Peculiar lezzies fill up their enormous asses with cream and splash it out

Peculiar lezzies fill up their enormous asses with cream and splash it out
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Please read Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 for a better understanding of this chapter. Names have been changed.

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Ben and I discussed our plan of attack for tonight as we drove over to pick up Kristen. I would pretend that I was coming down with the flu and we would ditch the movies and relocate back to our house with some take out and DVDs. Throughout the night I would excuse myself for some time for Ben to slowly ease Kristen into the possibility of hooking up and then if everything went according to plan, I would enter later.

We decided that it would be best if we both didn't proposition her at the same time in case she got overwhelmed and scared, but to me, Ben acted like tonight was going to end in sex no matter what.

I wasn't so confident. While Kristen had a mature mind, her body hadn't changed much since puberty. She was 15, only around 4'7" and had a straight body with no ass and small, bee stung tits. She was a virgin and had only kissed one guy as far as I knew. She did have a mouth on asian girlfriend gets licked and fucked tube porn though, and with her small group inked blonde hussy rides a thick rod creampie girlfriends, they loved to tease the boys at school.

She had long, dark brown straight hair and beautiful brown eyes and always wore pinkish lip gloss. She was a beautiful little girl with an apparent taste for older men. She and Ben had only met once at my birthday party earlier this summer, and I wondered if he forgot that she didn't have much to offer body wise. I guess the thought of fucking underage pussy really turned him on. When we got back to the house, she picked DVDs in the den while Ben and I plated the food and went over our game plan.

He didn't seem too bothered that her body was like that of a young boy, like mine, but was even more intrigued that she was a virgin. Throughout the night, I made all my planned visits to the bathroom, leaving them both in the middle of heavy flirting and laughing and smiling.

I was surprised at how open she was with him and the times that I wasn't in the bathroom almost seemed that I really wasn't there at all. As the night was drawing down, Ben gave me the signal and I announced that I was turning in for the night because I didn't feel well and would be unable to accompany her on the ride home with Ben.

She politely agreed and hugged me good night before slowly gathering her things. I went upstairs and opened and shut my bedroom door but knelt at the top of the staircase peeking down into the den. Ben invited her into the kitchen and emerged about 10 minutes later holding her hand and guiding her upstairs. I ran into my bedroom and sat patiently waiting for his text to join them. Ten minutes passed. Twenty minutes. Thirty minutes.

I was almost ready to bust in when I heard his door slam and a few seconds later, the front door closed. I peeked out the front window to see Kristen walking on the sidewalk in the direction of her house and immediately got that sick feeling in my gut.

It had gone wrong. I ran into Ben's bedroom to find him lying naked on his back with his boxers around his ankles, furiously stroking his thick, fully erect cock. "What happened?!" "Ah.

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Fuck her." "Tell me what happened!" "Nothing. She's fine." "So why'd she leave?" "Sigh. Cus she's all talk. Fucking little bitch. Downstairs she was all for it so we came up and started kissing and she started rubbing my dick, you know." "Okay." "So I strip her and start sucking on her tits and licking her pussy and then she says she wants to see what I got, so I get up and I let her undress me." "Yeah." "But when she pulls my dick out, she gets all quiet and says it's too big to suck and she can't handle it and all that.

So I convince her and she sucks the head a lil and I tell her let me just put the head against her pussy. So I put my cock against her hole and started pushing in cus of course I wanna break her right, and the lil bitch starts screaming and kicking." "Shit!" "Yeah.

So I put my hand across her mouth to shut her up and kept pushing more but she kept saying it's "too big". I should've fucking rammed it in." "Did you?!" "Nah. I think I broke her in but I don't know. I let up and she said she was sorry she couldn't take it and that I should give her a couple more months to get used to dick before we try it again. We made out a bit and she left." "Fuck. I thought something went wrong and she ran out. I got so scared." "Haha nah, it's all good champ.

Well except for the fact that we both got no pussy tonight. Fuck, and I'm so fucking horny. That bitch got me all jacked up to fuck." "Haha yeah. I couldn't wait in my room any longer. I was gonna jump in." "Shit…so what are we gonna do?" "I don't know but I'm horny as hell." "Me too champ.

How bout we have a boys night? What you say?" "I'm down." "Haha, get it started then." I pulled off fuck white girl in cricket stadium by bbc tshirt and wiggled my jeans and boxers off and jumped into his bed.

He kicked off his boxers and spread his legs wide so his balls could rest comfortably as they hung low. His cock lay resting to one side on his smooth stomach as small drops of precum slithered out from his pee hole.

He grabbed a bottle of lube he had to the side of him and squirted some over his dick and rubbed it in and then did the same to mine. My cock had been rock hard since I entered the room and as he massaged it, he gave it a nice long look, skinning it straight back and slapping it against my flat stomach. "Damn nice piece of meat you got son. Trust me, you ain't far off from your old man.

Give it a couple years." I wrapped my fingers around his cock and began pumping the shaft with long, slow strokes just the way he liked veronica rayne in keys to her pussy. We were both in the middle of jerking off when he slightly nudged me with his shoulders. "How about a little head? We could 69 or something." I didn't hesitate. I threw myself between his big, muscular thighs and went to work on that big dick.

Licking the head with my tongue as my hands juggled his balls before going deep throat on his 9 inches of pure, fat dad cock. I could tell he was enjoying it and he moved his hands down to my head giving it a small brush or caress before running his hands across my neck and back. I loved feeling his big hands all over me. It had been the first time he showed any type of sexual attention to any part of my body other than my dick and it just emphasized how much he was longing for sex. He sat up and while I continued sucking his cock, which was now gentle orall service and sexy fuck smalltits homemade deep in my mouth, he gave my ass a couple tight squeezes and spanks making my pores stand up.

"Do you want to put it in?" "Huh?" "Lie back and just relax. I wanna try this." I pushed him straight back on the bed, and spat on his dick, making sure it was nice and wet and held it up, positioning my tight, virgin asshole over it. Surprisingly, he didn't say anything and only when his head began pushing against my hole, did he speak.

"Lie down over here. On your stomach." I did as I was told and went face down, spreading my legs far apart, giving him as much room for that big cock as possible.

"You sure about this?" "Yes." He grabbed the lube and pasted his cock again and then lathered my asshole and then carefully positioned himself over me.

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He swirled the head of his hard cock around my rose monroe blac guy movie before slowly pushing against the entrance for a couple seconds and then pulling out. He told me to breathe slowly and deeply and after a couple short pushes, he held it towards my hole and made a strong jab forward. I could feel the pressure as he spread my asshole, like a burning sensation as he slowly went in deeper.

"Are you okay?" "Yeah, don't pull out. Just go slow." He kept at it and slowly but surely he entered my ass with a lot of pain but so much pleasure.

I couldn't believe I finally had him inside me, and though I odia xxx bulu pichar story barely move at first, I had a big smile on my face.

He left his cock in me for a while and then began slowly pumping his hips back and forth. After a couple minutes, the pain subsided enough for to enjoy him and he leaned over me, kissing my neck as his cock flexed inside of me.

I felt amazing. I was finally getting what I had always wanted. I was finally being fucked by my dad. But I wanted to see his face, so I asked him to pull out so I could flip onto my back. I put my legs onto his shoulders and he guided his cock back into me.

He dropped his hips straight down onto the back of my thighs, and held himself over me, stabbing my tight asshole with his thick, juicy cock.

I felt pain but I just kept looking up at his face. It was filled with lust and contentment. He was looking down at me, laughing every time I grimaced when he pushed his cock deep inside. He was proud that his cock caused me pain, like any real man would feel when they fucked someone. He lay down on me and put his hands behind my arms with his fingers grabbing my shoulders and started thrusting into me. I put my hands on his ass and encouraged him to destroy me, to abuse me how he saw fit, not caring if he was hurting me or not.

I wanted him to make me his sex slave, his own cum dumpster. I cared for nothing more than to serve him and his cock. I started sucking on his neck, unable to contain the pleasure I was feeling and he lifted his head and started kissing me as he rammed his cock into me.


I broke the kiss because at that point, the pain returned and I honestly, could not take a brutal fucking from him yet and started yelling. Fortunately, he didn't last much longer, and those last few hard pumps of his cock spewed his man juice in my tight no-longer-virginal ass. He collapsed on top of me, letting his cock go soft in me. His body was slightly damp with sweat and his chest rose and fell as he breathed deeply. He gave me a small kiss on the lips and rolled over to my side, spent and relieved.


"Whew. That was fucking crazy. You okay?" "I'm great." "Damn. Fuck. Whew. Tightest pussy I ever fucked." "Haha. Well never done that before." "Whew. You were a champ. I really needed that. I'm kinda happy that lil bitch left now." "Haha, well we won't be needing her anymore right." "Looks like it. Wow. You sure you're okay?" "I'm fantastic dad. I'm really, really happy we did it. I love making you happy." I leaned over and gave him a long, passionate kiss on his lips and then went into his bathroom to clean up.

He seemed surprised by my actions, but after what had just transpired, I had no inhibitions. I was a new man and I felt like I could do anything I put my mind to and right now, my mind was on getting dick. Lots and lots of dick. Now that I had been fucked, I wanted it everyday, everywhere, everyhow.

Every guy I had ever had a crush on, every guy I thought cute, or liked. Family or not, they were going to give me what I wanted. It was the beginning of my Summer of Sex. TO BE CONTINUED&hellip.