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Beautiful teen lesbian super kiss
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When Trista left, Damien looked over to where the owner and "Saphyre," had sat, and no longer saw them. He quirked an eyebrow and then heard some music playing, he looked up at the stage and was completely flabbergasted, because there, in one skimpy outfit, looking like she was completely at home, was Jessie. And oh boy did she look hot. He watched her body move to the music, his hard on still there.


He wished he could have both girls at this point. They were just so unbelievably hot. "Excuse me," he said to John. John nodded but never moved his eyes off of Jessie. Damien knew that there was no way of getting rid of this hard on around all those girls. And he'd rather not masturbate in public. So he made his way into the bathroom, went into a stall and leaned against the door.

Masturbite n squirt creamy pussy breathed in, and out, very, very slowly. But the thought of the girls would not leave his mind.

This was the first time he'd ever wanted two girls at the same time. And the things he would do to the two of them.

He grunted with frustration, and tried to move his mind elsewhere. Today he found out his gf is a slut after a few moments his heart stopped pounding so fast, and his hard on went away. He hoped more then anything that Trista would take him up on his offer. Damien wouldn't want to take it too far with her.

But, if push came to shove, then he wouldn't resist it. He walked out of his stall and back towards his table. Jessie was no longer on stage, however, the owner was walking towards him.

"Saphyre will be right out, wasn't she lovely?" Damien nodded and then walked towards John. "As soon as Jessie gets back we shall be leaving, and I will take the two of you home, I will be waiting in the car," he left John there with his mouth gaped, but he paid no mind.

He continued on to the car. He got into the drivers side and sighed and rubbed his temples. A few moments later John and Jessie came out of the club talking as loud as possible. Damien must have not paid much attention to them throughout the night, but they looked like they had both been drinking a lot. "Heyy sexxiii maann!" Jessie exclaimed as she got into the passengers side of the car.

"You're lookin mighty good Mr. Mareno, hehehe," she bit her bottom lip and looked up at him with her baby blue eyes. Damien laughed and shook his head. "Please don't make me go home!!" She exclaimed. "I wanna go home with you!" she slung her arms around Damien's shoulders as he pulled out of the parking lot.

"I have pla…" He started to say, but then Jessie started to cry. Damien couldn't stand tears. He didn't know why, but it pulled on the strings in his heart.

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"Okay honey, sshhh. It'll be ok. You can come with me," he tried to be as soothing as possible, but he could hear the slight irritation in his own voice he hoped Jessie didn't hear it; he really didn't want her to be upset.

"Have fun bro," John whispered into Damien's ear and pat him on the back rather roughly. Damien grunted as a reply and went to the turn off to drop off John. "Thanks, talk to you later, don't stay up too late," he winked and went into his house.

He heard his phone bleep, he took it out of his pocket and saw that he had a text from a number not in his contacts, he read it and smiled from ear to ear.

"Yes!" he said rather loudly, making Jessie jump. "What?" She asked. Damien shook his head and drove back towards the coffee house.

"Ooo!! Coffee!! Yay!" Damien chuckled and went to her side of the car and opened her door. She giggled. "Hee hee, you're such a gentleman!" she exclaimed. Damien let her hang on to him as they walked into Java Lava. He helped her into a seat, and went to order them some drinks. He came back and handed her a large coffee to help sober her up some.

"There ya go love," Jessie giggled some and took a sip. Damien watched the door patiently; he was very excited, and couldn't help but be a little jittery. And he hadn't even taken a sip from his coffee yet.

He saw her, just as he was about to give up. And she was just as gorgeous with clothes on, then she was with clothes off, then again, she was showing off a lot of skin.

But that was ok. He stood up and walked over to her. "Hello dear," Damien smiled and took her hand into his, and kissed it oh so gently. He could see a blush creep onto her cheeks, just as they had earlier. And just as before, he wanted to stroke those pretty little cheeks and kiss her lips. It may have just been his rampaging hormones, but he was incredibly turned on by her. He watched as she looked over his shoulder and looked disgruntled, he turned around and remembered Jessie was with him.

He looked back at his date. "Sorry, she refused to leave my side, so she tagged along, no worries though, she is just my parents co worker," this seemed to add a little reassurance to her, because she became a lot less stiff. "I don't think I caught your name darling," he said leading her to the table. "Trista," was all she said, following Damien. He frowned at her; he wondered what her problem was. Was she still intimidated by Jessie?

There really was no reason to be. If he had to choose between the two, he would choose Trista without a second guess.

But then again, he'd rather not have to choose; he'd love to have the both of them. Damien pulled out a chair for her, "Would you like anything?" he asked running a hand through his brown hair. And watched as Trista thought for a second. He liked to watch her think she nibbled on her bottom lip, and looked up in such a wonderful way. Damien's heart started to pound faster; he took a deep breath and hoped she would end his agony soon.

"Just an iced mocha," she replied, even outside of the club her voice was seductive as ever. Damien nodded and walked back to the cash register taking out his wallet, he ordered and paid. As he waited for it to be lesbianwincom young asian teen auditions for big facialthis girl really loves my dick, he looked over at the girls.

Jessie seemed to be petting Trista's head, and Trista didn't even mind. Was that a giggle on Trista's part? And he thought she had a problem with her. Jessie kissed Trista's neck, and Trista didn't even flinch. She must be use to drunks hitting on her. But then again Trista seemed to be really enjoying it. Damien's name was called. He shook his head and grabbed Trista's drink. He cleared his throat and the girls jumped. He chuckled. "You girls seemed to be hitting it off great," Jessie giggled and blushed; however Trista just took her drink from him, didn't blush, nothing.

She actually seemed very casual and like she was caught doing nothing wrong. Which made Damien even more attracted to her.

Damien loved a woman who was in control of her surroundings and never embarrassed, then again. A blush on a woman was breath taking. Especially on Miss Trista. Jessie placed her hand on Damien's leg as he sat and started to rub up and down. "I wish you'd take me home with you. Ultimate surrender cheyenne jewel vs tiffany tyler wait.

My car is there. You have to," Damien's cock jumped at this. But he didn't only want to take Jessie home; he wanted that hot little blonde with them. Jessie's hand started to go higher, and as she gently stroked his hardening cock, he looked at Trista. She caught his eyes and smiled at him, he grunted lightly and closed his eyes as Jessie grabbed his cock.

He opened his eyes and saw that Trista had now noticed what was going on, and squirmed in her chair. Did she like what she was seeing? "How about the three of us go back to my place?" He asked. Trista bit her bottom lip and shrugged, and Jessie nodded her head furiously. "Trista you can follow me and Jessie in your vehicle ok?" Trista looked a little disappointed but nodded in agreement.

He stood his cock now noticeable, Trista stumbled getting out of her chair, and fell on her knees right in front of Damien. Looking down at her sex stories 2160p amazing gonna cum announced dldmasturbation a very bad idea, for at that moment, right there in the coffee house he wanted to unbuckle his belt take his hard cock out, grab a fistful of her hair, and put that pretty little mouth to good use.

Instead he took a deep breath, bent down, and held his hand out for her. Trista grabbed it. "Thank you," she bit her bottom lip and grabbed her drink off of the table. Damien explicit and wild lesbo sex lesbian and college, and he walked with the two girls out of the coffee house.

This was too damn perfect. He thought to himself. How, how did I even pull this off? He shook his head and smiled. Trista eyed him and was biting her bottom lip. Trista got into her car and looked into her mirror, her face was very much flushed. With what? Embarrassment? Shyness? Whatever it was it left her feeling very much nauseous.

She breathed in and out very slowly and ran a hand through her hair. She jumped a little when she heard a horn being blown. Then realized that it was just Damien and relaxed. Porn interview with big dick turned on the car and plugged in her iPhone to the radio and played the playlist she listened to relax herself.

She started to think about how she actually really enjoyed being kissed and touched by Jessie. But at the same time she was very intimidated by her. She looked at herself in her rear-view mirror and realized just how adorable the bow in her hair was; it kind of added a sense of innocence to her. They came to a stop light and Trista could just barely make out Jessie scooting herself closer to Damien.

God knows what she was doing to him in that car. She sighed heavily and let her foot off the break when the light turned green. Damien must have been distracted, because he was a little hesitant to moving. But he finally moved forward. She felt herself getting slightly jealous but she had no reason to be. It wasn't like he belonged to her, hell, for all she knew she would be sharing this man with Jessie.

It sounded absurd, but at the same time excited her. Meanwhile, Damien was trying very hard to concentrate on the road ahead of him, but the drunken woman in his passenger's seat was making it very hard for him, quite literally. His dick got hard and very quickly. Jessie somehow knew exactly what she was doing like she'd been with him before. He groaned slightly as Jessie bent down giggled, and took him out of his pants and wrapped her lips around his head.

"You just couldn't wait could you?" Jessie giggled some more and shook her head as she went to the base. "Well, I need to pay attention to the road.

As much as it feels good, I'd rather us not end up in a wreck," Unwillingly Jessie stopped and pouted in her seat.

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"I want you so bad!" She yelled. Damien smiled and shook his head. "Well, I'm at least going to touch you," she reached over and started to stroke his still hard cock. She moaned and gripped him harder, he grunted, but didn't stop her. Finally after about half an hour, they were back at his place. He made sure that Trista was still following him before parking. He put himself back into his pants and both he and Jessie stepped out of the car. He waited as Trista parked, Jessie being giggly and nibbling on his earlobe.

It sent chills down his arm, but it was nothing compared to what the mere presence of Trista could do. Her beauty made his heart work overdrive. And with every step that made her tits jiggle made him want to play with them even more then he already did. "Hi," Trista said lightly not making eye contact. She looked really uncomfortable with the situation, but hoped a few drinks would calm her nerves at least enough to where they could have fun. "So what if she doesn't consent?

That's how I like my women anyways," He breathed in heavily and smiled down at Trista. He wished he wasn't thinking about those kinds of things at that moment. Because if it came down to it, he wasn't too sure that he'd be able to stop once he started. He ran a hand through his light brown hair, and the three of them walked up to his suite, both of the girls on either side of him. Damien tried controlling his own emotions, but he was so excited.

He pushed Trista a little in front of him and Jessie; he wanted her to just get high enough to where he could take a peek at what was underneath her incredibly short skirt. When she got ahead of him support wolf by purchasing that full movie, he took in a sharp breath, for he could see her luscious pink pussy, and boy did it look delicious from this angle. His cock jumped for the thousandth time that night.

He didn't know if he could take any more of this torture from either girl. He didn't even know if he could wait long enough for Trista to feel comfortable. They got to his door after what felt like ages, and he ebony girl with nice ass takes on big dicks the women in.

"Would you like a Smirnoff Trista?" She nodded her head vigorously, it seemed like the ride here made her a lot less brave then what she had appeared earlier. But, that was okay. He went to his fridge and took out two drinks, Jessie had already had enough.

He came back into the living room and once again he found Jessie all over Trista. "You seem very comfortable around Jessie, but nervous around me?" He asked as he handed Trista her drink. "You make me nervous," she answered flat out opening her drink, and taking a long swig from it. Jessie stopped playing with Trista and sat surprisingly still. Trista leaned back on the couch, and crossed her legs, she seemed to be pretending to be slightly modest, but he could still make out the pink of her pussy, and from his view earlier, he was pretty sure she was shaved.

Which he liked a lot. A few drinks later and the girls were both finally his to play with. "Jessie?" she looked up at him but didn't say anything. "What would you do if I asked you to play with Trista's pussy?" Trista squirmed and giggled and Jessie simply smiled. Waiting for him to really ask her.


"Jessie, please play with Trista," he pulled out his dick and started to pump up and down as he watched Jessie place her hand in between Trista's thighs and work her way up, parting them as she went. Trista moaned as Jessie hit her sweet spot and rubbed, however, she kept eye contact with Damien which turned him on even more. He continued to pump up and down. "Eat her out," Jessie hesitated. "I said eat her out!" he demanded. Jessie got to her knees and still hesitated.

This pissed him off, he stood and grabbed a fist full of Jessie's hair, and shoved her face close to Trista's pussy. "Lick up her juices you dirty slut," both Jessie and Trista moaned, which shocked him. Did Jessie know he'd do that? Was he that predictable?

The questions were interrupted, however, by Trista's loud moaning. He kept his hand in Jessie's hair and started to once more pump up and down on his hard cock, he noticed Trista squirm a little more and saw that she was watching him touch himself.

He bit his lower lip and watched her moan and squirm. He started to realize that he really liked watching Trista being pleased. "Let's take this to my room gorgeous pussy of brunette on display and you can see her beautiful flowery hole Damien let go of Jessie's hair, and she stood almost immediately.

Both of them were keeping pace with Damien as they walked to his room, stumbling a little here and there. He closed the door behind them and ordered the girls to help each other undress him. Trista began shaking a little, he felt a twinge of pain for her, but he couldn't help but be so incredibly turned on, especially when Jessie was currently unbuttoning his pants. Trista grabbed the hem of Damien's shirt and he lifted his arms so that she could easily remove his shirt. Jessie had gotten on her knees and was starting to suck on his cock.

Damien moaned just as Trista went to kiss him, and she moaned with him. Trista gasped as Jessie started to slide her fingers into her the fat pig daily shower tube porn, all the while taking Damien's cock all the way to the base and back to the tip. Trista then started to kiss his neck, his shoulders, his chest. Going lower, and lower until she was on her knees with Jessie. Damien noticed that Trista was in what almost looked like a school girls outfit.

He moaned as she looked up at him with her innocent eyes. "Help Jessie suck my cock baby," Trista nodded and started licking his cock on one side, with Jessie on the other.

"Oh god, yes," he moaned loudly. They met at his tip and locked tongues. Twisting and turning them this way and that. "Jessie, go lie down on the bed and strip," Jessie did as she was told and took Trista's hair into his grip. Her mouth went all the way around his cock, and he pushed himself all they way to the back of her throat.

They both moaned, and Trista took him all the way out, oh so slowly, and then took him all the way to the back of her throat. Damien could hear Jessie playing with herself. "Did I say you could do that?" he growled at her. Jessie shook her head and stopped. He moaned loudly as Trista started to take him into her mouth faster, moaning as she went. Damien had her stop, and he picked her up. Trista wrapped her legs around his hip, and he slipped his hard cock into her pussy. He moaned so loud, it was almost deafening.

"You're so tight," He looked at her and she had a blush crawling on her cheeks. He walked her over to the bed still inside her. "Can I please touch myself?" Jessie asked her breathing heavy. Damien nodded as he plunged in and out of Trista. "Oh god, I cant wait for you to ebony teen cream and cum before sex a torment chair sexual teasing rope bondage that to me," Jessie said in a hushed tone as she slipped two fingers inside of her self.

She moaned as she watched Damien as he slammed his huge cock into Trista again and again, making her scream with pleasure. "You have to be nice and share okay?" Trista whimpered as he left her, and crawled over to Jessie.

"Get on your hands and knees," Jessie hesitated, so Damien grabbed her and turned her over himself, pushing her face into the pillows and forcing his cock into Jessie's pussy.

She moaned loudly, and Damien grunted. "Now be a good girl, and eat out Trista," Damien had positioned themselves directly in front of Trista. He looked at her and smiled. She was blushing like mad now, and didn't know how she felt about a womans mouth being down there. However, she still let Jessie do it. The moment Jessie's tongue hit Trista's clit she started to moan, Damien started to take Jessie harder and faster, enjoying Trista being satisfied.

Jessie was struggling, trying to keep herself from screaming as she ate out Trista. Damien took himself out of Jessie and she continued to eat out Trista, he crawled over to her and placed his dick by her mouth.

"Suck me off baby," she looked up at him, he looked at her pleadingly and she complied. She wrapped her lips around his cock and started sucking off all the stickiness from his cock. They both moaned. He didn't care if Jessie had came or not.

He was only concerned for Trista and himself. Damien came all over Trista's tits, just as Trista came from Jessie eating her out.

Jessie bit her bottom lip and scooted herself up a little. She then started to suck on Trista's nipples, and licking off all the cum from her body. Damien decided to be a little fair and started to finger her, she moaned as she licked up every drop of cum that was on Trista's body. And as he fingered her Trista played with Jessie's clit.

Jessie leaned back and let the two of them play with her. She moaned and leaned up a little wanting her mouth on Trista's, Trista bent down and slipped her tongue into her mouth. Tasting the remnants of Damien's cum. Trista played with Jessie's clit a little quicker and finally she came. They all laid there, for some reason Trista wanted more. But not of Jessie. Just Damien and herself. But she didn't know if that was part of the bargain.

She closed her eyes and sighed. She really didn't want to open them, so she kept them closed as she heard Jessie say something about being sober enough to drive home, Damien not stopping her but walking her out to the car. Trista didn't know how long they were out there, but it was long enough for her to fall asleep in Damien's bed.

Trista woke up to the sound of a shower running, she stretched and yawned. She felt a little bit of pain in her nether regions, she wondered why. That is of course, until she sat up and realized that she was naked. Not only that, but this was definitely not her own bed. "Oh yeah. I came to Damien's last night. She bit her lower lip and trembled as the memories of last night came rushing to her. Ugh my head.

"Oh you're awake," Trista looked up to see a half way naked Damien. He was in the process of stripping to take his shower. Trista blushed and adverted her eyes. "No reason to be shy, you saw a whole lot of me yesterday," he chuckled and dropped his boxers to the floor.

Trista looked back up at him and blushed even harder, because his cock was standing at a full erection. Damien shrugged and walked into his bathroom. "Would you like to join me?" He called out to her. Trista did feel sweaty and sticky from the activities that happened the previous night. She didn't say anything, she just got up from the bed and walked in. She stripped for a living so it wasn't like no one had seen her completely naked before.

But, some how, she felt incredibly vulnerable under Damien's hot gaze. "Go ahead, get in," Facial cum through car window on a hot blonde girl in public gang bang dogging nodded, the tub was huge, it could probably fit like two other people.She wondered if he'd ever had that many women at once but quickly pushed that thought away and climbed into the shower.

She didn't like the thought of him being with other women. Even though he wasn't really hers to ge jealous over. Trista sighed lightly as the warm water went down her body, as Damien got in she watched him, and realized that there was actually a bench that was sitting in the shower, and again, her mind wandered to the possibilities of other women in her.

"You okay?" Trista jumped, realizing she had just been gawking at him. She nodded her head. "Come here," She hesitated, but knew from last night that he could get angry if not listened to. So she walked over to him, noticing another shower head above where he was seated. When Trista got close enough he grabbed hold of her waist and pulled her even closer. "Straddle me, don't worry, I won't go inside of you. Unless you ask it of me," Trista bit her lower lip and did as she was told.

It was hard not to beg him to put his hard cock inside of her. Her heart was beating like crazy, she was surprised that Damien couldn't hear it. "So, do you want to talk about what happened last night," Trista looked at him with shock. ~~~"I- I don't know, " How could she know with his hardening cock so close to her, she didn't put all her weight on him, she didn't want to hurt him. You would think after all these years of stripping she'd be used to sitting on top of a man with a rock hard dick.

But then again she never slept with her customers, and there was just something so different about this man.Why was he so enticing?Why did she just want to ride him and not stop. Why did he make her heart be so quickly,with his cock inches away from her?

She bit her lower lip and could feel his cock jump a little underneath her. She squirmed and Damien grabbed on to her waist rather tightly. "Well. I mean," she gasped as he moved his own hips up, pushing his cock into her wet pussy.

"I. I thought you said," she blushed and moaned. "I'm sorry, I couldn't contain myself any longer," he grunted, moving her up and down on his cock, she moaned louder, arching her back, "God, you have magnificent tits," he said as he took one of her nipples into his mouth.

Trista placed her hands on his shoulders for leverage and started to ride him on her own. "Oh, god yes," they both moaned. She started up slowly and gained some speed. "Don't stop," Damien practically pleaded. Trista didn't plan on stopping, she knew they needed to talk, but his huge cock just felt so fucking good. No way did she want this pleasure to go away. Now that she was sober, it felt so much better then last night, a long with the fact that Jessie wasn't there.

Although she had very much enjoyed having a woman, and sharing this to die for man. Sunny leone first sex fairy tales porn was nice having all the attention focused on her. Damien was starting to shake a little, and she couldn't tell if he was enjoying himself or not. She continued to ride him, placing a gentle hand on to his cheek and looking at his face.

"What's wrong? Are you not enjoying this?" Oh he was enjoying it, but he just didn't want to FORCE her at the moment, but his mind kept racing to those thoughts. He grunted in frustration, "I'm fine, it feels. oh god. It feels amazing," he told her moaning lightly. She bit her lip and looked at him innocently, and that just about broke him.

Damien wrapped his arms around Trista, leaned back against the wall, and moved his hips up and down furiously. Trista started to moan loudly.

"Don't cum. The minute I think you're about to come I will stop, and the whole process will start over again," he said. "Do you understand?" Trista whimpered and nodded. "That's not good enough. Do you understand?"He asked thrusting in harder.

"Y-Yes, sir," Trista was having a hard time speaking, it felt so good having him thrust into so hard, and the water cascading down her body made this all feel so much better.

Damien took a nipple into his mouth again, continuing close up with lesbian babes sensually kissing fuck her harder and harder, but then he stopped. He thrusted into her again, slowly, gaining speed, faster and faster until he had her screaming again.

Once again, he stopped. Trista was so close, she didn't know if she could keep this up. She just wanted to cum, but god did she want to please this man. And again Damien was thrusting into her. "Cum with me," he whispered into her ear. She bit her bottom lip, and he thrusted into her again, again, and finally they found their sweet release together.

"Oh, Damien!" Trista exclaimed as she came around his cock, holding on to him, and trying not to fall. Damien let her sit there for a moment. And then looked at her. He smiled a little she looked so peaceful and beautiful right after an orgasm. "Come on," he finally said, helping Trista up, "lets get you cleaned up." ~~~~~~~~ "I don't usually do this thing you know," Trista commented sitting behind the counter on a stool as she watched Damien make some eggs.

He was wearing boxers and sweats, jenna makes her lover megan moan in sapphic bliss she thought to herself how nicely they hugged his ass and slightly hung off from his hips. She bit her bottom lip, just staring. "What? Gawk at a man while he's making you breakfast?" he asked laughing and quirking an eyebrow at her.

Trista blushed and looked away. Which caused him to laugh even more as he slid the cooked eggs on to a plate that had some sausage and toast. He handed the plate over to her with a fork. "There you go beautiful. Go ahead and eat, no point in waiting for me," he smiled and cracked another egg into the pan.

She didn't realize how hungry she was until she looked down at her plate. By the time he went to sit next to her, she had scarfed down both her eggs, a few pieces of sausage, and a couple bites out of her toast. Trista watched him as he took slow delicate bites, her eyes looking over every inch of his body that she could take in.

"You should really stop doing that, before I bend you over this counter," she looked at him quizzically and he pointed at her mouth with his fork. Subconsciously she had started biting her lip. She blushed and immediately stopped. "God, a blush on your cheeks makes you look so fucking adorable," she blushed harder and looked away. "Don't look away, I want to see that gorgeous face of yours," he said, taking another bite of his sausage. She peaked up at him, her face flushing crimson.

No man had ever mad her feel this beautiful before. Her mind went into over drive though. What if she was just another trophy for this guy? He'd probably slept with a lot of women, I mean, he was very attractive, and wouldn't be surprised if women threw themselves at him left and right. Trista sighed and looked down at her bare feet.

After today, she'd probably never see him again. But boy was she wrong.