Hairy granny gets fucked by a young stud pussy licking old and young

Hairy granny gets fucked by a young stud pussy licking old and young
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It was only twenty minutes or so since Ruth put the phone down and already she was leaking thinking of Bob and what he might have planned for the afternoon. He'd called and told her to get ready for another special treat and as usual wouldn't tell her what it was. She knew from experience though that he had something in mind other than a simple afternoon of sex.

He'd told her to dress trashy not sexy, so she'd quickly pulled on a short pink PVC skirt that fitted her like a glove and a black PVC top which was so tight that the playing a game with my hot step sister around her nipples showed clearly. Both skirt and top had centre zippers so that they could be removed easily.

Black fishnet hold ups and knee length PVC boots completed the outfit. She didn't even consider any underwear and knew that in this outfit she left little to the imagination. Bob arrived and she opened the door then stood back to see what he thought of the outfit. "Damn Ruth, that's perfect," he said as he moved to her and kissed her whilst sliding his hand under the skirt, "good to see you are wet and ready baby." He slid his finger into her and wriggled it around, feeling her fluids drip back along his hand towards his wrist.

"Want to swallow some cum?" "Of course," she responded, grasping his cock and beginning to lower herself in front of him. "No baby, not mine. At least not yet anyway. I've fixed a deal with a friend of mine and pretty soon you will have all the cocks you need to fill you with spunk and you don't even have to introduce yourself!

It will be a little like our dogging session only today we are inside." "Sounds good. You've arranged a gang bang then?" "Not exactly, but come on and get in the car.

Time is passing and you don't want to waste it do you?" As they drove along Bob had chance to appraise Ruth's outfit. "That's going to be just perfect. The zippers give quick access and the plastic will be easy to wipe off if it gets covered in cum.

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I think though that we will take the top off straight away and get your tits smeared for you." "Ooh yes, this is sounding better all the time, but come on and tell me what's going on." He didn't answer her but just grinned as he turned the car into an alley and parked it up. "Come on then," he called as he got out "we're here and you don't want to waste any time do you." She got out of the car and followed him through a side door and along a narrow corridor. They went through a door at the end and she found herself in a porn shop.

Bob led her over to the counter and the owner said "Well Bob, so this beautiful brunette camgirl masturbates toys girl live chat webcam her is it? Nice. Nice outfit and nice tits too. I might have a go myself later. Put her in booth four." He led her across the room to a row of viewing booths and they went into number four. It was about six foot square with a video screen and slots and a stool in front of the screen that could be turned to raise or lower it.

As she looked around she saw that both side walls had a hole of about four inches diameter cut in them leading to the booths next door. Around the two holes were scrawled writings saying "fuck here" and "suck me" and other similar lines. "Jesus," she said, "is this one of those glory hole places?" "Got it in one.

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All we have to do is keep feeding teen has lesbian sex with tutor during halloween money slots and we can stay as long as you like.

Dave, that's the owner, will keep sending customers into booths three and five and you can suck cock all afternoon. All you have to do is call through the hole when you hear someone next door and get them to push their cock through the hole and you can suck it or jerk it 'till it cums." "This is great Bob.

It's gonna feel strange just having a cock and not knowing who is on the other end but you know me and a cock is a cock as far as I'm concerned!" Already she was getting hot at the idea and had begun to stroke her clit and rub on her tits when they heard a noise in booth three.

She unzipped her top and let it drop to the floor and stuck a tit through the hole. "This should grab his attention" she laughed, and sure enough she felt a hand stroking it almost as soon as she put it there.

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Her nipples grew hard and she pulled back and waved her fingers through the hole calling "Come on baby, where's that cock of yours? I want to taste it and suck some cock now!" A semi hard cock appeared in the hole and she took hold of it and drew it though, giving the tip a friendly greeting lick.

"This is a nice cock mister," she called as she stroked it fully erect whilst giving a few sweeping licks to the head, "are you going to let me have your cum?" With that she carried on pumping the cock as she lowered her mouth over it and began to bob her head up and down on the shaft.

"Hey," she said, "I don't need to play around here as there is just a cock with no one wanting a long fuck or anything. Come on mister, shoot that cum for me" and she began to suck harder and faster.

"This is it, I can feel him shooting. Oh yes, yes, cum on my tits for me." She held the cock in front of her and carried on jerking it as he began to shoot his cum across her chest. She rolled the head of his cock over and around her nipples to rub his spunk into them and then she slipped the head back in her mouth to suck his final drops. "That was a nice cock" she murmured "and such tasty cum as well." Looking round she saw another cock through the hole in booth five.

"My, oh my, this is better than Christmas" she giggled as she took hold of the new cock and began to suck on that one. "I'm going to swallow the lot this time. Hey mister do you want to cum in my mouth?" She was answered by a grunt and a harder thrust from the cock as she started to bob her head on the new cock. This was much thicker than the first and her mouth was pretty stretched to get this monster inside but it was no real task for her as she had fitted bigger and longer in there ion the past.

Pretty soon Bob could tell that this cock was shooting into her as she coughed and muttered "mmmmfff, mmmmfff" and struggled to keep frail asian hottie boned with a dildo mouth clamped over it. He watched as she eventually took the cock out and held her mouth open to show him the pool of cum on her tongue. She swished it between her teeth and then swallowed it, licking her lips.

"This is great Bob, bring on more cocks!" Time after time over the next couple of hours she pulled cock after cock through the holes and sucked or jerked them off.

She began to make sure they would cum outside her mouth so that she could watch the stream shoot from the end. Then she would drop her mouth over some of them to drink their cum whilst she would let others shoot over her face and tits.

She was stroking her clit and finger fucking herself through orgasm after orgasm when a long, curved black cock appeared before her face. "Oh just look at this beauty. It must be nearly ten inches of solid meat and just look at these balls." The man at the other side must have been pressed flat against the wall as Bob followed her comments and stared at this super cock with it's large ball sack pocking through the hole.

He watched this black rod as it slid in and out of her pale mouth and the contrast in colour made it look so much better. She then got to her feet, still holding the cock and jerking it slowly. "Oh Bob, just look at this.


I'm going to fuck this one" and she turned around and bent forwards at the waist and backed herself onto it. "This is fucking fantastic" she screeched through gritted teeth and she closed her eyes in ecstasy as she swivelled herself on this cock. "Mmmf, yes. Oh fuck yes!" She rocked back and forth on this cock and gyrated her hips to get the maximum feel of this unknown black man.

The other hole now also had a cock waving at her through it and she took this one in her mouth. She looked the perfect spit roast to Bob as he watched her rock backwards and forwards to take the black cock in her cunt and then the other cock in her mouth.

She started to gurgle and screech again as the black cock began to fill her deep with cum and she slammed herself back to the wall to get the full feel of him shooting high into her.

She had taken the other cock from her mouth but was frantically jerking it now and he too began to cum, shooting long thick streams of spunk over her face and into her open gasping mouth. The booth door opened and Dave, class i com xxxn vedios owner, came in. "My turn! I want some of that but without the wall between. I want to look into those baby eyes as I cum. How about it little lady?" He advanced with his erect cock sticking out of his pants as he stroked its full length and put it to her mouth.

She opened up and took it in as she smiled up at him.


She held her lips in a pursed oval and circled the cock head with a tight grip as she popped it in and out of this lip ring for a few strokes. Then she took a breath and relaxed her lips and slid her mouth the full length over his cock so that hill ball sack slapped against her chin and she gagged slightly as he hit the back of her throat.

Bob watched and wasn't quite sure who was doing the most fucking her with her bobbing head or him with his thrusting hips. He was yelling hard at her "Come on bitch, you little cock sucker. Take it deep. Suck it.


Oh yes that's good!" and she was grunting in agreement and making little giggling noises in her throat. "Damn Bob, she's good.

I wouldn't mind keeping a girl like this myself. I bet she fucks and sucks with the best. You sure are a lucky man." "She certainly has her uses," Bob replied, and Ruth chuckled with the cock still deep in her mouth, "she just loves to suck cock and she will try almost anything, especially if more than one cock is involved." As he said this a hand appeared through the hole where the black cock had been and it reached across and slid two fingers into Ruth's open cunt.

As the fingers began to work her she moaned with pleasure and the hand slid a third and then a fourth finger into her. After a few more plunges, the thumb followed and then the whole hand slowly edged its way into her. She backed herself onto it as she continued to suck on Dave's cock and her movements became more frantic. "Hell, that looks british teen pornstar michelle moist tube porn hot," Dave said as he eyed the hand fisting Ruth and then her mouth as she sucked on ddt 257 black guyma rynatsume, "I'm gonna cum now!" he yelled and he grabbed her head and pulled it tight onto his cock as he grunted and shot his cum into her throat.

She coughed and gagged but still mewled with delight at the sensation of him shooting into her whilst she was being fisted from behind by the stranger through the glory hole. Thick streams of mucous and cum were hanging down between her legs as the stranger continued to fist her and she went from orgasm to orgasm with tears of pleasure rolling down her face.

"Back her up again" Dave motioned to Bob and they edged her back to the hole in the wall where the fist emerged as Dave continued to slop his cock in and out of her mouth. "Come on, lets have someone else fuck her through the hole. Hey fella, you want to put your cock where your hand is?" Ruth nodded her head in agreement as she continued to chew on Dave and Bob watched the hand withdraw from her and be replaced by a thick cock through the hole. "I'm gonna brokenteens 6 big dicks for 1 cheerleader her like a pendulum now.

How do you like this baby?" He began to nudge her along his cock and watched as the cock through the hole did the same at the other end. Ruth's knees were shaking and she clung on to Daves hips and managed to hold the position as these two fucked her at each end. "Oh yes," she mewled between gasps for air around Dave's cock, "I'm cuming again, yes, yes!" and she shuddered through yet another orgasm as Dave pulled out of her mouth and began to frantically jerk his cock before her face.

"Keep open baby, take this juice in your mouth" he yelled as he began to shoot long thin jets of cum into her mouth and over her face and she followed the streams trying to catch them and gulp them down. Meanwhile the cock fucking her through the hole began to pump spunk into her and she shook through yet another orgasm as he filled her again.

When the thick cock dumped its final spurt in her, her legs gave way and she slid off it and dropped to the floor exhausted. She had no idea how many cocks she had made cum that day nor how many orgasms she had herself. She did know though that Bob had found yet another way to bring out the sex slut in her and she also knew that when he took her home, she was going to have at least one more wad of cum in her before the end of the day.

"Ready when you are," she purred up at him and he held his hand out to help her to her feet.