a close," Adelia said, staring into the central of three cameras filming us for the stream of her talk show, "I think we should end it on what, and I think Becky would agree, was the most pivotal moment in her life.

We've all gotten glimpses of it these last few years, but let's hear it in her own words." "Thanks," I said, emotion suddenly staining my eyes. I could feel the audience shifting beyond the blinding stage-lights. They were peering at me, all eager to hear about that moment.

I swallowed, cleared my throat, and then said, "It was like any other day. I was in the middle of my second term, dealing with another crisis." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ February 9th, 2043 "Mom, there's a problem in the UAE," Rebecca, my futa-daughter with Mrs. Albertson, said as she burst into the Oval Office. Her red hair, a gift from her mother, swayed about her face. Her blue eyes were so similar to her Uncle Kurt's eyes, that same shade. I groaned. "Really?" I asked.

"Now?" "Sorry, Mom," Rebecca said. I was just about to wrap up my day. I was in the middle of a teleconference with Phillipa Lockwood, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdoms, and President Konstantin Markov, leader of i want dick but not yours pornstars hardcore Russian Federation.

I glanced at them on my ultra-wide computer screen. "Sorry, I think I have to end our conversation." "We can pick it up next time," Phillipa said. "But it's good news. I think we have the constitution all ironed out and ready for ratification." "Good," I said, smiling. "It is good," Konstantin said.

I kept my word. He was helping me craft the united world government, ensuring Russia had a prominent place in its organization. "Do you need me to call President Saab?" Saab governed the UAE. "No, no, I will call King Njam and see what the Saudis can do," I said.

"He has better ins than any of us." Konstantin nodded. "Good evening to you, Becky." "Morning to you," I said, smiling. Time zones could be a bitch. I turned off my monitor. I glanced over at Bethany. "You better tell that virgin waiting in my bedroom she can go home if she wants. I'll enjoy her tomorrow." "Really?" Bethany asked, her golden-blonde hair pulled back in a bun that made the twenty-four-year-old futanari look even older.

"She's really looking forward to it.


It's her eighteenth birthday today." "I know. Sorry." Bethany procured me the virgin a day I like to deflower, selecting them from the girls turning eighteen across America who all were eager to lose their virginity, and to be bred, by me. "She can wait if she wants, but I don't know what time I'll be finished. It could be very late." "I'll let her know," Bethany said, shaking her head. Rebecca frowned and Lola sighed. She and Rebecca had a weird relationship. They were half-sisters through me, but step-aunt and niece through their mothers.

Mrs. Albertson was Rebecca's mother and Janice, Mrs. Albertson's step-daughter, was Lola's.

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"Leah," I shouted across the room to where my press secretary sat on a couch, her strawberry-blonde hair huge cock fucking tiny twat striptease hardcore a tired face, "get me King Njam." "I'll have the coffee brewed," Bethany said on her way to the door.

"Thank you," I said, smiling at her. Bethany made sure I was taken care of. My futa-daughter was sometimes like my mother. "Hey, yes, President Woodward is holding for King Njam," Leah said into her phone. All our phones were synced up with the computers. She could put the video conference through to my screen with a tap of a button. "What's the problem in the UAE?" I asked as I waited.

Rebecca sat down on the edge of my desk. "What else? Fundamentalist have grabbed a pair of our sisters who went over there as brides." My stomach clenched. So far, none of the fundamentalists had harmed my futa-daughters. In the last few years, groups of futanari had been streaming into the Middle East to "marry" men and be their futa-wives. They would make him more attractive to marry multiple women.

King Njam and the Wahhabiist clerics of Saudi Arabia had been putting it out that futas were sent by Allah to change mankind and bring about a new world peace, implying that a united world government would let Islam spread across the whole world.

I didn't mind. It meant my futa-daughters were having children over there. They were all volunteers, finding men they felt would make good partners, and then sharing the man's wives as their lovers. However, the fundamentalist hated it. "Ah, Becky," King Njam said when he appeared on my screen. "How good it is to see you." "And you, Your Majesty," I said, smiling. The affable king waved a hand before his face. "Please, please, Njam. We are friend, no?" "Always friends," I said.

"How are your daughters?" They were actually my daughters, but he'd adopted them. I'd breed his original two wives, plus he ended up keeping Ayishah as a third wife despite her being a glorified prostitute. "They are growing fast and are the terror of the palace," he said, a proud grin spreading across his face. "They will make good wives when they come of age. All of the Kingdom loves them." "Good, good," I said. "And your daughters?" I smiled. "I am going to be a grandmother.

Again. Jen is pregnant." "That is her fourth child?" asked the king. "Yes." I couldn't help smiling. I used to think I was too young to be a grandmother, but I loved all of Lola's daughters. And she wasn't the only one having daughters. The third generation of futanari were being born across America and the world. His smile faded. "I have heard of the.

incident in the UAE. Fundamentalist." I nodded. "What do we have to do to resolve this matter?" "The UAE is using this for concessions," he said. "They want better trade deals and." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My mind was melted hours later when I escaped the Oval Office.

Instructions were given to Ambassador Stevens in the UAE, and I had a flurry of exchanges with King Njam. It looked like the UAE would intervene and rescue my futa-daughters. There was nothing more hd months pregnant heather deep final video pregnant before birth could be done.

I trudged through the West Wing to my bedroom. It was an ornate affair that had come to feel like home these last six years. I'd lived here longer than anywhere else since I moved out of my parents home to start college. Another two years, and I'd have to move again. I nodded to the two secret service agents guarding my door, then opened it, and the slipped inside my dark bedroom.

My feet throbbed. I had taken off my shoes hours ago but my ankles still felt swollen. I sighed as I unbuttoned my blouse. I moved through my room, dropping it carelessly on the floor. Moonlight bled through the closed curtains. I could never have my bedroom curtains open. Even with the bullet resistant glass and the legion of snipers and guards on all the roofs that could see into my bedroom, it was too much of a security risk for me to open them.

I took off my skirt and panties, my cock swaying soft between my thighs. I stumbled to my bed, my eyes blurry. I just wanted to pour myself into bed and get a few hours of sleep before I had to be up for the morning briefing. Tomorrow was going to suck. I had to go to meet with Senator Olson and the delegation from Congress to brief them on the new world constitution.

I pulled back my covers, about to slip in and. There was someone sleeping in my bed. A girl, naked, her hair's hue hard to tell in the naughty babe with small tits gets all wet and horny during sexy erotic massage and starts fucking he. Maybe brown.

It spilled across her face as she slept on her side. She stirred and wiggled her shoulders. It took me a moment to realize who this must be. The virgin. I sighed, my dick stirring at the sight of her. I could just see her small breasts through the gaps of her arms folded up before her. Her breathing was soft. I pushed back her hair from her cheeks, staring at her.

She was so young. I was nearly forty-four, more than twice her age. But she was eighteen. A woman now. Part of me wondered if I should wake her up. Another part of me just wanted to go to sleep. If she did wake up, she would be too horny not to fuck, consumed by hyper-ovulation, driven to have sex with me like every woman in the world was when they first met me. She mewled and shifted. Her eyes opened. "Madam. president.?" I sighed. Guess I had to be up a little longer.

"Yeah, you can call me Becky, sweetie. Didn't Bethany say you could go home?" "She did," she said, sitting up. Moonlight fell across her face, her blue eyes almost glowing in it. Her hair had a reddish quality to it, maybe a shade similar to Leah's strawberry-blonde locks. "She said you had a tattooed beautiful babe loves sucking cocks pornstar and hardcore night.

I bet you must be so tired." "I am," I said, sinking down on the bed beside her. "But I can get it up for you." She moved behind me, her legs sliding around my waist. Her hands grabbed my shoulders. "My dad taught me how to give a great neck massage. My mother loves them. Would you like one, Becky?" "Sure," I said then groaned as her fingers dug into my sore muscles. I closed my eyes and let her work her magic.

My body relaxed as she kneaded me. Her fingers dug into my muscles. I found myself smiling. I shifted on the bed, her touch just wonderful. She worked at my sore muscles, digging her thumbs and fingers into the tension. She melted away the strain sitting in a chair for hours and hours had given me.

I shifted in her touch, closed my eyes, and just let her work her magic. My head dropped as she caressed me, her fingers sliding with a gentle silk over my skin. I don't know how long she massaged me. I drifted into a light doze, almost a full sleep as she worked. It was just so incredible to feel. She was a life send after the evening I had.

She shifted behind me, sometimes her small breast grazing my back as she worked. "Okay," she said, her voice gentle. She leaned me over. "Come on, Becky, you look exhausted. Let's get you beneath the covers." "Mmm, you don't want to fuck?" I muttered, my voice slurred. I didn't fight her as she stretched me out on the bed. She stared down at me and fluffed my pillow.

"I'll be here in the morning. Just get some sleep." She leaned down and planted an almost chaste kiss on my mouth, barely more than a graze. Then she pulled up the covers over me and snuggled up beside me. I closed my eyes. Just before sleep claimed me, I remembered thinking there was something familiar about her face. Then I was lost to the wonderful bliss of sleep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I don't remember dreaming much. I do remember opening my eyes and feeling mostly refreshed.

I stirred and someone sat up beside me.


I stared into blue eyes. "Kurt." I muttered, my vision a little blurry. Then I frowned. "You're not Kurt." "No," the girl said. I had vague memories of receiving a massage from her last night. Dawn had lightened my bedroom.

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She had strawberry-blonde hair and blue eyes. "I'm Sharron." "Sharron." I frowned. "You're Kurt and Rosemary's daughter." "I turned eighteen yesterday," she said with a smile. "Aunt Rebecca arranged for me to be your virgin. I've wanted you to be my first for so long. My parents told me so much about you, that magical night you shared with them when you made my older sister, Cheryl, with Mom.

I grew up hearing about how much Dad loved you before you became the world's first futa. I'm so glad I'm here with you, Becky." I blinked at the spill of information. I'd heard that Kurt and Rosemary had their own daughter in passing, but. I couldn't believe she was here in the flesh.

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I stared into her face, her blue eyes the same shade as her fathers. She looked so much like Kurt, but softer, the feminine form of him. Lips not as bold, nose not as pointed, cheeks rounder. A strange twitch beat in my heart. "You didn't have sex with me last night," I said. "Well, you were just so tired, Becky," she said. "And I wanted our first time to be perfect." Her smile slipped. "I know it'll be the only time we'll be together, but I'll have your daughter to remember you by, and—" I put a finger over her mouth.

Confusion rippled across my thoughts. "No, no, you didn't even mention it. You didn't hump me. You don't grab my futa-cock. You didn't beg me to breed you." "Well, like I said, you were so tired, Becky." She gave me a smile. "I mean, I'm definitely would love to make love to you." She blushed.

"I mean, if you want to. I understand you probably have all your important things to do and—" She gasped as I thrust a hand between her naked thigh, cupping her furred muff.

She was hot, and I could feel a trickle of her excitement. But she wasn't drenched for me. Her nipples hardened now that I was touching stranded big tit gymnast blows hard dick in car. Why hadn't they before?

Just being around me should have aroused her. "You're not turned on by me," I said in awe. "You're not. overwhelmed by the need to have sex with me." "I guess not," she said, her cheeks growing red.

"But. but. the way you're touching me. It's nice." My fingers slid through her silky pubic hair to find the plump, virginal lips of her pussy. I stroked across her tight slit, my eyes wide in awe.

This was incredible. She wasn't overcome with lust for me. She wasn't afflicted with hyper-ovulation. There was something different about Sharron. Something I had never encountered in another woman before.

She was almost like one of my own daughters, immune to the effects of my pheromones. Only I could have sex with Sharron.

We weren't related by blood at all. My dick throbbed hard. "Oh, wow," moaned Sharron. "Oh, Becky, that's nice and. and. You're growing hard!" "Well, you are such a cute thing," I said. This was so. different. It was almost like having a reunion with one of my old college friends. With girls I'd fucked so many times that they weren't consumed with lust for me. Only. The way she looked at me wasn't because my pheromones sent her in heat.

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That desire I witnessed kindling in her eyes, that same desire I remembered in Kurt's eyes that one night we made love, made my heart patter. I felt. eighteen all over again. A virgin. "Oh, Becky, that's so nice," Sharron gasped as I found her clit nestled amid her juicy folds and massaged it. "Oh, wow, you're making me feel all kinds of tingly." "I am," I purred, licking my lips. "Mmm, yes, I'm going to—" A soft knock rapped my door.

"Madam President, it's almost time for your briefing." "Cancel it!" I shouted as I pushed Sharron down onto her back with my left hand, my right playing with her clit. "I'm sleeping in this morning. No disturbances unless it's a national emergency." "Very good, Madam President," the agent said.

For some reason, Sharron had a big, almost goofy, smile on her lips. It was so much like her fathers. My heart beat faster and faster. There was something special about Sharron. Maybe because Kurt was her father. Maybe. mind control suggestive behavior jenteal pheromones didn't affect her. If his DNA triggered my transformation, perhaps whatever he had passed onto her made her. immune. I draped over her, my breasts swaying as I leaned in and kissed her.

My mouth latched right onto hers, kissing her hard. I thrust my tongue into her mouth. She tasted so sweet. She groaned beneath me, squirming, kissing me back. Our tongues dueled and danced. She whimpered, my futa-dick nudging into her thigh as she shifted beneath me. There was no aggressive passion that I was used to. Even in the most timid of virgins grew so wild after a moment. Just eager to get my cock in them to breed them. There was no of that. It was such a gentle kiss. Different. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed it.

Her arms wrapped about my neck. My breasts pressed into her as I settled my body atop her lithe form. The eighteen-year-old girl shifted beneath me, her tongue dancing in mine as we loved each other.

I stared into her blue eyes, marveling at what I saw. I couldn't believe how amazing this was. I was feeling this rush of emotions I hadn't felt since I was her age. I had given up on ever finding love, and now. Had I discovered it in Kurt's daughter? Part of me was so scared that I was tricking myself, deceiving myself, and I would only get my heart broken. But another part of me celebrated as I kissed her. I don't know how long I made out with her, but it was longer than I had ever kissed any other girl.

My nipples throbbed as they rubbed against her firm breasts. My cock ached. I didn't care about any of that as I just enjoyed her mouth until finally I felt that passion beating through both of us. It had reached a crescendo that neither of us could ignore. I broke the kiss, moaning, "Sharron!" She beamed at me. I nibbled on the edge of her mouth then down to her chin. I kissed along her jawline, making her squirm beneath me. I dug my tongue into that little notch beneath her ear, the one that always feels funny when you rub it.

She giggled and whimpered. I nibbled on her ear. I kissed down to her neck. She had such a graceful neck. I tasted her salty skin as I moved lower and lower down her body. My hands stroked her sides and up to those firm, little titties of hers. "So cute," I purred, staring at her breasts, mine pressing into her stomach. Her blue eyes sparkled. "Really? They're not kinda small?" "No such a thing as breasts too small or too large," I told her.

"They're just right on every woman." "Becky." she said, groaning. Then she gasped as I sucked on her nipple. "Oh, Becky, that feels so naughty!" I sucked and nibbled and loved her little nipple. I swirled my tongue about it. She shuddered on the bed, squirming and groaning. Her head tossed back and forth. Her body bucked and squirmed.

She humped against me, my nipples throbbing as her belly flexed beneath them. I switched nipples, engulfing the other one, dusky-pink areola and all. I sucked hard on it, making her groan. Her face twisted with pleasure. Her cheeks blossomed with color as she tossed her head back and forth. "Becky! Yes, yes, I like that, Becky!" "Mmm, good," I purred between a gorgeous babe midtwenties with perfect tits and platinum locks pornstars fingering. "How about this?" "Teeth!" she gasped, her body bucking as I nipped her nub.

"Oh, wow, I kinda liked that. It was. exciting." I sucked on her nipple, my fingers playing with her other nub. I stared into her eyes, loving the pleasure brimming in her azure depths as she squirmed on the bed. She humped against me, her stomach massaging my nipples. Tingles raced down to my pussy and aching cock.

My juices flowed, leaking down my shaft and thighs. I wanted to be in her, but I held back. I wanted to make such sweet love to this wonderful creature. I kissed across her small tits to attack her other nipple, sucking on it for a moment before making the trip back to the first. I loved her nubs, making her squeal and moan, her delight echoing through my bedroom. "Becky!" she whimpered. "Oh, Becky, you're. you're making me feel so. so." "Hot?" I asked, looking up from her small breasts.

"Yes!" she moaned. The innocent passion in her eyes made me shiver. The way she looked at me. It was so familiar. I had been searching for a woman who could look at me and see more than a futa-cock for.

for. two-and-a-half decades. I found her. I wasn't letting her go. My heart beat so fast. I felt this contented glow suffusing me. I shivered as I wiggled down her body, a naughty gleam in my eyes. My blonde hair draped over my shoulders.

My nipples throbbed as they slid down her body. "Well, if you're feeling so hot down there, maybe I should do something about it," I purred. "Maybe," she said. She bit her lower lip, looking so cute. "Oh, Becky, this is all so incredible. I can't believe I'm really in your bed." "Mmm, believe it," I said.

I wanted to say more. To tell her that she would always be in my bed. I felt so young, drunk on love. I didn't want to scare her, but. Maybe she wouldn't be scared by it. I didn't know. My heart hammered in my chest. My pussy clenched. Juices ran down my futa-dick as I kissed down her stomach. I planted hot smooches on her belly. She giggled, her stomach flexing beneath my mouth.

I loved it. She tasted delicious, a deep anal and throat tube porn tang that melted on my tongue. I flicked around her bellybutton. Such delightful laughter burst from her lips. "Becky!" she squealed as my tongue dove into her little divot. Her small breasts jiggled as I tongued her bellybutton.

She squirmed and gasped, her face turning bright red as she kept laughing. She struggled to breathe, her blue eyes beading with tears of joy. She grabbed my blonde hair. "Please. Can't. Breathe.

Too much. Becky." I relented, lifting my head from her bellybutton and grinning at her. She panted, a huge smile on her lips. "Someone's ticklish." "Yes!" she said, her tits rising and falling. "Oh, Becky, you're so mean." I gave her a wicked grin. "Mmm, I am." Then I nuzzled into her stomach and kissed around her bellybutton. She shuddered, but didn't dissolve into helpless giggles this time as I worked around her little divot. I kissed lower and lower. She squirmed, her eyes growing wide.

She swallowed, a look of nervous apprehension crossing her face. Her tongue flicked across her lips as I neared her strawberry-blonde bush. She had a trimmed thatch of it adorning her pubic mound. I smiled at her as I pressed he thighs apart.

"Just relax," I told her. "I'm not going to hurt you. Ever." "Ever?" she asked, her eyes widening. "You mean." "Ever." I said as firmly as I could. "Trust me. I only want to give you pleasure." My heart beat so fast.

"If that's something. you'd like." She nodded her head with an eager, almost greedy, enthusiasm. I swallowed, my heart leaping for joy. I shuddered, my pussy clenching and my futa-dick throbbing. I was going to feast on her. Love her. I was going to show this wondrous girl all the things I'd learned over the years of breeding woman after woman. I would make love to this beautiful creature. It was such an awe-inspiring and almost terrifying prospect. I wanted this to be perfect.

I wanted Sharron to enjoy herself. Yes, I had fucked in some high-pressure situations. There was my time on the Japanese game show, the presidential debates six years ago, my fucking contest with the "president" of Slovenia. It all felt so. superfluous compared to this moment. Unimportant. I took a deep breath and reminded myself that I knew how to make a woman squeal. I would make Sharron squeal. "Becky?" she asked. "It's okay. I'm ready.

I know I'll enjoy it. You said. you'd never hurt me. Ever. I believe you." My heart erupted into fast beasts. This girl. This girl was a treasure. My lips nuzzled into the silk of her bush. Her tangy musk filled my nose.

This wonderful fragrance made me shiver. I inhaled it. I groaned out in delight, savoring this wonderful bliss. My tongue flicked across my lips. I was ready to feast on her. To make her explode. I kissed lower and lower through her bush. The flavor of her tangy cream grew and grew. The heat swelled as I neared the top of her pussy slit. I stared up her body, her blue eyes locked on mine. I felt her support. Her love. She believed in me.

What an incredible thing to realize. To experience. A hot shiver raced through me. My body trembled as my lips reached the top of her pussy. I nuzzled into her slit, feeling her wet silk rubbing on my mouth. My tongue brunette bbw plumper takes a big cock out. I dipped through her folds and grazed her budding clit. She gasped, letting out this sweet, shocked sound. Her body quivered. I licked again, swirling my tongue around her bud this time, stimulating it.

"Oh, wow," she moaned. "Oh, wow, Becky, that's. That's. nice." "Just nice?" I asked, arching an eyebrow. "Amazing!" she said, her smile growing. "Exciting! Naughty!" "Mmm, I like those," I purred. I licked again at her pussy folds, her silky pubic hairs caressing my cheeks and chin. My tongue dragged up through her labia, delving into her just enough to brush across her maidenhead.

No other cock, futa or otherwise, had been in her. I would be the first. It was such an excitement. My lusts swelled through me. I wanted to make her cum. I wanted to hear her gasping and panting in rapture. My tongue licked faster. My hands shoved beneath her rump, gripping her butt-cheeks as I fluttered my tongue up and down her pussy folds. I nibbled on her petals and nuzzled my nose against her clit.

I breathed in her tangy juices, my heart beating so fast. This was incredible. It was such a naughty thrill to be able to indulge like this. To enjoy her.

My fingers dug into her butt-cheeks, massaging her perky rump as I licked and lapped and imbibed all her tangy passion. "Oh, Becky!" she moaned. "Oh, yes, that's ni.

Amazing! That's so awesome! Ooh, you're making me feel so good." "Mmm, and when I do this?" I asked. She squeaked as I sucked on her clit. Her entire body heaved. Her little tits jiggled while her strawberry-blonde hair danced about her face. Such joy burst to life in her blue eyes, that same joy I witnessed in Kurt's when he slid into me.

"Yes, yes, yes, that's fantastic!" she groaned. "Oh, that made me almost explode!" "You almost came?" I asked. "From this." I sucked again. "Yes!" she howled. I nibbled and loved her clit as she gasped and spasmed on the bed. Her hips undulated. She ground her pussy against my mouth. My lips popped off her bud, so I attacked her labia with my tongue.

I fluttered up and down them as she spasmed. Her juices flowed. So hot and delicious. They coated my face. And cheeks. I reveled in them. I was so hard, so eager to fuck her, but I didn't care. Not when I was having so much fun eating her. I licked lapped at her, fluttering my tongue through her folds and making her groan and gasp in delight.

My tongue pressed on her hymen.

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I couldn't wait to pop her cherry. She kept squirming, her ass flexing beneath my massaging hands. She smeared that hot, virginal cunt across my mouth. Her tangy passion filled my nose. I found her clit again. I sucked. "Becky!" she cried out. "Oh, Becky, yes, yes, yes!" Her juices squirted out of her pussy. The cutie bathed my face in her passion. Her small breasts heaved as she thrashed on the bed. She gasped and squeaked. Her bliss rippled out of her.

She squirmed on the bed, grinding against me. She let out moans of passion as she bounced on the bed. "So good! Oh, Becky, so good!" she gasped as I lapped at her juicy pussy. Her cream spilled over my mouth and chin. It coated me in her passion. It was so incredible. I loved it. I fluttered my tongue against her. I nibbled on her labia. I kept her gasping and moaning.

I reveled in her tangy passion. It covered my face. My cheeks and chin dripped with her passion. Her hands squeezed the sheets as she thrashed. Her strawberry-blonde hair flew left extreme teen melissa moore begs for rough sex right. She moaned and whimpered out her rapture. "Oh, that's so good! Oh, yes, yes! That's so good! Mmm, I love it. Oh, Becky, yes, yes! Amazing!" "It is," I purred.

I lifted my head, pussy cream dripping off my chin. "Mmm, you just soaked me, busty blonde zoey monroe gets fucked by her lover marcus london pornstar and massage you?" She nodded her head, an eager gleam in her eyes. "Such a naughty thing," I purred. "Mmm, I'm going to enjoy this." "But. but. can I lick you first?" she asked, sitting up. "And suck you.

I want to do that! I need to make you feel good, too." The force of her passion swept over me. Her eyes were adamant. I shivered, feeling her lust for me, her desire. I couldn't say no to this sweet thing. I shifted on the bed, leaning out so my head was down at the foot.

I spread my thighs, my futa-cock thrusting up, revealing my soaked, blonde bush. "Mmm, enjoy," I said, squeezing my breasts together. At forty-three, they were still gorgeous tits. The eighteen-year-old cutie scrambled between my thighs. She let out a moan of such enthusiastic lust as she pressed her face between my thighs.

She nuzzled into my blonde bush. My eyes widened as her tongue danced and darted up and down my slit. I groaned. My toes curled. Pleasure surged through me. I bit my lip, my head tossing from side to side as she feasted on me. This incredible surge of bliss shot through me. I groaned, my toes curling. She nuzzled into my snatch, teasing me, making me shiver and ache.

"Oh, Sharron, yes!" I moaned. "That's. awesome!" She grinned at me past my futa-dick, her lips sticky with my pussy cream. She grabbed my futa-dick, stroking it as she nuzzled back into me.

She thrust her tongue into my depths, swirling around inside of me. Her father had deflowered me all those years ago. Now she was nuzzling inside of me. I shivered then gasped as one of her hands fisted my dick and the other stroked my pussy. Her fingers and tongue worked up and down my folds, caressing me, teasing me, making me ache. She did all those naughty things I did to her. She sucked on my labia. She caressed my folds. It mixed with the bliss rippling down my cock from her stroking grip.

My futa-dick ached and throbbed as she teased it, making my toes curl. "Wow, Sharron, you're good at this!" I moaned, my pussy clenching. "Ooh, you're going to make me explode." "Mmm, yum," she purred.

Then she shot her head up my body. I gasped as she nuzzled her cock into my dick and sucked on the tip. Pleasure shot through me. My eyes widened as her tongue danced around my cock's tip. Her lips spread over the tip of my cock. My legs trembled as she took more and more of it. I whimpered, my round breast jiggling. She engulfed the entire crown of my cock. Her mouth bathed it in warmth. I just enjoyed it for this incredible moment. Then she sucked hard on it. My pussy clenched.

Her fingers still stroked my labia while her lips bobbed up and down my shaft. Her blue eyes stared up at me. I shivered, my pussy clenching. I groaned and gasped, her cheeks hollowing. I was so turned asian awesome babe love bulky cocks squirting japanese. I couldn't take much of this.

I wanted to enjoy the first blowjob she gave me, but the bliss surging through me was too much. I groaned, fighting to hold off, to savor this wonderful experience. Sharron thrust two fingers into my pussy. My eyes bulged. My pussy convulsed. Hot cum spurted out of my cock. Her eyes widened as my jizz splashed into her mouth. I pumped load after load of futa-spunk into her skinny small tits asian amateur blowjob interracial cavity while my cunt convulsed around her probing fingers.

She gulped it down, some cum leaking out of the corners of her mouth. "Sharron!" I howled as the pleasure slammed into my thoughts. I thrashed. Bliss washed out of my pussy stuffed with her fingers and euphoria jetted from my cock erupting into her hungry mouth. Stars burst across my eyes as I reveled in this wondrous moment. The first orgasm she gave me. "Sharron, yes, yes!" I groaned as she sucked out the last of my cum. My legs spasmed as my pleasure peaked in me. "That was incredible." Her lips popped off my dick.

"My futa-sister gave me some pointers on the things she likes girls to do to her." I smiled. "I'm glad she did." Sharron beamed at me, cum staining the corners of her mouth. Then she squeezed my cock, her fingers of her other hand wiggling inside my pussy. "Ooh, you're still hard. Just like they say." "Still hard," I said and winked at her.

"So why don't you just—" Sharron mounted me, fingers ripping out of my juicy snatch. I gasped at how bold she was for a virgin. She beamed at me as she rubbed my futa-dick's crown against the hot folds of her virgin pussy, guiding me right to her hymen. She found it. She bore her entire weight down on my cock.

I felt the elastic membrane stretch for the briefest moment, then it popped. She gasped as her pussy slid halfway down my dick. Her back arched, cute titties jiggling. Her mouth opened as she wiggled her hips. "Yes, yes, yes!" she groaned, her face straining as she forced her tight cunt farther and farther down my shaft.

My mind melted. It was so incredible being in her sheath. Her silky flesh engulfed me. My futa-dick twitched inside of her deflowered cunt. She whimpered as her cute tush rested on my upper thighs. She squeezed her pussy around me, a big smile on her mouth. "This is awesome!" she howled and slid up me. I loved her enthusiasm. I just shuddered, watching her work her pussy up and down my dick. Her tight pussy gripped my shaft. She squeezed me tight, driving me wild as she pumped her cunt up and down my dick.

The pleasure spilled through me. My eyes squeezed shut as the rapture flowed through me. It was incredible feeling her work that pussy up and down my girl-dick. I bit my lip, gasping, moaning.

I tossed my head from side to side as she rode me. Her pussy gripped my cock, her sheath sucking at my ovaries. "Oh, Becky, yes!" she moaned, her hands sliding up my torso to cup my breasts. "Oh, wow, this is amazing! Your dick. Your futa-dick is so huge! I had no idea it would feel so incredible!" "You should try it on my end!" I groaned. "Damn, you're tight. That cunt. That cunt is driving me wild.

You're going to make me explode." "Good!" she purred, leaning over me and grinding her clit into my blonde bush. Her hands squeezed my pussy. "Ooh, I want you spurting in me. I want to feel that so badly." "You will," I gasped, my lusts surging through me.

I had to do something more than cum in her. I had to express my passion for her. I hugged her and pulled her down so she draped over me. She gasped, her breast pressing into mine. I kissed her hard, tasting my salty cum and sweet pussy juices on her lips. Her tongue jammed in my mouth as I rolled her over onto her back. She shuddered beneath me. Her pussy squeezed around my cock as I thrust into her. The bed creaked and rocked as I plowed into her again and again.

I drove my dick hard into her snatch. I made such sweet love to this wonderful creature. The pleasure built and built at the tip of my futa-dick as I pumped away at her cunt. I drilled into her. I plowed into her hard. The pleasure spilled around my cock. There was this wonderful zest to every thrust.

This ripple of bliss that flowed through me. She kissed me with such passion. Sharron whimpered against me as she undulated beneath me. Our nipples caressed. Our bellies rubbed together. Her hands roamed my back as we moved our bodies together. We worked towards that amazing release as a couple. I wasn't fucking her, I was sharing this bliss with her. I groaned into the kiss, our tongues caressing each other.

Loving each other. Her hips matched my rhythm, stirring her pussy around my futa-dick. The pleasure melted into my cunt, building in there, driving me towards my orgasm.

I broke the kiss. brannons dick got the sloppiest blowjob ever she whimpered, her pussy clenching about my shaft, building me towards my climax.

"I'm almost there!" It was like she read my mind. I kissed her again, thrusting harder, aching for us to reach that climax together. My futa-dick pumped into her silky embrace. I slammed into her harder, deeper. Her pussy squeezed about me, her silk so amazing. Then it happened.

She moaned into my kiss. Her pussy rippled about my cock. It was almost gentle feeling her climax spilling through her. I groaned, pumping away into her spasming flesh as she whimpered into my mouth. "Becky, Becky, yes!" she moaned, breaking our kiss.

"Please, please, spill in me!" "I will, Sharron!" I groaned, my hips thrusting my clit-dick over and over into that amazing, wondrous depths. My ovaries tightened. "I. I." She kissed me again. Her tongue thrust into my mouth. I buried into her pussy. Her massaging flesh welcomed my cum. It spurted hot into her. I trembled atop her, groaning into our kiss as the bliss melted my mind.

It was incredible to experience. I reveled in this bliss as my jizz pumped into her over and over. I shuddered on her nubile form as her pussy milked me dry. She worked out every last drop of my cum. The pleasure spilled through my mind. It was this incredible moment where we united.

I felt one with her like I had in that brief moment when Kurt came in me. Before the burning happened. When I thought he was my soulmate. But I had found my soulmate here.

In his daughter. A piece of him I could love. Her pussy milked me dry as I kept kissing her. Loving her. I didn't want to get up. I want to stay with her forever. I held her tight. I cuddled with her as our bodies trembled together. We came down from our orgasmic bliss. We laid there in silence just holding each other, sharing kisses, stroking each other's flesh. I don't know how long it was. I didn't want it to end. I wanted to stay in bed with her all day, but. I had to find out about the UAE.

There were other problems. I had responsibilities. "I'm sorry," I told her, hating to break our cuddle. "But I have to get ready." "You're the president," she said, nodding her head. "I understand." "But you'll be here. Tonight?" I swallowed, suddenly so nervous. "Won't there be another virgin in your bed then?" she asked, her expression sinking.

"There will be," I said. Her eyes fell. "But that doesn't mean we can't share her," I told her. I gave her a wicked grin. "Imagine that?" Her blue eyes shot to me. They trembled, so wide. "Oh, wow, that would be so naughty. Ooh, I. I. I like it." "Good," I said. I leaned in and nibbled on her lower lip. "Mmm, I think. I think I love you, Sharron." "You think?" she asked, a surprising amount of steal in her tone.

"I know," I said. "Good." Her smile grew. "I've loved you since I can remember." She threw her arms around my neck. "We can share, but don't forget about me. I've heard about you." "Deal," I said and kissed my soulmate. I left her behind, regretfully, and dealt with my busty beauty riding cock like a pro blackhaired and girlfriend. My futa-daughters were returned unharmed.

I had my meeting with congress. My mind wanted to melt from the tedium of it all, but I knew that Sharron was waiting for me. That made me smile all day. I knew Sharron would be there for me night after night. It was such a wonderful feeling. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ April 17th, 2047 "She had Kurt's genes, so she wasn't triggered by my lust," I said to Adelia as the interview was coming to it's last minute. It had been a long three hours, but so worth it.

"She didn't see me as an object to fuck. She didn't even conceive right away. The only girl that I fucked, with a healthy reproductive system, who didn't get pregnant right away." Sharron sank down beside me. My pregnant wife cuddled against me, a big smile on her lips, that dazzling grin that stole my heart away. I stared into her blue eyes, seeing all that love brimming in their depths. "I found my soulmate," I said.

"It took me twenty-six years of searching, so I'm not letting go. She's going to be by my side as we unite the world." Sharron nodded her head. "I love you, Becky." My heart melted. The studio audience let out a long, sighing, "Awwwwwww." Our check out her tight little pussy julia reaves met in a kiss. Before the watching audience, and the world, I showed them how much I loved her.

My eyes closed. The erupting cheers of the audience washed over me as I loved my bride. I didn't know what my life would be like tomorrow or next year or more. The last thirty years had been amazing, and I hoped for another amazing thirty with Sharron at my side. I wanted to grow old with her, to watch my futa-daughters spread across the world. I doubt I'd live to see a world where only futas were born, but I knew it would happen. I would make sure they had a world they could be happy living in.

"Thank you for joining us," Adelia said, her voice choked with emotion. "It was quite a ride speaking with President Woodward on the last thirty years of her life since she became the world's first futa. If you missed any of the broadcast, it will be archived on the streaming platform of your choice.

"Good night," she said. I kept kissing my wife, loving her, hardly caring what was happening. Out of everything I had done in my life, I was most proud best handjob tease hes a busy guy her. Of what we had. She filled this hole in my heart that not even politics fit in. Whatever my future held, I was glad I would have her in it.

"And we're out," the producer said. "Good broadcast everyone." Applause thundered as I loved my wife. The END of the Final Tale of the World's First Futa