Massage rare story sex spy camera

Massage rare story sex spy camera
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The ship was rocking back and forth with the waves. She stared at him, wondering how he could eat during this kind of motion. He pulled apart a piece of chicken leg with his fork and stuffed a juicy piece of meat into his mouth. Under normal circumstances, the food would smell delicious, but right now it only aggravated her. How could he eat? He swallowed and she stared at his Adam's apple then flicked her gaze back up at him.

He was saying something, "…the bed might be more comfortable if you are not feeling well." He was right. She wasn't feeling well. She was staring at his plate of food and unconsciously licked her lips. Pushing away from the table, her chair scraped across the wood floor and she stood still for a allie haze fuck a fan, readying herself for the walk over to the bed.

Letting go of the table, she made it three steps before the ship lurched and sent her tumbling into him. He had been sitting at the table, ready to take a sip of wine. Now he sat with his back shoved against the chair and his hands out in shock. She was sprawled across his lap and red wine was sinking into the fabric of her dress.

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She was pushing off the chair and shoving her elbow into his leg in an attempt to get up. Instead he wrapped an arm around her waist and positioned her better on his lap. She was pushing away from him saying, "No, now I'm a mess.

I have to…" She didn't have to do anything. He interrupted her and said, "My drink is all over you." She was staring at him like he'd grown horns. He was staring at a lock of wine drenched hair that was curling over her forehead.


She stopped shoving at him to say, "Yes, I know. I want to get up and go to bed." He shook his head and said, "You can't get in bed with red wine all over you. You'll ruin the sheets." He pushed strands of hair away from her neck and ran his lower lip from her shoulder up to her jaw, catching drops of red wine off her skin. "I'm still thirsty." He had his arms around her and was working on pushing her dress down her body.

Her corset pushed up her breasts into two nicely rounded mounds aching to be released.

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He pulled the ribbon of the corset loose and ran his fingers over the soft skin he was freeing. With one hand, he teased and pinched a pert nipple, with the other, he grabbed his napkin and dabbed at her neck and hair, cleaning off the red wine. After a moment he muttered to himself, "Fuck it," and gathered her up to carry her to the bed.

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He didn't really care about a few drops of wine getting on his sheets. Setting her down on the bed, she was already twisting around to loosen the ties on his pants. She made a soft noise in her throat when she first touched it. He was pushing his pants down from his waist while she stroked, excited to have it come out and play. She looked up at him through her lashes and he nodded. Sliding down to the floor, her dress still pushed down around her hips, she started by teasing the tip with her tongue.

It wasn't until he was really hard that she slowly let him into her mouth. Wet and warm, she applied even pressure flirty nymphos fuck the biggest strapons and spray charge everywhere with her lips and glided back and forth over his smooth skin. She started by sucking on the soft tip and letting it move back into her mouth, then out, and back again. She unconsciously scooted closer when he let out a small groan and used his hands to pull her hair back from her face.

Sliding her fingers up his leg, she gripped him at the base to start an even rhythm with her hand and her mouth. Hot and soft, her mouth teased and sucked as he savored the inches that glided back and forth inside. He stood with her silky hair in his hands while she worked heaven with her mouth, just for him. She paused for a moment from her rhythm and he noticed her other hand was playing with her breast.

Damn it all, that was his job. He grabbed her elbow and pulled her back to the bed with him, pushing her dress down so she could step out of it. Laying on the bed on her back, he locked her hands above her head by holding her wrists down with one of his. He leaned down to slowly circle around the tip of her breast with his tongue. Taking a nipple in his mouth, he suckled, causing her to arch her back and let out a heavy breath she had been holding.


He stopped suckling the tip and dragged his mouth up her chest and to her neck. The fingertips of his other hand massaged her other breast, cupping it, squeezing it, until he eventually took the nipple between his thumb and finger and squeezed. The pressure enhanced the growing need in her and, since he was still holding her hands captive, her body arched and writhed under him, responding delightfully to his actions.

He moved his fingers down and caressed the skin on the inside of her thighs, moving his hands higher and closer until he felt how wet her need was. That was it. He let go of her hands and moved his body over her, urging his cock against her and pushing inside. She already had her hands around his back, digging her fingers in. She gasped and moaned as they started. He pulled out slowly and thrust back in, hard. From underneath him, she moved her hips against his, matching his movement.

She clung to him with her arms and dragged her mouth down his neck and over to his shoulder. Playfully, she opened her mouth and sunk the tips of her teeth into his shoulder, tasting the salt of his skin while he thrust into her.

He responded to the nip by pausing and rolling them over.


Now that she was on top, she straightened her back to straddle him upright, setting a slightly faster pace. Her whole body bounced over him and her breasts danced in tune with her rocking. His hands moved to her hips as she glided over see this hot and concupiscent yea rold. She slid up and down on his cock, the sensation enhancing the feeling of sexual need growing inside her.

She leaned forward to rest her hands on his chest and bounced at her waist to move quickly over him. After some time, he used his hands to slow her movement, then moved her off and got up on his knees. On all fours, she relaxed her elbows and rested her cheek against the sheets. Her fingers twisted into the fabric as they started again. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth to cry out with each thrust in.

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He shoved in even deeper than before and she could feel the hard length of him pushing her closer to ecstasy. Hot and tight, the sound of her cheeks slapping against him almost couldn't be heard over her moans.

In and out, he brought her closer to the edge, a hot wave that came crashing through her whole body. As he felt himself tighten, he pulled out and finished over her back, his warm cum squirting over her smooth skin. She rested on her stomach and he walked to the table to grab a napkin, saying, "Next time, we don't need to leave the table."