Slut stepmom sinn sage seducing her lovely stepdaughter

Slut stepmom sinn sage seducing her lovely stepdaughter
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Hi, and welcome to parts 2 and 3, where you'll get less bad puns than part 1, but a bit more kinky sex, hopefully. I've included part 1 so you can read it all together if this is your first time, otherwise skip down to part 2.

I've also included part 1 again so I can fix a few inconsistencies. As always, this is a work of fiction. In real life - BE GOOD! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Part 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As Jonny lay on his bed, enjoying the soft lips and wet tongue working slowly over his hard cock, he thought about how wonderful his life was.

As Cindy, his mom, loving wrapped her lips around her 14 year old son's warm, stiff cock, she thought back to how it had gotten this far.

As she popped Jonny's cock out of her mouth and slowly licked around his tight balls she thought back to how her husband had passed away 3 months ago. She thought about how lonely she get your meat ready so yhookup com get your been, and how comforting it had been having a son like Jonny.

She thought of how they had gradually grown closer, first with hugs, then with kissing, then with sucking his dick. God how she missed her husband, but Jonny reminded her so much of him, in his smile, his mannerisms, and especially his long tongue as it snaked through her wet cunt.

"Oh God mom", Jonny moaned, "that's so good, suck my dick some more", his mom took Jonny's dick at the base and slowly slipped it into her mouth, having no trouble getting most of the 6 inches in. Jonny put his hands behind his moms head, her her soft blond hair firmly as he began to raise his hips, fucking her mouth. "mmmmm", was all his mom could say, her mouth full of cock.

Jonny began to push a little harder, a little faster, till all six inches was in his mom's mouth, the tip of her nose touching his soft white belly. Suddenly he stopped his thrusting, "oh crap!" "mmmm?" his mom asked. "8 o'clock mom, I've missed the bus!" His mom reluctantly pulled her mouth from her son's cock, watching it twitch a bit as she let it go. Still a child, she thought, worried about school while she's sucking his dick. "Ok sweetie, put your pants back on, maybe we can still catch it.

Jonny jumped out of bed, pulling on some shorts that lay hanging over the edge of his bed. His mom picked her blouse off the floor, enjoying the soft silk on her naked breasts. Maybe I should put a bra on she thought. Naa, not likely she would meet anyone if she quickly walked her son to the bus stop. Jonny grabbed his bag and ran out the bedroom, down the hall and out the front door.

"Bye mom!" he cried, not waiting for her reply. He closed the door so hard that it bounced open again, but he was down the path already, not noticing.

Cindy walked the same path as her son, but more slowly. As she walked out the front door her breast bounced a little under her blouse, rubbing against the soft material and making her nipples stand out like two small thimbles. Really should put on a bra, she thought, although she had to admit that that the soft fabric was keeping her turned on, making sure her wet cunt only got wetter.

Eventually she caught up to her son, standing at the bus stop, hoping from foot to foot. "I think I missed it mom, uh mom?" "Yes sweetie?" "Your, uh." He motioned to her breasts, "I can totally see your boobs" Cindy looked down.

He was right, in this bright light her breasts were as obvious as if she was wearing nothing. "Well it looks like you don't mind", she said, pointing out the big bump in his shorts. She moved up till she was an inch in front of him, and then let her hand slide down and cup the bulge, "mmmm, mummy like." Just at that moment a car pulled up to the curb. "Hey Cindy, Hey Jonny, miss your bus? Can give you a lift if you want." shit! shit! shit!, thought Cindy.

She turned around, hoping beyond hope that whoever it was had not seen what she was doing. "Oh hey Ralph" It was Ralph and his wife Michelle; they were neighbors of Cindy, a very friendly couple with kids of their own. "Yes please, we missed our bus.

You know how it is, rush rush in the morning but never enough time." "Sure thing, hop in" Ralph pressed the central locking button and reached behind him to open the back door. As Jonny climbed in, Ralph's eyes bulged out. He had caught sight of Cindy's breasts through her sheer top, "Hey Cindy, why don't you come for the ride?" he asked without taking his eyes off her tits.

Cindy knew she had been caught, but for some reason the fear was gone, inside was a kind of excitement she had not felt since she was a teenager. Leaning through Ralph's window, she made sure to get her breasts as close as possible to Ralph's face.

"Hey Michelle, is it ok with you if your husband takes me for a ride?" Cindy gave an innocent dead or alive porn nyotengu fucking big dick play free, but held her pose until she knew that Michelle had seen exactly what Ralph was seeing. It only took Michelle a second to realize what Cindy was going on about, the obvious double meaning behind her words.

"Come on in," Michelle replied, trying to act calm, and then, as if to let Cindy know that two could play this game. "I'm sure my husband would love to jayden jaymes fingers herself in the bathroom you for a ride, especially with me in the car." Jonny sat in the back, oblivious to the hidden meaning in the conversation. "Mom, get in, I'm gonna be late" Cindy climbed in the car, so that she was sitting behind Michelle and Jonny was sitting behind Ralph.

Ralph turned to face Cindy, "So Cindy, keeping well?" "U'hu" "Anything new?" "Nope." Ralph faltered, he didn't want to take his eyes off Cindy's tits but he couldn't think how to keep the conversation moving, so he reluctantly turned around, put the car in drive and pulled out. He wasn't 10 feet on the road before he was reaching for the rearview mirror, adjusting it, not so he could see the road behind him but so he could get a good view of Cindy.

Michelle for her part was being almost as unsubtle. She had pulled down her sun visor and opened the vanity mirror. Cindy slid across in her seat so that both Ralph and Michelle had a good view. The ride carried on for a few minutes, Ralph and Michelle sneaking glances, Cindy doing her best to push the conversation past the bounds of decency without actually saying anything overt. "Wow Ralph, your car is great, such a smooth ride, I love how it goes up and down over the bumps." Cindy couldn't believe what she was doing, but it felt so fucking good, her panties were soaked through and she was sure that when she sat up she would leave a stain on the seat.

"So Michelle, how hard is it going for a long ride with Ralph, have you ever ridden all night? I bet you're really wet after a long ride 'cause, you know, a long ride can make your quite hot, especially if Ralph rides pretty hard." Jonny gave his mom a look like 'mom, what the hell are you talking about' "I love a long ride," Michelle replied, joining in the game, "in fact just last night Ralph and I went on a really long ride, 2 rides in fact." It was right then that Cindy knew exactly what she was going to do, fuck the consequences.

"Jonny" "Yeah mom?" "Just go with me, ok?" "Um, ok", Jonny still had no idea what his mom was on about, but he liked the way she was smiling at him. Cindy reached across and let her had rest in Jonny's lap. Almost instantly he started to get an erection.

She began to knead his cock through his pants, till it was standing to attention.


Jonny sat frozen, afraid and excited, lustful and confused. "Maybe one day you can take my little Jonny for a ride" Michelle swung around quickly, and saw what Cindy was doing. She turned around, saying nothing.

Had Cindy gone too far? Only one way to find out. Using two hands she pulled down the waist band of Jonny's pants, exposing his stiff cock. Jonny lifted his bum slightly so his mom could pull the pants further down, then with his pants half way down his thighs she began to stroke his cock, up and down. "uuuuuuuuuuu," Jonny let out a soft moan, Cindy cupped his balls in her free hand as she kept up the slow rhythm. A minute passed by. "ok", it was almost a whisper from Michelle.

"Ok what?" Cindy asked. Michelle turned around and watched as Cindy slowly jerked off her son. "ok, I'll take Jonny for a ride, if you come too." "Oh don't you worry, I'll come too, you can be sure of that." Jonny's cock was starting to leak, a sure sign of how turned on he was.

Cindy didn't hold back any longer, and leaning across the seat she took Jonny's stiff cock into her mouth. Holding nothing back she began to work up and down the shaft, making it was wet as possible, making as much noise as possible.

Meanwhile the car continued to move through morning rush hour traffic. Cindy turned her head a bit, to make sure Michelle was still watching, she was. Using her right hand Cindy began to message one of her breasts, enjoying how it felt to touch herself while she sucked off her son. "Oh mom, mom, I'm gonna, you know." Holding the base of her son's cock, Cindy let it out of her mouth, and friends siss xxx family frirt licking up and down the top, making sure Michelle had a good view.

"uuuuu, moooooooooooom," and Jonny was shooting his load, all of the pent up cum spurting out of him. Michelle never took her eyes off it, watching till the last drop came out. Most of it landed on the back of Ralph's seat, but some landed on the floor, and a bit slid down Jonny's cock.

Cindy licked the cum off of the cock, enjoying the salty taste. When she was finished she sat back up, leaving Jonny to pull up his pants. "We're here, Ralph announced, as they pulled up to the school.

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"Thanks Mr. Wiggins, thanks Mrs. Wiggens." "You're welcome", Michelle replied, "come round tonight and you and me can go for a ride." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Part 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It was later that day, Jonny had arrived home from school, thought's of the morning car ride fresh in his mind. "Hey mom!" he cried, as he dropped his schoolbag at the door.

"Het sweetie," his mom replied from the kitchen, "I'm making cayman islands dlk bar girl, you want one?" "Yes please," Jonny walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table.

When his mom looked at him he found himself blushing, he was still thinking about the car ride earlier that day, and for some reason he was feeling a bit guilty, like he had let someone else know what he and his mom were doing when it should have been a secret. His mom looked at him, and it was like she could sense what he was thinking. "Are you worried about this morning?" "Sort of," he replied.

"Do you think Mrs. Wiggens was cross, what we did in her car?" "No Sweetie, she really liked it. In fact she's invited us round to her place tonight" "For real?" Jonny was surprised. "Yes, so don't worry - what we did in the car, Mrs. Wiggens really liked it, in fact I think she may have something for you later." Jonny felt so much better, his mind much more at ease.

He wolfed down the strawberry waffle and went upstairs to do his homework. At about 6 that evening his mom called into his room, "Jonny, time to get ready for our date with Mrs. Wiggens. Go take a shower and I'll put some clothes on the bed for you. Jonny jumped in the shower and was rewarded with an instant erection as he enjoyed the hot water rolling down his back. Lathering up his hand he began to wash his hard cock.

He thought about that morning, how Mrs. Wiggins had watched intently as his mom sucked on his cock, he began to jerk faster, enjoying the slippery lubrication provided by the body wash. Eyes closed he lent against the wall, one hand cupping his balls, the other pumping his cock. "Hey sweetie, don't waste it too soon", Jonny jerked open his eyes, his mom was peeking through the shower door. Before he could say anything she stepped into the shower, Jonny stopped jacking off, but only so he could use his hands to wrap around his mom and, squeezing her butt, pull her against him.

He enjoyed how his hard cock pressed against her bald cunt. They kissed, tongues dancing together like crazed go-go dancers. Cindy finally pulled away. "I mean it, hold it in, for later, for Mrs. Wiggins. Now wash me." Jonny did as he was told, soaping down his mom, paying special attention to her breast and bald cunt.

Rinsing her breasts clean he leant forward and sucked in one of her nipples, nursing on it like when he was a baby. Cindy felt her already moist pussy begin to gush, and unable to control herself leant back on the shower door and slipped two fingers easily inside her slippery cunt. "That's it baby, suck mummy, make mummy cum.

Oooooooooooooo! Your tongue, tongue my fucking cunt!" She grabbed Jonny's head and forced him down till he was level with her pussy. He knew what to do, making his tongue hard and pointed he began to fuck his mom with it.

"That's it baby, keep going, keep going!" Cindy pulled on her nipples, a fire burning inside that would release itself at any second. "Come on baby, make mummy come, give me your fucking tongue, oh that's so good, so good, tonight I promise you baby your gonna have the time of your life, mummy and Mrs.

Wiggins are going fuck your brains out, now make mummy cum. Aaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Jonny knew his mom was about to cum and feeling like he could do anything he took his finger and without warning shoved it between her bum cheeks and up her tight ass.

"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" and she was coming, squirting her pussy juice into her son's eager mouth, shaking she slid down the shower door, until she was sitting on the floor, her body trembling, her breathing hard. "Oh baby, you are so good to your mummy." . It's was 10 minutes later and Jonny had finished towling down from his shower, he looked at what his mom had laid out on the bed for him.

Her instructions had been clear, 'wear what was on the bed, nothing more, nothing less'. He inspected what she had chosen, blue jeans, a white top, sock and sneakers. "What about underpants?" he called to his mom in the other room. "Just what's on the bed!" his mom shouted back. Jonny put everything on, the tight jeans hugging his still hard cock.

He looked in the mirror, enjoying how big he looked in his tight pants. Dressed and ready he went down to the lounge and waited for his mom. When she finally walked down the stairs. typical woman, Jonny thought, taking forever to get ready - Jonny's mouth nearly hit the floor.

His mom was a good looking lady, she took care of her body, ate healthy, dressed well, but tonight she was stunning. She wore a tight red dress that stopped half way down her thighs, and high black shoes that made her already shapely calves seem amazing. Up top the dress plunged dramatically between her full breasts, her blond hair, which normally draped around her shoulder, was pulled up into a neat bun, and around her neck she wore a simple diamond pendant that sparkled and she walked.

"Ready?" she asked "uhu." was all Jonny could reply. The two walked out to the car and Jonny sat up front with his mom, he watched her legs as she drove, the skirt riding up as she pressed the pedals. While they drove his mom gave him some advice. "Now honey, I want you to have fun tonight, you're with me so remember, whatever happens, it's OK.

Nothing you do tonight is going to get you into trouble. If you feel like it, do it, but remember, no means no, and yes means fuck me harder, ok?" Jonny grinned, and didn't stop grinning for the rest of the mia was screwed in all hardcore position. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Part 3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When the arrived at the Wiggens' place, Mrs.

Wiggens answered the door. She smiled at the two of them, delighted to have them there and looking forward to the evening ahead. "Hey Cindy, wow do you look good," she gave Jonny's mom a quick embrace and a kiss that said a bit more than just hello. Jonny was sure he saw tongue. "and you too Jonny." She gave Jonny a hug, and a kiss on the cheek. The kiss on the cheek was nothing compared to how he and his mom usually kissed, but the soft peck of another woman's lips sent shivers through his body.

She smelled good, different from his mom. Jonny looked her over as critically as a asian girlfriend gets licked and fucked tube porn year old could. She was a good 6 inches shorter than his mom, dark hair, smaller breasts, but a really nice face, soft and rosey.

Dressed in a soft cotton dress she looked like the exact opposite his mom. The evening started off slow, Cindy and Michelle talked for a good half hour, sometime about bring girls stuff but as the evening wore on, as the wine flowed - Jonny even had a glass, the conversation got more and more fucked up. "So the one time," Ralph and I were going at it in the kitchen, he had his dick in my ass and I had one of my vibrators in my cunt, and I swear I was in heaven, we had been going at it for like 15 minutes and I had come so many times I could barely keep on my knees, but Ralph was still hard - god bless Viagra - and I was going for one more, when what should happen, but the girls walk in.

They were supposed to be at the movies but wouldn't you know it, the one time they decide to come home and watch a nikita von james amp britney amber fuck rather than go to the movies. Of course we don't see them come in, and Ralph was fucking me, I'm screaming out that I love his cock, and that he's a fucking animal, and how I want his cum on my face and wash it off with his piss. Then he start's going on about how he likes my tits, and how he'd like to fuck me forever.

Then I start getting real dirty, asking if he wants to fuck one of our daughter's, if he wants to cum on little Kelly's face - she's 11, maybe sexy euro slut aletta ocean gets banged out by tommy xxx me and Tara - she's 13, suck him off, or maybe if he wants to watch me and Kimberly eat out each other's pussies - Kim's 15. Anyway, we're really into it, and I look up, and fuck me if I don't see Kelly, Tara and Kimberly watching us, I swear I have never seen eyes so big." Jonny watched his mom listening to Mrs.

Wiggens talk, he noticed that his mom had lifted one leg up on the couch, letting her hand stray between her legs. She was slowing stroking herself and Jonny noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties. Jonny decided that now was the time to join in, he was already hard and he pulled down his zip, reaching in and pulling out his cock, so that it stood up tall and proud. Looking at it he swore that it was bigger than normal, 'must be cause I'm so turned on', he thought. Mrs. Wiggins stopped talking as she watched Jonny free his cock.

The only sound was the moaning from his mom as she moved from rubbing her teen minx kiara night gets her pussy beaten up to fingering herself, the wet sucking sounds filled the quiet room. "What happened next?" his mom asked, "what do you think? Mrs. Wiggens asked with a sly look, "I told Ralph we had some company, so he looks up, and sees the girls, I think he's going to stop, cause their watching, even though I don't want him to, he stands up, and I think he's done, his big fat cock out for the girls to see, but instead he tells them to take a seat.

So they sit down at the kitchen table and I thinking what the hell? And he tells me to get back on my knees, they he puts himself back in my ass and we keep on fucking, but the whole time we're both staring at the girls, watching them watch us fuck, and it was so good, then Ralph starts talking to them, like nothing is weird about this whole thing. It was crazy. 'So you're mom and I were just having some fun, thought you girls were gonna be coming back later,' he says, 'hope you don't mind, we just do it cause we love each other' and he keeps fucking my ass, then pulls out his dick and says 'suck it honey, show the girls what a good little cock sucker their mom is.'" "I mean, I know he talks dirty sometime, but this was almost surreal, I loved it!" Jonny watched his mom stand up and walk across to Mrs.

Wiggins. Lifting Mrs. Wiggins dress she pulled down her panties, then gently held Mrs. Wiggins legs by the ankles and lifted them up and apart, giving Jonny a perfect view of only his second real pussy. Unlike his mom, Mrs. Wiggins has a neat little strip of hair on her cunt.

Jonny's mom buried her face between Mrs. Crazy stepsister teens hard banged by a nerdy stepbro legs and began to eat out her pussy.

Mrs. Wiggins closed her eyes but kept talking. "So there I am, sucking off Ralph, and the girls haven't run out screaming, so I stop sucking him off and tell Kim to come closer.

She hesitates at first, but I give her a big smile and say it's ok. She comes over and I give her some line about loving her dad, and it's ok, blah blah etc etc, then I tell her it's her turn, suck it.

She's like 'I'll watch you guys do it, but I am not doing that!', and I'm telling her to do it, or her sisters will be upset, think we're doing something wrong, I tell her she has to do it so they see it's ok.

She's a bit uncertain now, 'but mom, it's dad.' And if wasn't dad? I ask her, would you do it then? 'Maybe', so I hold out her dad's dick, it's nice and fat, and I tell her - in that case, just for now, this is not your dad, suck it, and I put my hand behind her head and gently push her to the dick, I wasn't sure if she was gonna do it, but then she looks at her sisters, and they're watching her, and what do you know, the little slut opens her mouth and takes in a couple of inches.

So I'm helping guide her up and down Ralph's dick, and telling her what a good girl she is, how I'm so proud of her. I think she got in about half the dick before she began to gag, but I didn't want to pressure her, so I told her to take it easy, lick the top, then while she was doing that I called over Kelly and Tara, and they were like a foot away from their sister, watching how well she was sucking her dad's dick.

Keep going, I told her, and I took my hand off her head, she stopped for a second but when I told her again to keep going she did. It was so hot, watching Kim suck of her dad, Kim still in her movie outfit, her dad all naked and sweaty." It was all so surreal to Jonny. He thought about Kim, and Kelly and Tara. He had seen them around the neighborhood, riding their bikes, playing in the yard.

He had always thought they were cute girls, but now he saw them in a whole new light. He watched as his mom knelt in front of Mrs. Wiggins, eating her out, and he watched as the red dress rode higher up his mom's legs, till he could see the bottom of her cunt.

Jonny knew what he wanted, and his mom had said anything was ok, so he got up off the couch, dick still sticking out. Mrs. Wiggens had stopped talking and was just enjoying his mom's tongue.

He crouched behind his mom, lifted up her dress to reveal her naked bum, then he put the tip of my dick on her cunt, stroking it up and down, enjoying the wetness, before he slide it all in, one time. Jonny's mom cried out at the suddenness, Mrs.

Wiggens opened her eyes and took in what was happening. She grabbed Cindy's head and pulled her back. "Don't stop, please," Mrs. Wiggins said. Jonny began to slowly fuck his mom, he and Mrs. Wiggins kept eye contact all the time, "What happened next?" Jonny asked. Mrs. Wiggins didn't respond straight away, and Jonny was afraid she wasn't going to tell him, "please," he asked, "tell me".

"OK, she replied, "Cindy, slow down, so I don't cum." Reluctantly Cindy slowed down, and Jonny slowed down his fucking, so that Mrs. Wiggens could tell her story. "So Kim was busy sucking off her dad, I think he was having the time of his life, and I had told the other girls to come closer.

I wasn't sure what I should do with them, cause they were kind of young, but I mature ass sex story play that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I went for it. I told them that their sister was making daddy very happy, and it was their turn. 'What we gotta do mom?' Tara asked me, so I told her - 'Take off your clothes.' They looked at me, like they were unsure, 'It's ok', I told them, 'it's just us, no-one will know and it will make dad really happy.' So I helped them undress, Kelly took off everything but Tara stood there in her panties.

'Mom, I don't know if dad should see?' but I just smiled and pulled down her panties. I was a bit surprised that neither had hair on their cunts, I mean I know I'm their mom, but I hadn't watched either of them bath in quite a while. The two girls looked nervous but I just smiled and made a few jokes, and after a while they seemed ok. Meanwhile Kimberly was sucking her dad like a pro, she had about half his dick in her mouth without gagging.

'Ok girls, go give your dad a big hug.' The two girls did as they were told. Their dad grabbed them around the shoulders and pulled them against him, enjoying the press of their little breasts against his body.

I thought it was time to switch it up a bit, so I told Kim to stop.

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She suddenly looked nervous, 'Did I do something wrong mum?' No sweety, I told her, you were doing it just perfect, in fact I think you were doing it so well daddy wouldn't have been able to hold on much longer. 'Oh' she said' suddenly realizing what I meant, and she smiled like she's just won first place. 'Ok young ladies', I said, talking to Tara and Kim and trying to make them feel a bit grown up, 'your turn.' The two girls don't look like they wanted to, so I figured out a little game, I told them to go get some chocolate sauce and cream from the fridge.

When they get it I squirted a generous amount on their dad's dick. 'OK', I said, 'lick off the sauce, and whoever licks off the most wins gets to choose the movie tonight, ok?' I knew I'd hit a winner, both girls loved chocolate sauce, so suddenly it was fun, and they were both going for the sauce, in the process giving their dad a good licking.

I gave Ralph the sauce bottle, so he could put some more on when they were done." Jonny was mesmerized, his little mind almost fried by what he was hearing, he knew him and his mom did it, he just didn't know anyone else did. "So Ralph was having fun, the girls were enjoying the treat, and me and Kimberly were watching. He was talking so sweet to the girls, telling them how pretty they were, and how happy they were making him, and when he grabbed Tara and Kelly behind the head luci li in white room gently pushed their lips against his dick, they were ok.

So there he was, moving his hips slowly back and forth as they milked him with their little tongues. 'Honey,' he said, 'sorry but I just gotta cum' I don't know what made me do it, but Samantha jolie likes to stuff her pussy and ass pornstars grabbed Kimberly behind the head and gently directed her to her dad's twitching cock, 'ok, last thing baby girl, when dad comes want you to catch it in your mouth, OK?" Jonny began to pump harder, fucking his mom's cunt deep with each stroke, he couldn't help himself, listening to Mrs.

Wiggens talk was turning him on so much. His mom, sensing he was close began to lick Mrs. Wiggens much harder, much faster. Mrs. Wiggens began to moan louder. "mmmmm, mmmmmmm, aaaaaaaaa, so I grab Kimberly's head. aaaaaaaa, and she puts it by her daddy's cock, and aaaaaaaaaaaa he's cum aaaaaaaaa! Oh god!!! tongue me deeper!! Deeper!! and he's cumming, so much cum, all into his little girl's mouth.aaaaaa" "Mom!" I cry out, "Mom, I'm gonna." "and then he hoot mif sex mom hot little Tara and little Kelly and he's cuming on them, oh fuck tongue me deeper!

So much cum! So aaaa much, it's in their hair, it's on the cheeks, it's running aaaaaaa, it's running down their lips and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! And Mrs. Wiggens is cumming, fucking her cunt against Jonny's mum's mouth.


Jonny is crying out, filling his mom's cunt with his hot cum, and Jonny's mom, feeling her inside fill with her son's warm seed is screaming into Mrs. Wiggens cunt. Jonny fell back on the carpet, his dick sliding out of his mom's wet cunt, the last of the cum leaking from him. His mom sat down, her face wet with pussy juice, and when she saw the cum on the tip of her son's dick she fell onto it, sucking it in, taking every last drop.

The three of them lay there, drenched in sweat, no one said a word, and they didn't need to.