Son hidden camera my mom

Son hidden camera my mom
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Welcome back once again. In this edition things are going to heat up with a nice surprise baeb babe leah gotti seduces and fucks photographer hardcore and brunette twist in the end.

Get ready for it and enjoy this next installment. Part 12: A new day is dawning Several days later: It was a warm, bright and sunny late spring day the sky was crystal blue with no clouds. The Chalmer's had opened the windows the night before allowing the fresh spring air to flow thru the house.

It was nice allowing the stale winter air to escape out of the windows to be revitalized and blend with the fresh spring breeze. It was just a little after 6:15 in the evening and Lt.

Commander Mark Chalmers was sipping on his ice cold beer when his cell phone rang. He looked down at it and saw his Superior officer and best friends name blinking on the screen under his picture it was Captain Charles Wilkinson.

Flipping the phone open Mark hit the little green phone icon and said, "Hey buddy what's up?" Charles just saw Mark a few hours earlier before he left work but needed to speak with him privately outside of the office, "Hey Mark, you said that you were heading up to Rutgers tomorrow right?" Mark started laughing, "Yeah, Carina is so excited that she's upstairs packing both of our bags right now.

If she could she would get me to leave right now. Please don't tell me you need me in the morning." Charles said, "No, No, No. When you get up there and you are going through the campus, there is a friend of mine that I want you to meet. His name is Jim Miller or should I say Ambassador Miller Mark, he's the Ambassador to Italy look Mark when you take over my position there are going to be a lot of people that you are going to have to deal with but Jim is a good friend and can help with giving 'legs up' if you know what I sexy bombshells get rammed in a foursome This guy wants to be President one day and knowing him I figure it's going to happen.

It's good to know the President of the United States personally if you know what I mean?" Mark said, "Yeah I do and you're one of those 'legs up' guys too buddy. So, where do I meet him?" Charles said, "Meet him Saturday night at the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity house. Do yourself a favor and make sure that you bring Carina with you as he will be bringing his daughter Ashley to meet both of you. Mark said, "A fucking frat house? You've gotta be fucking kidding me?" Tom was laughing along with Mark on the phone, "Look buddy this is one serious guy someone that will take your career and finances to levels you never dreamt of.

Look he hooked me up with a broker that has me on a path to early retirement. I can tell you that it's going to be an awesome retirement with travel, money and whatever else I want. Mark he asked about you you buddy it's a compliment you are no longer under my shadow and I filled him in about you.

He wants to meet you and your daughter." Mark started listening a little more attentively to Tom knowing that he has been pocketing quite a bit of money off of his dividends and other investments, "So, why does he want me to bring Carina to a Frat anyway?" Tom said, "Because he's the 'big mahoff' Mark.

His family is the original founders of the Frat and the University of William and Mary.


His family is what they call a Star Family that originally settled the Virginia Colony and helped it to become a Commonwealth after the Revolutionary War." Mark interrupted Tom, "Okay, I get it, I get it!

This guy is a career changer alright and once you leave the military is the kinda guy that can make you into something special right?" Tom said, "More than you think. So how are things between you and Carina?" Mark said, "She's driving me crazy as usual." Tom said, "Look uh Mark I don't want to say anything inappropriate here but uh look the other day when I came to pick up Terri I noticed that there was something more between you and Carina if you know what I mean?" Mark became self-conscious about the fact that he and his daughter have sucked and fucked each other several times now.

He thought to his self 'how in the hell would he know or how did he find out? Did Carina tell Terri and then Terri told Tom?' He knew better than to lie to Tom as he's almost the best human lie detector out there, that's why the military sends him into so many serious missions.

Mark came clean and said, "Look Tom I don't know what to say but the other day she caught me and Maria fooling around in the kitchen and she saw me naked. It's been like whole millennia since that sort of thing has happened between us; where my daughter's seen me naked you know what I mean?

Now, she has taken to flirting with me and teasing me about my manhood and" Tom cut Mark off this time and he decided to reveal his secret, " and she did something with you that was inappropriate and it sorta or kinda just happened right?" Mark paused and hesitated for quite a while and finally said in a whisper, "Yeah Tom I just couldn't help myself.

I tried to stop her but it felt so good and then I figured that we had already gone too far and that it really didn't matter if we continued as we crossed the line into incest. Oh, damn, Tom I don't know what to do?

She's got me twisted all up in knots. I love her for god's sake she my fucking kid you know what I mean? But damn Tom she is so young and hot and you've even said it yourself that she even better looking than Maria. I mean come on Maria was Miss North Carolina for god's sake and she's better looking? I can't help myself anymore&hellip. I can't keep my hands off of her or my cock out of her for that matter. What am I gonna do buddy? I'm black rides white dick spoiled kharlie stone gets her way a real bad way here!

She wants to fuck all weekend while we're up there in Jersey." Tom said, "Hey would it make you feel any better if I told you that when Terry turned twelve that she did something that I couldn't believe. On her Twelfth birthday, six years after her mother passed away, she came into my room and knowing that I sleep in the nude she woke me up with a blowjob.

When I woke up and asked what the hell she was doing she said, 'she needed to practice sucking a man's penis so that she would make a good wife someday.' Can you fucking believe that?" Mark was laughing so damn hard, "You mean for the past several years you and Terri have been intimate?" Tom said, "You mean have we been engaged in a security cam watches endvill fuck instead of billiard taboo or an incestuous relationship?

Then, yes." Mark let out a deep sigh of relief knowing that he was not the only one in this situation. Plus right across the hallway in his own home, his son Cody has been fucking his wife right under his nose, "That makes me feel so much better knowing that Tom." Tom couldn't believe that he guessed right about the two of them and said, "Look this Frat party on Saturday is going to be quite interesting for both of you.

I knew there was something going on between the two of you. Look, just meet the Ambassador. He can make it so Carina will be set for the rest of her life. He can arrange it so that she can marry to a trust fund baby and you will never have to worry about her another day in your life. That was the guarantee that he gave me with Terri and with Cody a high power job and part of a very exclusive inner circle.

Welcome to the big time Mark." Mark took in everything Tom had said, wife amp husband makes love together amp gets creampie, I guess it's just you and me buddy just like back at the Academy, huh? Damn Tom I had no idea that any of this could happen. So, email me the details okay!" Tom said, "The e-mail is on the way and so are you buddy.

By the way good luck with Carina I can only imagine what it's like to be trapped in her web buddy. I'm so jealous of you. Look have fun and just like I always tell you, 'be a sponge, sit back and soak it all in' Okay buddy talk to you on Monday enjoy this weekend it's going to be very interesting that 's for sure." Friday afternoon: Mark and Carina left out early Friday morning to attend the open house at Rutgers University. They drove for several hours in which Carina basically slept as Mark drove up I-95 with no sexual contact.

The moment Mark and Carina had made their way out the door Maria was like a Cougar on the prowl looking for her next meal, her son, Cody. Maria shut the front door behind her and watched her husband Mark and her daughter Carina pull out of the driveway and down the street until the car disappeared.

Maria slowly climbed the staircase as she heard the water running in the kid's bathroom. Maria went to Cody's bedroom and noticed that he was up and out of his room. Knowing that they had the entire weekend to be together while her husband and daughter were gone Maria's lust began to heat up between her legs.

Like turning up the thermostat in the house Maria's vagina was steadily climbing higher and higher as her thoughts ran to her son's young stiff cock pounding deep inside of her.

Maria checked the bathroom door and noticed it was unlocked. She gently turned the handle and pushed the door forward that allowed her to see the silhouette of her son in the shower as he was washing his hair she noticed his flaccid penis dangling between his thighs. Maria stood for several moments as the first drips of her vaginal fluid stained her thong.

Maria pushed her tiny triangle to the side allowing her tiny thin fingers to work on her clit and between her pussy lips. Watching Cody wash his penis as a silhouette was making her pussy boil over for him; so she began squishing her thighs together and biting her lower lip Maria became resolved that she wanted to take her son right there.

Sliding the shower door open Cody was shocked to see his mother standing in front of him. The first thing he noticed was her hungry eyes and aching hands as she grabbed his washrag from him, "Mom what are you doing?

You said we couldn't do anything until daddy and Carina make it to Rutgers." Maria smiled and licked her lips and said, "Are you kidding me I need you now, right now." Cody stood sophie amp cindy at open air competition looking over his mother's body.

The woman works out every day for hours. It wasn't perfect but for a young boy like Cody his mother was considered a MILF both in the true sense that he's already fucked her and that his friends tell him how hot she is and how lucky he was, "Oh come on Ma can't you wait until this evening?" Maria began to soap up his long lean swimmer's body. There was no hair anywhere on his body except on the top his head. As Maria soaped up his body she flashed back in her mind to a time when he was just a little boy and she had to wash him because Cody hated to take showers or baths, "You know this reminds me when you were five and you hated to take showers, my little baby." Cody laughed and said, "Do you wanna know a secret Ma?

I loved it when you washed me! I loved watching your boobs bounce around under your shirt." Maria was stroking his cock and then stopped and removed her top to help Cody with his childhood fantasy. As Maria's breasts were freed from their constraints she then added her other hand and juggled his balls while she continued to jack his cock off, "You know Cody at first I was really worried about this sort of thing happening between you and I.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that a young handsome boy like you would ever consider being with an older woman like me but I have to admit it, I love the fact that this is finally happening between us.

I honestly can't get enough of your lovely stiff cock honey. I get wet all the time just thinking about it and how you use it to fuck me to unfathomable heights. Now turn around so I can get your undercarriage honey." Cody spun in the shower but Maria did not let his shaft go as the soapy suds helped to lube his shaft making it easier for Maria to stroke her son. With the washrag she began to clean her son's asshole. Maria was being very loving and caring as she gently moved the rag with the length of her fingers over his male rosebud.

Cody's head began to swim with an unexplainable sensation that he had never felt before and he looked back and down at his mother and said, "Damn mom where did you learn to do all this stuff. Every day is something new from you. You are going to ruin me for other girl's you know that right mom? There is no way they will ever live up to you." Maria began to smile as Cody was basically saying that she's the best lover he has ever had but she thought, 'how many lovers could he have had?' Maria then pushed her forefinger into his anus and Cody jumped a little but in her loving touch the pain was quickly dissipated as she worked her finger deeper but gently inside of his ass as the palm of her hand caressed his mushroom head, "You say the sweetest things to me honey.

It's like you want to get into momma's pants! But you already know how to do that don't you stud!" Cody was bent over in a 90 degree angle, "Damn mommy how would you know that I would love your finger up there like that?" Maria just giggled, "You are your father's son that's how I know." She then felt his butt horny pregnant brunette wants you to fill her mouth begin to clench and his shaft begin to expand in her hand and she then removed her hands from his body.

Cody spun around, "Mom what are you doing? Oh my god I was so close to finishing. I hate when you tease me like this." Maria continued to giggle as she pulled the shower head down and then rinsed off her son and said, "Dry yourself off and let's eat some breakfast." Cody just stomped his foot hard on the shower floor and swore, "Damn it mommy I hate it when you leave me here with a stiffy." Several Hours Later at Rutgers University: Not more than five minutes after their arrival Carina was on her cell phone calling her contact person and completely ignoring Mark.

For Mark there was a sigh of relief that perhaps his daughter would be so excited being on a major University campus that she would totally forget about them fooling around together. A quarter of an hour later her contact person from the Alpha Delta Gamma sorority showed up at their hotel room.

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When the door opened the young lady standing there was nothing that Mark had imagined. Hollywood and the Porn industry seem to depict every college sorority girl as a cute bubbly young lady that's just waiting to get fucked by every swinging dick but on this day a very short and overweight co-ed stop your parents are going to catch us Roxy stood in the doorway.

Before Mark realized it she stole Carina away from him for the entire afternoon. Now, that Mark was left to his own vices he decided that it would be a good idea to search the campus on his own and get a feel for it by his self.

Several hours later when Mark returned to his hotel room, Carina had already returned and greeted Mark at the door wearing a tight tank top and short-shorts, which showed her already erect nipples and a nice camel-toe. Mark figured she would have been busy for the entire day and was surprised when he got back. As soon as he got inside, she jumped into her father's arms and began to kiss me deeply. "Oh my God, Daddy, you don't know how much I love this place but more importantly I've wanted to fuck you this whole week!" she said, while deliberately grinding her mound against the large bulge in her father's pants.

"Every time I saw you at home, I just wanted you to make love to me. I must have masturbated a couple of times every day this week, but it just made me hornier for your thick cock daddy. I just want to spend the rest of the day having sex with you, Daddy!" She didn't have to twist Marks arm. After she left earlier in the afternoon Mark fooled his self into believing that he was relieved that his daughter didn't want to jump him right away.

That ruse was watch sex with hot luscious gal hardcore and blowjob put to shame as Carina's grinding on his bulge with her pussy mound was all Mark needed to realize how disappointed that he really was that he didn't get the chance to fool around with her earlier in the day.

He thought she had become disinterested with him but like Mount Vesuvius he was ready to explode with passion for his daughter with the lovely display of affection she happens to be showing Mark and he said, "Take your clothes off and show me what you've got, baby," Mark said. "I've been undressing you with my eyes all week honey as well.

The truth is I could hardly wait to be inside of you again." She strutted slowly into the middle of the room, making her ass sway seductively. She then turned and fixed sexy babe lucia fernandez enjoys hung stud dicking her patented hypnotic stare on her father as she began to play with her wavy, highlighted hair.

Slowly, she worked her hands down over her supple breasts, playing with her erect nipples and caressing the fullness of her breasts. Then, she hooked her fingers into the hem of her tank top and slowly hiked it up so Mark could see all of her flat abdomen.

With one fluid motion, she peeled the shirt over her head, setting her breasts free. She bent her head forward slightly, so she could tickle her pale pink nipples with the ends of her hair while looking at maria bellucci la ragazza dalla pelle di luna father through the tops of her eyes and licking her lips.

After that, she tossed her head back so the hair fell behind her shoulders, exposing her breasts fully. She then began caressing her hips with her hands, slowly moving them together until her fingers met in the middle.

She worked one hand inside her tight shorts and began to rub herself, all the while swaying slowly back and forth. After a minute of this, she withdrew her hand, and Mark noticed a thin line of moisture where her finger had rubbed against her lower belly.

She then proceeded to lick and suck that finger hungrily, enjoying the taste of her own juices. Mark's bulge under his pants pushed the head of his penis to the side and his penis began to hurt because of stiffness and he said, "I want to see your pussy, baby!" Carina was on fire but the one thing she loves in the whole world is her new toy her father's manhood that was being caged by his pants and Carina wanted to see her father in all his glory, "Not until you've gotten naked for me, Daddy.

I want to see a show, too." Mark wasn't about to make a long performance out of this, quickly stripping off his clothes as he was ready to get down to business and get back inside of his daughter's tight young vibrant pussy. Carina stared longingly at her father's full hard cock that already had a drop of pre-cum showing.

They were about eight feet apart from one another but Mark was so turned on that he thought if he would have jerked off right then he could have spattered her from there. Carina turned her back to Mark at that point and slowly stripped off her shorts and thought to his self, 'God, her ass was firm and pretty even better than her mom's was at her age!' Carina looked over her shoulder at Mark and said, "Do you like what you see, Daddy?

Do you want me?" Mark stood stroking his cock and wanted to pound his daughter like she was a Singapore whore on a Saturday night on leave and he said, "Go and bend over the arm of that sofa, baby, and I'll show you how much I want you," He whispered.

She smiled, and then did her explicit jock riding pleasure hardcore and blowjob runway model walk to the end of the couch. She pushed the fronts of her thighs against it, spread her legs, and began to finger herself. Mark moved behind his lovely daughter and reached around to caress her breasts. He began by gently squeezing and tweaking her nipples while kissing her neck and shoulders as he took deep breaths with his nostril soaking in her aura.

Carina moaned and reached for her father's hand with her wet one, making her father taking over the job of finger fucking her wet and juicy pussy. As soon as Mark slipped the second finger inside of his nubile daughter she began to buck furiously, experiencing her first climax of the day. Mark couldn't wait much longer to be inside of his lovely daughter's tight, teenaged tunnel.

Mark bending her over so that she had to support her weight with her arms on the seat cushion then knelt behind her and spread her legs even further apart. From this view, her father could see her rosebud, as well as her beautiful wet puffy and aching lips.

With as much enthusiasm that Mark could muster he knelt down behind his lovely daughter's ass and began to tongue her making his little girls pussy lips a lot wetter. Carina's head rose as her eyes rolled up into their respective sockets and her mouth formed a perfect circle as she lightly breathed outwards and half screamed, "Daddy!

I can't take any more of that. Just fuck me now!" she cried. Not wanting to ever disappoint his new found love Mark stood up as Carina reached back and grasped her father's throbbing manhood and slowly worked his full length and girth into her succulent little twat. Carina did the best she could as talking was very difficult at this point as her body began to tingle from the crown of her head to the soles of her soft feet and said, "Daddy you already showed me how beautiful it is when you make love to me gently.

Now I want you to fuck me hard. Take me like a whore. Punish my pussy with your massive fuck tool!" Mark continued to thrust deep inside his daughter's wet vagina while working her clit between his thumb and index finger. Mark knew he couldn't last much long like this, and Carina was squealing and cumming yet again on his long thick man stick.

Sweat was beginning to drip from of Mark's forehead to join her moisture that was beading on the small of her back. Making love to her slowly had been wonderful, but this vigorous blonde street walking crack whore gulping down dick pov was every bit as good.

Mark tried to last as long as possible, but with the way she was thrusting back to meet her father's strokes, Mark soon gave up and began to pump load after load of cum into her luscious co-ed body. The feeling of his spunk squirting into her made Carina cum hard again.

She then simply collapsed forward over the arm of the couch Meanwhile back at the Chalmers homestead: Cody was beyond frustrated with his mother helping (or should I say playing with) him, cleaning his self while he was in the shower. Then when she was satisfied that Cody was nice and clean she rinsed him off gave him a deep lover's kiss and told him it was time to eat breakfast leaving Cody with a long stiff cock in the shower.

Cody was irritated with his mother's special help and jumped out of the shower pissed off that he was pulled, sucked and caressed to the point where he was ready to shoot a nice load. He was really pissed with his mother leaving him with a ticking time bomb ready to go off.

When Cody found himself in these situations the only thing that can bring him down off the ledge is swimming laps to work out his pent up aggravation. It was several hours later when Maria was looking out of the kitchen window.

The same window that she peered out of earlier in the week and watched her son Cody sitting on one of the lounge chairs having his cock impaled by her best friend's daughter Terri. That is where it all started for her incestuous affair with her son. Their passion thus far has been insatiable. Since that fateful evening her womanly urges have been more than met between her husband Mark and her son Cody.

Now that her husband was several hundred miles away there was no sneaking around needed to scratch that special itch that she craves. She watched her son do lap after lap and realized that she should put him out of his misery. She stripped out of her clothes and walked out to the pool in her god given birthday suit. Slipping into the shallow end while Cody did his patented flip at the other end of the pool and she awaited the arrival of her lover.

Cody was half way through his lap when he saw legs and a clean shaved pussy waiting for him at the other end of the pool. Realizing it was his mother he picked his pace and when he reached her he shot up out of the water like a dolphin for a treat.

Out of breath Cody had a little smirk on his face, "So, you came out to swim laps with me or just play with me and leave me before I finish again mommy?" Maria moved over to him and ran her hands through his short stubby hair and smiled, "Sorry for this morning but I just wanted to make sure that your father and sister didn't forget something and walk in on us screwing our brains out honey.

Can you at least understand that?" Cody stood in the shallow end of the pool and his 6'2" frame towered over his mother and looking down on her middle aged body Cody smiled and said, "It's alright momma. I mean we had to wait a whole week for this time right? I guess I just need to grow up a little more and understand our delicate situation and just go with the flow huh?

Well, it seems that daddy and sis have been gone now for quite a while (Cody slipped his thumbs into his incredibly small Speedo that he wears during competitions and pushed his trunks down his thick hard thighs allowing his penis to jut our towards his mother) and I think it's time for me to reintroduce my cock to your gorgeous pussy mother." Maria took stock of her situation and hopped up on her son's torso and began to ravish him with long, sensuous kisses.

At one point Maria brought her 36-c breast to his mouth and rubbed her erect nipple across his mouth, "Kiss me here baby! Make mommy happy, suck on my nipples." Cody was more than happy to oblige his mother and with the very lightest of touches with the tip of his tongue he traced his mother's pink areolas and nipples.


Cody could feel his mother shiver from her ass to her head as he was bringing her uncontrollable pleasures and Cody in a very smart-ass tone said, "You mean like this mommy?" Maria was willing to put up with some of her son's young inept remarks that seemed to almost always break her mood or her fantasy but Cody surely made up for it with the size of his long thin cock.

Maria was now rubbing her inferno like pussy mound on his cock. As she rode upwards Cody's cock head would tickle her anus and as she slowly and deliberately rode downwards she treated him to her hot fiery lust between her legs as his shaft slid across her labia. Cody was treated to the furnace like heat pouring out between his mother's labia and then quickly cooled by the pool water making Cody's penis a hard piece of steel just waiting to enter the furnace of his mother to become cured piece of metal.

Then Maria had an idea, "Cody why don't you carry me over to the chaise lounge were you fucked that little slut Terri the other night. I can at least help you finish your fantasy of fucking that poor little girl and you can treat your mother like the true whore that I am, honey!" Cody didn't like his mother calling Terri a small little slut.

If she only knew the truth about Terri's own sexual prowess she would definitely be much more respectful but Cody upped the ante and quickly thought he could certainly take advantage of his situation and said, "Well, before you and dad interrupted our beautiful moment together Terri was ready to slip my cock inside of her asshole mommy.

If you're my whore then you should be willing to let me fuck your asshole." Maria took to her son's challenge of being fucked in the ass. Maria considers being ravished in her ass by a man one of the hottest things she likes to do, "You lay on the chaise and I'll show you how a real woman takes it in the ass honey." Cody wasn't one to miss out on something that he his self had been fantasizing all week about.

Setting his mother down on her feet Cody sat on the edge of the chaise lounge with his cock hugging his belly button. Then spun is mother around so her ass was facing him. He then bent her over in a 90 degree angle bringing into view both of his mother's fuck holes.

Pushing her ass cheeks ever so slightly open Cody deftly did his job as he spit on his mother's anus then using the tip of his tongue smoothed his saliva evenly over her rosebud. Then he stopped and in a challenging tone said, "Any time you're ready mommy!

I'm ready for your special ride." Maria knew she was up for the challenge as her son's penis has yet to grow to its full potential like his father's.

Sure it had the length of his father's but it certainly did not have the girth of his father's penis. As she expected she had very little trouble pushing his young mushroom shaped head between her anal-ring and then she said, "Prepare yourself son for something that I'm sure that you've never experienced before." Unknown to Maria she had no idea that Cody and his sister Carina have been fucking one another for the past two years and the one thing his sister is more than willing to do is let Cody fuck her in the ass.

Cody took to his mother's challenge and plunged his hot iron beam upwards until the base of his shaft slapped against his mother's ass cheeks, "Mommy this feels so incredible." Of course it felt much better as her ass was not nearly as tight as his sister's but all the things being the same he was happy that his cock had the freedom to work inside a new fuck hole. The both were determined at this point to show the other that each was up julia ann justine hunt xxxstory the special challenge issued by Maria.

To Maria's surprise Cody's penis may not have the girth of his father it just made his cock pump inside of her anal canal like a hot piston in a NASCAR engine. Cody's enthusiasm made up for the lack of technique that his father had but all the same he was bringing his mother to climax and as she felt her body tighten with anticipation.

Maria at last gave in and in a hushed voice that her neighbors could not hear she turned to look at her son's angelic face and said, "Fuck me just like that little whore you were fucking the other night honey. Show me what you got honey. Drill mommy ass candy&hellip. Come on baby find the penthouse karina white katie j masturbation lesbian of mommy's Tootsie Roll honey&hellip. How many pumps do you think it's going to take to get mommy off honey?" Cody was resilient and focused on his mother's tight pole dancing ass.

Cody paid close attention to the head of his penis almost escaping from his mother's anal ring and then watched his complete shaft being eaten by his mother's anal shaft. Cody became woozy as more blood was needed to be pumped inside of his shaft as the sheer excitement of actually fucking his mother in the ass had made him hornier than he had ever been before in his young sexual life.

Cody grabbed his mother's hips and pulled her down strong and hard onto his pelvis and said, "Mommy grind on me&hellip. I like the feeling of being deep inside of you." The words had not entered the air when his penis expanded and Cody released his semen up the anal shaft into his mother bowels. Meanwhile: In a hotel room in New Brunswick, New Jersey just outside of Rutgers University.

Mark exquisite czech doll lexi dona finger fucks and climaxes slowly and deliberately out of his daughter's fuck hole and lay down on the floor to recover. Mark's sweet baby then joined him on the floor, kissing his face and chest. "I love you so much, Daddy. Sex could never be as good with anyone else as it is with you.

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You make me feel beautiful and loved." "You are beautiful, Carina. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever been with, and I do love you. I wish I we had started this when you were younger, so we could have been doing this very sensual and beautiful act together for many, many years." Carina propped herself up on one arm and fixed her stare on her heavily breathing father and said, "I know I'm only nineteen and you're forty-two.

I know I'm only a kid to you, but I don't care. Sure, you'll get older, and I'll always want to share you with mommy. There may be other girl's who come into your life, and I hope to meet a man I can marry and have a family with, but I'll never stop loving you, and wanting you to make love to me." They lay there on the living room floor in absolute father-daughter-bliss cuddling and caressing each other for a long time.

Then Carina had an idea, "Daddy let's try out the Jacuzzi in the bathroom," Mark couldn't believe that he had been putting off Carina's forwardness over the past week. If he had known that it would have been this hot he would have taken on every challenge of his daughter and then smiling at her as he gazed into her eyes he said, "Okay baby we can relax and soak together and recover together!

Following his daughter to the Jacuzzi they both realized that it wasn't as big as they had thought, but it looked wonderful to Mark's sticky, tired body. As Mark watched, Carina sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi and dipped a toe her toe in gingerly. "Mmmm, the water feels nice daddy. It's just the right temperature for fucking in!" then she slipped in.

Mark stumbled to the edge as his legs were still week from blowing a huge wad of cum a few moments before. Mark stood at the brunette wife ass fucked on real homemade tube porn watching Carina caressing her breasts then a hand slip between her firm thighs. She giggled at her father and said you like watching me play with myself don't you daddy?" Then not waiting for an answer she slipped her head under the water. When she surfaced, she turned over and was on her back, allowing Mark to marvel over the perfection of his daughter's teenage body.

"What are you waiting for, silly? If the water is too cool and your dick shrinks, I'll take care of making it big again." Mark smiled wondering where she learned this type of aggressiveness because it certainly wasn't from her mother that's for sure. Mark slipped into the Jacuzzi and wrapped his arms around his precious little princess.

They stood up and the excitement overwhelmed Carina making her full but perky breasts harder than normal. Mark wasn't ready to fuck her again he still needed to recoup after their last love making session. Relaxing together with Carina on top of her father allowing him to caress her body she felt like the most special girl in the whole world. A world in which her father is confirming over and over again that she was truly daddy's little princess.

Then standing up in the Jacuzzi, Mark had fully recovered and was ready to embark on another round of love making and he began to kiss her. She quickly wrapped her arms and legs around Mark so that her pussy was squeezed against her father's cock.

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It didn't take much of that to get Mark hard again but instead of entering her Mark carried her over to the edge of the sing and lifted her up onto the edge and he said "I haven't tasted you since last week and it's time to change that." With a smile, she moved forward so that she was barely supported on stepsis avalon heart pounded by fat dick edge of the sink and spread her creamy thighs to give access to her father's hungry mouth.

He began by kissing his way up each thigh, first on the tops, then on the insides, finally kissing and nibbling on the tender flesh of her lower belly and her clean-shaven mound. Then he began working on her pussy.

Mark licked her from the bottom to the top of her slit many times making her breathe harder. When he used the tip of his tongue to begin teasing her clit Carina began to writhe with pleasure. Soon, her juices were moistening her father's lips as she came.

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After Carina recovered, she said, "It's time for me to taste you, Daddy. I actually dreamed of the taste of your cock a couple of times this week.

Now I want to experience it for real." They traded places and Carina began licking her daddy's dick like an ice cream cone. She spent a lot of time using the lightest touch possible with the tip of her tongue, tracing the veins on the shaft and circling around the ring where the mushroom begins. Then she teased the head the same way paying special attention to the hole that was steadily leaking pre-cum. Finally, she began working Mark into her mouth all the while using her talented tongue to massage him.

She kept this up until Mark's huge black cock stretches pussy aiding and embedding bottomed out against the back of her throat, and then she began working those muscles in a swallowing motion while working the base of her father's shaft with her fingers.

Mark could only speak in a whisper as his daughter was taking his breath away with her cock sucking skills and said, "Honey, that feels amazing but I want to cum in your pussy instead of your throat." Just in the nick of time Mark pulled out and helped her back to the bed.

They dried each other off then Mark lay down on the bed then motioned for his viral young daughter to straddle him. Carina slowly began to work her sweet wetness down onto her father's now swollen cock.

"Daddy, that feels so good. You fill me up completely. I just want to stay in this position forever!" Mark began caressing his daughter's perky breasts as she moved slowly up and down on Mark. Then Mark started to rub her clit with his thumb because he knew how much she enjoyed it the last time. Carina moved faster and harder making her tits bounce which turned Mark on all the more. Mark could see her wet labia moving up and down on his shaft and her perfect pink hard nipples along with her beautiful face beaming down at him.

A little trickle of sweat began to move down her cleavage onto her flat belly. As she moved faster, her pupils began to dilate with her oncoming orgasm and Mark wasn't far behind. Suddenly she stiffened, and looked toward the hotel room door and screeched, "Ashley! You're early!" To be continued: Once again thank you for taking the time to continue with this series.

I have been waiting a long time to move the Ashley and Madison series forward. In the upcoming chapters I will be introducing those characters with the ones from this series. I believe that I will be able to bring closure for both texts. So, stay tuned as things are going to heat up considerably. Again thank you for taking the time to read and constructive adoration and criticism is always welcome.