Cute blonde babe loves to fuck her friend

Cute blonde babe loves to fuck her friend
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I didn't exactly know which house the party was in but I could hear music from a few miles blocks away so I just drove until I saw the mass of cars lining the road.

I pulled over and parked halfway in the ditch to let more cars go by and got out locking it as I shut the door. Amber's house had two stories with lights flashing in the bottom floor and out back in the pool. Maid vs boss japanese xxx didn't see any light up top so I figured no one was up there.

As I walked up the steps I saw my friend John outside smoking a cigarette talking with some people from our class. Even from this distance I could tell he was flirting hardcore with Ashley, a girl I knew he had a serious crush on As soon as John saw me walking up the path to Amber's house he yelled my name "CORY!!!!!" He tried to run over to me but he tripped over his own two feet and took a header down the few steps at the front of the house sending his lit cigarette flying in the grass and his drink to spill on the steps.

Ashley yelped as I ran over to him, making sure to stomp out his cigarette as I went by, and helped him up. He popped up almost as soon as I tried to pick him up "Dude I'm fine" I was standing so close to him that I could smell the brewery coming out of him. I looked up at Ashley and saw the worried look in her eyes while the guys outside just laughed at John so I decided to help friend out. "John that looked like it hurt like hell let me give you a hand" I tried to throw his arm over my shoulder but he just pushed me away "Dude I said I'm go-" I whispered under m y breath "Play along" He finally caught on and I brought him up the stairs.

I turned to Ashley and set him down next to her and said "Do you think you could watch him for tonight" "Yeah I better or else he will crack his head open again. Oh and by the way Amber is looking for you and before you ask why I don't know. She's out in the pool." I wondered why she wanted to see me. I thanked Ashley and went inside to get to the back but not before I heard Ashley ask John if she doxy prefers fucking during massage hardcore and handjob give him a kiss to make him feel better.

The inside of the house was so packed I couldn't see the other side of the room and the music was so loud could hardly hear myself think so I just tried to slip through all the drunk kids in what I assumed was the direction of the back door. I saw one couple dancing and the guy accidently spilled what looked like a beer on her and she slapped the shit out of him. There were couples making out everywhere and it looked like one was doing a little more than that on the couch.

I finally got through the living room and into the kitchen which led to the pool out back. Opened it and saw more kids drinking.

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"CORY" I turn around and I see Amber running towards me. She was extremely beautiful, with a dark red hair plastered to her skin from just being in the pool and her almost white pale skin and nice red lips. She was wearing a bikini which let me get a good look at her perky B-cup breast, but the best part was her ass.

She had the biggest ass in school and right now it was looking even better, the strings of her bikini bottom dug slightly into her nice fleshy hips. She gave me a hug and when I looked down her back I almost could see the back of her bottoms. "I'm so glad you made it. Here get something to drink." She grabbed my hand and drug me back into the kitchen which just gave me an even better look at her swaying ass.

We got in kitchen and she shoved me over to a counter as she produced a cup from the cabinet behind me giving me a look down her breast. Warm teen pussy lusil 4 81 tube porn went to the fridge and pored a little punch in and then reached into the freezer and pored a clear liquid into it which I assumed was Vodka.

She came back over and leaned against me "Here have something to drink" She whispered in my ear. "Thank you" I took the cup and downed most of it in one gulp.


It burned on the way down but the punch made it taste sweet at the same time. She got up from leaning on me went over to behind the door to outside and grabbed a pair of shorty shorts and turned her back to me and made a show of trying to stuff her ample ass in them.


I managed to peel my eyes away from her behind the second she turned around and came back to lean against the counter next to me. I looked down at her "So are you having fun?" She giggled and said "Now that you're here, yeah" I gave her a nudge and said "Now don't go lying to me." She savouring loads of dicks striptease and hardcore me a push back "No I'm serious, I didn't even want this big of a party but my friends insisted.

I would have just been happy hanging out with you…and the rest of my friends." She looked way and I saw her turn a slight shade of pink that went to the tops of her breast.

Was she flirting with me? I decided t find out so down the rest of my drink and put my arm around her shoulder and I let my hand rest on the side of her boob. She looked me straight in the eye. Slowly she brought her face to mine and I lowered mine to hers connecting in a hot kiss. I was in the process of reaching for proper grab at her boob as I felt her hand sliding down my stomach to my cock when John busted in the kitchen as we flung apart "There's a fight" It looked like he had a black eye and weird bruise on his neck but then I saw lipstick around it and figured John wasn't upset about that.

"I'll take care of it" I walked through the door way and saw Craig, an asshole from m school, had gotten shit faced and was standing over a kid from our school that he had punched out.

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I walked over to him and grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him around. He had a crazed look in his eyes "Cool off dude. Be nice or leave." He took a wild swing at me that I ducked under it and punched him in the face knocking him out. I picked him up, walked to the door and threw him out in the yard.

I turned around and yelled "Everybody get out. You ain't got to go home but you can't stay here" Everybody quickly filed out of the house leaving just me and Amber and me in the house. She walked up to the door, shut it and locked it. She looked at me with what looked like a hungry look in her eye. "Thanks for doing that for me. Now we got the house to ourselves" I looked at her wondering what she was talking about. She ran at me and jumped on passionate slut loves messy sex hardcore and blowjob wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist, planting her lips on mine.

She pulled back just long enough to say "Let's go upstairs" As I struggle up the stairs with both hands clenched on Amber's ass and wrestling with her tongue I somehow made it up the stairs and I broke away from her hungry mouth "Which room" She jerked her head at one of the rooms then began assaulting my tongue again.

I stumbled to the door and turned around and supported Amber against me as I fumbled for the door handle.


Once it finally released I walked back wards until my knees hit something and I fell with Amber landing on my chest. I felt the inside of her leg rub against my hardening cock "Looks like you're ready for some fun." I moved my hand down to between her legs and I could feel the crotch of her bikinis sopping wet "Looks teen gets cum in mouth pornstars and blowjob you are ready to" As Amber pulled off the top of her swimsuit I pulled down my shorts and boxers revealing my dick.

When Amber saw it she grabbed my dick just as I ripped of the rest of her bikini revealing her sopping wet pussy. She lowered herself on to my dick and let out a long low moan until all of my cock was buried in her hot wet pussy.

Amber's pussy was amazingly tight and I almost cummed inside of her the second my head popped inside her lips. Once she got all the way down she started to slowly bounce up and down on me letting out little moans as I filled slowly her up again. As she got more use to my girth she started speeding up until she was slamming down on my cock, putting both her hands on my chest to give her some support.

Her ass was making a slapping sound against my lap so I put my hands on the tops of her hips and helped her slam down on me. I started smacking her ass and pulling her ass cheeks apart and enjoying the nice sound of her cheeks slapping together After a few mores seconds I felt myself about to cum "Amber I'm gonna cum what should I do" She dropped down to give me a kiss while she kept up her slamming and moaned "Fill me up with your cum Cory I want to feel you release inside of my" I moved one hand up to her breast and started tweaking her nipples making her squeak.

I was in pure bliss with Amber's velvety smooth pussy sliding up and down my cock and the force of her ass smacking down on me filling the room with the sound of flesh pounding. I felt myself about to cum so put my other hand back on her hip and I pulled Amber down and thrust up as hard as I could and I spewed hot ropes of cum inside of her cunt just as she squealed and I felt her juices coat my cock and balls.

She moaned as she collapsed on top of me and rolled off next to me, the both of us breathing hard. I rolled over and gave her a deep kiss and with one hand reached up and started kneading her boobs. She pulled away and gave me a seductive grin "That was fun" I gave her another smooch "I'm not done yet" I got off of the bed and stood near the foot of the bed.

I grabbed her and twisted her around, making her let out an excited squeal, so that her head hung off the edge of the bed right under glamour lesbians kimber delice maisie rain stglamour lesbians ki tube porn cock. Amber knew what I had in mind because she licked her lips and opened her mouth. I grabbed my cock and lined it up with her hungry mouth.

I plunged it in to her throat and I immediately felt her tongue swirling around my cock. I slowly started fucking her mouth like that. I just did slid in and out slowly enjoying her moans vibrating along my cock. I gripped her breast and used them as handholds to bring Amber farther down on my rock hard cock.

I could feel her moaning along my cock adding to my pleasure and when I looked down I could see my cock stretching her throat. She moved her hands down to balls and started massaging my balls. I moved from looking at her throat to down her body and I saw her pussy lips were gushing juices so I bent down started eating her out enjoying the taste of her nectar.

A few minutes later I felt my ball tighten so I buried every inch of my cock down her throat causing her to gag and deposited my cum deep in her throat. I stood up and pulled out my dick making a loud popping noise before I was done cumming and kept jacking off and so I shot off a couple globs that landed on her breast.

She kept eye contact with me as she scooped the jizz off of herself and ate it. As I was watching her I said "God damn, you're fucking hot" She reached up and started stroking my cock "And you're still fucking hard, I think we still have to do something about that" I gave her another kiss and whispered in her ear "Get on our hands and knees." She shot up and assumed the position I wanted her in near the edge of the bed with her knees wide apart.

I got up and stood directly behind her. I knelt down and placed my face behind her ass. I stared at her magnificent and smooth flesh "Has anyone ever told you, you've got an amazing ass" "I think a couple of people have said that" I put a couple of finger in her pussy and slowly started to finger fuck her causing a little moan to escape from her luscious lips as I used the other hand to pull one of her cheeks so I could tickle her puckered hole with my tongue.

I pulled away a stood directly behind her. I grabbed my cock and slipped my cock between her ass cheeks loving the feeling of her soft skin gliding along my cock. I grabbed my cock and aimed it at her sopping pussy and shoved into her a couple of times. I heard her moan "I looooove fucking like this" I slowly pushed in and out of her a few more times "I'm just warming you up.

If you like this you're going to love this" I pulled out of her hot, wet pussy making a loud popping noise, placed my hands on the tops of her hips, made sure I had plenty of her juices coating my dick and rammed my cock up her ass as hard as I could making her back arch and making a scream rip out of her "FUUUUUUUUUUCK." I looked down at her "Did I surprise you?" She looked back at me and yelled "Fuck me hard.

Fuck my asshole until I scream." Quickly started pulling out and slamming back in to her so hard I could see her ass cheeks rippling as I slammed into her. As I was plunging my cock into Amber extremely tight ass I could feel my balls slapping against her pussy making a wet slapping sound. Every few minutes I stopped fucking her ass to pound into her pussy to get more juices on my dick then went right back to fucking her ass.

I grabbed a fistful of Amber's flaming red hair with my right hand and pulled on it making her back arch even more. When I pushed back into her I pulled on her hair pull her deeper on my cock "OOOOHHHHH YYEEEEESSSS CORY FUCK ME HARDER WITH YOUR Dormida por el culo tube porn MAKE ME SCREAM!!!!! FUCK ME AS HARD AS YOU CAN!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHH" I reached up with my other hand and twisted her nipple as thrust in as hard as I could, eliciting another scream from her causing her arms gave out as she buried her face in her covers muffling her screams.

I just kept pounding into her pushing her face in cockninjastorys brother confesses sister mom the mattress.

Finally I felt myself about to cum so I pushed in as hard as I could and fired off my hot, sticky jizz into her insides. Once I was done I pulled out and collapsed onto her pillows. I reached down and pulled her up next to me and laid her head on my chest.

She had a blissful, fucked stupid expression on her face. "I guess I should have asked you if it was cool to fuck your ass". "That was the best part and I can't wait to do it again. I should have invited you to one of my parties sooner." I laughed at her and gave her a deep kiss and thought of something "Did you invite me here just so you could fuck me" She grinned and said in an innocent voice "Maybe." "You have good ideas" I pulled her back into a kiss and let my hand trail up and down her side until it came to rest on one of her butt cheeks.

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"Do you mind if I crash here tonight Amber." "Just so long as you're willing to do this again tomorrow." I looked away from her, as if I was having trouble deciding "Well you had to twist my arm but I think I can do that." She squealed in glee and went to sucking on my neck and I fell asleep think about tomorrow.