Stepfather nails jasmine summers and vanessa sky

Stepfather nails jasmine summers and vanessa sky
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Hey, this is my first story so if there is anything you think I could do better just say it. I enjoy constructive criticism, so even if you a scared what you are saying is a nit pick say it anyways.

Hope you enjoy! The wind blew into my dad's truck, causing the song that was playing to sound much quieter. I didn't mind it though, being this far from any city the only radio station that was close enough to have a clear sound was a station that only played pop songs. The occasional catchy Lady Gaga song was alright and the extremely rare Michael Jackson song. Sometimes Katy Perry would come on with an cream pie 3 times daddy song like California Girls or some other shit.

At the moment though the only songs that they were playing were shitty songs that I'd never even heard of. They should play some metal, or at least some rock, everyone like that.

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I rolled the window down further; hoping the more wind there was the more it would drown out the noise. Why on earth my father kept the radio on was beyond me.

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Over the top of the trees I caught the first glimpse of the first of many water parks that littered the camp ground. The camp ground was famous for its water parks, even if the camping spots were filthy and pest infested, people would still come just for the "superslides." My heart beat elevated a little as soon as I saw the top of the large hill that held the oldest slides in the park; the freefall, the tube slides, one with a six foot drop, and two tunnel slides.

However, what made my heart race was the thought of the hundreds of hot girls in bikinis. Going camping was an annual thing with my dad, who lived five hours away from my mother and I, although this was our first time coming to this particular camp ground. Though the first hour of the trip had been my dad telling me all the useless information about the parks history and little fun facts, after that I felt like I knew the place better than a lot of the people here. My first glimpse of a hot girl in seven hours was the absolutely beautiful woman that gave us our pass into the park.

She was a milf; her tits were huge, probably DD, and her ass was absolutely phenomenal in her skin tight coca dawn loves bbc stretch coca dawn loves bbc stretch shorts.

When she turned around and bent over to get one of the passes a red thong came in to sight. I thanked god that I had at least some control on my boner, and that my dad hadn't seen her bend over or else he would have made some awkward comment once we were back in the truck.

Before we left she winked at me; up to this point in my life she was the hottest most erection-inducing milf I had ever seen in my life. I couldn't wait until my jack off session tonight. I guess I should tell you a little about me, physically I mean. I'm not Brad Pitt or Prince Charming or anything, but I have been told by several girls that I am one of the hotter guys in grade eleven. I started working out last year and since then I have formed a pretty defined body.

I stand just below six feet tall, and I have brown hair and brown eyes. Although, my eyes are extremely dark making them appear black, an attribute that got a pretty hot Goth chick to suck me off, but that's not part of this story. The next hour was spent finding our campsite, positioning the camper in the perfect spot (god forbid anything should be less than perfect), and getting everything set up.

When it was finally done I got my second glimpse of a hot girl and it was as erection-inducing as the milf. She had red hair that hung down just below her shoulder blades, and had a school girl's face which betrayed her 14 or 15 years. Of course I only thought of that afterward, at the moment I was much too preoccupied with her body.

Her bikini top was one of the most skimpy I had ever seen, on each of her C breasts were triangles of lime green material that covered each nipple. The two pieces of material were connected by strings coming from each corner of the triangles. In the center of each triangle stood a hard nipple that seemed to point right at me. The bikini bottoms were basically a lime green thong, the string in the back was hiding between her two firm butt cheeks and the front was bunched into a camel toe where you could see almost every detail of her pussy.

I could honestly say that my jaw dropped, my boner was instant and even if it didn't seem possible it became a hundred times harder when she caught me staring and winked at me. She walked into her camper and I watched her firm ass every step of the way. What caught my attention when she was out of sight however was that an older man, that I assumed was her father, was checking her out as she walked into the camper. Now I understand that sometimes it's hard to not check out someone you're related to when they're dressed like that, hell I've even caught myself checking out my own sister when she's in a bikini.

However you usually look away immediately, you usually don't lick your lips, stare wide-eyed and rub your crotch while your daughter's amazing ass swings into your camper. What was even more trivial was why this man was letting his daughter wear such a skimpy bikini, sure he's an absolute pervert but men like that don't let others admire what they secretly masturbate to. Or do they? Honestly, at that exact point in time I couldn't give to shits. All I wanted to do was go to the bathroom and jerk off.

The rest of the day was relatively uneventful, sure there were a lot of girls wearing skin tight clothes or extremely short shorts, but compared to what I had seen it wasn't anything special. Although my dad making a fire outside was definitely a great idea because it gave me a perfect view of all the great asses walking by as they went to the bathroom.

As we sat there warming up in the cool one girl and tow man sex by the fire my dad and I started to plan the rest of our vacation.

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"Well, judging from your reaction to that one girl in the bikini I'm guessing you want to go to the water park tomorrow?" I laughed and said, "Hell yeah, but which one is definitely a great question." "True, true. I suppose we could go to the superslides park, the one we passed earlier today. That would be fun for the first day, and it's the oldest one here so we can start with the least fun and work our way up." "Sounds excellent to me.

So, Monday is superslides. What about Tuesday?" "I picked Monday's so you can pick Tuesdays." "Umm, well I guess after all day in the sun we should have a break from it. Why don't we go and check out those horse trails?" "Yeah make sense; I can't remember the last time I've been horseback riding.

Might be a fun time." "Ok, Monday superslides, Tuesday Horses. Wednesday?" "Wednesday another water park." "Thursday bike?" "Friday beach." So far I was liking this week's set up. Going to the superslides on Monday was obviously good for the amazing girls in their bikinis.

Horseback riding wasn't as good, but I enjoyed it and if I was lucky enough to ride behind a girl I could look at her ass the entire time. The water park was good for the same reason as the superslides, and the beach on Friday had the same reason as well. So far the only day without being able to check out some hot girls was Thursday. After this week we'd have enough sun so we could go to the water parks everyday and not get sunburnt. I was always a little chocked at my dad for his obsession with protection from the sun, but after getting a sunburn that lasted two weeks last year I was definitely seeing what he was talking about.

As the sun sank down below the horizon we continued to sit by the fire. The light had long since become bad enough that I couldn't see anything beyond the edge of our campsite besides the silhouette of a person walking by.

So instead I spent my time watching the fire, it wasn't as fun as it sounds. Finally the last piece of wood had been reduced to small glowing pieces of wood and we decided it was time for bed. I slept on the couch of the camper, it was incredibly comfortable, and I had heard my dad say on more than one occasion that it was better sabrina star is a raunchy cock loving teen the bed.

Once you got past its small size. It didn't take long for me to fall asleep. Four hours later I awoke and had to piss like a race horse.


I have never had to piss that bad in my life and I had absolutely no idea why. The only thing I had drunken all day was a bottle of water I had filled up from the fountain outside the bathrooms. At that thought I silently prayed that the water had been drinkable and my bladder wasn't being slowly liquefied. Walking outside of the camper I was introduced to a pitch black night and the too late knowledge that I had absolutely no idea which way the bathrooms were.

Was it left? it was right, definitely right. Wait.son of a bitch! I had just walked to it not eight hours earlier! I decided to take a leap of faith and go left. It was usually the direction that you thought first, but it was usually the way you didn't go as well.whatever. I slapped at the odd mosquito or fly that decided to bite me or buzz around me. Being tired I dragged my feet, but the sound of dragging gravel pissed me off so I had to lift my feet. In five minutes I was fully awake, which wouldn't have happened if the damn gravel hadn't pissed me off.

I prayed once again, this time that I had gone the right way. If I had to walk all the way back to the camper and then fisting til wegman tube porn the ten minute walk to the bathrooms I wasn't going to be able to sleep.


The thought got me pissed off, and that added with my almost bursting bladder worked together to dash away the few strands of sleep that still tried to hang on. When I looked up and saw the lights of the bathrooms it was like a blessing sent from heaven. I practically ran the rest of the way, sighing a great sigh of relief. I quickly washed my hands and headed out the door, hoping I would be able to get to sleep quickly.

Standing five feet in front of me was the red headed goddess in the skimpy bikini, now in skin tight outfit that was almost as boner inducing as her swimwear. Her white t-shirt seemed to stick to every curve of her upper body, it made her Cs look like Ds and made her perky nipples seem to stick out even more. She wore tight spandex pants that seemed to enhance her legs, making them look better than uncovered legs. For the third time that night I prayed to god, this time that I didn't get a boner.

When riding and doggy style fuck brunette blowjob saw me she got a mischievous smile and said, "Hey." "Hey," I said back, surprised that my voice sounded confident and wasn't shaking. "I'm Chloey." "I'm Dylan." She walked up closer, even though her head came to my shoulders she still seemed to be staring straight into my eyes. "I noticed you looking at me earlier today; I hope you liked what you saw." "That would be an understatement, your body is amazing." What the fuck!

HOLY SHIT! Where was this confidence coming from? I can talk to girls, but I've never talked to a girl like this! FUCK! This is fucking AWESOME! She stepped right up so that her body was touching mine, I could feel her soft yet firm breasts against my stomach, her nipples rubbed against me with each of her breaths. "Can you do me a favour?" she asked, her voice pure seduction. "Anything you want." "I've never sucked a dick before, mind if I try it?" I couldn't believe my ears.

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Was I about to get my first blow job? Wait.could I finally not be a virgin?! PLEASE GOD! The confident man speaking through me said, "I suppose I could allow it." With that she dropped to her knees and ripped down my sweat pants, letting loose my seven and a half inches. She wrapped her hand around it and started jacking me off while her tongue flicked the tip.

From the moment her hand touched I was in heaven, when her tongue got into it I was learning what pure rapture meant. She continued to jack me off, but instead of flicking the enchanting hottie flaunts big fanny and gets anal hole rode with her tongue she began to kiss it.

Soon her lips were covered with precum, she stopped for only a second to lick it off her lips and then continued to kiss. Without warning she wrapped her index and thumb around the base and forced my cock down her throat. If this was really her first time she was doing absolutely amazing; the mixture of her sucking, her deep throating, the feel of her uvula rubbing against my dick and the thought of all this happening combined together to make the greatest feeling I had ever had.

She rocked her head back until only the tip was in her mouth then jammed her head forward, once again taking my cock down her throat. She did this for what seemed like hours, but in minutes I began to feel that familiar tension. With a groan of ecstasy I jammed her head against me and exploded into her mouth. She continued to suck as my cum washed down her throat and when she had sucked me dry she continued.

Only when my dick was finally soft did she stop. She smiled at me, pulling up my pants and she stood up. "Thank you for the privilege." "No thank you! That was absolutely amazing." "I'm glad you liked it, do you think I it was a good first try?" "Was it really your first time?" She smiled innocently and nodded her head; I wasn't sure if she was telling me the truth but I didn't really care. "Maybe tomorrow when you're at the superslides I'll let you take my virginity, I would love to feel your cock between my legs." With that she walked away, leaving me as equally satisfied as stunned.

It took all my strength not to hum as I walked back to the camper. If the rest of the trip was this great, I was going to be the happiest man on Earth.