2 dad 2 sister story

2 dad 2 sister story
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Walking My Dog The straps around my arms were tightly bound around my wrists holding my arms behind my back. The blindfold felt like silk but I assumed it was some other material. Why would a gang of men carry silk scarves after all! The grass felt damp beneath my bare bum and I shivered as I felt the chill of the evening across my naked chest. My top was ripped open at the front as was my bra leaving me naked from the waist up.

And my skirt had gone somewhere along with my panties. The chill of the breeze made goose-bumps appear on my chest, the wetness that was still on my skin making me feel even colder.

My mind was in a daze, and I couldn't think what to do next. Then I heard it, a sniffing noise. "Jack?" I almost whispered my throat still sore from the events of earlier. I heard the distinctive whimper of my pet dog and felt his wet nose on my cheek. "Oh Jack!" I almost cried with relief and felt my eyes well up with tears behind the blindfold.

I felt his tongue as it licked my cheek, then my chin. "That's a good boy!" I smiled as I felt his demonstration of affection, huge tits and asses babes at party brought some relief from the events of the night. Then I felt his long wet tongue on my cum covered breasts and I shuddered. But then I felt my nipples start to harden again…………………………!

2 hours earlier Jack, my small brown and white cross was running freely up the hill towards the trees at the top.

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"Jack!" I shouted almost in a shrill voice and he stopped momentarily, to check to see where I was, before bounding on towards what he clearly thought was a rabbit.

It was a log! Even I could see that! I told myself I must take him to the vet to get his eyes tested. As I wondered how they would test a dog's eyesight my face broke into a smile as I envisaged a mental picture of my dog, sitting in a chair with a pair of spectacles on, reading from the letter chart. I laughed at my own daftness. I continued to walk up the hill and glanced briefly to one side to see a couple of young men playing football with a ball on the other side of the hill.

I hoped that Jack wouldn't try and chase the ball, as he had been known to in the past, but he appeared to be still intent on catching his 'rabbit'!

The two young men watched from their vantage point on the other side of the hill as the walked towards the trees following her dog. "Got a nice one tonight then Billy!" Said one man to the other and the other grinned not taking his eyes from the female, noting her shape and what she was wearing.

"Definitely! As long as Phil and Ian do what they need to!" "I'm sure they will!" Said the man. "It's not the first time they've done it!" Moments later I watched Jack run past the log and enter the tree line at the top of the hill.

Clearly he had caught sight of something more interesting, perhaps he wasn't as blind as I thought after all. I looked to see him disappear into the undergrowth. "Jack!" I called out as I looked to see if I could see him. This wasn't like him to run off completely. "Jack!" I repeated but to no response. "Shit!" I exclaimed to myself knowing that I would need to go into the trees at the top of the hill to try and find him.

I walked slowly and cautiously into the clearing between some trees and looked around. "Jack?" I called again. "Yes?" Came a sudden reply from just behind me and I jumped at the surprise, thinking I was alone in the woods. I turned to see a young man standing looking at me. His dark features and scruffy hair made him look in his early twenties and I eyed him cautiously.

"Did I scare you?" He said slowly looking me up and down and for some reason I started to feel uncomfortable in his company. "No, um no! No you didn't!" I hesitated. "I was looking for my dog, Jack!" I looked around again quickly in the vain hope that he might come bounding out of the bushes and to my rescue.

But he didn't. I looked back at the young man. "Right!" He said with a slight smirk on his face. "I thought you were calling me! My name's Jack!" "Oh, sorry!" I said feeling almost apologetic, but slightly more relaxed, although I knew I had nothing to apologise for. "I just wanted to find my dog and then go back home!" The young man's face suddenly broke into a smile.

"No worries. I am Phil. Me, and the boys can give you a stunning fuck of pretty mamita brazilian hardcore to look for him." Moments later the two young men who had been playing football were stood alongside Phil as we was explaining to them about my missing dog, Jack. Both young men looked me up at down and I, now feeling more relaxed, continued to look around for Jack.

I suddenly heard a whimper deep in the trees and started to make my way through with the three young men in tow. I came into another clearing and looked down to see Jack tied to a tree by his collar. His tail started blindfolded wife unaware she sucking multiple cocks wag as I approached him. "Who did this to you boy?" I enquired half expecting him to reply before I heard another man speak.

"I did, bitch!" I turned just in time to come face to face with a heavy built man in his thirties. "What, the ………………&hellip.!" My voice trailed off as I suddenly felt my arms being pulled behind my back and felt my wrists being tied. I suddenly felt unsteady on my feet and very frightened. "What's going on!" I demanded looking up to see the man and the other three young men all looking at me aggressively.

"You make a noise and I'll cut the dog's throat!" Came the firm command from the older man and my lips were suddenly quivering with fear. "Please. Please don't hurt Jack!" I looked over at my dog to see him simply wagging his tail, pleased to see me. One of the young men walked over to me and I tried to back away but simply walked backwards against a tree.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" He said and I could smell tobacco on his breath as he leaned towards me. I father and twyoung daughter xxx sex vidoes him run his hand over curvy bum cheeks through the material of my skirt and shivered feeling my eyes suddenly well up with tears.

"Please, please don't hurt me!" I said feeling slightly pathetic………&hellip. "Or my dog!" I added. I turned and tried to move away only for the man called Phil to suddenly stand in my way with his hands up in front of me. As I felt one man behind me Phil suddenly placed his hands on my chest, feeling my soft breasts through the material of my top and bra.

I suddenly had a spark of confidence and looked directly at him. "Listen to me! Please leave me alone and I won't tell anyone. Okay?" I tried to say firmly but with the quiver in my voice it sounded more like I was begging, which in truth I was. I changed my facial expression to one of anger but it suddenly turned to fear again as I heard the older man speak.

"Listen to big tits!" He said mockingly to his colleagues. "Not in the mood?" He turned to look at the others. "Well what should we do now?" He grinned as he spoke.

"Perhaps we should let you go then?" He walked towards me and I tried to back away but was caught between the other two men. "Or, perhaps not!" He practically spat the words in my face as he circled me.

"Listen to me bitch, we are in the mood!" The two men suddenly backed away from me leaving me standing with my hands tied in the clearing. "And looking at you sexy lady!" He continued as he circled me. "We are really in the mood!" He turned back to the others. "What do you think boys?" He grinned and I noticed some broken teeth in his mouth. "How about a nice gang bang of the slag with the big tits?" "No, please! Please don't!" I said helplessly!

"Oh please don't, please don't!" One of the men repeated in a patronizing way. "That's fine, we'll just kill the dog then!" "No!" I practically screamed out and looked across at Jack, who was lying on his side looking bored! The older man stepped forward and looked directly at me. He placed his hands directly onto my breasts squeezing my nipples hard as he did and smiled. "Take her clothes off now!" He ordered and immediately a young man came forward taking the thin material of my top in clenched fists.

There was the inevitable ripping sound and my top was open. Next went my bra in the same fashion and I felt the cool air on my chest as my breasts bounced into view for all to see. I started to struggle as I felt hands on my hips but was unable to prevent my skirt being pulled down and my black lace panties went in the same way as my top and bra with a ripping sound!

Tears started to flow freely from my eyes now as I stood practically naked and trembling in front of four men who I was sure were now intent on raping me! "See?" Said the man called Phil. "I told you she was fucking hot!" Another man grinned. "She fucking is!


What do you think?" The older man came forward, his greasy hair in his eyes. He reached down and grabbed his obvious bulge through his jeans and smiled. "I love fat tits man, and she's got big fat tits!" He laughed. "So we gonna fuck her or look at her!" Said Phil as the older man stepped back. I could feel their eyes practically boring into every inch of my body and was scared of what was to happen next. The older man smiled. "Dance for us slag, like they do in the clubs.

Like a stripper!" Without hesitation and fearing my life I started to dance, reluctantly in the woods. The men seemed happy as I tried to sway my seductively. As I moved and as they stood watching for some reason I started to feel more relaxed. Was this all they wanted? Would they let me and Jack go now? The evening chill was having the right effect as far as they were concerned and I started to feel my nipples starting to harden. "Bend over so we can see better!" One man mom son bsd top mm.

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I turned my bare bum towards them and bent over exposing my tight pink arsehole and carefully trimmed pussy to them all. Perhaps impulsively all the young men seemed to reach out at once to touch me. I felt their hands on my soft skin, my hips, bum and breasts. I was terrified of what might happen but when one hand brushed my hardened nipples electric pulses seemed to spring up all over my body.


I tried to calm myself, horrified that my body was responding to this type of treatment. This wasn't right! I shouldn't be enjoying their touches! "Fuck, she feels soft!" One man said. "Her skin's perfect and hot!" Another added.

"Yeah!" The older man piped in. "Hot with rage!" I suddenly pulled away and looked back at them all furiously, tears now streaming down my face and smudging my makeup. "Stop fucking pretending that you're not enjoying it bitch!" Said the older man, aggressively. "And do as you're fucking told!" I looked at him through teary eyes.

"What do you want now?!" I stammered. "Well?" Phil leaned back against the tree. Cocking his head to one side and with a grin on his face he casually stated. "How about our dicks in every hole you've got!" "Fuck man! Yeah!" A blonde man shouted. Phil just smiled from these horny college beauties hardcore and reality to ear and cracked his knuckles.

"Get on the ground with your arse lexi belle tyler nixon ma belle babes the air!" A voice commanded. Knowing that I had to do as they said I obediently did what I was told feeling the soft grass and leaves under my bare knees. "Now!" Phil leaned down to your face.

"Look nice and sad for us!" He grinned. I looked at him with a pitiful puppy dog look, my eyes now reddened with tears. "Perfect!" He smiled with a wicked look on his face. He flicked off his shoes and pulled off a moldy looking sock.

Leaning down he kissed me suddenly on the lips shoving his tongue down my throat before pulling back. Seconds later he had stuffed the smelly sock into my mouth as deep as it could go. I gagged, my face wincing at the horrible flavour and trying to breathe through my nose as best I could. "Nasty!" One man commented, laughing. "But I like it!" "So!" Phil asked. "Who's going to go first?" "Who has the biggest cock?" The older man asked. All the boys unzipped themselves and pulled out their hard members and I looked at each in turn.

The older man had the biggest by far, which, like his greasy hair, didn't look it had been washed in a while. But my eyes quickly took in the fact that it was over 8 inches and thick! "You can't do that!" The blonde man stammered.

"He'll just fucking stretch her cunt and it'll be like pissing in a bucket for the rest of us!" "True!" Said Phil grinning. "Smallest first then, and you last, big knob!" He directed his final remark to the older man, who simply grinned back.

"By then she'll be swimming in cum!" He smiled and looked back at me. "You'd like that wouldn't you Missus?" I simply looked at him through bleary eyes with my most angry look. "I said look sad!" He immediately said and I felt his hand come down in a loud slap across the side of my cheek which nearly knocked me over. I looked sad now! I looked terrified and tears streamed down my cheeks and onto the ground below.

"So!" Stated the blonde man "Me first then?" He started to remove his belt and I looked at him cautiously. "Turn around bitch!" He stated and the other men laughed. "Now bend over!" I knew I had no choice and leaned forward from the waist with my full round bum cheeks sticking out behind me. I felt a small hand on the crack of my bum before suddenly feeling him push his thumb up into my arse. I squealed in pain! "Okay! Bitch, relax!" He laughed.

But I couldn't relax as I felt the sharpness of the slap of a leather belt as it came down hard on my bum cheeks. Tears appeared in your eyes again and I sniffled them back. "Let's double her!" Phil was suddenly saying and stood directly in front of me. Leaning down he grabbed my bum cheeks lifting me up and before I knew it he was shoving his hard cock up into my pussy. "Hey this was meant to be my turn!" The other man objected.

"You fuck her arse then you little poof!" Phil replied. Kristen scott gets down on bailey and bring her to orgasm his belt to the ground the blonde man guided his small thin cock and removing his thumb replaced it with his cock into my arse.

I moaned as I felt Phil's much larger cock slide deep into me and he started to lift my body against himself as I also felt the man with the smaller cock trying his best to hump my bum. Reaching around my chilly body he grabbed at my fleshy breasts and started to pull at my nipples. Once again and much to my own disgust at myself, this action sent signals around my body once again. I was starting to feel nice inside despite the attack and I was almost relaxed as I felt each of the men cum in turn in each of my respective holes.

The blonde pulled out and Phil allowed me back to the ground. This was only for them to be replaced by the other men in a line awaiting their turns. The older man stood at the back stroking his monster cock slowly. "Knees bitch!" The next man, a spotty ginger bearded man said. "Wank me off with them fine fucking fun bags of yours!" Feeling a mixture of defeat and excitement I obliged rolling my breast flesh so expertly up and down on his wet shaft.

And it wasn't long before he moaned loudly and I watched as his cock exploded deep inside my cleavage shooting his cum all over my heavy breasts.

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The oldest man now stood in front of me, his virgin forced raped in every hole waving menacingly in front of my face. Feeling a new sense of power I looked up at him and smiled. "What can I do for you then?" I ginned. "Get up and stand against that tree!" He pointed.

I did as I was told. He approached me and placed his hands under my buttocks lifting me up and directly onto his pole as he leaned into me pushing my semi naked body against the tree. As he started to fill my wet cunt and rub himself against my G spot I knew that I couldn't keep pushing away the feelings of excitement. He pumped slowly at first then faster and I suddenly felt that I couldn't hold on for much longer as he started to pump in long slow motions, hard and thick filling me up.

I tried to relax and ignore it, but my orgasm built as the greasy haired man filled my cunt perfectly and my breathing quickened as I leaned into him moaning gently as I did.

Moments later he was forcing himself faster and faster. My body suddenly tensed as the electric shocks shot from nerve ending to nerve ending and an orgasm ripped through my body. Seconds later my spurting juices were mixed with the stranger's own cum shooting deep succumbing to beautys oral sex blowjob amateur me.

I let out a stifled moan and felt a tear roll down my cheek. He released me and allowed my feet back to the floor. He looked at me and grinned as he placed a blindfold over my eyes. "Sit down against the tree and don't fucking move for the next ten minutes. Understand?" I obeyed as I heard the men dress and start to walk away talking excitedly about their 'conquest!' After what I thought was 10 minutes I heard Jack whimpering.

"Jack!" I repeated softly. I felt his nose on my cheek and tongue on my chin. Then I felt his long wet tongue on my cum covered breasts and I shuddered. But then I felt my nipples start to harden again…………………………!

"No, Jack, this isn't right!" I chided him. He suddenly moved and I tried to stand up. "Jack, where are you? What am I going to do now?" I asked helplessly without thinking that the dog would not be able to answer. I went to move but suddenly felt a human hand on my back pushing me into the tree face first. I started to panic trying to turn to see who it was and felt a naked body slide directly behind me.

But this was different! I felt the warmth of the man's german babe toys her ass masturbation and european against me and soft lips brushing a kiss over the nape of my neck.

I relaxed slightly, my body being more agreeable to this type of treatment than earlier. Hands slid their way around the front of my body and I felt the obvious shape of a cock hardening and pushing against my back.


The lips kissed my neck and cheeks softly and delicately. I was now relaxed feeling the man leaning into me although I still had no idea who it was. But I was relieved that this was a much more gentle love that I was now experiencing.

The hands and fingers slid their way over my tummy and upwards until a hand closed over each of my breasts tweaking my nipples softly as they did. I moaned subconsciously and pushed my bum backwards towards the stranger. I felt the cock, rock hard, snaking its way between my thighs and I eased my legs slightly apart to allow it access to my dripping cunt.

Before it entered, I suddenly felt the man move and lower himself down my back. His hands were now on my thighs as his lips and tongue made kissing and licking motions down my backbone and across my full bum cheeks. His tongue was now on my thighs as he pulled gently on my hips making me lean forwards more. Then I felt his tongue slide underneath me and across my dripping pussy. He was lapping at my cunt that was full of my own cum and that of my rapists! I gasped as his tongue and lips reached between my creamy thighs to close over my hardened clit as he start to suck, at the same time sliding 3 fingers up into my tight hole.

My breathing increased as the lapping tongue between my legs licked and sucked at my clit aswell as lapping at the mixture of juices exuding from my tight wet dripping cunt. I felt a hand reach up and squeeze on one of my breasts hard, clamping the rubbery nipple between the fingers to pull on as I felt another orgasm approaching.

The orgasm came suddenly and my juices squirted from the lips of my pussy as I moaned loudly. The mouth licked tasting the sweet nectar that he had created within me. I felt him move and stand close behind me. Our bodies were tight and his thick rock hard cock was between my soft thighs once again. In the excitement and aftermath of my last orgasm I attempted to push my bum back towards him in the excitement of the moment. "Fuck me!" I gasped as I bit down on my lip and my orgasm started to subside.

"Please, please fuck me!" I was pleading now as I felt his strong hands close over my breasts squeezing against my fleshy mounds. He pushed gently and I gasped again as I felt his thick cock head push its way slowly into my soaking wet cunt lips.

I gasped again and moaned as the stranger leaned into me, pushing me into the tree as his cock snaked its way up into my body until I finally felt the tickle of his pubic mound against my bum cheeks.

Then he was sliding out again, just to the tip of his cock head, before plowing back into me, more forcefully this time. Then back out as slowly as before and then back in. "Yes, yes!" I gasped to the stranger as I felt his strong arms intertwining my curvy body as he held me tightly. "Yes!" I repeated as I felt his manhood increase in speed and my cunt ached so badly to be fucked harder. "Fuck me! Fuck me, yes!" I begged almost uncontrollably. The stranger pulled my body even more tightly into his and I felt his speed of pumping increase until another orgasm was suddenly approaching and my breathing became uncontrollable.

This time I allowed it total freedom to cum hard and fast and my licking amazing hotties sexy beaver hardcore and blowjob gyrated against the tree as the stranger fucked me hard and fast and deep.

I came with a moan and a scream. My pussy canal tightened around the thick manhood just as it expanded and exploded in a series of hard shots of cum deep inside me. He shot over and over again, each time pumping in deeper and deeper until finally he slowed his pace and leaned into me. I felt his lips on my neck sexy blonde fucking in purple fencenet lingerie a light kiss.

Suddenly I felt my hands being loosened from the rope and heard him whisper. "Don't move or remove the blindfold for 5 minutes." I simply nodded to show my understanding as I brought my hands around to the front of my trembling body. He withdrew and I remained standing against the tree for 5 minutes. Slowly I removed the blindfold to see the night air now dark with stars in the sky. I suddenly felt a shiver of cold as I looked around helplessly trying to locate my skirt as I pulled my top around me.

"Jack?" I called out and suddenly my dog bounded out from the bushes and practically jumped on me in excitement as I dropped to my knees. "C'mon baby, let's go home!" I smiled as I patted his head.

Jack was running down the hill as I followed slowly before stopping to look back at the trees at the top of the hill. I felt a tingle of excitement go through my body as I pulled my top tighter around me to keep out the cold.

I turned and with a hint of a smile on my lips I started to make my way home.