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Arab webcam masturbation first time aamir knows where the most remarkable working nymphs
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During the summer I got a chance to attend a convention for 3 days in Las Vegas. The convention was work related so it was an opportunity to have some fun on the company's dime.

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It's about a 3 and 1/2 hour trip from the place I live in California so whenever I go to Vegas, I usually choose to drive and avoid the hassles of the airport and on this trip it was added bonus to get paid for the mileage. One of the sales repa for our company, an outstanding looking brunette with a sweet disposition asked me if she could ride with me.

She said something about having a bunch of material to carry for the trade show, but I was agreeing long before she ever finished the sentence. I really hadn't known Kelli too well up to that point, I had seen her in a few meetings and she had needed some information from me on products in the past so I had had a few conversations. When you are in the car with someone for 3+ hours you tend to learn a lot about them.

We had the standard small talk about previous jobs, career plans, relationships, etc. All very professional but nothing overly exciting. Now Kelli is one of those women that men admire from the time you meet for the first time. She picks just the right clothes to attractive chick cant stop enjoying wild fuck her assets but doesn't go overboard.

Even though she was just wearing jeans and a t-shirt she could walk down the street and turn heads. And it's not just because she has all the curves in the right places, but she just carries herself with grace and charm. Even something as simple as looking in her giant purse for her cell phone she seems to be able to look attractive. Partly it's because she has such an expressive face and you can almost see what she is thinking by watching her grin, or smile, or look frustrated.

Pretty quickly I had concluded she was an sunny leone xxx sex blue film porn storys downlod - one of those gorgeous girls you can fantasize about but never get to first base and certainly no one that was likely to do a one night stand just for fun. During the convention I saw her a few times, and we joked about me leaving her and she walking back.

Calling it flirting would have been a bit of a stretch. On the day the show ended, I waited for her to finish up on the convention floor and pack up and then we started on our way back home.

I was expecting the trip back to be much like what we had done on the way up. Small talk about the show, maybe a stop to eat and then that be it. As we started driving back, this is exactly how it started. As we were driving, my boss sent me a few texts asking about about some questions on the show and the contacts I made. After fumbling with the phone and trying to respond, Kelli looked at me with this worried expression and offered to type for me while I dictated to her.

She would read the text to me and I would tell her what to type. Now and then she would adjust the words and make it sound better. We actually made a pretty good team. We passed the time like pinay xxx british girlsher tadoo for the better part of an hour. " 'It was great to meet you last night' according to Jessica", Kelli blurted out. Her voice was a little more animated then when reading the messages from my boss and she had the look of intrigue in her eyes and grin like she had just learned a juicy secret.

Jessica was a girl I had met the night before at the Ghost Bar at the Palms. Kelli and our whole group from my company had gone there after dinner and someone at our table knew someone at their table and soon we had joined together and were having drinks. I got a really good vibe from Jessica, like she was out to have some fun that could include a trip back to the hotel room. After the fourth drink things were definitely going in the right direction but her friends that were with her decided they wanted to move on I didn't feel like could abandon my work colleagues since I had driven everyone.

Before she left we exchanged numbers and I thought the deal was clinched when she said "Text me.later tonight and we can have another drink.or something". And I did text her and we sorta made plans that never panned out mostly because she had too many shots and not enough body mass. Later I heard a slurred voice mail she had left me that said she had too much to drink and had to be at work in the morning. After getting the initial shock of getting her text via Kelli, I asked Kelli to respond.

"Tell her I had a nice time also", I said. I really didn't want to conversation going on with Kelli in the middle. Kelli started typing and reciting as she typed "I had an awesome time meeting you too Jessica". It was a bit of an embellishment and Kelli must have noticed my surprise and responded "Well you like her, right?".

Kelli asked. I responded in the affirmative. "She was that blonde girl you were talking to at the bar last night, isn't she?". She said with a bit of a grin and the look like she knew the answer before I responded and grinning even larger when I said "Yes". "She was pretty nice dress, a little short for my taste.

I loved her heals" Kelli added. I suppose women notice clothes on other girls alot. I was more interested in what was under Jessica's dress and the legs attached to the shoes. I was a little surprised she even had noticed. Kelli had guys around her at least doue deep trying to talk to her all night and I didn't think she could even see that I had walked over to the bar with Jessica and we were hitting it off.

"She wants to know if you are still in town.what do I tell her?" Kelli asked. "Tell her I am driving back to California".I said, I really didn't think there was much more that I could say. Typing and talking Kelli says "I am just getting out of town, but I would love to see you smile". As she typed she let out a laugh and flung her head back."oh this is fun, I never flirted with a girl.let me handle this and I can get you hooked up!" All of a sudden there was someone else sitting in the passenger seat.

That mild mannered knock out chick had transformed into my pimp and was working to get me "hooked up". Weirder things have happened.but never to me and never like this!. Jessica responded "For sure. It be fun to see you I wasn't up to meeting you last night.kiss".Of course, hearing Kelli's rendition of the text made it sound a lot more sexy and suggestive. "You can't sound too easy, a girl always more interested when there is a challenge and has to work to get something.Let's see." Kelli says.

She starts typing again.

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"and we could pick up where we left off?" Kelli responds. "I think we could find something to relieve our stress!".Jessica responds. It was a bit of an inside joke that we had gotten into about how sex was the best way to release stress.

Before Kelli could compose an answer Jessica added. "you were being a naughty last night." Kelli read that.and her jaw dropped. "In the are so bad.what did you do to her.I need to know." Kelli said with the most excitement I had ever seen from her.


At this point, hearing Jessica refer to the little encounter we had at the corner of the bar where I very casually put my hand first on Jessica's knee and slowly migrated under up her dress to her panties and finally slid my finger between her soft pussy lips to discover how incredibly wet she was really starting to get me turned on. Explaining the incident to Kelli and seeing her face flush with excitement was an accelerator - like adding gasoline to an already raging fire.

"Oh my God! You did that to her in the bar.that is hot!.wow!", Kelli sighed as she finished the sentence and had a smile that indicated she was more than just a little excited about being a voyeur to sexting another girl.

Kelli starts typing back, "So, Did you enjoy it?" "You know I did.and it's having the same effect on me now just thinking about it . smile" Jessica responded to me via Kelli. "It's getting warm.very here" Kelli said as she fanned her face with her hand and giving me a look that could melt ice in the artic. "I know what you mean.I getting a little warm under the jeune petite francaise adore sucer avant de se faire baiser over here.Wait.that's too tame.delete." Kelli was about to kick it up a notch.

" got me going.big time bulge over here".Kelli wrote to Jessica. "Oh yeah? I like it. I wanna know how hot it makes you. You should send me a pic" Jessica says. Kelli, adds "She wants to see your dick.Oh this girl is quick!" I had lost complete control of the situation quite a while ago. I wasn't sure what was going to happen next, but seeing Kelli's face and watching how totally she was into this made me think this was a trip I would never forget.

I hadn't needed to tell Kelli, I had a raging hard on at this point.but Kelli was right, I was bulging and I could tell things were going on "under the hood" with Kelli too. The phone buzzed again with the next text.

"I'll send you one if you send me smile".Jesica said.


It hadn't been that long that Kelli had been giving me advice on how to not be too easy. It was time to to take her advice. "Tell her that she goes first" I said to Kelli. "Ok J…smile…You go first…make me want you…xoxxo" Kelli shrieked as she translated what I had just said. "Can you believe we are doing this? This is way over the top for me and I am not even drinking. You are a bad influence on me!" Kelli grinned ear to ear showing off a set of perfectly straight white teeth like you would see in a toothpaste commercial.

"O,Cmon", I said, "A girl that looks like you, must get opportunities for stuff like this all the time".

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This was the first time during the entire trip that I had said anything that acknowledged that she was an attractive woman. It seemed like a monumental moment for some reason. Like the moment the ice breaks. And the ice wasn't broken yet, but it was more like the first crack was forming.

I was thinking how odd it was that in the less than an hour things were changing so rapidly. Her laughter, the excitement in her voice, the way she smiled, it made her so much more attractive and real. A connection was forming, we were having a private adventure that was both risky and sexual and just so incredibly fun.

We had stepped over from rider and passenger to best friends that would share the most intimate details.


"Are you kidding", she remarked, "You have no idea how boring my life is. I work all the time, I haven't had a boyfriend in 6 months. I have two cats and the highlight of my day is going to Yoga. Believe me, stuff like this does not happen to me." I started to think what was next. Jessica was taking a little longer to respond to our last text. I figured she had slipped into the bathroom and would send a picture of her shirt pulled up or maybe even a shot of her panties.

That be ok, because then I could just send a picture of my pants' crotch or something like that. It wasn't long before we got the first picture and it become obvious that Jessica took the challenge seriously. The first picture was pretty bisexual chicks share bwc in their tight pussies. Jessica had gone into a conference room with a large dark table.

Those tables you see in big companies that people in suits sit around and make important decisions. She had undone the buttons on her shirt exposing her bra and was pulling up on her skirt as she looked into the phone with a sultry look that made her look even better than I had remembered. "Ohhhhh My GOD!" Kelli screamed. "You have to see this next one. She's getting way into it". Kelli was right.

Jessica had seated her ass down into a big cushy leather conference room chair, pulled her bra up exposing two magnificent breast with puffy pink nipples and perfect aureolas.

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One hand was holding the phone and the other was stretched down like it was between her legs which was just outside the bottom of the shot." As Kelli looked into the phone, it seemed that she was admiring a lot more than just Jessica's clothes.

"So Kelli, you like girls?" I asked. I had never seen Kelli blush before. She struggled for words and some nonsensical set of syllables came out of her mouth. I asked her to repeat and this time use english. "Ok&hellip.What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and technically we are on the way back dude saves busty teen then fucks her Vegas so the rules still apply and this stuff is ONLY between you and me?" She said, and I quickly confirmed that under the laws of jurisdiction and the law of Vegas she was covered.

She started off by saying that she had an appreciation for woman's bodies and in stuttered short sentences explained it went beyond just appreciation and that she could get pretty turned on thinking about girls as well as watching them or seeing pictures.

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"So have you ever been with a girl?" I asked her. "No, not really. One beautiful virgin twat vs fake penis hardcore and blowjob a girlfriend in college got touchy and feelly with me at a bar when we had too much too drink, but I never did much more than that." "So you have fantasized about a girl?" I said trying to get more details.

"You know, I've never talked about this anyone! These are my deepest secrets that I have never told to even my closest girlfriends or boyfriends." Kelli protested, but then no sooner had she said that, then she proceeded to tell me how she is more intrigued with the fantasy of a threesome with another guy and a girl because that way she could watch, touch both and get a piece of both worlds. I was melting over in the drivers seat watching and listening to her describe her fantasies and had for a moment forgotten about Jessica just as the next message arrived.

She sent the next picture in the series, which was the lower half of the picture she had sent before. Slid down in the leather chair, Jessica had her legs up on the conference room table, legs spread apart she had pulled her panties to the side and had a manicured middle finger pushed against a pink clit that was in amazing focus for a camera phone.

Her lips were spread open, and you could see the glisten of moisture along the inside. Kelli showed me the picture, and I remarked how wild Jessica was and that it looked delicious. "Damn that looks SO good J. I would love to have my tongue on you right now!" Kelli, sent back in a text.

I could tell that Kelli shared the sentiment of the text she just sent. "Mmmmm…Ok. It's your turn. Now you send me something naughty" Jessica demanded in her next text. "You know this means we are going to have to send her something.

Jessica went all out, and now YOU need to return the favor!" Kelli's voice was full of anticipation and playfulness. She added, "I am ready, pull out the goods so I can snap a picture for Jessica!" (End of part II. More to come!)