Mean bitches forced facesitting squirt

Mean bitches forced facesitting squirt
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Harry's Magical Wand A Harry Potter Fan Fiction What should have happened in the ending of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire… PS: I do not own the characters. And this story involves male / male slash sex, so if you have anything against that, Leave (:. Enjoy! Draco wanted Harry to suffer, he wanted him to fail the competition so bad! He circled around his room and tried to think of a way, that suddenly came to his mind. He quickly got down to breakfast and went to the Hufflepuff table, demanding to speak to Cedric Diggory.

He pulled Cedric to a dark corner behind the doors of the room where they had breakfast. Draco thought, Get Potter to go with you to some place, make up some excuse, I don't know! Then, rape the fuck out of him! But do not kill him! "Imperio!" Malfoy whispered, pointing his wand at Cedric and compelling him to do his bidding. ◘◘◘◘◘ "Hey, Potter!" Cedric Diggory shouted as Harry got through the crowd in Hogwarts, all discussing rumors about the upcoming TriWizard challenge.

Harry had been selected, even though he hadn't put his name in the cup, and was thus forced into joining the competition.

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He had made it past the first tournament. "Yes, Diggory?" Harry responded, not bothering to stop for the other boy to catch up with him. Until suddenly, he felt a grasp at his shoulder and a strong force turning him, which he did.

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He stared at the golden eyes of Cedric who were contemplating him. "Thanks for the tip-off about Dragons for the first challenge, I really needed it!" "Yeah, of course, I know you would've done the same to me," Harry said, rolling his eyes. On-lookers were staring at them, most of them shouting insults at Harry who was underage, and people thought he cheated his way into the Championship. "Yes, exactly," Cedric answered. "I want to give you some advice.

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About the egg we fetched from the dragon, just go, take a shower and mull things over!" He continued, winking at Harry in a slightly embarrassed way. That made Harry's hurt flutter. He actually felt attracted to the boy addressing him. "What do you mean?" Harry said, not understanding what he was to do. "Oh, just meet me in the prefects bath at midnight on Saturday and I'll show you!

Bring your egg!" Cedric said, his face blushing even more, even though Harry had no idea what was going on. Harry caught up with his friends and filled them in on the newly discovered info. They were fairly disappointed when they realized the amount of the info given was very mediocre but were, as Harry was, eager to find out what the egg hid.

The week went by and Saturday came. The holiday went by with Harry, Hermione, and Ron playing wizard chess, with tight competition between Hermione and Ron. At 11:50, the Gryffindor common room had emptied up and both Hermione and Ron went to bed, wishing Harry good luck. He grabbed his invisibility cloak he had inherited from his father and went to join Cedric, holding the hot amateur teen fucking tube porn so tight that if it were really an egg, and not one formed of pure gold, it would have blown up long ago.

Just as he arrived at the prefects shower room, he found Cedric sitting there, in a pair of shorts and shirtless. The sight of his huge muscles, and hot shizzeled body sent Harry off guard. WHY ARE YOU THINKING THAT? HE'S A GUY! Harry immediately regained his face expression and took off the cloak, exposing his body which was still in robes to the attractive guy sitting there. "Oh, Harry! You startled me!" Harry didn't say a word and kept staring into the golden eyes of the guy beside him.

"Okay, so first of all, take your clothes off." Cedric said, staring at Harry as seriously as a teacher stares at students while warning them about tests. "What?" Harry exclaimed, as if he didn't here what Cedric had said.

"You have to take your clothes off, are you going into the bath with your robes on?" He looked at Harry like he was crazy. "Oh okay." Harry then stripped off his robes.

When he was left in his briefs, he stared at Cedric, who was getting the shower run as if they were going to take a shower, waiting for him to turn away so he could get naked. "There're only guys here, dude! Chill!" Harry kept staring at the guy, but then also took off his briefs, exposing a half-hard beautiful cock.

Harry felt embarrassed and quickly covered his Adam's apple with his hands, not fast enough. Cedric had gotten a sight of the younger man's penis. "Its okay man, I told you!" Cedric said again, grinning at the embarrassed figure. So Harry shrugged and uncovered his cock, quickly hurrying into the hot water. "So anyways, tell me what does taking a shower have to do with finding out what is hiding in the egg?" Harry said, sarcasm flowing out of his words.

"And aren't you getting in? I'm feeling like a bloody idiot just standing there naked." "Yes of course, and you'll see!" Cedric said before quickly pulling down his shorts and exposing briefs covering a huge lump. He then took off the briefs and exposed a semi-hard cock lesbian teacher ass finger ebony had a minimum skinny small tits asian amateur blowjob interracial 8 inches length and huge girth.

Harry imagined wrapping his mouth around it and quickly shrugged off the thought as his cock began to harden. His cock was 7 inches long, and was healthily thick.

Harry caught his breath and quickly looked away, staring at Cedric's face instead. Telling from Cedric's face expression, he had been busted staring. WHY ARE YOU F-KING STARING ANYWAY? LOOK AWAY!

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HE IS A GUY. Nevertheless, Cedric quickly got in, joining Harry in the bathtub. Then he reached for the egg that was on the edge of the bathtub with his big, full of muscles arms and quickly grasped it, motioning Harry closer.

Harry got closer to him, now having a full hard on. The bath was chest-high and full of soap so Cedric couldn't see what he was dealing with. Harry was only a few centimeters far from him, and could feel heat radiating off his skin, as he was positive it wasn't emitting from the hot water.

Without warning, Cedric dived in the water, sinking the egg with him. Harry got the sign and ducked too, opening his eyes in the water. He saw Cedric, sitting on the floor of the bathtub, with the egg opening in his arms, covering the sight of his cock.

Then a melody came out. Harry listened to it then quickly got up the surface for air, Cedric imitating his move. Again, he dived to listen to he melody that contained clues. He memorized the melody at the third try and both Cedric and Harry got back to the surface of the water. "Okay, so the next challenge will be in some lake, right?" Harry said, concluding some of the clues. "Yes, probably the one near the Forbidden Forest." Harry nodded, then just stared into Cedric's eyes.

"What now?" Cedric made a show of giving deep thoughts, then looked at Harry and said, "I have an idea. Close your eyes." Harry didn't know what to do. What blonde lesbians get to please each other Cedric have in mind? What is he planning to do?

But Cedric had helped out Harry and clued him in on the next challenged so he closed his eyes. He heard the sound of the water around him, probably Cedric moving. Then someone was behind him, pushing him on the edge of the bathtub. "What the fuck, Cedric?" Cedric didn't answer and put his fingers in Harry's mouth, still standing behind him. "I know you want it, I know you want me." He said cockily.

But those words terrified Harry because of two things, their meanings, and the arousal they provoked. Harry was turned on, but he did NOT want to do it with Cedric. It was maybe his instincts, maybe his homophobia, but he just didn't. Cedric's hands dominated him, rubbing his body, and then coming to a full stop at his cock, he started stroking it from behind. Harry couldn't help a moan but struggled to get away from the hormones crazed guy behind him. "Get away from me!" "Oh no, Harry!

Playing bad boy will get you into real trouble!" These words didn't affect Harry at all and he continued struggling to get free. Then Cedric's body collapsed on to him, making Harry's chest fall on the edge of the bathtub, on the floor.

In that position, his ass was exposed in an inviting way. Cedric was on top of him, breathing slowly on his neck, his breath making goosebumps rise off his hands. Then, very slowly and painfully, Harry felt something between his ass cheeks, on the entrance of his asshole. Cedric grunted, and Harry shouted off his pain. "AAAAAAAAGH! CEDRIC!! STOP IT!" "It's no need, Harry, stop screaming. I've put up some spells and no one can hear us now, we can be as loud as we want," Cedric mused in Harry's ear.

Harry couldn't help the pain, and tears began streaming off his eyes. Cedric didn't see them, and then, a ripping pain over ruled Harry's body; Cedric had penetrated him with one thrust, and had his full 8 inches into Harry's ass. Harry was screaming and moaning, being as loud as he could, sheepishly thinking that he could somehow break the spell Cedric had put. Cedric then took half of his dick out, then slammed it back in, raping Harry in a most painful way.


Cedric then started humping Harry in a hardcore way, with Harry screaming and crying and cursing. Harry got his hands off of the floor and reached behind, scratching Cedric's back, but Harry was punished by a bigger pain throbbing into him, and Cedric put his hand into Harry's mouth.

Obviously, Harry bit him, but Cedric then entirely pulled his cock out and and grabbed hold of Harry's whole body, carrying it out the bathtub. "You have a little problem with biting, eh? Now I am going to teach you a lesson about it." Cedric pushed Harry down, whose weak body didn't try to block the impact.

Then, Cedric bent and took hold of Harry's face, staring into his green eyes. "IF you try and bite me, I swear to Merlin, I will torture you till you're insane and kill you!" Harry's eyes widened and he gave up any type of struggling. Cedric got in front of him, putting his huge cock in Harry's Face.

"Open up!" He said. Harry got the order and slightly pushed apart his lips. Cedric smiled, and slowly put his dick in Harry's mouth. Harry's gagging reflexes came but he didn't dare bite, so he choked on the huge thing in his mouth. Cedric pumped in and out of him, face-fucking him. That lasted a while, Harry's tears moisturizing Cedric's throbbing cock. Until finally, Cedric began moaning in such a loud voice. "I'm going to cum!! Ahh! Potter, you better swallow everything!

AHHHH IM CUMMING!" And Cedric shot his whole load, shooting sprays and sprays of his male essence into Harry's mouth. Then, Cedric pointed at Harry's brain with his wand and everything went blank. Forget what happened tonight, the only thing you remember is drowning after listening to the song and me saving you. Now go back to the Gryffindor rooms. ◘◘◘◘◘ The following day, Harry woke up in his bed feeling a little dazed, he had a weird taste stuck on his tongue.

He tried to analyze it and failed to recognize the substance that stunk in his mouth. His butt also hurt like hell. He met his friends after a shower on the Gryffindor breakfast table. Hermione and Ron were pretty suspicious of his behavior that was unusual, as Harry was feeling weird. He didn't remember anything from the day before except for his discovery with Cedric and his drowning.

"Tell me, Harry, what's wrong?" Hermione said for the third time this day, so finally Harry gave up and started telling his two best friends about his experience. Suddenly, he saw Cedric Diggory staring at him from the Hufflepuff table, but they both quickly looked away. He looked into Hermione's wide eyes and saw a glint of a solution in them.

She quickly took out her wand and pointed it at Harry's forehead. "Finite Incantatem". And every close up with redhead slut getting cunt and ass fisted event of yesterday came rushing back into Harry's mind.

Cedric's behavior, his domination over Harry, the way Cedric raped Harry coldheartedly, ignoring his pleases. The way Cedric pointed his wand at Harry, and murmured a spell, wiping off all of his memories and making him busty amateur czech girl flashes banged and facialed for money back to the dormitories, not having any idea of what happened.

Then Harry had an explanation of why his mouth tasted like this, and why his butt hurt this much. "So, did you remember anything now? I think you were under a memory charm, it's pretty obvious since you can't remember anything. Harry decided to hide everything. He wouldn't tell his best friends about what had happened to him! They would probably get all weird.

But Harry didn't give it much thought, his mind was swimming in memories of last night, of every tear he'd shed. "Nope, Hermione. It's just like I told you, I went with Cedric to the prefects showers and took a bath, and we listened to the song that came from the egg underwater.

When I tried to stay long underneath the surface to listen to the whole song, I lost my breath and drowned. Then, Cedric rescued me." Hermione didn't look like she believed any of his explanations but shrugged it off, she would find out in the end. Harry got through breakfast and went to his classes, which several were with the Hufflepuff students. He noticed Cedric staring at him many times and felt pure fury running through him towards the boy.

How could he do it? And wipe away his memory! But Harry didn't do anything about it until the end of the school day. After school, he was just circling around Hogwarts, trying to see if he could catch up with Cedric, until he ran into him in the library.

He was sitting with a bunch of his friends, sniggering at some private joke. "Can I talk to you for a second, Cedric?" Harry said in a controlled tone that even he didn't know he could do. His tone didn't reflect any of the hate and rage that he was feeling. Cedric moved towards Harry and they both went to stand behind a shelf full of books, in a shadowy corner. "I know what happened yesterday, Cedric!" Harry blurted out. "What are you talking about?" Cedric replied, astonishment and puzzlement taking over his handsome face.

"You sure as hell know what I'm talking about, don't play dumb to me!" Harry retorted. He was on the edge and would explode anytime now.

But Cedric didn't give out nerd is pleased by two hot milfs blowjob blonde, still staring at Harry in pure confusion. Then, Harry understood. Harry quickly got out his wand and muttered the same enchantment Hermione had used. Then, recognition, shock, fear, pity, and apologizing emotions swept through Cedric, all showing on bigass babe ass banged after sucking cock amateur anal face.

"I… I didn't…" Cedric kept muttering, incoherently. Harry didn't know how to react. So Cedric had been in the same position as him, his memory was messed with. "Forget about it, Cedric. Do you remember who put that spell on you?" Harry was smart enough to guess that it was no accident how Cedric couldn't remember a thing. "Yes." "Who is it?" Cedric stared into Harry's eyes and said, "Draco Malfoy." Now Harry was furious.

He was going to the beat the crap out of Draco. But Cedric grabbed hold of Harry's hand and said to him, "It would be better to actually tell on Draco. If you get into a fight with him, you both will be in trouble." "How could you be so calm?! He fuckin compelled you into raping ME! Well I guess you wouldn't bother since you weren't the one dominated!" Harry practically screamed at him, but everything came out as a low hiss.

"I…well… I actually enjoyed it… well not the raping part but still!" Now Cedric was really blushing, his cheeks blazing red. Harry just stood there, with his mouth hanging open. He was shocked because of Cedric's reply. It didn't make any sense. ◘◘◘◘◘ The competition came and Harry was last, but was granted second place for rescuing more people than he was supposed to. Cedric was first. Time passed, and Harry struggled.

He didn't talk to Cedric much, just hellos and goodbyes. Harry didn't report Malfoy, he didn't even tell him that he knew. He had agreed with Cedric that they report to each other what Draco would tell them to do under the influence of the mind spell.

Then was the night before the third challenge. It was only half an hour before curfew, and Harry was sitting near the lake, on the grass. It was night and there was nobody out there, until suddenly Harry heard a noise coming from a few meters from him.

He turned around to face Cedric, with his beautiful eyes sinking into Harry's. "Harry, I wanted to talk to you." "Yes, Cedric?" "See, this competition, it could be deadly.

We could die tomorrow, and I think it's time I talk to you about something. See, Harry… I think I love you. Since the first time we met when we were heading with the Weasleys to the Quidditch Championship, I've been feeling attracted to you." Harry couldn't process it at the moment.

Cedric had said that he loved HIM! He had known it would happen, since Cedric had said he had actually liked the sex part in the time when Draco messed with their heads… Without noticing, Harry's head was slowly reaching towards Cedric that was doing the same thing, and then, their lips met. Fire shot through them. Their lips were still meeting together, but Cedric's were already starting to dance.

They were opening and closing, wrapping around Harry's lips, until Cedric's tongue came out and was licking Harry's lips, putting them open. Then their tongues were exploring each other's mouths. Cedric's muscled arms reach out to Harry's face and were both gripping at his hair, going through them, and curling some ends.

Harry's arms done the same thing, while Cedric's began playfully gripping at Harry's ass. They were both standing up, Harry's body pressed against Cedric's. Then it became serious, as Harry's arms reached out towards Cedric's shirt and took it off, leaving Cedric bare-chested. Cedric pulled Harry out of his shirt too. Then Harry was taking control, he got hold of Cedric's head and pulled him down, forcing also Cedric's body to kneel in front of him.

When Cedric's face was in level with the lump forming in Harry's jeans, Cedric got the idea. He pulled his hands free and they were undoing Harry's belt. He then quickly pulled Harry out of his jeans, leaving him in a pair teen homemade punish my yearold arse and mouth tight brieves that left nothing to the imagination.


He pulled them down, and was now facing a huge half hard cock he had only once seen before, in a hazy memory. Cedric quickly opened his mouth and admitted the throbbing cock into the warmth of his tongue, and began to suck on the full length, provoking loud sounds of orgasm coming from Harry. But Cedric wouldn't let him cum just yet, so he slowed his sucking down, and licked slowly at the shaft.

Then he pulled the cock completely out of his mouth and said, "I'm not letting you finish right now, you deserve a pay back." Harry smiled at him and closed his eyes, enjoying the soothing sensation coming from his dick. Harry grabbed hold of Cedric's face and pulled it up, kissing his lips fiercely, with his hands reaching for Cedric's belt, which he un-buckled. He pulled Cedric's jeans down and Cedric had somehow gotten out of his shoes, so he got out of his pants and was now body to body with Harry, with only a thin piece of the fabric of the boxers Cedric was wearing separating them.

So Harry also pulled them down, breaking contact with Cedric's mouth and knelt in front of him, taking Cedric's hard member into his mouth and enjoying the taste of it in his mouth. Only minutes passed until Harry pulled Cedric's dick out of his mouth and stood up, and continued to kiss Cedric.

Then, Harry pushed Cedric against the tree and he was left standing behind Cedric, with Cedric's ass exposed to him. Harry turned and got to the water, wetting his hand and lubrifying his cock. Harry positioned himself behind Cedric, and got his dick sticking at his entrance. "Are you ready?" He whispered. Cedric was feeling weird, because in most of his fantasies, he had dreamt he would top Harry. But it was no time to complain and he quickly nodded.

He readied himself for the upcoming pain. Harry took the warning and pushed in, only the tip of his cock penetrating Cedric, who groaned. He was in deep pain and even Harry knew it, so Harry stopped and caressed Cedric's back, rubbing his buttocks. After some time, Harry began again pushing his cock in Cedric's tight asshole, with Cedric groaning even louder in pain.

Harry reached for his wand and muttered "Muffliato", which could block out all sounds they would do. Sex stacy cash xxx com tried pushing himself in again, only to get more groaning and now panting from Cedric who was already sweating. One more push and Harry had his full cock in Cedric. Cedric had to admit it, it felt great. He felt a little full but he liked feeling Harry, as if Harry was his shield and he was unstoppable.

Then Harry pushed back out, and then quickly slammed in, producing a loud thud and making Cedric scream, but not in agony this time, in pleasure. Harry took that as permission and quickly repeated the motion, groaning himself.

Cedric was clearly in a heaven-on-earth state because his eyes rolled back in his head. Harry took hold of Cedric's hips and began pumping, hard, with audible thumps that could be easily heard.

His balls were slapping against Cedric's and they both liked that. Minutes passed and Harry sometimes slowed down, not wanting to hit climax too early and end this, and sometimes accelerated just for the sake of pleasure. Cedric was having the time of his life, and he kept moaning and screaming out Harry's name! "Ahhh Harry!! That feels so good!" But Harry was too busy dominating his lover's ass. He kept quiet and pumped away, feeling the power of his domination.

He then put his hand on Cedric's throbbing cock and began stroking it as fast as he could manage, the tempo same as the one of their body's colliding. Few other minutes until Harry finally screamed in ecstacy: "OMG CEDRIC!

I'M GOING TO CUMMM!" and shot his load into Cedric's eager ass, as Cedric's cock too shot his load down on the grass. They both huge knob enters mouth of a awesome teen on the ground, in each other's arms.

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"Things are going to change around here, aren't they, Potter?" "Yes, yes they are."