Teen fucks you virtual slutty angel loves the taste of cum

Teen fucks you virtual slutty angel loves the taste of cum
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Hello, little bird. You may not know it, but we have much in common you and I. You were born to fly free on the wind, but fate has betrayed you and now you live in a gilded cage. You are cared for but still a prisoner. I wonder, do you miss flying through the clouds? Or is the golden cage your home? I ask myself this often. I am Asius, a slave to the House of Quintus Lucius Antonius, Legatus Legionis of the Legio Primigenia.

As the commander of an entire Legion, General Antonius is a very rich and powerful man in the armies of the Emperor Caligula. I was not yet a member of his household when he married the Lady Lucilla Aurelia. She was a young and beautiful woman who possessed both the looks and family connections that made her the perfect bride for the older Patrician. It was said that he was very proud to have her as his wife.

Unfortunately for the General though, the gods are as meddlesome in the lives of the rich as they are in those of lesser men, and less than a year after their marriage, the Legio Primigenia was commanded to muster outside of the City and to march off to war in Germania. At the time of course, little of this was known to me. As a slave, I was told almost nothing of the important issues in the Empire, and even the small bits of news I did overhear in my duties didn't concern me.

In Rome, knowledge could be a very dangerous thing, especially for a slave with my particular gifts. So, one might wonder, what kind of gift could a mere slave possess that could possibly matter to anyone?

The answer of course is sex. You see, I am a sex slave, a man bound and sold for the pleasure of the rich and powerful citizens of Rome. I was chosen at the dawn of my manhood due to the unusually large size of my penis. I was taught to master my own orgasm and control my urges so that those who paid my master for my services would be all the more satisfied.

Being a slave, this was not a profession of my choosing, and I was well aware of how easily one mistaken action or improper word could cost me the most painful of ends.

By the time my manhood had fully bloomed though, I had become quite skilled, and had also learned the value of having a short memory regarding the people I serviced. Romans generally thought nothing unusual about sexual deviance, but still, those who often indulged themselves were thought to be weak of spirit, and that was something no Roman was willing to risk.

So it was that when my Master commanded me to be taken to Castrum Antonius, the palatial Villa of the Antonius family, I was not overly concerned. The Lady was known to be without her husband, and I was told that, as a demonstration of the strength of her fidelity, she planned on watching me ravish a slave girl in her presence. This was an act that was viewed among Romans as being quite noble, for when her husband returned, she would be all the more aroused and able to properly welcome him home.

It was late on a warm afternoon when I was escorted to the Estate. Castrum Antonius was a large, sprawling Villa faced with shimmering marble and surrounded by lush gardens. Fountains topped by statues of heroes past, or the noble and mighty gods posing in their majesty, dotted the grounds and the sound of running water competed with the chirping of birds to fill the air with pleasant sounds. Slaves clad in white tunics scurried about the grounds, cleaning and maintaining the gardens.

Dour guards in bronze armor stood here and there, keeping watch on the slaves, and ensuring no peasants made the mistake of encroaching into the sanctuary of the Estate. It was half way up a cobbled walk that meandered like a river of stone through the lush and manicured lawns of Castrum Antonius that I was handed over to the care of Syneros Antonius Domus, Master Slave and Majordomo of the House of Antonius. Syneros was a short and balding man, but though a slave himself, he spoke for the House in matters of business.

This gave him great power, even over many free men who did business with the Antonius family. "I have him now," Syneros said to my escorting guards. "I will have him delivered back to your Master in the morning." Dismissing them with a wave, the short Majordomo pulled up in front of me with his arms at his waist and his chest puffed out.

He was shorter by a foot than I, and much older, but his bearing was that of one in absolute command. For a long moment the man looked me over, making sure I would be suitable for his Mistress's purposes.

"You are built like a bull, Asius!" He said with a sudden and disarming smile. "The Mistress will be pleased by a strong muscular body such as yours." Then he pointed to my loincloth. "Let it down and show me your cock." My Master always made known my length and girth, as well as the muscular condition of my body as a selling point to those I serviced, so I was not surprised by his interest.

If I did not meet his expectations, I would have been sent away immediately. Modesty was also not allowed for a slave, so I nodded and quickly complied, revealing my semi-hard phallus to him right there in the courtyard.

Syneros whistled softly as he watched my cock grow to the length of his forearm in my grip. "Your Master spoke the truth about you Asius! That cock would please Juno herself! Mistress Lucilla will be very pleased, and her slave girl Drusilla may not be able to walk in the morning! I might even be jealous of her if I were a younger man!" His laughter was contagious, and I quickly took a liking to the squat and blocky Majordomo. "Come," he said with a wave of his hand. "The Mistress is waiting for you now." "Of course, master Syneros.

I will do everything possible to please them both," I replied with practiced formality. My reply was an unnecessary pleasantry though. We both knew I would have no other choice. Syneros took it in stride and led me to the House doors.

"You were bathed before you came here, yes?" "I was, sir," I assured him. "Good. It wouldn't do to bring you in smelling like a hairy barbarian!" The heavy oaken doors parted and then closed solidly behind us. Skylights and large archways leading to the center atrium lit the interior, and Syneros led me over the beautifully tiled mosaic floors until we reached the private chambers of his Mistress. Two guards in full armor stood watch at the doors, and upon seeing them Syneros stopped and faced me, just out of their earshot.

Turning, he pretended to straighten my tunic and the leaned close to me. "You must do whatever the Mistress commands, but whatever happens, leave no seed in the girl's womb, and make no marks on her body that will not heal. Your life depends on this, understand?" It was an ominous warning, especially in regards to a mere slave girl, but the look in the man's eyes was deadly serious.

Syneros held my gaze until I responded in an equally quiet whisper, "I will be certain neither happens." Seemingly satisfied, Syneros stepped back and gestured for the guards to open the chamber doors.

"Excellent Asius!" he said almost too loudly. "I find I am jealous of you tonight as well. Young Drusilla is quite beautiful and has not often been allowed to lie with a man. You are fortunate as slaves go Asius. There are worse tasks for a slave than fucking the poor girl until she passes out!" His boisterous laughter echoed off the marble walls, but did little to remove the unsettling fear his earlier warning had given me.

Still, I smiled at the truth of his joke. As a slave I had been commanded to have all manner of sexual acts with both women and men, but commanded or not I always enjoyed it in the end. Besides, as Syneros had said, there were far worse duties I could have spent my life toiling at.

The chamber was large and barely lit by oil lamps. Tapestries dyed in red and gold hung from the walls and thick, multi-colored rugs padded the floors, giving the room a feeling of warmth and softness. There was a large bed in the center of the far wall that was supported by a heavy wooden frame and beyond that was an archway leading to an antechamber.

As I gazed in wonder I saw no one inside. The room appeared empty, and I could only assume my soon to be mate for the night awaited me elsewhere.

Syneros retrieved a small bell from a shelf and rang it softly, announcing our presence. "Thank you, Syneros," a female voice said from the antechamber.

"Leave him and go. Tell the guards to admit no one." "Of course, Mistress," Syneros replied and with a quick glance and a wry smile in my direction, he backed out of the room.

Bootylicious delivery girl moriah mills gets a big tip guards shut the heavy double doors and a moment later the sound of a heavy bar being set place resounded through the wood.

I was now left alone with the Mistress of the house and her slave, and I knew I would be subject to whatever whim she may have. The moment of learning what deviances were planned for me always made my heart race. It was one filled with sexual excitement and potential danger, and my blood rushed in my ears as my heart pounded in my chest. "Asius. Remove your clothing and approach," the same voice commanded. "Yes, Mistress." I responded as I stripped nude and crossed the room toward the antechamber.

When I rounded the corner I saw two of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. The Mistress Lucilla stood next to her slave. Her dark hair flowed down over her shoulders and even under the white linens of her stola, the woman's version of a toga worn by the wealthy, I could easily see that her breasts were large and full. Her body was firm and strong and the natural curves of her body only seemed to be accentuated by her clothing. As beautiful as she was though, she paled in comparison to the slave named Drusilla.

The girl stood with her delicate back to me, naked except for a thin golden chain around her slim waist. Her arms were bound over her head and attached to a pole that rose from the floor, stretching her uncomfortably until she was forced to rise onto the balls of her feet. I'd seen such things before and my cock began to lengthen as I realized what her Mistress had in store for the slave girl that night.

To her credit, Drusilla was trying to remain calm, but her arms and legs fidgeted against her will, and the delicate muscles under her flawless skin danced delightfully under the stress of her struggles. The flickering light from the lamps washed over her oiled skin, making her seem to glow in the darkness that otherwise enveloped the back of the chamber.

My hope was that this perfect young woman would enjoy her coming torment as much as I knew I would in administering it. I knew from experience that we would both enjoy this far more if she did. I took no pleasure in my life from forcing another anymore than was absolutely necessary.

Lady Lucilla strode up to me and smiled deviously as she grasped my cock in her small hands. She pulled on it rhythmically until I became fully erect, and it stood proudly from my loins. "His cock is magnificent Drusilla! He is going to reach right up into your womb with this!

Turn girl! Gaze at this man! I cannot wait to see you writhing under him!" The girl turned toward me and her eyes grew wide, and her full lips quivered slightly as she beheld my size. "Oh gods' blood Mistress! I've never seen such a thing on a man! What.how could I possibly take that inside me?" Lady Lucilla laughed. "Don't be such a ninny girl. You can't fool me. I know how much you want this!" "Oh, I do.

I do, I just didn't expect.oh my gosh, he's huge!" "Tsk, tsk," Lucilla scolded. "I think I should blindfold you so you won't have to see it. Besides, we haven't given you what you desired first, have we?" Lucilla drew a black cloth over her eyes and then whispered something to her trembling captive. A moment later the slave girl nodded, and then her Mistress stepped away and picked a cat o' nine tails off of a hook on the wall.

"Come Asius. Warm her back and bottom up. I want to see her dance under its bite!" "Yes, Mistress," I said as I took the cat from her. I tested it with a quick snap of my wrist and listened to its hiss as it cut through the air. The cat itself was lightly padded with wide ends that would not cut her skin. It wasn't a tool for punishment, not for the average slave anyway. At least I could be sure I would not scar the girl, which, considering Syneros's warning, was a relief.

Nevertheless the thing was vicious, and used with intent, the whip would cause great pain on the bare skin of the girl's back. I waited for the Mistress to step away and then I approached the trembling slave with the cat wrapped in my hand. Her body was shaking in fear, but there was also an undeniable excitement in her movements that made me want to lay the whip across her skin.

I felt a hunger in my belly that clawed at my gut, and I cupped a bare breast in my hand. Drusilla flinched at the contact and backed into the pole she was tied to, but when I pinched the hardened bud of her nipple, she groaned in what could only be feral arousal. I pushed her chin upwards with the hard leather handle of the cat and brought my lips to her ear. "Listen to me, girl.

I have no desire to hurt you. I can pull the blows so that they do little more than sting, but you must act as if it hurts far worse!

Otherwise we may both be whipped!" "No!" Drusilla quietly begged, "No please, spare me nothing. I want this! I need it more than you know!" "Very well then. It will be watotchini ya miaka 10 wakitombana you desire. Turn and face the pole," I ordered. I then ran my hand down her spine and she squirmed in fearful arousal at my touch.

Her skin was flawless and milky white. I marveled at this, partially because of her beauty, but also because she had not a single scar on her back. This seemed so odd to me.

No slave, not even a favored house slave, should have avoided punishment, but somehow she huge titted euro babe gives up her ass. Syneros's words returned to me and I wondered why it was that she was being so protected that she had never truly been beaten.

The shapely globes of her ass were equally flawless, and on a whim I caressed both cheeks, enjoying the warmth and softness of her skin. "Incredible," I murmured, and then I reached between her legs and drew my finger into her wetness. She was hot and moist and gasped in surprised arousal as my finger slid through her folds. When her thighs parted ever so slightly, I had no more doubts of her willingness to be at my mercy. I admit it was with great anticipation that I stepped back and raised the whip.

Drusilla was still trembling, but she held her body out for me as if she were inviting the cat to taste her skin. I brought the tails down on her bottom and they slapped loudly in nine different spots. The girl jumped in surprise and a garbled yelp of pain issued from her lips. The second landed lower, drawing red lines over the back of her thighs. The girl winced at the bite and her legs failed her, leaving her dangling helplessly by her wrists. I waited for her to regain her footing and then commanded her to spread her legs.

"Ye.Yes I will. Please.please.!" She may have been begging for mercy, but the determined and hungry expression on her face said more than her pleas. Pleas that were turned to garbled screams as I brought the cat up hard and laid it across her sex.

The whip snapped loudly again and angry welts rose along the inside of her thighs as her body jerked deliciously. She writhed on her tether, spinning and trying to defend her slender body in the filling babes mouth with ramrod gloryhole and hardcore dance of one being tormented.

I laid the cat over her thighs again, and she gasped and yelped in pain as her legs failed her once more, leaving her helpless in her binds. Her breasts were bouncing from her desperate movements and her nipples hardened to stone. They were luscious and spanking kick ass shiri tataki and I grinned evilly as I laid the tails across them, causing her to cry out in pain.

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Drusilla was whimpering and sweat poured down her body. I looked toward her Mistress to judge if I should continue. I expected to see her in feral enjoyment, but the Mistress's face was contorted in fear! To see her so was disturbing, and I hesitated, waiting to see if she would command me to stop. The moments passed until finally the Mistress, who was looking past me to her slave, seemed to wilt and then gestured for me to continue!

It was frightening to see a great noblewoman act in this way. This was her test though, and if she bade me continue, I had no choice but to do so! I turned back to Drusilla and saw that she had regained her feet and had once again turned to offer herself to my whip.

I knew then she had not surrendered, but I also knew that with the pain must come pleasure, lest it truly turn to torture.

I came up behind her and caressed the welts, rubbing the heat from her skin. The slave girl moaned at my touch as my fingers roamed over her body.

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Her arousal was as honest as it was palpable, and this fact served to stoke my own. Roughly, I lifted one of her legs and her sex opened to me.


I then grasped my rampant erection and brought the turgid head to her wetness. "Is this what you want?" I snarled as I pressed into her. "Oh gods yes!" she screamed as my thickness spread her hole and drove into her channel. She was incredibly tight, but her juices flowed freely and my cock sank a third of the way into her. Her weight was supported only on one leg and it trembled violently as I drew back, so I spun her to face me and then wrapped my arm around her waist.

To me, she seemed almost weightless as I lifted her high and then let her sink onto my cock. Instinctively she wrapped her legs about my waist and drew herself onto me. Strangled groans came up from deep in her chest, and I began to fuck her taunt body hard while she dangled helplessly from her wrists.

I could see her eyes grow wide and roll back as she felt my girth open her passage more than it ever had. I bounced her up and down on my cock and her thighs flexed in time, guiding her along the length of my shaft. Drusilla whimpered in lustful gasps each time I slid into her and soon enough had most of my penis sliding into her body.

Suddenly she convulsed almost violently, and her muscles became tense as a strangled cry escaped her lips! I felt her sex grip and pulse on my cock, and rivulets of her juice began running over my balls. I held her low in my lap while she came so that my cock could caress her deeply. When she finally regained her breath though, I withdrew. "I have not been commanded to stop," I whispered in her ear.

"Know that after the pain, there is more pleasure to come." "Oh gods, I didn't know, I didn't know it would be like this. How could I?" Her words trailed off into garbled confusion and she stumbled slightly as she regained her feet, but once standing, she again exposed her back to me and bent slightly in invitation to my whip.

I glanced at the Mistress only to see her gently fondling her breast and then she nodded her head, bidding me to continue her slave's torment. By now I confess that I was less concerned about the slave girl's plight. She had aroused me to a point beyond control and I desired to see her quiver and dance at the touch of the cat. I landed a blow on her ass harder than before and Drusilla screamed in agony but kept her balance, holding her body steady for the next.

The next few licked at her thighs and she danced from one leg to the other, but still only seemed be become more excited. I slapped the tails time and again on her supple skin until it glowed red in dozens of places. She writhed and squirmed but all the while her eyes flashed with a burning hunger that belied her screams. Finally, I laid the tails hard across her back and she drew her body so taunt that she actually lifted herself off the ground.

A moment later her strength failed and she dropped limply, hardly able to move as she hung from her bound wrists.

"Please, I beg you no more. I need the pleasure of you touch. No more of the cat!" She sounded weak and desperate, but her gaze was set firmly on my body. I looked to the Mistress who had sat in a chair and was brazenly fingering her sex.

Flava gets fucked hard by two men and she loves every minute of it was a shocking act and would have meant she had failed her test if anyone of import could have seen her.

Of course, that was not what I would have admitted to seeing. The Mistress brushed a dark lock of hair out of her face and hurriedly wiped away the perspiration that had beaded on her forehead. She waved her hand toward a knife on the table. "Yes, cut her down immediately Asius. It is time we see how much of that cock she can take.

I really want to see her being fucked like a common whore. Believe me, that is her greatest desire." "Yes, Mistress," I replied as I lifted the knife. As I cut through the rope that bound the slave to the pole, I could not help but be disturbed by the way Lady Lucilla was acting. Clearly she was enjoying having her slave used, but it seemed to me that she was far too concerned with the girl's feelings and safety. Maybe it was simply because she was a kind women, but my experience with Romans made me feel this was unlikely.

Or maybe she did have feelings for her? The idea made sense and it filled me with lust. I became certain that the Lady and the slave were lovers. The thought that a slave had captured her affections was wondrous.

It would give her a power and level of safety rarely seen by a slave. My only worry was that the Lady might decide to join us. Obviously I serviced noble women often, but to touch her without her husband's approval would almost certainly cause me the most painful of ends. Jupiter's Beard! I thought, I hope she doesn't drag me into something like that!

For the moment though the Lady seemed content to watch.

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She stayed seated in her padded chair as I cut her slave down, and watched intently as the girl collapsed into my arms. Drusilla curled up and wrapped her arms about my neck and her warm body trembled slightly as I carried her to the bed. Neither of them spoke now and I did my best to put the Lady out of my mind.

I could hear her soft moans carrying across the room and resisted the urge to watch her come. If she wished to pleasure herself as I mounted her slave, I knew I would do well to seem oblivious to it. Drusilla collapsed on the bed and I began gently rubbing more perfumed oil into her skin. It smelled of jasmine and lilac, and made her white flesh glow magically in the lamp light. I carefully applied the oil over the reddened streaks and welts brought up by the Cat until her pain diminished enough for her to relax.

Her eyes opened to mere slits, but her hand rose and she began lightly tracing her fingers over my muscled chest just as my hands caressed her body. Soon she moaned, not in pain, but in realization that her torments were turning to hot pleasure.

She shifted her body slightly, almost imperceptibly, until her thighs began to part for me. When my fingers traced between them and began tickling the flower of her femininity, her thighs spread more and she rolled her hips toward my fingers. "You have a magnificent touch, slave," she whispered and her breathing caught just slightly in her throat.

"A slave yes, like you. But also a man, and as such destined to be your master." My words were nothing more than a murmur but they seemed to penetrate into her and, she smiled wantonly up at me. "Then be my master, Asius. Make me the slave of your manhood." My caresses grew harder at her request and her breath became deep as my fingers massaged the tender flesh of her inner thighs.

I poured oil over her mound and began to stir my fingers into her wetness. Her lips became heavily glossed with oil and her own dew, and petite ariana marie and halle von lesbian fun passage winked open in illicit invitation to my hand. Setting down the oil, I grasped her breast with my off hand and kneaded its pliant flesh. At that moment I plunged two fingers into her incredibly wet sex, violating her womanhood in the most intimate of ways.

Drusilla's hips flexed upward hard to meet my thrust and then rolled against my fingers as I drove them inside, caressing her passage. Her eyes closed as she rode my hand and the sounds of her wet flesh mingled with her moans of passion. The air was thick with her scent and that of the perfumed oil and I reveled in the moment, thanking the gods for granting moments like this even to a man who was sara jay squirts before having pov sex more than a slave.

I knew what my touch was doing to the girl, and I hoped I could bring her to orgasm before the Mistress intervened.

I glanced over my shoulder and found the Lady deep in her own moment, eyes glazed with lust but set firmly at me. She smiled thinly at me through her haze as her fingers danced between her thighs. Knowing the Lady was satisfied, I turned my full attention back to her slave's pleasure. With one hand still rubbing her clit, I took Drusilla's hand and placed it on my still hard cock.

She responded by stroking me with hard, stuttered motions that gave away just how close to cumming she was. Her grip was tight, and she pulled harder and harder until her hand was flying over me and the she stopped and squeezed me in her hand as her body became flushed in orgasm. A deep, long gasp issued from within her and her head thrashed from side to side as her body quaked from release.

She was beautiful in orgasm, and her raven hair matted seductively against the wet, oily skin of her face. When her movements finally calmed, I turned her face toward me and brought my cock to her lips. "Suck it slave. Suck a man's cock like a whore. Suck it like the slave girl you are!" Drusilla sat up on the bed and opened her mouth to allow me to push my thick head between her succulent lips.

The bulbous head filled her mouth completely, and she sealed her lips around it and bathed it with her tongue. I grimaced at the sweet feeling her wet mouth on me and then thrust deeper until she gagged on the end. "That's it, woman, take it. I know you've never had one so big. Imagine what it's going to give you when it cums." My teeth were gritted as I spoke, and Drusilla gazed up at me through watery eyes as I fucked her mouth. She brought her hands to my shaft and stroked me as she sucked.

She twisted her hands over my shaft and squeezed my throbbing hardness as her head bobbed up and down on the head. I tried to thrust again, but her fist limited how deeply I could reach, and the girl stayed with me as my passion grew. Wetness and soft skin flowed over my glans and delicate fingers caressed my balls as she mastered my cock. The vision of her body moving, her breasts bouncing lovely asian teen meets big black cock the wonderful arch of her back, filled my senses as fully as the feeling of being sucked, and I struggled to maintain my control.

Drusilla was sucking me off with every intention of tasting my seed and I reluctantly decided she had earned her reward. "Do you want my cum girl? Is your thirst so strong you would drink of my nectar?" I pulled the throbbing head from her moist lips and she sucked the trailing saliva back into her mouth. "Yes, Master, please feed lascivious college dykes make out in the morning your cum!" Her voice was an aroused plea and with a couple of quick strokes, I grunted and granted her desire.

Thick strings of hot, white cum spewed from my cock and exploded over her face. Her open mouth caught some, but string after ropey string followed as my balls emptied, and a thick coat of man-cum splashed onto her flawless face and dripped down to her heaving breasts. Drusilla licked the creamy emission from her lips and then took me back into her mouth until my orgasm was spent.

Then she carefully licked the sticky residue from my cock. "Oh gods, there is so much, so much." she whispered hungrily as she scraped the remaining cum off of her body and licked it from her fingers. Her desire was hot and unending, joi fishnet jerk off instructions with lola if she had been starving for sex and I marveled at her.

I began to think her Mistress had wanted this to please her slave as much as herself. I dared glance back at the Lady. Lucilla looked shocked and amused, but there was no denying her arousal. By now she had teen creamy hairy pussy webcam continue on mycyka com stripped nude and her body glistened with the sweat from her own orgasmic response to her slave's ravishment.

Then she pointed toward my cock. "I trust, Asius, that you will recover quickly. My slave needs to be thoroughly taken before this night ends." I bowed my head toward her in obeisance. "Grant me only a short moment my Lady. I will be ready to finish her shortly." "Good, Asius, in the meantime, clean her up. I would not want her wonderful complexion spoiled by a slave's seed." "Yes, my Lady," I said as I quickly retrieved a clean cloth and wetted it in the chambers wash basin.

Drusilla laid back and cooed softly as I slowly sponged her body free of my cum and the remaining oil on her skin. "Mmm, that feels wonderful." Again I was transfixed by the slave's beauty and the flawless quality of her skin.

Her hands were soft and callus free and her nails were perfectly manicured. There was no way her Mistress demanded any real work from her I thought, and I was both happy and jealous that she was kept as a loving pet in this household. "You are a very fortunate girl, Drusilla," I whispered. "Your Mistress must love you deeply." She smiled up at me as my hands rubbed away the redness from her earlier torment.

"Yes, Asius, my Mistress is very kind. You really have no idea." Her eyes shifted to my cock, and it began to harden as she took it in her hand. "Now, why don't you please her by fucking her slave?

We both want you to make me cry out in ecstasy." "I will do my best," I said and gently kissed her. She had dutifully, even excitedly accepted everything I had done to her body and I desired nothing more than to give her the pleasurable lovemaking she sought. This was no longer about pleasing her Mistress, who had been uselessly quiet.

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This was about granting a wonderfully strong women the pleasure she deserved. "I know you will," she responded with a naughty smile and she embraced my powerful frame as I slid into the bed next to her. The kiss she gave me was hot and passionate, leaving me breathless. Her nails dug into my arms and she rolled me onto my back. I had expected her to be as submissive as she had from the start, but a fire had been lit in her belly and she seemed like a different woman altogether.

Drusilla straddled my chest and brought my hands to her luscious breasts. When I rolled her nipples in my fingers, her head lolled to the side and she sucked in a sharp breath. "Oh fuck yes, Asius. Pinch me hard, it makes me so hot to feel a slaves hands on my body." The change in her attitude was abrupt and profound, and her language caught me by surprise.

I tried to roll her off me so I could regain control, but she sank her nails in my chest and refused to budge. "No, I'll not have you take me. Every man thinks he is the rider and the female is the mount. Tonight it is I who will ride to the finish!" Not understanding her sudden change, I looked worriedly to her Mistress. Lady Lucilla sat in her chair with her knees up by her breasts. She pointed at Drusilla and smiled wickedly. "Let her have her way, Asius." "But, Mistress." "Be silent!

You are in no position to complain!" I was completely shocked. Shocked by the sharpness of the words, and by the fact that it was the slave girl on top of me who spoke them.

Not knowing what else to do, I laid back and stopped resisting. Drusilla slid her hand down her belly and grasped my cock. "Very nice, Asius," she said as I became hard. "Now I'm going to ride you as I would a mighty stallion!" "Ah yes," I murmured as she lifted up and sank down on my cock. She was very wet, but my cock is large and she was very tight. Her mouth formed a pained 'O' as she began taking me into her channel, and she lifted and sank back onto me several times before she had most of my length.

"Oh fuck, he's huge! I feel like he's going to split me open!" Lady Lucilla finally rose from her chair and sat on the bed, smiling at her slave. "He's like fella assists with hymen examination and banging of virgin sweetie bull, as thick as my wrist!

He must feel like a god inside you!" Drusilla gasped as another inch of my shaft sank into her. "Unh yes, it feels so so good.

Oh I have needed this for so long. Mmm." They both went on like this until she had taken all of me into her passage. Considering I had fucked her so easily while she was tied may have convinced her it would be easy, but she had been spread wide at the time and stressed to the limit. Under such duress, the mere intrusion of a cock, even a big one didn't seem painful to her.

Now though she was experiencing its full size, and the struggle made her face red with effort. Her pussy gripped my shaft tightly, and even considering how thickly her juices were flowing, her every movement rubbed the supple flesh of her sex over my cock. Her sex pulled at my penis with a merciless rhythm and when her body finally accepted all of me, she ground her hips down hard, impaling herself with my considerable length. "Gods blood, he is like a piece of iron inside of me," Drusilla swooned.

Lucilla smiled at her, holding her hand in support.

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"It's amazing isn't it? The way a real man feels inside of you. I'm so happy you finally get to have this for yourself." They spoke as if I were not even there, and I grew even more confused by their relationship. How could a slave have been denied sex with 'a real man' as she put it. Surely she would have been taken by someone long before.

It was impossible to believe. My thoughts on the subject were brief busty blonde cougar has her pussy penetrated, as the girl began riding me in earnest.

"That's it, fuck me like that, Asius! Let me feel what it is like to be fucked like a whore, like a slave! I've waited too long, too long." She bore down hard, bouncing up and down as if her life were going to end if she did not cum.

I was enchanted by sexy teen smashed because her mom thief stole something beauty of her body in such an erotic torment.

I could see that my girth still caused her discomfort, but she bore down hard regardless of whatever pain she felt. I held her waist, keeping her balanced while she rocked her hips, driving my cock deeply into her again and again. Beads of sweat dripped down between her breasts, and her breathing became ragged until, suddenly her vagina clamped down hard on me. Fresh wetness oozed from her passage and her muscles rippled up her body as her lustful frenzy grew stronger. At that moment, something seemed to snap in her mind and she clawed me viciously with her nails, raking them down my chest.

The sting fueled my aggression and I started pumping upwards hard enough that she almost bounced off. The girl would not so easily be dismounted though, and she rose on her thighs until my thrust only serve to make my repeated violation of her body that much faster. She grimaced hard, as if she were willing herself to cum and then her eyes, flush with arousal, held mine in the smoldering power of her gaze.

"I'm going to come, come with me. I need to feel your hot seed in my belly!" Hearing her beg for my cum excited me, but somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered the warning from Syneros. Leave no seed in her belly he cautioned, yet here she was, begging for it.

I struggled hard to hold back, but the girl had began to come and that was more than even I could take. The Mistress too though, heard the slave's pleas, and she brought her hands to her mouth as obvious fear nearly overwhelmed her. "No! Please, we spoke of this! He cannot plant his seed within you! What of the General." The one I had called Drusilla waved her off.

"Silence! My husband will be back within the month, if I become with child, he will think it is his!" Then she turned back to me. "Do you hear me Asius, I, the Lady Lucilla Antonius command you to release your seed!" I groaned in dismay as I realized the truth! This woman riding my cock was no slave! No, I had done nothing less than whip and fuck the wife of a Roman general, a wife who now demanded I give her my seed!

It was impossible! My heart pounded and in that moment I lost all control. My balls churned and I felt the glorious pressure of orgasm spread through me. My mind cried out against the inevitable as thick spurts of cum boiled from within me and filled the sacred vessel of the noblewoman!

I could not help but groan as my body betrayed me, but the Lady Lucilla ground down on me, capturing every drop of my cum. "For a full year that old man gave me nothing but a soft cock and no children. Well, now he will. My child may be sired by a slave, but to Rome, he will be a leader and a nobleman." Lucilla rolled off of me and covered herself with a sheet. The other woman, whom I had mistakenly presumed to be the Lady, crumpled before her.

"Oh no, my Lady, if the general ever finds out." It was a valid fear and I felt it myself. All of us, Lady Lucilla, Drusilla and I would all be crucified if this became known.

Even Syneros would not be spared. I shook my head in fear as I realized the danger I was in. "He will not find out. I will purchase Asius from his master, and he will become my personal property." She patted Drusilla's hand and then turned to me. "You will be well kept as a mate for my slave, just as you were to be for her tonight. You will never speak of this, and though you will serve me again, you will do so as if I were her." I could say nothing.

Outside of these chambers, I was to be the husband and mate of a slave girl, but in the private chambers of the Lady, I was destined to be her concubine and the father of her children. That was many years ago. Today I have several sons, some slave and some noble. The general is dead, killed in battle two years ago. Now the Lady is a widow, and free to find her pleasure where she will.

Our secret is safe. I never spoke of this to a living soul before this day, little bird. As I said, knowledge is a dangerous thing for a mere slave to possess. Still, the secret gnaws at my belly. So this morning, I have come to the aviary and found you my little dove. I tell you alone, so that the gods at least will know. Now fly, and take my secret with you to the skies.