Yong hotty was screwed out side striptease and hardcore

Yong hotty was screwed out side striptease and hardcore
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The next morning I somehow convinced my mom to let me go to Scott's for breakfast. We had a really nice breakfast and a good visit with his mom. As soon as breakfast was over she said she had to go to her mother's and asked him if he needed anything. Scott told her he didn't and away she went. No sooner then he heard her drive off he grabbed my hand saying, "Come on." He pulled me by the hand and up the steps we went to his room.

He brought me inside and closed the door behind me. No sooner then it latched and he kissed me long and deep. When he broke the kiss he started to undress me. "Scott what are you doing," I asked. "I need you," he said hungrily. Within a few seconds he had me naked. He then quickly pulled his covers back and picked me up laying me on the bed and then he started to undress. "Scott I don't think we should be doing this," I said feeling unsure.

"Why? I've been waiting for you to be ready and you are now and there's no need to wait anymore," he stated. Next thing I knew he was in bed with me kissing me again. A few moments later he pure pov german blonde picked up from beerfest lying on top of me kissing me and preparing for love making.

I let out a soft grunt as I felt him push into me still a little sore from losing my virginity. Like everything he did Scott seemed very skilled at it and soon he was fully inside me moving in and out. While I was still a little sore I have to admit teen in glasses fucks two big black shafts monstercock interracial a while it started to feel better and I allowed myself to let go more as I realized how nice it was to be alone with him.

I told myself not to just lay there and slowly began to move my body and my hands around his body and after a while it was feeling more and more natural to me and even romantic. It didn't last very long though as soon I felt him cum inside my body. Last night I had not noticed how intimate a feeling it was to feel someone release the fluids from their body deep inside yours.

As he was finishing he kissed me gently several times on the lips and even a sweet kiss on the nose. After his last squirt as usual I felt his hips push hard against me and his upper body pin me down.

For the first time I think I really liked how it felt. I could feel his size and his strength and I felt very loved and safe. It was a few minutes later before he rolled off of me onto his side. Then he pulled the covers back and was looking at my body. He used one finger to trace around my naked body and it almost tickled but felt really nice. "What," I asked him? "You're just so small and beautiful," he answered and began to trace his finger around my body over my breasts and around my nipples.

He gently traced around the areola and pushed on the nipple and seemed to examine me so closely. I realized that it seemed to be the first time that our play wasn't rushed.

His fingers also played with my belly button and then eventually went to my sex. Every other time he ever had touched me there or fingered me there he had been so rough it didn't feel good at all but this time was different. He rubbed me gently and playfully and before long he had me very aroused. Even when he fingered me for the first time he was gentle and patient and it wasn't like he was trying to jam his finger inside me as far as it'd go.

Instead he moved it gently and smoothly and before long I was letting out soft moans. It felt so good I was closing my eyes and I was a little surprised when I felt him get back on me but soon he was inside me again and this time he was slower and more deliberate. This time it felt like love making and it continued to arouse my body.

Because he had cum inside me not too many minutes ago, it took him much longer this time. It stretched out our lovemaking and I felt like two people in love. I know it felt better to me then anything we had done so far and I was a little saddened when again I sexy housewife fucked in her tight bunghole him cum.

Not because he had cum but because it was going to be over. This time when he finished he didn't push aggressively against me like usual. But instead he seemed to collapse exhausted on me but that felt so special to me. He laid his head on my shoulder and was snoring in a matter of a few minutes. I laid there as still as I could just feeling his body with mine, listening to his breathing and snoring.

I felt closer to him then I had ever before. It was almost lunch time when he woke up and he looked up at me and smiled and told me he loved me. He then got up out of bed and tugged me with him to his bathroom and turned on the shower.

We showered together which I enjoyed very much.


I think he was too spent to do anything sexual we just washed each other and then dried off. We got dressed again in his room and he made his bed again before we went downstairs. He fixed us sandwiches and chips and we had a nice lunch.


After lunch he asked me had I been to the zoo and I had not been in a few years and told him so. So off to the zoo we went. As we walked around the zoo we held hands and Scott made me laugh so much.

He would imitate every animal we saw and act as silly as an eight year old boy. He even did it in front of little kids and their mothers making faces and animal noises. We only ran into two people he knew from school but I didn't care this was the most natural I ever saw him act truly his own personality not performing for another jock or a popular teenager at school.

I had a wonderful time. I hated when the day ended but I knew I needed to go home and he dropped me off before dinner. I felt like I was on cloud nine. That evening I had so much time to think and be alone and listen to music. I realized that things had been going so fast. It was a little scary to me how much my two hentai babes gets fucked by guy had changed just in a matter of a couple weeks since school had let out.

The first couple of weeks of the summer, I was Tori the little girl who rode bikes and played Barbie dolls and hide and seek and talked crap about my favorite TV, movie and music stars as if I would actually do something with them if chance brought them in my path yet that was the furthest thing from the truth. Then after seeing someone I had known most of my life again, but this time actually getting to know him I realized I changed who I was from Tori the little girl, to a sexually active teenager, well almost teenager in a little over a week.

I felt like maybe I had found the love of my life. Not only had I found a boyfriend but I had found a boyfriend who was very popular in my future high school. I mean this guy would go to college and even likely be very popular in college and little Miss Tori, me, was his new girlfriend. How crazy life could be. Making love that morning made me feel so much better about things. I mean, we really bonded, and I felt closer to him then I ever felt with anyone else even maybe closer then with Sherri and my mom or dad.

I felt really stupid for having been so hard on him the last few days. I mean, yeah he had asked me to do some pretty crazy things but this was a guy who could have any girl in school and he chose me. Heck even my sister had him on her wall of fame, so why was I being so hard on him cause he had asked me to do a few. . well more grown up things. If I wanted to be with a soon to be senior I needed to act more mature and stop being such a baby. That day gave me the strength to get past my worries and more determined to better myself and my social standing in my next school.

******* The next morning I got a call from Scott inviting me to go to a matinee play at the local theater. Elizabeth the elected head varsity cheerleader for next year was in the play and had scored free tickets for Scott. So after lunch I put on a nice summer dress with a pink floral pattern and sketti straps and white strappy sandals. Scott drove us to the theater and we watched the play and Elizabeth was very good in it. She was quite an actress and I think we both really enjoyed the play.

After the play Scott and I went backstage to meet Elizabeth. I actually knew her name, knew she lived in the area but I had never been even close to being part of her click and had no interaction with her at all. I'm not sure if my sister had even spoken to her before. But here I was waiting backstage to congratulate her for a good show. We had to wait almost 45 minutes before she was able to see us with taking off all the makeup and visiting with family and friends and the cast.

But finally we got to go into her dressing room. Elizabeth was an incredibly beautiful girl. I have to admit that in my life few other females intimidated me just with their looks but Elizabeth actually fell into that category. She was tall, about 5'10 had long jet black hair, beautiful brown eyes and tanned olive skin.

She sunny leone strip nude in a private party always dressed neatly in designer clothing and carried herself very well. Recently I had heard in the rumor mill that she had not dated a single boy from the school all of the last year but instead was maybe dating some college guy from an Sensual lesbian couple pussylicking together girlfriends fingering League university.

When Scott introduced me to her, I tried my best to look her in the eyes and she never once took her eyes off of mine. Her handshake was very firm, almost like a guy's but of course her hand was much softer. She exuded confidence and I felt my heart pounding in my chest. She signed my play program (hey you never know if someone will someday be famous). She seemed very nice and Scott invited her to join us for an early dinner and she accepted.

Now I have to say up to that point most of the popular crowd I had gotten to know through Scott were very plastic and didn't ever seem to ask me anything of substance or ever try to really get to know me at all. Sunny leone bf story new 2019 because I was Scott's girlfriend they just chit chatted with me like they had known me for years but all of the chatter was just on the surface about the weather or a movie or the chesty mom slit banged hard by black dick or gossip about someone else.

That was until Elizabeth that evening for dinner. She asked me question after question and waited quietly and listened to my answers. A little bit to the point to where I was getting a little nervous because I was a little afraid her and Scott would suddenly stand up and say, "Oh my God you child, your not good enough school girls hostel xxx story download be seen with us." But Elizabeth even seemed to sense when her questions were getting too deep and would back off.

What amazed me was that she really seemed to listen and seemed to care what I had to say. She then opened up about herself telling me about her being an actress and the things she liked and didn't like to do.

Again of anyone I had gotten to know since becoming Scott's girlfriend I learned more about her in the two hour dinner then I had any of his other friends. I guess I must have shown her a lot of curiosity about the theater because she offered to give us a full tour after dinner. On our behalf Scott accepted. So after dinner we went back to the theater. It was locked but Elizabeth had her own key.

We went inside and she knew where all the light switches were. She showed us around the entire theater and seemed to know quite a bit of history about it. Finally we ended up on stage with the furniture from the play including a big red old fashioned sofa. She even told us where that piece had come from and who donated it. It was a real antique.

I was really enjoying the tour and her knowledge when Scott surprised me by out of the blue saying something I hadn't expected, "I think you two should kiss, it would be hella hot." I looked at him because that seemed to come from nowhere. After starring at him for several seconds, I looked at Elizabeth and was surprised she was looking directly at me. "You want to," she asked me? I now looked at her stunned and she continued, "It would give him a thrill and I whorish blondes courtney cummz and dakota james fuck in threesome mind." I shook my head and blinked my eyes stunned by this.

"Was that a no," she asked? I again sat there a few more seconds stunned and then fumbled with my answer, "Um, no. . I mean, um no it wasn't a no. . I mean, sure umm okay." I watched Scott smile. Then Elizabeth surprised me even more she took my hands and guided me to sit down on the old antique sofa.

She sat down next to me and pointed to a metal chair right at the edge of the stage and Scott walked to it and sat down. She then smiled softly at me and put one finger on my chin and turned my face to hers. She then tilted her head to the right just a little and I did the same. She then leaned in very slow and gentle and I felt her lips touch mine very softly. Her lips kissed mine like that 5 times all short and sweet with only a second if that long between the kisses.

Then she pushed her lips a little more firmly to mine and her little kisses pulled first my top lip then my bottom lip to hers. Then she pushed her lips softly to mine and licked gently across my lips. This made me want and need to open my lips for her, which I did, and she started to French kiss me.

But not like Scott had, so many times, hard and aggressive but even though I had opened my mouth for her she took her time liking just around the inside of my lips.

It felt like a tease and, well, made me want her to kiss me more. She then ran her hand through my hair and pulled me slowly in closer and our mouths moved together in the most sensual kiss I had ever had. I forgot where I was, I forgot Scott was there I thought of nothing but how wonderful that kiss felt. It was so weird kissing her like that, but I couldn't help enjoying the kiss.

I noticed I had moved my hands up to her as well one on her shoulder one also running through her hair.

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I can not say how long we kissed like that as I lost myself in the kiss. I was even more stunned when I felt her hand inside my dress on my bare breast, my bra pushed up above my boobs. I hadn't even noticed her unbuttoning my dress and pushing my bra up until I felt her hand cupping my breast and her thumb going gently over my nipple.

I felt myself shiver as I was unsure what to think or do about this. Within a few minutes after that she was sliding my dress down off my shoulders and down to my waist. No sooner was it off my arms and she pulled my bra from my hands. Her mouth then again was kissing me softly and sensually. As she did her hands rubbed my breasts not rough and awkward like Scott had but soft and gentle arousing them like never before.

I then understood why other women liked to be touched there and for the first time they didn't just feel like an object for him to play with but as an important part of my being. I'm not sure when she did it but soon I realized she was closer to me, rubbing me sitting right beside me. I then felt her hand go to my leg just below the hem of my dress. She began to caress my leg gently and ever so slowly her hand went further and further up my leg.

It felt so nice and arousing and I blushed when I felt her smile when her hand reached my hip and I guess she discovered I wasn't wearing panties. I then felt her turning me to the side where I could lay back and the next thing I knew I was laying on my back with my upper body elevated only by the arm of the sofa. I then grew more nervous as I felt her sliding and kissing down my body onto my chest, and stomach and lower.

She then pushed the bottom part of the dress up to my waist exposing my lower body. I felt my body begin to tremble when I realized what was about to happen and I shivered really hard when I felt her mouth go down to my mound and kiss me softly right above my smooth bare sex. Her hands were rubbing my pelvis stimulating so many of my senses and I felt her lips kiss down more and more till her lips reached the top edge of my lower lips. Her right hand slid down the outside of my left leg until she found my knee and very softly gently pulled it out to the side slowly opening my leg out exposing my piss soaked les outdoors pornstars and fetish to her.

I looked at her so nervously not really sure if I was ready for this but she smiled the softest smile and I couldn't muster story sek tante2 bohay bahenol courage to protest and just as I thought I might her mouth kissed the most private part of my body.

I almost forgot we were there on the stage in front of Scott and looked out of the corner of my eye to see him sitting there with his cock in his hand watching Elizabeth and I. Her kiss there was like nothing I could describe and I struggled to not tremble too hard as I was excited and nervous and scared of what we were doing but I was more aroused then I had ever been in my life. I was stunned as I felt her tongue warm and slippery touch my body and I couldn't help worry I would taste awful.

But I must have tasted okay because she did not stop, not even now as she touched my body like I never understood it could be touched.

I was embarrassed how hard I was shaking, and it was so uncontrollable but I was so nervous by all this and hardly knew what to do with myself. Then I felt her warm soft tongue gently press between my lips and I thought I would lose it right then.

But somehow I maintained enough composure and was glad as it only continued to feel better. I then felt her left hand slide down my right leg and lift and turn that knee out. This seemed to let her there easier and I felt her tongue touch me deeper then I could imagine and it felt better then anything Anal acrobat games with vibrators tube porn had ever felt.

Her tongue licked between my lips rubbing at the opening to my sex over and over and again I was scared to death I might lose my composure and let go. (I was terrified to have an accident and didn't imagine she'd want to taste my pee.) Then as I didn't think I could feel anything better in the world she licked back up to the top of my lips and found that secret place that was so sensitive, my clit.

I'm not sure if it was the first noise that I made, but I was sure it was loud enough for anyone in the theater to hear and I let out a full moan. Again I felt my muscles quiver and felt my limbs shaking uncontrollably.

I could hardly believe this was happening. I had just met this girl and she seemed so different then anyone I had ever met. So much more mature, so elegant and sophisticated. So different then anyone I had ever known. And yet here she was making me experience sensations I never knew I could feel.

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It wasn't too much longer before I felt the most incredible feeling I had ever felt when she pulled my clit into her lips suckling it gently and then softly pushed her finger inside me and I finally couldn't hold off that overwhelming need and let go.

I was so scared for a few moments because I thought I lost my bladder but it wasn't that at all but an explosion of passion deep inside my loins.

I felt my whole body shake and release and exploded into her mouth beautiful teen makes love to his cock every muscle in my body participated in the amazing release of built up passion she had brought me.

I heard myself whimper and even cry but I couldn't control it any more then I could control the explosion between my legs. I would have thought she'd been disgusted by the wave of fluids that escaped me but she just kept licking and sucking and rubbing me down there till I thought I couldn't take it anymore. Suddenly he was looking me in my eyes and her mouth was on mine and I felt my own wetness get onto my face off of hers.

But I didn't care because I'd just experienced the most intense feeling I'd ever felt in my life. I felt her tenderly push my hair from my face as she kissed me tenderly and I kissed her back as lovingly as I could. As we kissed she was smiling which made me blush and the fact of what had happened made me blush all that much more. I finally had to break the kiss and ask, "What are you laughing about?" "You," she replied, "you're so damn cute and innocent.

Where did Scott find you?" I just giggled at her answer and kissed her again. Then I felt her sit up and pull me sitting up too.

Then she asked, "Now are you ready for your turn?" I was stunned at her question and even more when she started to lay back on the opposite armrest on the sofa. As she lay back, she kept hold of my hand and began to pull me down towards her.

She worked her way from my hand down my arm till she could reach my shoulders and brought my head about two feet above her pelvis.

I then watched stunned as she let go of me and put her hands up her skirt taking hold of her panties. She then slid them down her legs, over her knees and off her feet. "It's okay, just take your time," she said softly. Oh my God I was so nervous, I mean I had never even once thought about doing something like this but she had just finished going down on me how could I refuse to do the same to her. Trembling again I very slowly moved my face closer to her down there.

I admit I had to almost force myself as I was so scared. But within a few seconds I could smell her and then I saw her wetness. Just a few inches more and then I kissed very timidly directly on the lips between her legs. She let out a soft moan as I kissed her there so nervously. I'm not sure how it felt any good at all but she seemed to like it. Then I tried to be brave and slowly pushed gina carrera stacey wells gary west in classic xxx site theclassicporn and vintage my tongue and began to lick.

Again she let out a soft moan. It didn't taste bad or smell bad and I found the courage to lick more. As I continued to lick she got more and more wet.

I tried doing things like she did, licking up through the lips and pushing my tongue as deep inside her as I could reach. I felt naughty and dirty but this was so different then anything I had done before. Her moaning increased as I worked my tongue up and down her lips till finally I worked my tongue up higher to the top classy attractive teen plays with her vagina where I knew felt so wonderful. My tongue found her clit and I licked around and around it swirling my tongue.

I watched her toss her head side to side and I knew I was making her feel good too. Then I carefully lowered my lips and gently wrapped them around it and gently tried to pull it into my kiss.

Soon I was able to hold her clit in my lips and lick the very tip with my tongue and I felt her hands find my head and she took a hold of me. I felt her hips push up hard to my mouth and I sucked and licked more until I felt her explode in pleasure and I knew I had given her the same relief she had me. She held me there a little longer as I kept sucking till I felt her pull my hair up. I slide up her body and she brought my face even with hers and kissed me again deeply.

This time she got to taste her wetness on my mouth and I thought it was funny. We broke our kiss and we both smiled and giggled a little. I laid there on her and felt her holding me and we just stayed like that a little while.

Then I heard Scott applaud and was stunned he was still there. Just before I got up to get dressed I heard her say very softly to me, "your beautiful." And that made me blush and smile, but I needed to get dressed and head home as it was getting late.

I slowly dressed and she helped me fasten my bra and button my dress and then we headed out and hugged goodbye in the parking lot. Scott drove me home and he was rambling on about how hot that was and how horny it had made him and he stopped the car behind the convenient store two blocks away from my house.

He took out his cock and pulled me down to it and said one word, "Open," and next thing I knew I was sucking his cock. I didn't really even want to do this and I hurried and worked him as hard and fast as I could. He was so hot and horny that it didn't take very long before he exploded. Just as he was starting to cum he again said one word, "swallow," and began to spray his seed down my throat.

I gulped and swallowed and obediently took his seed down my mouth. It made me feel more like an object but it was what it was. He put his cock away and drove me the rest of the way home and made me kiss his cheek goodnight as he didn't want to kiss my mouth still tasting of his cum. I just rolled my eyes and headed inside and had to suffer through a lecture from mom for getting home so late without calling. I apologized and said I would try not to let it happen again and scurried off to my room.


That night I laid in my bed thinking about that day and was just shocked at the whole day. Only yesterday Teanna kai aka filthy whore scene x traordinary pictures had had one of the best days ever with Scott. I felt closer to him then I ever had. Then today I had the opportunity to get to know one of his friends, one of the most popular girls in the high school.

And she talked to me and listened to me more then any of Scott's other friends. She really seemed to listen to what I had to say and seemed to care about my opinion.

Then, to my shock she and I had oral sex. It was the first time anyone had ever gone down on me and it was amazing. But how did I feel about this. I had never thought of another girl like that. I mean sure I noticed when girls were attractive but I never felt attracted to one before. Then I let her go down on me and then I did the same for her. I hardly knew what to think.

And of course I finished the day helping Scott relieve the strain in his balls. Today didn't change how I felt about him but it definitely made me look at myself differently. I realized that I had truly enjoyed a form of sex for the very first time, but not with my boyfriend but with a girl I had just gotten to know that same day.

Who was I? I had to admit I didn't know anymore.

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To be continued. .