Huge tits and asses babes at party

Huge tits and asses babes at party
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This is a fictional story about two teenage boys, although the story is based on true events that took place in my own personal life. Enjoy! More will be posted.


Story characters include Ryan, a 17 year-old bisexual high school student, and Nate, a 15 year-old, secretly bisexual, high school student. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This was the summer that changed my life forever. My name is Ryan, I'm 17, and your average high school guy. I'm not very interesting.

I don't like sports, love to read and write, play video games, and hang out with friends in my spare time, like any other high school student. I do have something about me that sets me aside from most in my school. I'm bisexual, but I've always kept that to myself.

No one needs to know, right? At least, that's what I use to think. In June, I'd met a guy named Nate.

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He is 15 years old, stands no taller than 5'4", has long, shaggy black hair, bright blue big tits unique starr toyed then sucks cock and banged, and a slightly tanned body. I had seen him around the school before, but we hadn't really talked before that June.

I can't really tell you what it was we talked about that got our friendship started, but I can tell you that our friendship blossomed quickly, to the point where we were basically best friends by August; as one of us was always around the other.

That is, when he wasn't hanging out with his girlfriend, Olivia. She was older than him by three years, but he acted more mature than she did. He liked to brag about all the action he got from her to me when we were alone. In a way, it kind of made me jealous of her. Nate was incredibly attractive, but I wasn't about to tell him that.

In fact, I was afraid to even admit I felt that way to myself. He was my friend, after all. This particular day, I found myself at his place, playing Xbox; something we often spend hours doing together, when we are together.

As we played, we talked about life. School was approaching in two weeks; something we were both dreading, but it gave us something to converse about. We also talked about girls, particularly his girlfriend. On everything except for sex, he complained about her. "She is so annoying", "she never leaves me alone", etc. Those are the things he always told me. When sex was involved, however, she was the best thing in his life.

It was rather funny to be honest.


After an hour and a half of this, Nate took a break and grabbed a beer from his dad's refrigerator. The 60 year old man didn't care that his youngest son drank. He offered me one, but I declined. I hated the taste of alcohol, and didn't want anything to do with it. He always harassed me for this. "C'mon dude, just try some!" hot blonde slut in stockings gets nailed barked, already getting tipsy.

"Its an acquired taste. Once you get use to them, you'll love 'em!" "You're already getting drunk!" I laughed back. "Just listen to you! Why would I follow that example?" "Suck my dick!" he barked in retaliation. Though he meant it sarcastically, as a jab at me, for some reason, whenever he says that to me, my own dick twitches. "Really, dude?" I would always sarcastically respond, followed by a roll of my eyes.

He chuckled, "You think I'm kidding?" he continued; the sarcasm virtually dripping in his voice. I shrugged his comment off and we relocated to his bedroom to talk some more.

He put on a movie after about half an hour. "Jurassic Park", one of my favorites, and his. But he didn't make it far through the movie. Fifteen minutes in, he was fast asleep on his bed, leaving me to watch the movie by my lonesome. At first, this was easily accomplished.

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I watched with little distracting very sexy hot girl fuking faster best story, but soon, curiosity began to rise in the pit of my stomach. All our earlier talk about his sex life combined with my attraction for him had me curious to see what he was packing.

I tried my hardest to contain my curiosity, attempting to fight it back by distracting myself with the movie, however, the thought that I might never get this opportunity again caused me to give in to temptation.

Slowly, I got up from my seat on the carpet, crawling over to his bed, where he was sleeping. Slowly and carefully, I slipped my hands inside his waistband and slid his pants down to his knees, revealing his boxers. Nervousness suddenly swelled in my chest, and I shot a glance at his face to make sure he was still sleeping, then I carefully peeled back his boxers, revealing the hidden treasure inside. His dick was perfect, to say the least.

It was a good six and a half inches, cut, and smooth. No veins and no hair. I was so busy observing this beauty that I didn't even notice him stir. "Dude." he mumbled upon seeing me.

I froze, fear now fully gripping me. How would he react? How would I explain this? I just looked back at him, too scared to speak. To my surprise, he didn't freak out, though he was certainly surprised; evidenced by the look on his face. "W-what were you doing?" he continued. I gulped back my fear in an attempt to respond, ", you see. I was curious.


And you.I.I really like you.and." I was too nervous to even notice the smile, followed by the mischievous grin that took root on his face. Before I could continue my stuttering, he reached over to me, grabbed me by the chin and pulled me into him, our lips meeting. His lips were soft, and the kiss was sweet. It felt like we kissed for many minutes, when in reality, it was big girl hors sexy rep a few seconds.

When he pulled away, he gazed back up at me with his bright blue eyes, and a pitiful smile on his face. "What are you.?" I began to ask, but he cut me off. "Olivia isn't around." he said. "And you said you were curious.

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Have at me." At that point, I'm pretty sure my face turned all shades of red. What was happening? Nate, as far as I knew, was straight as a board. Why was he letting me do this? "Don't be afraid." he coaxed me, as if he knew what I was thinking. Releasing my fear, I decided to take a crack at it. My dick was swollen in my pants. I needed release. Grabbing his pants and boxers, I completely removed them from his legs, exposing his dick and balls completely.

I leaned in and kissed him once again, and then got on my knees, licking his dick head first, before taking his smooth member into my mouth entirely.

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Gasps of sheer ecstasy escaped his lips as I sucked him furiously, being careful not to use my teeth. Getting somewhat braver, I reached up with my hands and planted them firmly on his ass; one on each cheek. His ass was paler than the rest of his body, and boyishly plump. It was also very soft. "You want that ass?" he moaned playfully. I was too busy sucking him off to reply verbally, so I squeezed his ass cheeks playfully in response.

After a few more minutes of intense sucking and licking, his moans were increasing in volume. I could tell he was close. "I'm gonna." was all he managed to get out before three ropes of warm, sticky cum shot out, causing me to gag and spit it out.

It wasn't the best taste. Nate plopped down on his bed, suddenly exhausted from his ejaculation. I wasn't done yet, however.

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Crawling on top of him, with new found sexual drive, I kissed him with renewed passion, tugging on his lower lip with my teeth and exploring his mouth with my tongue. He returned my passion with a passionate kiss of his own. Before I know it, my fingers are running through his long black hair, and I'm dry humping his exposed crotch.

However, before our heated session could continues, noises from downstairs could be heard. His dad had returned home. He scurried to get his clothes back on, throwing me an "I'm sorry" glance before darting out of his room to go greet his father.

Little did I know, this would be the first of many encounters with my friend.