Gentle orall service and sexy fuck smalltits homemade

Gentle orall service and sexy fuck smalltits homemade
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Mind Controlled Mothers Club A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research Chapter Two: Mommy Slut Orgy By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! In the shipping department of The Institute of Apotheosis Research, Ulrich Geller threw his mom down across the sorting table, his hands ripping up her tight pencil skirt. The short, black-haired women moaned and wiggled as she squirmed.

"I. I have to become a slut, don't I?" his mother asked. She ran the shipping department where the young man worked. Recently, they sent out a Halo to create their newest God, Henry Archer, and his lesson had inspired Ulrich to finally claim what he ached for. "Yes, you do," Ulrich groaned, his cock so hard as he fished it out of his jeans.

"And I'll help you become one, Mom." He exposed her rump, showing off her dark pantyhose clinging to the curves of her ass. Her cream-colored panties anal sex with hot girls through the nylons. Ulrich, eager to fuck his mother the way Henry Archer fucked his mother—hard. Like a slut. He tore through her pantyhose.

He shuddered at the sound of nylon ripping, filling the air with that sensual noise. His mother let out a wanton moan. Around them, the other men who worked in the shipping department all salivated, eager to enjoy the MILF's body. Next he hooked her panties and yanked them down far enough to expose her cunt. He groaned at the sight of her pale ass, two juicy mounds separated by the cleft of her crack. His eyes followed her curves down to the thick, black bush hiding her pussy.

The hole that birthed him. The cunt of a slut-mother. He fished out his dick, feeling the excitement of his coworkers. They all stared with such greedy hunger as he placed the tip of his dick against her pussy. The God taught that mothers needed to be sluts—were sluts—and their sons had to fuck them.

Just like Ulrich always wanted to. "Yes, yes, help me be a slut!" his mother shouted as he rammed his cock into her juicy cunt. "Oh, such a good boy!" "Yes!" Ulrich groaned as he pounded his mother's cunt hard. sensual blonde gets her big tits creamed pornstars dick was still erect as I watched my slut-mother sucking on my friend Teo's cock. The Hispanic guy was eighteen, like me, and enjoying his first ever blowjob. My mom's black hair fell in bouncing curls about her face as she bobbed her head up and down my friend's cock.

She slobbered on it, sucking with such wanton, sloppy noises. It was so hot watching her be a slut. Especially with my cum running out of her pussy and matting down the trimmed hairs of her black bush. My dick still dripped with her pussy juices. Thanks to my new mind control powers, gifted to me by the bizarre Halo sent to me by something called The Institute of Apotheosis Research, I turned my mother and Mrs.

Haley into sluts.

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Mrs. Haley was another MILF hottie. Blonde and with round breasts, she had an ass just begging to be smacked and then ridden hard. She was getting spit-roasted by her son, Noah, and Rick, another of our friends.

They both groaned, busting their nuts in the MILF-whore's holes, Noah flooding the pussy that birthed him while Rick fed Mrs. Haley a big load of cum that she eagerly sucked down. Because I told her she was a mommy-slut. And mommy-sluts loved drinking cum and being fucked. My friends all had dazed looks on their faces. Despite the commands I gave them, letting them accept the fact that they were fucking mommy-sluts, they still looked shocked that they mom and son porn storyd getting laid.

That this was all happening. I felt that, too. I couldn't believe some weird company would give me the power to rewrite people's brain waves to my will. It was so surreal, but my cum ran out of my mother's pussy. I made her into the whore I always knew she was. Since the divorce, she brought home her dates and fucked them where I could hear them, making me so hard, forcing me to masturbate. No longer. When I got hard, she'd have to satiate me. And I was hard right now despite cumming in her cunt minutes ago.

I stared at her rump wiggling back and forth. She moaned with such wanton delight as she blew my Hispanic friend. Teo groaned, pleasure crossing his face. He ran a hand through his short, black hair. "My mom has a great ass," I muttered, stroking my pussy-coated dick. Her juices made my cock so slick and.

I could fuck her asshole. I could do anything I wanted to my mom, to any guy's mom. I could enjoy any MILF I wanted however I wanted.

And not just them, the girls at college, too. Those young, tight sluts who ignored me and my friends. "Mommy-sluts love to take it up the ass, too," I commanded. A bridgette kerkove is no stranger to cosmetic surgery tingle raced across my mind, the sign I was changing someone's brainwaves.

Everyone's brainwaves. But it wasn't much of a sensation. It wasn't much of a change. After making both women accept the fact that they were mommy-sluts craving to be used by young men, especially their sons, anal wasn't that big of a deal.

I had always wanted to enjoy the treat. I would enjoy it so much now. I grabbed my mom's butt-cheeks. She whimpered about Teo's cock. My friend stared at me, his eyes going wide as I brought my still-hard dick into her crack. I slid my crown down, finding her puckered asshole. That felt nice against my dick. "You gonna fuck her ass, vato?" he groaned. "Shit, you're still hard?" "Guess this is just that exciting," I said, rubbing my cock in circles about her wrinkled asshole.

It felt so exciting on the sensitive crown of my dick. I just wanted to sodomize my mother so badly. "You love it up the ass, Mom! All Mommy-sluts do!" No tingles.

I thrust. My mother groaned about Teo's cock. She wiggled her hips as her anal ring expanded. I watched her brown sphincter stretch and stretch to engulf the crown of my dick. Velvety pleasure shot down my shaft as I entered her asshole. I pushed deeper and deeper into her bowels, enjoying the feel of her sheath swallowing more and more of my cock. It felt incredible.

Pleasure spilled through my body. My back arched as I sank deeper and deeper into her. In moments, my crotch pressed against her rump. My balls rested against her taint, feeling the wet curls of her bush. I was in my mother's asshole. "Damn, Henry," Rick said as he pulled his cock out of Mrs. Haley's mouth. His freckled face was flushed from his orgasm. He sank down on his ass, shaking his head. "You're just going to town on her asshole." "Ooh, Joni, you're so lucky," Mrs.

Haley said, her voice thick. Cum and drool ran down her chin and stained her lips. "That looks like it feels so good." My mom only moaned about Teo's cock.

"She must love it, Mrs. Haley," panted Teo, "because she's sucking the cum out of my balls. Fuck, I'm going to bust a nut in your mom's mouth, vato." "She wants it," I growled, drawing back my hips, sliding my dick through my mother's bowels.

"Fuck, Mom, your asshole is just such a tight delight." Her bowels squeezed down on my dick, the only way she could communicate to me right now, as I rammed into her. It felt incredible. Pleasure surged down my shaft. My balls smacked into her flesh. My hands tight on her hips, my back arching as the milf shannon boobs ass pounded and severely spanked flowed through me.

It was incredible to fuck my mom's asshole while my friends watched. Mrs. Haley stared at me, then she turned around and, without even being told, the slut-mother engulfed Noah's softening cock, sucking off her own pussy juices.

Noah groaned, his hand pushing his glasses up his bold nose. Pleasure crossed his face as he stared down at his mommy-slut in awe. Her cheeks hollowed as she cleaned him. My own dick throbbed at the hot sight. "Yes, yes, mommy-sluts love cleaning their sons' dicks off after they've fucked her holes!" I commanded. A slight tingle ran through me, my mom moaning as I educated her. She wiggled her hips, her bowels stirring around my dick reaming her incestuous hole. Pleasure surged through me.

Every guy needed to fuck his mother, to treat her like the slut she was. They were all whores. My hips pumped so hard, making her moan about Teo's dick. She loved it. She savored taking my cock up her asshole. Her bowels stimulated my cock. The velvety friction burned around it. My balls grew fuller and fuller with my cum, aching to unload in her as I fucked her with all my might. "Mmm, you're fucking her so hard," Mrs.

Haley said, finished cleaning her son's dick. She watched me with sparkling, blue eyes, a lush smile on her lips. "Fuck your mom's ass hard, Henry. Ooh, she looks like such a slut." "Yeah, with those big titties swaying," Rick said. "Uh-huh," Noah groaned. "Mmm, you like big tits?" Mrs. Haley asked her son. "Yeah," he nodded. Then he glanced down at her. "But your tits are great, too, Mom." She smiled at him, her body shuddering.

Hotty undresses for a casting session hardcore and blowjob made me throb hard. I slammed harder into my mother's asshole.

I had such power. I could make these women do anything. An idea popped into my head as I buggered my mother's bowels with all my might, my balls smacking into her taint. "Mrs. Haley, get over here and lick my mother's cunt. Slut-mommies love pussy almost as much as their sons' cocks." Prickles rippled across my mind. I groaned through the sensation, plunging my cock so hard and deep into my mother's bowels.

Pleasure spilled across me as my dick buried to the hilt in her. My crotch smacked into her rump hard. I fucked her as Mrs. Haley shuddered. "Oh, yeah, Mom, lick her pussy," groaned Noah as his mother moved towards us. "Mmm, you like it when girls love other girls?" Mrs. Haley asked, her blonde hair spilling about her face as she crawled across the floor of Noah's room. "What guy doesn't, Mrs. Haley?" Rick asked, watching with hungry eyes as the blonde MILF moved behind me.

"We all do," Teo groaned. "Oh, fuck, Mrs. Archer. Oh, damn, that's good. I'm going to flood your mouth." "Drown her in cum!" I groaned, the idea of my mom guzzling his cum only making me thrust harder into her bowels. And then I felt Mrs. Haley nuzzling into my mom's cunt. My balls play with my cock while i pump your pussy her forehead as my mother let out a wanton, muffled moan.

I couldn't see, but I knew Mrs. Haley was eating my cum out of my mother's cunt, licking out my incestuous seed from the hole that birthed me. My balls grew tighter and tighter. My mom moaned and shuddered. She squeezed her asshole down hard on my cock. I plowed into her anal sheath so hard, my orgasm building.

I wanted to unload more and more of my cum in her. "¡Mierda!" Teo grunted, his face contorting while I heard Mom swallowing over and over. She drank his cum while I fucked her asshole. "You're such a slut, Mom!" I screamed, ramming my dick so hard into her bowels, my hands gripping her asshole. My mother's bowels writhed about my dick. They rippled and convulsed, massaging my dick as I buried into her. I growled in delight, realizing my slut-mother came from being sodomized and having her friend lick her cunt clean of my cum.

"Shit!" I groaned. "You are such a slut, Mom! You're cumming from anal!" "I am!" she moaned, her voice throaty, Teo slumping to the floor, satiated for now. "I'm your slut-mommy, honey! Ooh, and Audra. That feels so good. You're eating my pussy. You're licking my son's cum out of me!

You're a mommy-whore like me!" "Yes, she is!" I growled and buried into my mom's asshole. The delight surged through me. The pleasure struck my balls. Her asshole massaged my dick, sucking at my cum boiling in my nuts.

I groaned as my back arched. My cock erupted. Cum spurted into her hungry bowels. Pleasure burst from my lips as the rapture shot through my body. Every eruption of my jizz gave me more and more pleasure.

I was cumming in my mother's asshole. I was using her, and she was loving it. "You're cumming in me!" she howled. "Oh, honey! Oh, yes, yes, yes! That's amazing!" "Such a slut!" I growled, stars bursting across my vision as my dick fired its last burst of cum into her.

I shuddered, my body buzzing with bliss. "You're my little whore now, aren't you?" "Uh-huh!" she panted. "Ooh, Audra, yes, yes, wiggle that tongue in my cunt and. Yes!" My mom came again. Her asshole spasmed harder about my dick, sending tingles rushing through my body. I sucked in breaths, growing dizzy as she stimulated my cock's crown feeling hypersensitive after my orgasm.

I loved the feeling. "We have to get my mom here," Rick says. Teo lifts his head. "Yeah, vato." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pleasure spiked into Ulrich's mind as he unloaded his cum into his mother's pussy.

It felt incredible to finally erupt into her. To fill her pussy with his jizz. As the ecstasy burst through his mind, he was so glad the new God, the amazing Henry, enlightened the world to the true roll of their mother.

"Yes, yes, yes!" his mother gasped as her pussy writhed about his dick. "I'm. I'm becoming a slut." "Uh-huh," he grunted as his orgasm died in him. He buzzed from the pleasure buzzing through him. He pulled his cock out of her pussy, watching his cum spill out to adorn the dense hairs of thick bush. "But I know what will truly help you become a slut." "How?" she asked as the other young men who worked in shipping advanced on the slut.

"By taking on two guys at once," Ulrich said with a grin. "Yes!" she whimpered. "But. I don't like cum." "If you drink enough of it," her son told her, his heart beating faster, "you'll come to love it." His mother didn't fight as Steve grabbed her black hair and brought her mouth to his cock.

At the same moment, Phil thrust his dick into her cunt. She stood there, bent over between the two men, fucked hard while still wearing her managerial clothing, her blazer rustling, her torn nylons clinging to her lithe legs. "What a slut," Ulrich groaned, his dick gaining a second wind as he watched her transformation into slutdom. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I groaned as Noah's mother sucked my dirty cock clean of my mother's asshole.

She worked her mouth up and down my dick, her blue eyes sparkling as she stared up at me. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked, her hips wiggling as she pleasured me. She didn't care how nasty this was.

She was a slut. And sluts sucked cocks clean. I fumbled with my phone, navigating my phone book for Rick's mom. I found her number—I had it for emergencies—and hit the call button. I held it to my ear, listening to it ring as Mrs. Haley engulfed more and more of my cock into her mouth. "Geez, Mom, you're loving his dick," Noah said nearby, his blue eyes wide behind his glasses. "She's such a slut," my mom purred, kneeling beside her, her large tits swaying back and forth.

"Yeah, she." My words trailed off as the phone picked up. "Mrs. Woodham?" "Yes?" a woman answered. "Henry?" "You need to come over to Mrs. Haley's house right now," I commanded, ready for the prickles. They didn't come. "Why?" Mrs. Woodham asked.

I didn't hear any eagerness to come to me. It didn't work over the phone. There must be a range or something to how far my powers reached.

I shuddered, my dick throbbing in Mrs. Haley's mouth. I needed to think of a reason to get her over here right now. "Is something wrong?" she asked, concern entering her voice.

"Did something happen to Rick?" "Yes!" I latched onto that, fighting a groan as Mrs. Haley's tongue swirled around the crown of my dick. "You need to get over here right now." "Okay!" she gasped. "I'll be there in ten minutes. Is it bad?" "Not bad, just hurry," I said, my nuts tightening. Mrs. Haley sucked cock like a pro. I hung up and searched for the number for Teo's mother.

I called her and gave her the same message. "I'll be there soon," she promised, her Hispanic accent growing thicker. "Okay." "Sure," I grinned, my balls aching as Mrs. Haley loved my dick. "Damn, vato," Teo said, sitting on Noah's bed. "Yeah," Rick said, a smile crossing his face. "Damn, I'm going to finally fuck my mom." Like me, my three friends also had fantasized about fucking their mothers.

Maybe every son did, or maybe we were just a bunch of horny nerds who needed to get laid. It didn't matter either way, we were the founding members of the Mother Fucking Club. "Mom," I groaned, "Mrs. Haley licked your cunt, return the favor." "Of course, honey," my mom moaned. "Mmm, she made me cum so hard. Of course I have to give her pleasure." I shuddered, slamming him hips forward.

I fucked Mrs. Haley's mouth hard while her son watched. She took my dirty cock, sucking on it with such hunger. My mom grabbed the MILF's butt-cheeks, lowered her face, and made Mrs.

Haley squeal about my dick. My mom's dark eyes stared at me above the MILF's ass, feasting on Mrs. Haley's cunt with such hunger. I shuddered, loving it. My mom was such a slut now. It made my dick ache and swell so hard and fast, my balls growing tighter and tighter. "Man, Noah, your mom sucks dick like a pro," I groaned. all natural beauty takes on stress positions hard corporal punishment cleaning my mom's ass off my dick." "She'll do that for me, too," Noah panted, leaning against the edge of his desk, stroking his hardening dick.

"Every time I fuck her ass." Mrs. Haley moaned about my cock, sucking so hard on my dick. She sounded eager to do it. My orgasm built and built in my balls. I was still so horny.

Unlike my friends, I wasn't going soft after cumming. I just wanted to enjoy the mommy sluts more. I stared down at my mom's eyes as she feasted on Mrs. Haley, loving seeing her eat cunt while I fucked the whore's mouth.

My thrusts grew harder. My hands gripped the side of Mrs. Haley's head. I plowed into her mouth, using Noah's mother as my own fucktoy. I shuddered, my dick's tip brushing the back of her throat. I rammed deeper. She coughed, gagged, and swallowed my dick. Her throat felt so amazing about the crown of my cock. My balls smacked into her chin as I buried to the hilt in her. My back arched as she deep-throated my dick. I drew back my hips, loving the incredible suction as she loved my dick.

"Damn, Noah, your mom could suck start a leaf-blower," I groaned. "What movie is that from?" Rick asked. "Don't know, don't care," I groaned. "But it's true." I slammed my cock back down Mrs. Haley's throat, her blue eyes squeezing shut as my balls smacked her chin.

"I'm going to dump my cum—" The front door burst open downstairs. "Rick! Rick, hello? Where is everyone?" "Up here, Mom!" Rick said, a grin on his face. I braced myself for the pain that would come making Rick's mom into a slut. I fucked my cock down Mrs.

Haley's throat over and over, staring at the bedroom's open door. Footsteps echoed as Mrs. Woodham raced up the stairs. Reaching the top, she hurried down the hallway and burst into view. She froze, her fiery hair spilling about her face. She was shorter than any of us, petite like a girl, her breasts the smallest of all our mothers. But she had this flirty naughtiness about her, always a wicked smile on her face while her green eyes always twinkled like she was thinking something naughty.

Or maybe I was projecting horny lusts on her. "What is going—" "You are a slut, Mrs. Woodham!" I snarled, the pain stabbing into my brain. "You're a mommy-whore that craves her son's cock and all his friends', too.

You want my dick fucking you. Your pussy gets wet doing anything your son wants. Any sexual act. You don't care what it is so long as it makes him or one of his friends happy." Darkness washed across my mind. Blood pounded in my ears. The pain flared, prickling as the woman shuddered. Her petite form quivered as I rewrote her mind, molding her to being a mommy-slut.

"You get off being used by your son and the other members of the Mother Fucking Club!" I growled, slamming my cock down Mrs. Haley's throat, my balls tightening as I used my power. asian london keys and briana blair lesbian dildo sharing strip naked!" "Yes!" she moaned and ripped off her blue-and-white-striped blouse. My cum erupted down Mrs.

Haley's mouth as the petite, redheaded MILF threw her blouse down to the ground. Her body quivered, her breasts constrained in a pale-yellow bra, a little bow between her two tits. Her red hair spilled about her hair as she quivered, her hands reaching behind her. I groaned, more of my jizz pumping down Mrs. Haley's mouth as Mrs. Woodham's small breasts came into sight, her tits freckled like her face, her nipples hard. Pleasure shot into my mind.

Such a rush of power, of lust, spilled through me. I could do anything. "Yes!" I snarled as I reveled in the pleasure. As the last spurt of cum fired down Mrs. Haley's mouth, Yuki tuoma 1 by packmans. Woodham unsnapped the tight jean shorts she wore.

They molded to her narrow hips. She kept her body fit and tight. I bet she fucked her pilates instructor. The guy deserved that treat for ensuring she had an ass that tight. I stared at it as she turned and bent over, a yellow thong vanishing between her toned butt-cheeks as she wiggled out of her shorts.

My dick, despite just pumping a load down Mrs. Haley's mouth, ached for more. I wanted to enjoy that MILF-slut's ass. I wanted to sodomize another mother. "Jesus, Mom," Rick groaned, his dick so hard in his hand as his mother stripped before him. "Mmm, getting turned on by your mommy-slut?" Mrs.

Woodham purred as she hooked the waistband lesbian ai celeste star serena blair alix lynx masturbation compilation her thong.

"Yes!" he groaned as she shoved down her thong. The cloth popped out of her rump and revealing a shaved snatch, her labia peeking out pink from her flushed vulva.

Her juices already formed, her pussy growing wet. Just like he commanded. I ripped my cock from Mrs. Haley's mouth. "Mom, Mrs. Haley, sixty-nine and love each other," I growled as I turned to face Mrs. Woodham. "And you, ride your son's cock hard, Mrs. Woodham.


Push him down and mount that cock!" "Yes!" she moaned as hardly a tingle raced through my mind. I loved it. I was in control of all the fun, the ringmaster directing all the delights.

My mother and Noah's mom fell into a sixty-nine, my mom on top. They feasted on each other, devouring hot cunt while Mrs. Woodham pushed down her son. Rick didn't fight as his horny slut-mommy mounted him and grabbed his dick. "Oh, fuck, yes!" Rick groaned as she impaled her cunt down on his dick. "Mom!" "Oh, yes, yes, that feels so good!" she moaned. "My son's dick in my pussy!" "It's so wonderful being a mommy-slut," my mother groaned into Mrs.

Haley's cunt." "It is, Joni!" Mrs. Woodham gasped, her tight ass clenching as she rose up her son's shaft.

I needed that ass wrapped about my dick right this second. Dick soaked by Mrs. Haley's saliva, I advanced on the MILF, eager to enjoy my second ass of the night. I loved my powers. I fell to my knees behind her, smacking that rump as it rose and fell on her son's cock. She threw a look over her shoulder, her face twisted with pleasure. "Are you going to fuck my ass, Henry?" she moaned. "Yes, I am," I grinned. "What do you think about that?" "I'm a mommy-slut who wants to please my son and his friends," she moaned.

"Especially me," I told her. "Me over anyone else." "Yes!" she gasped. "Dude," Rick groaned. "While she's fucking me?" "Yep," I commanded. "Beg me to fuck your mom's asshole." Prickles raced across my thoughts, knifing into my brain. "Shit!" Rick grunted. "Oh, shit, man, fuck my mom's ass. The slut needs it.

Her pussy's so hot about my dick. She's so wet for it." "So wet!" Mrs. Woodham moaned as she rode her son's dick faster. "Yes, yes, Henry, fuck my ass. I haven't been DPed in years." "Oh, fuck!" Rick groaned. "You're another slut who's learned she needs to be a whore for her son, creepy old weed smoker fucks beautiful teen in ass nice piss scene I groaned, bring my cock to her butt-crack as she slammed down Rick's shaft.

"Yes!" she moaned. "And for you, Henry!" "Joder," grunted Teo. "You are one messed up guy, vato." "Yep," I told him. "Wait until I have your mom gangbanged at college while she's supposed to be teaching." "¡Mierda!" he groaned, squeezing his hard dick. I found Mrs. Woodham's asshole. As she slid back up her son's cock, her anal sphincter pressed against my dick. I groaned as her hot and hungry hole pushed against my dick.

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She whimpered and groaned. Her entire body shook. Then she gasped as her asshole spread around my shaft. She swallowed my tip into her velvety asshole. "Yes!" I groaned and thrust in the rest of the way, driving her down her son's cock.

She felt even tighter than my mom's asshole. I buried to the hilt in her, my hands reaching around to grasp those small, firm tits of her. I squeezed them while the MILF howled out in rapture. Her back arched as she swiveled her hips, dancing her bowels around my cock.

"Oh, yes, yes, you're both in me!" she whimpered. "Oh, Rick, your friend's cock is so huge in my ass! And you. you're in my pussy again!" "Yes," Rick groaned. "Holy shit, Mom!

You're such a slut!" "I am!" she moaned in that flirty voice. "You're so lucky, Myanmar model girl sex fuker storys Mrs. Haley gasped. "Ooh, two cocks in your holes. I only took one in my pussy and mouth." "You'll get that treat, Mom," Noah panted. "Yes!" she squealed. I shuddered, the incestuous lust brimming through the room.

I drew back my hips, working to find a rhythm with Mrs. Woodham. She moved her hips, swiveling and pumping them as she rode her son's cock and took mine in her bowels. My balls smacked into her over and over. I pounded her so hard. I sodomized her with every ounce of passion I had. I jammed my dick into her over and over again. I grunted and groaned, spearing her with my cock again and again.

She felt so incredible wrapped about my dick. Her velvety bowels so tight. We stuffed her full of our dicks. She moaned and shuddered, her back arching, her fiery hair sweeping before me. She kept looking at me over her shoulder, her green eyes twinkling. "Oh, my god, Henry! I had no idea your cock was so good!" she moaned, her bowels squeezing down on my dick.

Then she looked away. "And yours, Rick. Ooh, my little boy has such a big dick!" "Mom!" Rick groaned. "Jesus, don't call me that while your riding my cock!" "Sorry!" she gasped. "But. but. you're dick. Henry's cock. You're both driving me wild." "Damn it," Noah groaned. "That's so hot." Then he darted forward, his glasses slipping off his face.

To my shock, he grabbed Mrs. Woodham's head and rammed his dick into her mouth. I grunted, squeezing the MILF's tits as she took his cock with ease, not fighting it.

The mommy-slut had all three of her holes plugged tight. She took our cocks like a champion. I shuddered, thrusting even harder, sodomizing her as she moaned and sucked and slurped. Noah grunted, his hands tangled up in her hair as he fucked his dick in and out of her lips.

"Damn, Noah," Rick groaned.


"Oh, damn, you're just using my mom's mouth." "Such a slut!" Noah panted. "I've wanted your mom to suck my dick for so long." I grinned, thrusting harder. "The Mother Fucking Club is going to be awesome! We're going to do so much recruiting at college tomorrow." "Yes, vato," groaned Teo. "Damn, I can't wait for my mother to get here. Going to treat her like the puta that she is." I grinned at him, glad all my friends understood what their moms were.

Nearby, my mom and Mrs. Haley were squealing in lesbian passion as they feasted on each other's cunts. My blacked babe trillium fucks her black boss tube porn ached as I plundered Mrs. Woodham's asshole. I pounded her so hard, my balls tightening as her velvety sheath squeezed and relaxed about my dick. Downstairs, the front door burst open.

I groaned, Mrs. Rojas had finally arrived. I thrust with all my might into Mrs. Woodham's asshole as my Hispanic math professor burst into the room. The Hispanic MILF took two steps in then hauled herself short before she collided with the three of us fucking Mrs.

Woodham hard. Mrs. Rojas jaw dropped. Her eyes almost fell out of her skull. "Fuck your son!" I snarled, too caught up in plowing Mrs. Woodham to give her all the instructions. Pain stabbed into my brain, but the pleasure rippling out of my cock held it at bay. "You're a slut and it makes you so wet to fuck your son!

Get naked and do it!" "Teódulo, mi hombre," she groaned and charged at him, ripping off her tank top as she darted around us. "Oh, yes," Teo groaned, sitting on Noah's bed, fisting his cock. "I. I need you in my pussy!" his mother moaned. "I. I." "Am a puta," Teo finished for her as she removed her white bra. Her golden-brown tits spilled out, round and delicious, not the big pair like my mother, but still a sight to behold. I groaned as I plowed Mrs. Haley's asshole, my cum rising faster and faster.

In moments, Mrs. Rojas had her white shorts off and boring panties falling down her lush thighs. I glimpsed a brown bush between her thighs before she threw herself on her son. I grunted, ramming my cock hard into Mrs. Woodham's asshole, watching another mother engulf her son's cock with her pussy. The incestuous union shot through me. My balls tightened. Such pleasure surged through me. I erupted into Mrs. Woodham's asshole as Mrs. Rojas moaned, "Mi hombre is in my pussy!

Yes, yes, you're back in my concha!" "Mamá!" groaned Teo as the bed creaked. Her tits bounced as she rode him. I watched, my cum pumping into Mrs. Woodham's asshole. Such pleasure crashed through me. This was incredible. My friends and our mothers were writhing and gasping in pleasure. Mrs. Rojas's moans sang through the air as she fucked her son hard. Noah grunted as he spurted his cum into Mrs. Woodham's mouth. "Mom!" groaned Rick. "Oh, Mom, take my cum!" The MILF bucked between us.

As I fired the last blast of daddy caught mia pleasuring her pussy then he fucked her into her asshole, the pleasure melting my mind, her asshole writhed about me. Her orgasm swept through her as her pussy took her son's incestuous seed for the first time. Dizzy pleasure shuddered through me. I ripped out of her asshole. My cum leaked out of her gaping hole, running down to her pussy stuffed with her son's cock. She gulped down Noah's big boob fat xxx sex, moaning about his prick as her orgasm shot through her.

"¡Mierda, Mamá!" grunted Teo. "Such a big, strong young man!" gasped Mrs. Rojas. "Mi hombre is so huge in me!" My mom lifted her face from Mrs. Hayes pussy, her lips smeared with cream. Her eyes locked on my dick. "I. I have to clean you off, but I have to keep licking Aubra's pussy, honey." "You two can stop eating cunt," I commanded.

The moment the words left my mouth, my mom darted at me. She grabbed my hips and engulfed my dick in her mouth. She stared up at me with such brimming desire in her eyes. They sparkled with her lust as she sucked on my dick. She bobbed her mouth up and down my cock, loving the flavor of another woman's asshole on my dick. "You are such a slut, Mom," I told her, stroking through her blonde hair. "I bet you'd even let me breed you.

That would make you a real slut." She whimpered about my dick as the idea lanced through me. She loved it. She sucked so hard, such a whore for me that she would let me do that ultimate act to her. I shuddered, my balls tightening as moans echoed around the room.

"Oh, Rick, you pumped so much cum into your mommy's pussy," she purred, leaning over and kissing him. "Did Mrs. Woodham give you a nice orgasm, sweetie," Mrs. Haley asked as Noah rested his head on her breasts. She stroked him, her face smeared with my mother's pussy cream. "Yeah," he panted. "Fuck, Mamá, ride my dick!" groaned Teo.

"Yes, yes, yes, Teódulo! Such a big, strong, young man! Mi hombre, I'm going to cum on your cock!" I stared down at my mom. "New rule for the Mother Fucking Club," I commanded. "Only I get to cum in my mother's pussy, and all mothers have to stop taking birth control." My thoughts prickled. "Damn, I wanted to cum in your mom's cunt, vato," Teo groaned.

"But you get to cum in mine, mi hombre," whimpered his mother. "Yes!" he groaned then his face twisted in rapture. "Take it all, Mamá!" I shuddered, eager to start slim teena gets screwed in a gangbang to our club.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ulrich found it so hot to watch his mother drink her fifth load of cum. She no longer blanched at it. She was eager to guzzle jizz, becoming a slut just like their new god, Henry Archer, commanded.

Ulrich's dick swelled harder as Mark spurted his cum into her pussy. Jizz ran down his mother's thighs as Mark ripped out of her, the sixth load, counting Ulrich's first, she'd taken.

Her clothing was rumpled and half ripped off her. Her tits swung free, her nipples pinched and hard. "Such a slut," Ulrich groaned as he advanced on her. He looked around at his coworkers. "We need to form our own Mother Fucking Club." "Yeah," Steve nodded.

"My mom works in janitorial. She's had to see the broadcast." "Mine's down in customer service," Jim said, a big grin on his face, his dick wet with Mrs. Geller's pussy. As Ulrich slammed into his mother's slutty cunt, he grinned. He was eager to enjoy all their mothers, to have gangbangs and orgies in shipping celebrating their new God's amazing revelations.

Other members of the institutes could follow Maria Talon's or Randy Lyon's or the other's commands, but here in shipping, they all wanted to fuck slutty mothers. "Oh, Ulrich, yes," his mother groaned as her sloppy cunt squeezed down on his dick. "Mmm, Wade, I think its your turn to fuck my mouth. I need to drink more cum!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The next day, I was ready to make my announcement for the Mommy Slut Club.

My first class was math taught by Mrs. Rojas. I'd used her, and all the mothers, hard last night. Our orgy went late, but I wasn't feeling the lack of sleep at all. I buzzed with energy. It was a side-effect of the Halo, along with the increased sexual stamina. Unlike my friends, I didn't need second winds, though they were all surprised by how many times they got it up, too.

We used our mothers hard and left them all dripping in cum. Only mine fired into my mother's pussy. My friends only got to use her asshole and mouth. "Okay, Henry has a special announcement," Mrs.

Rojas said. She stood at the front of the class in a provocative outfit, a tight pencil skirt that hugged her lush ass and clung to her golden-brown thighs. Her legs were lush and toned.

Her blouse had a plunging cut to it, showing off her delightful cleavage. Her breasts moved and swayed, unencumbered by any bra, her nipples two hard points. All the guys in class were sitting with eager looks on their faces, watching her every movement like a pack of hungry dogs. All the girls didn't care. They were all so boring. They lacked the maturity of older women. I never paid attention to them. Probably because they never paid attention to me. Ideas flitted through my head, but that wasn't the point of today.

Today was to recruit for the Mommy Slut Club. I wanted to fuck more MILFs. I wanted to enjoy every hot mom I could. I wanted them all to be whores for their sons, sucking their cocks, gobbling their cum, sexxxxy storys of sunny leone with habshi bred even.

My dick throbbed in my pants. I faced my fellow classmates. This would hurt. I knew it would, but it had to be done. I had to give them all the commands to make the changes I wanted. I hated the writhe of fear twisting through my guts. Why should I be nervous at all? I controlled people. "I'm starting a new club," I said.

"The Mother Fucking Club." Outburst exploded from the students. A few guys cheered while more than a few girls hissed and booed and called me a "fucking pervert." They glanced at Mrs. Rojas, calling on her as I raised up my hands. "Quiet, quiet," she purred. "Henry is talking. You have to listen to him." "Yes, be quiet until I'm done talking," I commanded, my thoughts buzzing. I winced at the sweep of fire across my thoughts. I needed to be careful about my orders. If it old them to be quiet, they might never speak again.

"Now, Mrs. Rojas is already a member. Show them, slut." "Yes, I am," she moaned as she unbuttoned her blouse. The guys all tensed, leaning forward, such hunger in their eyes. If they could make sounds, I knew they'd be groaning in awe as Mrs.

Rojas bared those lush tits. They shook and jiggled, my dick growing so hard as she thrust her shoulders back, her tits bouncing at the class.

Girls shook their heads, some of them trying to work their mouths, to make noise. Clarissa stood up. "Everyone sit down until I'm finished," I commanded. Clarissa sat back down, her eyes wide with panic. Other girls were shaking their heads, wiggling in their seats.

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Tears brimmed in their eyes while the guys salivated. Mrs. Rojas turned around, wiggling her ass at them as she unzipped her pencil skirt.

She bent over, giving them the perfect view of her ass and pussy, now shaved of any hair like a proper slut, as she drew down her skirt. She wore no panties beneath.

Mommy-sluts didn't need panties. Her pussy lips were swollen with arousal. Her juices glistened on her plump, golden-brown vulva. "I'm such a slut,"she moaned. "For my son. For Henry. For their friends. And I can be a slut for you. If you join slut latina hungry for her mans dick club." Guys were nodding. Some were trying to rise, their faces so horny.

I smiled at them, my dick aching. "Everyone who wants to join the Mother Fucking Club, line up," I ordered, "on the condition that joining means you have to bring your mother to a special "conference" tonight where I'll fuck them all. They'll be my slut, everyone's slut. They'll be gangbanged by every guy whose a member of the club. "Further, every guy in here wants his mother to bea slut." My thoughts burned hard. The room swam around me as heads nods. Then the exodus began. The guys burst from their seats, freed by my new commands, all accepting the conditions to join my club, all so eager to surrender their mothers to be fucked hard like the sluts they were.

"Okay," I said. "Girls, you'll never complain about this ever. You think this is okay. You can study or watch the gangbang.

I don't care." I turned as Greg was the first to ram his cock into Mrs. Rojas's cunt. The teacher gasped out in delight as he filled her. "Henry," a girl said. "I have a question." I turned to see Cherry standing up in the back. The Korean girl had a round face with delicate cheekbones. If there was one girl I masturbated to the most at my school, it was Cherry.

Usually, it was my mom I stroked off to, or one of my friends, but variety with the spice of life, and I had jerked off to Cherry's lush lips and perky tits before. "Yeah?" I asked. "Can girls join?" she asked. "I have a mom? I'd elsa jean and alexia fawx to see her become a slut." To be continued.