Dark cock for white wench interracial hardcore

Dark cock for white wench interracial hardcore
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Fucking the Porn Reader Girl I thought I was pretty well hidden with my porn writing. No one knew where I lived. No one knew my real name or anything about me, except, male.

That all changed one day. I was sitting in a fast food place and didn't even notice a girl sitting directly behind me. My girlfriend and I were talking about my porn story's as she eased dropped on us. She caught the conversation as we talked. She very carefully followed us to my house. Now she knew where I lived. She watched my house and noticed that my girlfriend did not live with me.

One evening she watched my girlfriend leave. She waited and decided to knock on my door. I was in my robe, as I was about to take a shower. I answered the door.

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There stood a very cute girl. She was dressed very hot. Short shorts, a knock out figure, and nice no bra tits. She smiled real sexy and said quietly: "are you the porn writer?" I didn't know how to respond. I could say 'you must have the wrong house'…or …'no one like that here'…but as my eyes scanned her&hellip.I just said: "Yes, that's me, who are you?" She just stood there and looked at me.

She scanned me as I held out my arm as to say.'come on in'. she closed the door behind her. She looked all around and finally said: "So your the guy who writes those porn stories." I asked: "How did you find me?" She sat down on my couch and explained how she did it.

I ask her to please keep this horan xxx story bhut pratexxx herself, that I liked my privacy…damn she had beautiful eyes, and a soft sexy voice.

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I thought this my be an exception to my stealthy cover. I didn't need a stalker but, she wasn't one of those. She just appeared to want to meet me after reading my stories. Ok fine, curious over, end of it&hellip.but …I wanted to know more about her as she did me. We continued to talk as time seemed to stop.


We drank coffee and soon it was 12:30 am. She got up and walked over to my computer, put her fingers on the keyboard and said: "This where it all happens&hellip.where do the stories come from?" I got up, stood beside her and said: "Real life experiences and imagination." I learned she was single, had her own apt. and where she worked. She had a boyfriend eurotik tv etvshow premium story was happy with him&hellip.well…almost happy.

I stood beside her…damn she smelled good…I put my arm around her shoulders and said: "Maybe I'll write a story about you finding me?" She got all embarrassed and said: "Me?…on god…there's no story about me." I said: "Well we can add some adventure to it, you know…spice it up." She was stunned at first. I watched her stare at the keyboard.


A slow smile came across her face. She turned and looked it me…"Can we make me a blond, with long hair, and a killer body?" I said we can make you anything we want.

She put her arm around my waist and said: "Oh my god&hellip.a story about me&hellip.oh my god…can we make me rich, and have a cool car and …and…" She hugged me real tight and held it.

I turned and hugged her straight on. Her head leaned on my chest. We did a little back feeling and here came Mr. boner. I snapped out of it and sat her down by the computer. We started in with the story. She was all excited and scooted oh so close to me. Her hand on my leg at times. She wanted to re-designed herself in the story. Rich, long blond hair, killer hot body, men turning to look at her every where she went.

Meeting her dream man and went on and on. She said: "Let's tell them it's a TRUE story!, they won't know." I said: "No&hellip., they do know, they can tell. I'm honest with my readers. If I know or judge it at least 90% true, I'll mark it as 'true', otherwise I just put 'based on some true events', and that will be what this story is. She said: "Ok…cool…let's make me desired by a handsome rich guy, who wants me to live with him.

He has a big house with a pool and servants and is so hot for me.and…and." I smiled at her as she stopped and smiled back. I said: "How about we just make you "Ms. God, and you can rule the earth and universe?" She leaned her head on my shoulder and whispered: ("…sorry, I some sleep?.") It was 4:20 am.

I stood up, picked her up and put her in my bed. I said: "You rest, I'm taking a shower. I'll be right back." She put her arms around my neck and kissed me so hot&hellip.

I never made it to the shower. I'd never seen a girl take of her clothes so fast…and my robe. We lay side by side as her hands were all over me as mine were all over blonde bint has her pussy drilled facials cumshot. She whispered: (".you can be my dream guy and I'll be your dream girl, and it's our first sex…and…and…" I reached over and felt her soft tits.

Her hand went at my boner. She couldn't talk with having to take big breaths. She whispered: ("…I'm having a dream come true, I always wondered what you looked like and how hot a lover you must be…" I replied:…"…Easy easy, on my ego, I might get to liking you a whole lot." I felt her leg wrap around my back.

She never said another word, just moaned so sweet. She was living her ultimate fantasy, and was going to make sure her 'dream man' was never going to forget her…&hellip.

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I didn't. We fell asleep in each others arms. It was 11am and I smelled coffee. She sat on my bed holding the cup. I sat up and looked at her sweet face and hot naked body. She was smiling and all excited. It was time for a little anticipation.

I told her I would call her 'Hunter', for hunting me down and to come back at 9pm that night, and we would do a story about her. She looked at me with dreamy eyes, she smiled and kissed me really hot. She felt my boner as I felt her nice tits. She got dressed all excited and out she went. ------------- Nine pm sharp…knock knock.

I let her in. She was wearing an eye popping hot dress, with slits up both sides and up the front. Her tits were trying to pop out.

Her hair was pulled back and she looked 18 years old girls pmv by dimecum tube porn a model. As I closed the door she was all over me.

Kissing, feeling my boner, and jumping up for me to hold her. I carried her over to the computer and sat her in a chair next to me. I said: "Let's write a story about&hellip.you." We started in. She was more interested in me than the story, but we managed to get it going. Her hand on my boner was very distracting.

I told her that hadron's and wet pussy is how to gauge a story. I said I was making her the spell check and grammar checker.


She wasn't worth a shit at it, but&hellip.who cared, she was hot and sitting next to me horny as hell. About 11 we could do no more and kissing and feeling put the story on hold. I stood up and began to peel that dress off of her.

She danced around and did a strip for me. Her body was alive and niew xxx story 2019 sex stories attention. We managed to get to my bed. She delighted in undressing me slowly, copping feels all the way. Down on her knees she went to start in on my boner.

She was aggressive and tried to take every inch of me in her mouth. Feeling my balls and butt, she had the suck and jack down perfect. I let her go at it then lifted her up on the bed.

I set her on top of me and put her sweet pussy in my face. I tease licked her clit and slit. She gasp and squirmed as she sucked me fast. She had this hi pitched little moaning thing she did…a real turn on for me. I slowly put fingers in her pussy and massaged it inside while tease licked her clit. Her little butt and hips danced around with my playing. She squealed when I sucked right on her clit, and clamped her lips down on the head of my boner tight.

She was jumpy and squirmed as she sucked me hard as I tongue flicked her clit.

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We played like this for a long time. The build up was peeking in us both. She began to moan steady and quick turned and stuck my boner in her tight pussy. She was trembling as she slid back and forth on me, going one big cock for two hot sluts deeper with each stroke.

She became like a little steam engine working up to her climax. Her hi pitched moans were right in my ear along with gasping for air. I couldn't hold back my cum anymore. She gave one last loud moan…and I shot a big load in her. She clamped her pussy on me and started moaning and fucking hard…he voice wiggled her moans… …"Oh&hellip.oh…oh…oh…Oh…ye…s ba…by&hellip.yesssssss" She climaxed hard and shook as she pushed my boner deep in her pussy.

We both moaned as we fucked fast. The slapping of our bodies was loud and long. We didn't want to stop. She gushed pussy juice along with my big load of cum.

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She just kept pumping on me, pushing my boner in deep and squirming. She whispered: ("…oh…my&hellip.god…") and collapsed on me. My boner just kept jumping inside her soaking wet pussy as she tried to squeeze one last squeeze&hellip. ----------------------- * If your wondering how the story turned out… you just read it…………