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Part I I have always been a very persuasive woman. Even when it takes longer I usually get things done my way. My life has always been a little eccentric, to say the student fucking profesdor with big tits, but conspiring with my son to make my husband fall for his little daughter.

That's a little too much even for someone like me. Specially when all this craziness, sexual tension, hidden emotions and incestual lust have struck me out of nowhere in the past few weeks. But let me talk a little bit about my life and how I got to be in this crazy situation. I'm a 35 year old married woman with two kids and a great husband. My oldest one, Tyler will be graduating next year. He is part of the soccer team and is a computer fan. He spends most of his time at home sitting by the computer.

Katie, my daughter, is almost 2 years younger than him. She is very good at sports and enjoys taking pictures of everything. She recently got a really nice camera for Christmas by manipulating her dad with her pretty face. My husband and I met when I was in high school when I was 16, under some not very normal circumstances that I will discuss in another story.

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Long story short, I ended up getting pregnant very young and we got married. He was a little older than I and had just gotten out of high school so he got a job at his father's company that allowed us to have the good lifestyle that we maintain today. The first 5 years were a little hard with us being so young and having the kids, but as they got a little older I started having more free time at home while my husband kept climbing in his professional career.

With more free time on my hands I got bored and started looking for new hobbies. Pool, tanning beds, and gym time where my usual daily routine. I became a fitness fanatic and with my husband spending more and more time away from home because of his position in his company, we started loosing our magical connection.

With the kids now going to school and the lack of sex and satisfaction I started looking at other guys. I was becoming more and more attracted to some of the guys at the gym and, me being in my 30s, I knew I was eye candy for them too.

I would usually go the gym in naughty and moist gang bang striptease hardcore mornings when there was not such big crowds. I would sometimes see this two guys working out together. They were young looking guys, probably from the college that was a few blocks away.

They would always try to make up excuses to talk to me and try to flirt with me but I was too much of a prude to answer with more than a couple of words. I remember that day like it was yesterday, that day was different. The night before my husband had gotten home late and he woke me up around 2 a.m.


He was very drunk and very horny. He would do this sometimes and would never get what he wanted but that night I was also horny so I let him do as he wanted. There was no foreplay, he just pulled my shorts down and started fucking me from behind. It wasn't pleasant since I wasn't well lubricated but he didn't mind. As I expected, 5 minutes later he came all over my pussy leaving me much hornier than I was before. I fingered my pussy for a few minutes with my husband sleeping next to me but for some reason I couldn't cum.

Next day,when I left for the gym, I was still horny. All I could think about was sex and my clothes showed that. I was wearing a small top that left my belly naked and pushed up my tits in an awesome way. I decided not to wear sporty rude french chick full on analized and mature so my short leg-ins were marking my bottom parts a little more than usual. I didn't mean to do anything that day but, as I like to believe, my destiny was already decided.

When I got to gym I saw the guy at the front desk stare at my pussy without even caring that I noticed. I secretly liked his pervert look.


I did my normal routine and then I moved In to the aerobics room which was empty. This room was right in front of the weight room in which the 2 college guys were doing some incredible bicep demonstrations. They kept smiling at me and being flirty as usual but that day I started smiling back and at the same time looking shy. I started doing my rope exercises but feeling a little more confident I faced them and started jumping.

I'm sure my tits were bouncing greatly because they were staring with mouths open straight at them and I couldn't help it but smile. Noticing my approval the guys came over to the aerobics room and started stretching. I finished my workout and as soon as they saw me taking my headphones off they started a conversation.

They were teasing me about how girls don't know how to do a proper after workout stretch. "Oh yeah, and how do you do a proper after workout stretch?", I asked him being a little tease.

"We'll bring that Swiss ball and I'll show you". There was one guy that was doing all the talking. He was handsome and had a really nice body.

The other guy was a little more shy but he was also in really nice shape. I got the Swiss ball which I would sometimes use to do my sit ups, not really understanding how to stretch on it but I played dumb and let him tell me what to do. "Alright baby, here is what I want you to do. First we're gonna stretch your back, so go ahead and get down and put your upper back on the ball and roll up as far as you can. Don't worry about your balance, I'm right here if you need me to hold you". He positioned himself above me and I knew he had a perfect visual of my tits.

The fact that he had a look of lust in his face and that he was calling me baby and directing me on each step, got me extra horny and suddenly I felt more and more attracted to him. I also thought about my husband but my sexual thoughts for this young guy were a lot stronger and it was starting to make me wet. I lost my balance for a second and he grabbed me by my waist and put me back on the ball. I could tell how strong his warms were and the sensation of his hands grabbing me gave me chills.

"It's ok I got you baby. Now let's try something else. Did you workout your abs today?". He asked me touching my stomach delicately. "No, not yet." I answered. "Ok I want you to be back on the ball and try to do v-sit-ups". Now, I know v-sit-ups are hard on the floor so I couldn't see myself doing this on that ball but I followed his command. I got on the ball and tried to do one and almost fell.

He laughed at me and got in front of me. "Here sexy, we'll help you. I'll hold your legs while Steve holds your back just in case.". He positioned himself in front of me and got down on his knees, then took my legs and pulled them apart.

He asked Steve to hold my back if I was falling. I got kind of nervous since I xx club and collage pron I wasn't wearing any panties and I knew he could see the shape of my pussy perfectly from his point of view. "Alright ready?" He asked me, at the same time putting his hands under my thighs and almost touching my ass. "Come on, let's do it, go up" he was coaching me while his face was getting dangerously close to my pussy.

I put my legs up and tried to touch them with my fingertips but failed. He kept coaching me and I kept going up without being able to hot stepmom alexis fawx in a perfect christmas threesome escapade my feet.

His hands were now touching my ass. I tried a couple more times but weren't successful and when I went on my own I lost my balance. Steve caught my back and instinctively I closed my legs squishing the deutsche fettarsch mutter in leder fickt mit jungem kerl beim userdate guy's face in between them really really close to my pussy.

They got me back up and I apologize but he was smiling at me. Obviously he had planed this. He then asked me to get off the ball and bend over touching the floor without bending my knees. I did as directed without hesitating. He told me to advance my hands without moving my feet until I was pretty much in a push up position. Then he asked me to go al the way down and I saw him getting in front of me.

"Ok I want kageny linn karter and johnny sins to do a yoga stretch and pull your upper body up and leave your hips and legs down." I did as he said but when I went up he shocked me when I saw that he had pulled down his shorts leaving his cock hanging out right in front of my face! My first instinct was to move away but I couldn't.

I just stared at his cock just a couple of inches from my face. It had a good size and it was hard already with veins popping. "Come on you know you want to suck it. Don't be shy now my little tease". I had never been with anybody other than my husband.

I tried to fight it but I was too horny and my tongue slipped out and started licking it. I looked at the big doors and couldn't see anyone watching us and that gave me a little relieve.

"Steve you should work her pussy with your fingers man, you know she wants it". Steve looked at me as if looking for approval. I looked straight at his eyes and got the other guys cock fully in my mouth. Steve smiled at me and grabbed me putting me in all fours like a little bitch in heat. I kept sucking cock while Steve put one of his fingers in me commenting on how incredibly wet I was.

His fingers got me up to speed and my sucking was faster and faster. He was pulling my ponytail and forcing his cock deep in my mouth. I had never been deep-throated before but with Steve working 3 fingers in me I didn't care for breathing, all I cared was to do whatever he wanted me to do, I just wanted to be his slut.

My orgasm started building up when Steve got his 4th finger in my pussy and added a thumb in my ass, fucking me with his hand faster and faster. Instinctively I started moaning louder, still with a dick in my mouth, and he started fucking my throat faster and deeper. My throat was now getting used to getting his entire cock with no difficulties and it must have felt really nice because he started moaning like he was about to cum too.

Pulling his cock out of my mouth he said: "give me your hand and look at the camera my little bitch" Did he just said camera?!!! I looked up and saw that this whole time Steve had been using his iPhone to get a video of me and now he passed it to the other guy so he could get a better angle of my face. "Come on look at the camera and smile for me". I didn't know what to do, I was shocked that he was actually getting this in his phone.

It disturbed me but my inner slut reacted with a smile and a flirty look at the camera while licking his penis from the base to the top.


"Yeah, just like that you little cunt". He put my hand on his dick and told me to make him cum, while at the same time Steve was trying to make me cum.

His dirty talk and his way to give me orders made me feel something I had never experienced before with my husband. This made me behave in such a slutty way that even I wouldn't recognize me if I watched the video.

"Where do you want it sexy?". "I think I will let Steve decide since he's doing such a fine job with my pussy". "How about you make her pretty face even better with a load of cum all over" Said Steve. "Alright you Heard the man slut, make me cum and make sure to get your whole face full of me." I started with my hand but soon he started fucking my throat again.

Steve kept fucking my pussy with his hand at the same rhythm. I was really close and I could feel his cock getting ready in my mouth too.

He started moaning and took his dick out of my mouth. I grabbed his dick and kept going faster while Steve fucked me extremely fast with his hand too. He grabbed his cock back and with his other hand push my face in and kept the camera close to my face. That was it, he started cuming. His cum didn't shoot out like my husband's but instead it came out in very thick and concentrated loads that slowly landed on my face.

He came a lot on my face and it was thick and warm. Both my eyes were covered, and I could feel his thick cum running down my nose to my lips. I stuck my tongue out and tasting his cum was too much for me and I started cuming too all over Steve's hand.

My orgasm was incredible and I couldn't hide it. Even if I wanted to deny it In the future, it was all on video and anybody could see how much I enjoyed it.

I laid on the floor for a couple of minutest till I recovered my breath. The guy pulled up my top letting my tits hang out freely and took a picture kodam x x x vedeo me on the floor, with my face full of cum and my tits in the air in a public place.

Since my orgasm passed, my horny feelings went down I started to feel guilty after he took the picture. Without knowing what to do, my first instinct was to get up and get out of there fast. I got out of the room and went downstairs, passing the reception and straight to my car. I was a mess driving home, I was sweaty, sticky and my face was full of cum and now I was crying. I felt so guilty that I had done this to my husband.

I knew that we weren't going through the best point summer bailey casting sucking riding long schlong our relationship but this was way too far. What started as a little innocent flirty game with some random guys had led me to sucking a dick and cuming sister and brother sex stories sexy storys another guys hand while they were getting all this on video.

What if they decide to upload this on the Internet? What if they send this to my husband? I was mortified and freaking out more and more. When I got home I parked the car outside and saw that my husband's car was already there.

I didn't know what I would tell him but I could not live with the secret for the rest of my life. I fixed myself a little bit and decided to go in. As soon as I saw him sitting on the couch in the living room I started crying desperately.

Scared, he came to me and started asking what the problem was. It was probably 20 minutes later that I finally calmed down and got the courage to confess. "Something happened at the gym." 'What do you mean?" he asked.

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"There were this guys and I was working out and they." I started crying again and couldn't stop. My husband panic and started making assumptions that weren't too far from reality.

"What happened? Are you seeing someone else at the gym? Is there another guy? What the hell? Talk". He kept asking and when I finally calmed down again I answered. "Honey I'm not seeing someone else. I would never do that, I love you. It was just today honey I swear." "So you did something with someone else you fucking slut, I knew it". He got really upset and I got more scared and kept crying.

He finally stopped screaming at me and got his car keys and left. I was left alone at home scared that I had just ruined my family for a horny afternoon. I finally recovered a little bit and put myself together to take a shower and get all the cum completely off my face.

My kids got home later on but my husband didn't. I got worried but there was nothing I could do. Horny czech cutie opens up her pink honey pot to the unusual wouldn't answer my calls.

I went to bed around 11pm but I couldn't sleep at all. Finally I heard the door to my room open. It was my husband, but he didn't say anything. He smelled like alcohol. He changed his clothe to his pajamas and came to bed without saying a word. I was on my side facing away from him and pretending to be asleep.

He knew I wasn't. he cuddled me and finally broke the silence. "I need you to tell me what happened". I started crying again, but this time I was a little more calmed.

"I told you honey there was this guys at the gym and I did something I shouldn't have done". "I need you to tell me all the details. Everything that happened, I want to know. You either tell me or I get the kids right now and leave the house". I got myself together and dormida por el culo tube porn the story with the facts that he had been gone too much from home and I was feeling lonely.

I told him how I started feeling attracted to some of the guys at the gym. Then I told him about the guys that day and how they started flirting with me in the aerobics room.

I told him how they fake helped me stretch and how that led to the guy getting his dick out and putting right on my face. I noticed he was getting worked up. His breathing got a little heavier. I was scared he was gonna start yelling at me again and leave. "I'm sorry honey please forgive me, I know it was stupid and I shouldn't have done it but I will never do it again.

Please forgive me". He calmed his breathing for a second, "it's ok honey I just really want to listen to details. I want to know everything that happened". I doubted for a second but for some reason he seemed really calmed. "How detailed do you need me to be I mean, do you really wanna know everything that happened?". "What you did has no excuse, but if you want me to forgive you after you cheated on me this is what I need.

So please continue with your story" he responded in a firm way that left me no choice but to be very detailed. I told him how the guy put his dick right on my face when I was on the ball. How I was so horny that I couldn't say no to that big cock. I started feeling my husbands dick growing right behind my ass.

I told him how I stroked his cock and how he grabbed my hair putting his dick in my mouth. I described to my husband how I got deep-throated for the first time by a complete stranger and he was getting excited about it.

This was not the reaction I had in mind but it was way better than a divorce. I grabbed his hand and put it on my tits. Again, he reacted well to that too and grabbed me tighter. I could feel his bonner with no doubt now pressing on my ass cheeks.

"Do you want me to keep going?" I asked, taking control of the situation. "Yes please", he said. I told him how the guy directed the other one to explore my private parts. How he pulled my shorts down and started rubbing my pussy while I had a big dick down my throat. My husband grabbed my hand and put it on his dick giving himself some strokes with my hand. Then he let go and I continued the hand job while telling him the story.

I described how they put me in all fours like a little slut, increasing the speed of the strokes to my husbands dick. Then I told him about Steve putting four fingers in my pussy and his thumb in my asshole.

He broke his silence. "you let him do your ass? You've never let me get even close to your ass before". " I was too horny at the time honey, plus I was busy sucking the other guys cock".

He was shocked by the way I was talking to him but I could feel his dick was getting harder than I have ever felt it. I continued telling him how one of the guys asked for the phone while the other one was making a video of me from behind. My husband's dick reacted immediately after what I told him about the phone. I could tell he almost came right then but I stopped stroking him.

"They have a video of you doing all this", he asked sounding alarmed. "I'm sorry honey but they do and I was being very naughty for the camera after I realized they were doing it", I said this restarting the stroking. I knew that the story was almost over so I increased the speed of the hand-job I was giving him.

"Then the guy fucking my throat asked the guy fingering my two lower holes to decide where he should cum", I continued. "What did he say?", asked my husband anxiously. "He told him to cum all over my face, so he put his dick back in my mouth and gave me a very rough deep throat for about 15 seconds before he started cumming all over my face, first in my eyes, then my nose and mostly inside my mouth", this gave my husband what he needed to reach his climax thanks to my hand and he started cumming.

I put the tip of his dick right outside my asshole, where Steve had been putting his thumb earlier that day and my husband exploded.

"That's not it honey, the other guy, Steve, fingered my two little holes so good that I also came while I was swallowing cum". He couldn't take it any more and collapsed next to me as if he just had the best orgasm ever. I let him have a quiet moment but knowing that this was a battle I had already won, I broke the silence. "So you're not that mad then", he smiled at me and went to sleep. I knew that from this point on I was in control of our sexual life.

That night, being extremely horny after making my husband cum while telling him how I got "abused" in the gym, my mind started spinning with new sexual ideas and my sexual life changed forever. I didn't go to the gym for a couple of weeks after the first event and my husband didn't ask Any questions until one weekend that he finally spent at shona xxxstorys 2019 sex stories xxx. I got him horny by rubbing my naked legs on him and he asked me if I had been going to the gym lately.

I told him I wasn't comfortable since I didn't know what his reaction would be. He got quiet for a second and then asked me, "would you go to the gym everyday from now on? I would really want to hear about more stories like the one from las week". This surprised me. My husband was trying to get me to go to gym to have sex with strangers just so I could come back and tell him what happened.

Although I was surprised I was also sexy teen likes cum in her ass of horny.

"How far would you want me to go" I asked him stroking his dick. "The more the better" he answered. That night we had the best sex we've had in years while I was telling him my ideas and he really liked most of them.

When we were done, he asked me for one condition. He wanted me to be the one in control and he wanted me to make videos of my encounters with my phone instead of theirs. The next day I was ready for my new adventures and I was determined to have sex with Steve and the other guy who I still didn't know his name.

I was wearing the same outfit I wore last time I saw them, my short leg-ins and my small sports bra with a pony tail. For some reason the guy at the front desk stared at me a little longer smiling like he knew something about me. I got a little worried that my video was being shared with other people but it also got me horny. Knowing that people were watching me had a special effect in my pussy. It could get me ready for sex faster than anything else.

I got to the weight room and to my disappointment the guys weren't there. There was only a couple of girls in the room and an old guy working out. I did my normal routine without much excitement. Just when I was about to leave the guys walked in the room and they must have noticed my reaction because they immediately came to me and weren't very shy about were they were putting their hands. I asked them if they could help me stretch in the aerobics room and they were more than pleased about how direct I was being.

I asked the guy what his name was. "I'm John and this is my friend Steve by the way" he said. "Are you guys college students?" I asked them curious about the age of my new toys. "No we're seniors in Highland school" Steve answered and John looked at him like he was an idiot for telling the truth.

OMG I sucked a teenagers dick and was fingered by another one. This kids were probably going to school with my own son and here I was asking them to help me "stretch". For some reason thinking about how young this guys were made me even more horny and I immediately started teasing them.

Knowing that they were younger gave me more confidence to be in control. I laid on a yoga mat and asked John to help me stretch my legs. Then I gave my phone to Steve. I asked him about the video he had recorded before. He got a little nervous but I calmed him down. I asked him if anyone else had seen it.

He told me that the front desk guy caught them watching it in the lockers after I left, so they let him see it, but nobody else had.

Somehow I was kind of disappointed that nobody else had seen it. I asked Steve to transfer the video to my phone and then to make a new video with my phone if there was anything interesting he wanted to record. I was teasing john this whole time opening my legs and showing him my marked pussy through my leg-ins. "What do you want to do to me john?" I asked. "I want to do the same thing we did last time", he answered. "Is that it, you don't want to do anything else to me?", I replied.

"I would love to fuck you right here but there is people outside". "So?" As soon as I said that he got his dick out of his shorts and pulled my hair in so I could suck him off.

I saw Steve started making the video and decided to put the occupied sign right outside the room so we could have more privacy. John was very excited but I wanted this to be for my pleasure and not theirs. I told Steve to give my phone to john and to get down on me and eat my cunt. He was shocked for a second but did as I asked.

John was directing this video and was doing a hell of a job by telling me how to suck his dick so it would be perfect for the camera. Steve was doing a great job at getting me ready for someone's cock and I could feel my pussy getting really wet. I looked at the camera and with my best innocent face I said "John would you please fuck me right here. I don't care if someone sees us".

He was having fun with my new attitude. Steve stopped his fantastic work, got up and took he cell phone. I mistress taylor st claire mixed wrestling him to get a good closeup shot of how his friend was gonna get his dick in me for the first time.

John got in position and Steve got close to us. I grabbed john by his hips and pulled him all the way in my pussy. His dick wasn't as big as my husbands but it felt amazing when I was in. John got a good rhythm and I was in heaven but I was missing something. I stopped john and got on all fours, then asked him to keep up the good work on my pussy while Steve got in front of me so I could work on his cock.

Steve was getting blowjob contest alektra blue and chanel preston and monique alexander great shots from his POV but john asked for the cellphone. John started working a finger in my asshole and was making sure it was very clear in the video. I was about to hit an orgasm when he stopped fucking me. I got steve's cock out of my mouth and looked at him with a mean face trying to get him back in me but he smiled at me with and devilish face and put his dick right at the entrance of my dirty hole.

I had never had anal sex before but I also had never had a threesome before. I smiled at the camera accepting his request and he started working me with the tip of his cock. He would put a little bit in and then take it out and spit on my ass to lubricate it. I felt like the dirtiest slut ever but I was loving it.

He was focusing the video on my ass but would do some busty blonde riding a massive brutal dildo shots that probably showed my pain. With a few more tries he was completely in me. It didn't feel very good, it was mostly painful, but the satisfaction in his face was worth all the pain in my ass. We got into a good rhythm and I would get Steve's dick fully in my throat with each of johns thrusts. About two minutes after he got my anal virginity he announced his climax.

Looking at the camera I asked him where he wanted to cum. "I want to cum in your throat baby". I took Steve out of my mouth and John out of my ass and in one the dirtiest things I have ever done I put his dirty dick so deep in my mouth that all his cumshots were going straight to my throat.

After he was done I cleaned his dick with my mouth and then focused my attention on Steve. I hadn't had an orgasm yet so I needed to cum really bad. I asked Steve to lay down on the floor so I could ride him. He did as directed and when I was accommodating his dick to get in my pussy I looked up at the door and saw the front desk guy staring at us.

I panicked for a second but john calmed me. John signaled the guy to come in. Then he said, "why don't you suck blowing gloryhole ho jizz interracial and creampie guys dick since you already gave him a great show". I was still shocked but the guy came to me and pulled his dick out.

It was a little bigger than the teenagers. I sucked his cock and I moved him right in front of me so I could keep riding Steve. John was moving around with my phone getting some great shots of me being fucked and sucking dick I assumed. The front desk guy wasn't gonna last very long and when he was about to start cumming John told him to cum on my face and tits. He had the most cum I have ever seen. His shots were getting me in my mouth, neck, sports bra and tits in great amounts.

That triggered steve's orgasm who asked if he could cum in my pussy. This question made me ride him faster so I could cum with him while getting my pussy full of cum. As soon as his warm sperm started filling me up, I started cumming. I finished my orgasm holding onto his chest. When I came back to my senses, I had john and the front desk guy with a smile on their faces obviously enjoying the show. Josh asked me to get off Steve and sit on the mat with my legs opened. I didn't see the purpose but I did as ordered.

Once I hit the floor and opened my legs a full load of cum started cuming out of my pussy. John was getting a full closeup of this. He asked me to open my pussy lips and scoop the semen out of my vagina.

Once again I was following his commands. I played with the cum I had on my tits trying to dry it and scooped some from my neck and face into my mouth while looking at the camera. I knew my husband would enjoy them later on. After that I put my leg-ins back on and took my phone from johns hands.

I got out of the room thanking for the stretch but not without getting john's number first.