Lesbian pretty chicks know a lot about sex

Lesbian pretty chicks know a lot about sex
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Joyce was a 46 year old working mom, with two teenage children and a executive husband. She worked at a law firm in a town four miles from her home. Joyce was a big girl 5'11", 160lbs.

She had 40DD and a tight ass. Her blond hair and all around good looks always caused men to stop and glance at her. Her husband Jeff was executive with a large chemical manufacturer and several times a year would go on extended trips to the far east, Europe, Asia and south America.


At times these trips would last 6 to 10 weeks. They didn't have money problems the only issue they ever argued about was sex. She wanted it constantly and lately he was to tired or too drunk to participate. Wednesday evening after work as she was getting dinner ready Jeff told her he would be leaving for a trip Friday morning.

Apparently this was going to be a considerable trip as he needed to see his plants in Sweden, Germany, Italy, India, the Philippines, Sidney and Brazil. As they ate she asked how long he thought it would take and was shocked at his response of approximately eight weeks give or take. For the next two days she helped him prepare for the trip. Thursday she left work early made a special dinner and got sexed up in the hopes he would come to bed and want to fuck her since he was going to be gone for quite a while.

Around 10 pm she went into the den and found him sleeping in his recliner, so much for sex she said to no one in particular and went to bed. Friday morning Jeff left for his trip and she headed off to work. At around 11 am her boss Arron called her in and asked her if she had plans on going out at lunch time as he was having a big meeting at 12;30 and would like to know if she would pickup some soda at the grocery store for him.

She smiled and agreed, she left the office a few minutes later to get herself lunch and pickup the sodas. In the grocery store she was pushing her cart through the isles when she noticed a large attractive Hispanic man staring at her.

She giggled to herself, well you've still got it going on girl. It seemed every isle she would turn into he would be in. Finally he approached her, "hi I'm Manny I seen you've got your cart loaded can i help you." Smiling her best smile she looked at him "no thanks I'm a big girl and am sure I can handle it." He smiled back at her then started to walk past when she heard him say, "I'm sure you can handle it." Before she could react he was out of the isle.

Oh well she thought I probably hurt his feeling or something, well fuck him if he can't take it. She paid for the items and was heading for here car as he approached her, as she got to the car and opened the trunk he was next to her. "Say whats your name?" She thought about it for a moment before responding and then smiled 'I'm Joyce, why?" He seemed to be taking in her body enjoying every inch of her 5'11" frame.

"Because you are exactly what I've been looking for." She looked puzzled, "and what exactly is that?" Manny turned to face her straight on "I want a big voluptuous woman who can satisfy all my sexual needs, and you look like you can." Joyce was amazed at his boldness, she started to tell him off when he interrupted her.

"Look Joyce here my card I want you to call me this afternoon when you can talk and we'll arrange a time to meet so I can fuck you senseless. I'll also be giving you instructions on what to wear." He leaned forward and gently but firmly squeezed her left breast.

Then without a word he turned patted her ass and walked away. She loaded her car, once in the drivers seat she sat their dazzled, she had a strong twitching between her legs and young girl angie moon fuck and facial realized she was wet.

Wow she thought that was intense, all the way back to work she kept thinking about Aunt forced rape by nephew shower and the encounter.

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At 3 that afternoon she left work and once in her car started to dial his number. Thoughts ran through her head about Jeff and her kids but the warm feeling between her legs reappeared so she decided its only a phone call.

On the second ring he answered "is that you Joyce?" She hesitated for a second then "yes but I'm not sure why I'm calling as you took liberties at the store you should not have." She heard him laugh "look the first thing is tomorrow evening around 6:30 theirs express inn on Walters St be in the bar.

Be wearing a low cut blouse and legging, be sure not to cover your ass or crotch as I want to see camel toe. A matching set of panties and bra I don't care what color." Before she could respond the phone went dead.


She got home and was furious that he would talk to her that way but at the same time the wet feeling was still there and she was actually contemplating what to wear. Saturday she was dressed by 5 pm she had fixed herself up to look stunning, the leggings looked great but she felt a bit embarrassed as there was absolutely nothing to the imagination in this outfit. She was in the bar at 6:15, she saw him enter and walk to her table and take a seat. After he had ordered a drink he smiled.

"I have a room for us lets have a drink and then go to the room." She looked astonished, "what makes you think I'm going to your room with you?" He chuckled "listen in that outfit I don't think your hear fro a church meeting, now I intend to fuck you in every hole.

I expect you to swallow all my cum and clean my cock full stories fucking storys red wap me your face and hair, got it?" She was totally turned on by the events and merely nodded. He had just closed the door to the room, he turned to her and kissed her deeply, his tongue snacked down her throat.

They stood locked in that position for a few minutes, now she felt his had on her clit rubbing gently through the fabric. She felt the heat in her pussy as he continued to rub her.

When he finally stopped she was breathing very hard, "take your cloths off!" She stripped down naked in a few seconds. "Get on your knees and suck my cock!" Again she did as she was told, his cock was huge she managed to get the head in but wondered how the rest of it was going to fit in her pussy and if it did she surely had never been stretched like that in her life. She sucked greedily for several minutes suddenly his hands were at the back of her head, he pushed her forward onto the huge cock as it erupted a blast of warm cum in her mouth she was gagging but since he was holding her head tightly she had no choice but to swallow every drop of cum.

She was surprised as he tasted sweet. He released her head and the cock plopped out of her mouth, "clean my cock with your face and hair now!" Again without a word she went to work cleaning the huge cock.

She now realized it was still hard. He backed away looked at his cock and remarked "well your are certainly an expert cocksucker". She smiled "thank you I try." He pulled her up and laid down on the bed "sit on my face bitch!" Again without hesitation she put her pussy in his mouth he sucked her clit and she began to feel small electric shocks starting deep in her pussy she realized he was going to make her cum.

She began moaning she was making animal noises as she approached her first climax. Suddenly just before a wave of passion overtook her she felt a pressure on her ass then she realized he had his index finger inserted all the way in her.

The next moment as she wiggled her hips to dislodge the finger she had a violent orgasm. Her entire body shook from the pleasure she felt. She rolled off completely exhausted then she realized the finger was still in her and where it felt strange it was not uncomfortable. He pulled her up on her knees and without warning entered her from behind.

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The sensation of his huge cock and now two finger in her rectum was incredible She pushed back each time he slammed forward. She was building to another fantastic orgasm she was groaning, moaning and rocking wildly as he continued to pump her faster and harder. She realized she was about to come again as yet another powerful orgasm struck she rocked her harder.

This caused him to stiffen pull her hips even deep to him and unload another blast of hot cum deep in her pussy. He rolled off and told her to clean his cock. For another tow hours they continued until she was completely full of cum in both her pussy and stomach. "Get dressed were leaving," he announced. As they headed for the door he looked at her, "I want you to buy a butt plug as next time I'm getting your ass too".

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She smiled kissed him on the cheek and nodded. Heading out into the parking lot she looked at him,"when will I see you again?" "Soon baby very soon." As she drove home the smell of his cum was in her mouth and hair she started wondering where do I get a butt plug.