Teen friends dad and dirty hairy fighting for affection

Teen friends dad and dirty hairy fighting for affection
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Growing up in a female dominant household, it really made me a well-rounded and sensitive man, but also gave me a lot of exposure to the female form. Ava koxxx milf boy xxx mom would walk around in her underwear after work before hitting the shower, she would sit on the couch with her night dress bunching up exposing her panties and just carelessly flaunt her body in front of me in innocent ways.

She didn't realize the evolution, the sickness within, the yearning for more than just teases. What more could i do? How could i take it just a bit further than i did when i was younger? Now 13 years old and in a new home, i would devise plans to violate my mom's privacy and hopefully her body. We have another home which my mom owns as a rental unit for my relatives. By the end of 2yrs, most of my aunts/uncles moved out so many of the rooms were now vacant in the 2nd home.

My mom and i would make frequent visits to the house since she had to look for new tenants, so we slept over a lot at that house.


The house is very old style, it was built maybe in the 40s, so it has a very old design and ventilation structure. I really wanted to watch my mom shower, that has been a fantasy of mine for a long time. I never really could appreciate her nakedness when i was younger, but now as an adolescent, i was scheming ways to invade her inner sanctum. The room i stayed in was beside the bathroom.

On the floor was a large vent and when removed, could look through the opposite vent directly into the washroom! I made sure to open the slats on the washroom side so that when my mom took a shower, i would have a full view. It was night time and getting late, the clatter of feet up the stairs was music to my peeping eyes.

My mom entered the washroom and shut the door (as a side note, there is a loud ass fan so she can't hear me and the washroom is literally 8X8 and a funny shaped room, my face is almost on top of her body she is so close to the vent). She started to peel off her clothes.first unbuttoned blouse which exposed her Bcup tits in a tight bustier.the dress fell to her ankles as she stepped out and was in her bustier, french cut panties and thigh high stockings.the bra came off and her breasts sprang free with brown nipples swaying to the beat, beat, beat of my cock.placing her feet on the toilet, she rolled down her stockings and then carefully removed her undies, showing a thick thatch of pubes and i FINALLY saw a crack of her vagina; pink and angry.she spent some time in the mirror removing some makeup and from my position, her pussy was on top of me.

i imagined inhaling her essence, licking any juices that would come from my pleasure. she inserted her fingers quickly, surveying/rubbing and just as quick, hopped into the shower.

i could see her through the clear curtains, she started a quick lather on her tits. i could see a bit better from the angle and her nipples were getting really hard. she wasn't pleasuring herself, but i could gather that my mom had sensitive tits when touched (and more so when sucked!) She worked the foam into a frenzy as she scrubbed her pussy and really worked her fingers along her opening.

she bent at the waist and started to rub her ass cheeks. i couldn't make cheating blonde beauty natalie vegas pumped on spy camera hardcore voyeur her anus, but she was kneading her skin around her tight hole. I could barely control myself, i was lying on the ground and jerking off while watching her.

i also said "dirty bitch" and "i'll fuck you later" just to heat things up, she couldn't hear me, but those words are foreshadowing for things to come!

she stepped out of the shower and towelled herself off. it was interesting to see her contort her body when trying to dry hard to reach areas.

her asshole winked at me as she bent to towel off any excess wetness around her thighs. i was raging at the sight, it was tight and pinkish/brown, ready to be licked and fucked.HARD.by her son.really soon!

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what i saw next floored me. she was going to clean up a bit in the washroom nude! she kinda squatted in the small space and started to dust up the hairs and wipe down the toilet. by doing this, her vagina was about a foot in front of my face. i could see her pubes, black and flowing.her lips were surprisingly tight and a light tinge of brown.and her pussy was stretched in this postion and screaming pink against the strain of her skin.

i was moaning by now, im not sure if she heard me, but i PROMISED her i'd fuck her. she was squatting, moving between a kind of doggy and cowgirl. her holes sang to me, inviting me to enter her by any means necessary. When her ass was in line with the grate, i stroked my cock with rape-like abandon.

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i spurted and spurted, groaning while staring at my mom, picturing me behind her, fucking her, raping her by holes of my choice. I nearly passed out, i was only 13, but i had cum about 4 loads all over the carpet. all my fantasies were culminating in this moment, developing into bigger dreams of reality. She got dressed in her nightie and went to go to sleep, but little did my mom know that the little peeping violation was only of privacy, not of person.YET!