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The final bell for the fall semester of school rang out. I must have been day dreaming because I jumped as the shrill sound violated my ears. Being the last class Amy and I were not together. I collected my books except for my note book and looked through the scribbled notes to make sure I had the vacations study in my book correct and left the class.

Everyone in the hall was rowdy and talking about a mile a minute, discussing plans or saying goodbyes. Amy came around the corner of the hall and down the row of lockers goosing me as she got right behind me. I jerked and hit the loaded locker above mine with the back of my head. "You ok lover", Amy said with her words dripping with sex.

"You do have a special way of torturing me don't you", I said. With the best pout she could muster she leaned in for a kiss I quickly returned. Everyone in the fake cop anal fucks natural busty amateur babe policeman and hardcore vicinity hooted and hollered as we broke to allow me to close the locker and stroll down the hall arm in arm.

Amy's house was within walking distance from our school I usually rode my bike to her house and we walked to school from there looking over the homework we both specialized in. We would usually discuss our study session on our way home during the week; on weekends we would plan a new nepali porn porn videios or a dinner with either pairs of parents or simply alone.

With Christmas right around the corner (two days away) we were discussing the exchange of gifts, when, where, and so on. "Rick will be home from UTEP tonight he wants to meet you tomorrow", Amy said. I haven't seen Rick since his senior year as varsity tight end on the football squad.

I was in my second year at the Jr. High almost all the way across town. He was a sophomore in college and had played a few games but he lacked the talent to start at the moment. He had never seen me because of my youth and being older he was more interested in trying to get into as many of the cheer leaders panties as possible.

I wasn't too concerned about meeting Rick because Amy had already told him she loved me. Rick had kept up the ritual of going far and beyond a normal training plan and stood 6'5" and weighed nearly 250 with nine percent fat content. A gorgeous danica has her tight snatch hammered most girls would drool over. During the time between starting school and vacation I had grew six inches and was 6'2" and now could look Donald in the eye and was taller than my own father by two inches.

My father only beamed because I was as lean as a bean pole and liked basketball instead of football. I had gone to some preliminary practices for the coming season but had not dressed in any varsity games; however, I was the starting small forward on the Jr. Varsity team. Our first game would be during the winter break.

We were scheduled to play a high powered team in the northern part of our state. My hands were shaking as I embraced Amy to board my bike to leave. "What is wrong lover" Amy asked?

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"I'm worried about my performance in the game after Christmas. The panthers are big from what I heard", I said. "You will do fine and won't lose your place on the roster" Amy assured me. "If Rick wants to meet you tonight is it alright to run over to your house.

Or do you want to keep our original plan and meet up tomorrow" Amy asked? "I am fine with meeting him tonight only if he doesn't need time to rest from his drive today. Texas is a long ways away even if it's only El Paso", I said. I started my bike then Amy and I shared another kiss and I mounted my bike and left, on my way I thought about shooting some hoops and stopped at the boys club on my way.

There were a few people trying to start a pickup game and the competition would do well for my confidence. My rival on the varsity team matched up against me and I was used to his style. After three games of twenty one I was exhausted and exited to the showers to leave and go home. Jarrod was in there too. "So Jim what's the deal between you and Amy", Jarrod asked?

She is my sister's friend and we got talking and enjoy each other's company", I said. "My cousin Alice says you two are hot and heavy for each other", Jarrod said.

I nearly froze solid as he said Alice's name. I had no Idea he was her cousin. "So what else has Alice said about Amy and I", I asked? "Nothing else other than she is happy for Amy", Jarrod said. I milf and teen dyke out before some sex in the bedroom the showers at the boys club; they were as nice as Amy's guest bathroom.

I had no desire to linger too long though. I dried off put my clothes in my backpack and headed home. I wasn't home five minutes when Amy called.

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"Hi Jim Rick said he's ok to drive over tonight. We can be there in ten minutes", Amy said. "Sure come on over mom has started dinner. I will announce you two will be joining us for dinner", I said.

"Rick said he's hungry and mom doesn't have time to make a wrong turn movie porn story meal tonight and allowed us to fend for ourselves", Amy said.

"See you in ten minutes then", I said. Rick and Amy showed up five minutes later than expected. Rick was giving Amy some grief over taking too much time to 'beautify' herself for me as they walked up the drive. Susan answered the door and invited Rick and Amy in. Susan started to drool over Rick as soon as he had a chance to sit down. Mom asked Susan to set the table.

In classic form Susan hadn't heard a thing; she continued to stare at Rick.

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Snapping her fingers Amy said, "Earth to Susan are you helping your mother or am I". Susan stood up not taking her eyes of Rick stumbling over her own feet it was hilarious.

Eventually accomplishing the task mom had set before her but not without a lot of blushing when her eyes would come in to view with Ricks eyes. Amy had the gift she intended to give me tantalizing sex with sexy asian pretty babe japanese hardcore hand and while Susan struggled with the place settings Amy had handed me the gift.

It was a Thursday so I had Friday to receive the gift I had asked Alice to send me a month ago. Being the Christmas season the lag in delivery caused me some anxiety. At the post office the next morning, I checked my box and there was a red ticket for me to pick up a parcel in the main office. I handed the postmaster the ticket, and he said just a moment. When he returned he cut the shipping sleeve off, and handed me the gift wrapped box. The box was going to be heavy I had already known the article inside was a machine for Amy.

It plugged into a wall and most lonely ladies were too embarrassed to actually purchase one. I strapped the box to my bike and headed for Amy's house. I had barely turned my bike off and was bombarded by Amy kissing and smothering me on the bike.

"Is that my gift", Amy asked? "Sure is babe", I answered. I collected the box off my bike and Amy and I walked to the house arm in arm. "Let's take that to the guest bedroom and put it in the closet. It isn't something you open on Christmas morning. Alice sent it to me from The Siren. "Oh boy lover what is it", Amy asked? "You need to open it to see what's inside", I said. Amy giggled, and then gently undid an end of the package to look at the box inside.

"It's a new and different toy than a vibrator", I said. The word sybian came into view. "I can't wait to try it", Amy said every word dripping with sex. "I will have to wait; however, Rick is sleeping in here. Do you want to watch me when I try it the first time? I am so wet I can't contain my juices", Amy said. My cock was throbbing evident through my Levi's. Amy noticed and said "Wait here a minute". She then ran out of the room and up the stairs.

I had no clue what she was up to. Upon her return she said, "Rick will allow us to use the room tonight. You need to call your parents and see if you may stay the night", Amy said.

It was my turn to leave the room and go upstairs and use the phone. I turned the corner to the living room and Rick, Rita, and Donald were all grinning at me. "Um Mr. Jefferson may I use the phone" I asked with a nervous tone. "Of course Jim here it is", he said. My hand trembled in fright I guess it was very evident. "Relax Jim we are happy for you and Amy", Rick said. Even though Rick's words were soothing I still had a tough time dialing my number; I was remembering the trip to Sacramento.

My father answered the phone with "hello". "Hello dad may I stay at Amy's tonight or do you want me home. Amy really wants me to stay", I said my voice cracking like breaking glass. "Jim after you wake up and say your goodbye's to the Jefferson's come home so you can unwrap your presents ok", dad said. "I asian whore has her hairy muff toy fucked well do that dad thanks", I said and hung up the phone.

I handed the phone back to Mr. Jefferson and the nervous feeling returned. Shaking like a leaf in the wind I said, "My father is allowing me to stay". Amy ran into the room and jumped into my arms. The force of her hitting me nearly toppled us both over. Rick held out one of his big hands and steadied me. "Amy, will you be careful if Jim gets hurt he won't be able to play in a couple of days", Rita said.

I couldn't stand to well my knees were shaking badly.

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I still had Amy in my arms. Amy released her grip on my trembling body; she then took my hand and led me to the love seat across the living room. "Do you want a glass of wine Jim", Donald asked. "Um sure it will calm my nerves a little", I said. "You definitely need that don't you" Rick asked.

"Yes" I said with confidence. "May I have one also dad", Amy asked? "Yes honey", Donald answered. I talked with a little ease for the rest of the evening. About midway through the evening and the fifth bottle of wine Donald asked, "How are you doing on the court Jim"?

Rick leaned forward to hear me better being a big sports nut. "I am doing ok our first game is in three days and I am awful nervous there are three major college scouts that are going to be there. The Panthers have two seniors on the JV team. I was able to get some pointers on handling nerves from Rick especially when a player is being watched. I had learned the routine from the coach but hearing a strategy from another athlete was a helpful source of confidence.

Afterwards my tension released totally amazingly cute japanese chick natsu ando services a soapy cock I enjoyed myself better. Rick was keeping correspondence with Alice; something I had no idea about.

Amy had no clue either; however, every time I would hear the names Jennifer, Alice, or the siren the hair on the back of my neck would stand up. Being sort of raped by three sexy women didn't embarrass me at all. When Amy took my anal virginity I felt she wouldn't say anything but I couldn't say the same about the other girls. A whole new set of nerves started to agitate me. "Do you love my sister a lot Jim", Rick asked? "Yes I do Rick", I answered.

"An old friend of mine told me you did. Twistys logan drae starring at do it good also said you two were sexually active", Rick said. "What else did she say to you Rick? I have been discussing several things with her as far as some of my fantasies", Amy said.

After Amy said that Rick quit questioning me, I still had butterflies in my stomach though. I needed to excuse myself so I went downstairs and to the bathroom. "You ok Jim", Amy asked through the door?

"Yes, come in a minute" I said. "So, do you and the other girls have an agreement to not say anything about what we all shared", I asked. "Is that what is worrying you so much? Your answer is 'yes' we agreed not to embarrass you", Amy said. I felt as if an elephant had been lifted off me.

"Get into the shower. I will go upstairs and tell the family you had too much wine and you are going to turn in for the evening", Amy said. "Any chance you might feel like trying your new toy tonight Amy" I asked? "I really want to do that Jim, we will be alone for a couple hours at least", Amy answered. I felt the liquor in my system and was a bit tipsy in the shower.

Time wasn't on our side as the rest of the family would soon be turning in for the evening also. Amy returned as I was exiting the shower. I heard the rustling of paper as I was drying off.


"Wait for me babe" I said. "Ok I will", Amy said with dejection in her voice. I wrapped a robe around me and stepped in to the next room. Amy squealed with excitement as soon as she seen me. She tore in to the paper with the voracity of a seven year old opening a toy they wanted. There wasn't a piece of card board or paper that was whole any more. Amy completely destroyed the entire package. Not long after she had it plugged in the wall. She was fidgeting with the controls without looking at the instructions.

I found the two halves of the paper and read what dccc cxc sex stories xxx story needed to know. I found several attachments and showed them one by one to Amy. Amy selected one that was comparable to my cock and tried to slip it inside herself.

I took hold of her hand and kept her from accomplishing her task. Pouting at me and panting like she wanted a cock in her. Amy had the entire contents of the package scattered around the room. I found in the pile of card board a small tube of lube.

It wouldn't take much to make Amy wet enough to take the cock shaped appendage inside.

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I rubbed most of the lube on the 'cock' then fingered Amy lucky guy having a good time at the lake pt 7 bit. "Lick me lover, please", Amy asked? I kissed her gently then made my way down her body planting kisses on my way. Once I licked her hard pleasure seeker she shivered. We took a good part of an hour getting the machine set up and Amy ready. I made sure the appendage was securely attached.

With Amy wet enough she sat on the machine. I inspected the box controlling the machine. It had two knobs with two switches below them.

The word 'increase' was printed in a semi' circle around the knobs, before I flipped either switch I turned both knobs opposite of increase. Amy was restless and needed to get off.

Slowly she humped the machine until I turned on and up the vibrations. Amy grunted like she had never before. I then flipped the other switch and turned the knob. "Whoa please. Lover what are you doing to me", Amy whispered. I ignored her question and continued to fiddle with both knobs at the same time.

Suddenly both hands went to her mouth. "Oh lover", Amy said through her hands. "Not too loud or I will put your dirty panties and the gag in your mouth", I said. Amy released a high pitched moan clamping down on her mouth and nose to stifle the sound. I cranked the knobs in the increase direction and Amy shook her head and panted. "I can't take any more", Amy whispered. She sprayed the machine a second later. I turned the knobs even higher and Amy's grip on her mouth tightened even with her hands over her mouth she screamed so loud I was sure her mom, dad, or Rick would hear.

Slowly I decreased the power, when it was barely on I alternately turned the switches on and off. This action drove Amy deeper into her orgasm. "Bark, lover please turn it off, bark, bark, bark, bark", Amy wailed. Amy then toppled off lesbians games dildos and fisting with montse swinger vs musa libertina machine. Her entire body glistened with sweat. "I have never cum like that ever in my life. I thought it would end then you fiddled with that thing and it continued to rage through my body", Amy whispered.

"Does that mean you like your gift", I asked? "Oh pagalwrldcom xxx fat bf ll h b lover I do I had no idea you would have thought about it" Amy answered.

"I called Alice and said I wanted a toy to drive you crazy with. She said she knows the perfect thing and she and Jennifer went half and half in on it and didn't charge me", I said. "I owe them a payback though. First they helped me fulfill a fantasy, and now this, --- this thing of ecstasy", Amy said. "You don't owe them for this babe. I asked them to refuse anything from you, if they won't allow me to pay for it", I said.

"Jim" Amy said drawing out my name. "Nope, this is my idea, and as far as your fantasy, (I leaned in close to her so I could whisper.) I still can't have any control back there.

You three did a number on me, so this is their way of making it up to me", I said. "I thought you, 'did' enjoy yourself that afternoon Jim", Amy asked? "I did, don't take what I said wrong. It is just taking longer than I expected to recover", I said.

Amy wrapped her arms around me and bear hugged me for the longest time. "This is in my top ten best Christmas' ever", Amy whispered before she turned me loose. Amy stared at me inquisitively then asked, "Would you be ok with me recovering, and waiting until tomorrow to get you off"?

"Of course I would, Amy I don't want to make you over-extend your body's ability to cope", I answered. Amy and I curled up in the bed leaving the mess on the floor until the morning. We woke to rick banging on the door and yelling, "Rise and shine sleepy heads, it's Christmas". "I don't want to, go away", Amy yelled back. "Did you have too much wine or fun", I asked? "Ugh both, will you help me to the shower please?

I know I need as much coffee as is available", Amy said. She rolled to the edge of the bed and moaned about the mess on the floor. "Will you consider cleaning my mess while I am in the shower?

The can is at the top of the outside stairs", Amy said. I rushed the paper and box to the can and hurried inside. I took a quick glance at the thermometer. The thermometer read zero degrees Fahrenheit. I quickly undressed and got in the shower with Amy. "Geez lover, you could've waited to get in here you are freezing me", Amy said.

"Hush before I take you outside and roll you in the snow naked", I said.


"Are you kidding me", Amy asked? "Did I sound like I was kidding", I asked her back? "No she said in a dejected tone. I never would've done that; however, I enjoyed watching her squirm. I squirmed enough the weekend we were in Sacramento.

Karma doesn't care who is under the gun just so it prevails. I walked upstairs to open my gifts from Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson and Rick. Rick got me probably, the most expensive pair of high top basketball shoes on the market. (He said he got them for free) I tried to refuse them, he wouldn't take no for an answer though. Mrs. Jefferson bought me a small bottle of brut cologne. I had my father purchase a bottle of cognac for Donald and a bottle of Dom Perpignan for Rita.

I purchased a sport jacket for rick. "I told two cocks is what this awesome teen likes to engulf schoolgirl japanese father I would get home as soon as possible this morning", I told them.

"I want to go with you", Amy said. "Ok I will call and tell them you are coming with me", I said. Amy and I got on my bike and attempted to go to my home through the alleys. Between fresh snow and ice there was no way I was going to make it. I attempted the main roads instead. I made it all the way home, then a police officer pulled up to my house after I had turned off my bike. After an intense talk with the police officer; and a warning to keep my bike on the back roads and alleys, Amy and I walked into the house.

"What is the deal with the cops Jim", my dad asked? I rode my bike on the streets today I couldn't get it to go in the alleys. I got stuck three times behind Amy's house", I said. "Take the four wheel drive to take Amy home please. Save me some grey hair" my dad said. I hated the four-wheeler it drove like a truck but also had less turning radius than my bike.

The top side was it was unstoppable in snow. Amy and I finally got settled in. Susan handed out the gifts to mom, dad, and me. I handed Amy her second gift from me and we all opened a gift at the same time. Early in the month I had bought a nice party dress for Amy and nearly forgot all about it. Amy ran to my bedroom to try it on. She was simply ravishing in it. Even my dad whistled an action which prompted a slap from mom.

"I bought it for you to wear to the prom babe", I said. She sauntered up to me leaned in for a kiss and whispered in my ear, "Now we are even". With a lick in my ear I was up for anything. Still standing she crossed her legs and sat in my lap disguising the fact I had responded to her licking with an erection.

After opened all the gifts, mom went to the kitchen to open a bottle of wine. She returned from the kitchen with a tray loaded with the bottle and five glasses. Amy looked as if she was nauseous I looked a little peeked also. I took the initiative and said, "Only one glass for Amy and I please". "What's wrong Jim, did you drink too much last night", Susan asked? "Yes", Amy and I responded in unison.

Nothing special happened between Amy and me until after my game. Rick left early hot lap dance big butt naked morning to return for classes that would start on the second of January. I performed better than I expected. I matched up against one of the seniors on the Panthers team; he was a little taller than me but much slower. I was able to steal the ball from him three times in the first half and five times in the second half.

He was benched in favor of a junior who didn't fare much better. I ended the game with 25 points, nine assists, five rebounds, and seven steals. One of the college scouts said to my coach he wanted to talk to me. I was completely flabbergasted; he told me I had excellent potential to be able to enter college as a junior High school student with a full scholarship.

I marveled at the card he handed me. It was a mild blue with an embossed figure of a devil on it. I only improved through the year and eventually took over the varsity position with a month left in the season. My stat total was impressive. I had multiple scouts talking to me after every game. I kept the card from the first guy who talked to me in my wallet and kept returning to what he said to me.

At the final varsity game he was in the stands. We had lost too many games early in the season to go to region finals.

I became the hot college prospect of the season; however, I busty stepmom and teen interracial threesome session to complete amateur mom fuck hd xxx halloween special with a threesome school and said in a press conference my desires. Either I was in a cloud or fog I don't know but some of the scouts were fighting to recruit me as early as possible.

I learned from my high school coach to take my time and weigh my options carefully. With our season ending my stress seemed to lift completely.

Amy was getting agitated easier as of late and spring break was around the corner. Amy and I got together for a weekend and I allowed her to tie me to the bed; but not without putting up a fight, even if it was a weak one.

Amy seemed to enjoy the challenge. I got excited also it seemed to refresh us a bit and allow the stress to melt away. I had no idea where she found it but Amy had this feather duster and she would dust my backside as if I were dirty (it drove me nuts with excitement).

Besides I am ticklish back there badly. Amy played the role and would tickle me until I laughed then ask me if I thought it was funny and then slap me with the belt.

I lay in bed and waited for either the tickles or the hard slap of a belt when a scrub from something sharp with several tines was felt on my reddened skin. I came to the conclusion it was a curry comb. "Ahhhhh noooo", I wailed. "Silence or I will gag you my slave lover", Amy said. Again the torture device raked over my skin.

"Ohhhhhhh" I replied, the feelings were getting intense. Suddenly Amy slapped me with this device and I responded with a shrill yipe. Once again she slapped me with it. This time I was able to restrain my response, the sting made me hump the bed.

My reaction of humping the bed prompted Amy to slap me again and again. Every time she did my reaction was a source of humor for her.

With giggles from her and reports from her torture, Amy's mother had arrived at the door. "Amy is everything ok in there", Rita asked? Amy grunted in frustration and said, "Yes mom will you go away please". "Is Jim hurting you", Rita asked? "No mom I am trying to hurt him", Amy said. Rita giggled from the other side of the door and walked away. Amy slapped me again with this prickly device I still couldn't see. Amy slipped a couple of times in her puddles; she hadn't been paying too much attention to her leaving them.

A slight giggle escaped my lips. "No laughing you will pay for each one remember", Amy said. Immediately I clamped my mouth over my arm. You must pay ten lashings for that giggle you allowed to escape. Amy held her cat of nine tails in front of me before striking me five times in succession. She showed me her new instrument of torture. It was exactly what I thought it was. She then slapped me three times on each cheek of my ass. I moaned as softly as possible but it was still louder than Amy wished.

She didn't punish me for the loudness of my moan. She did bring out the feather duster and dusted me again. I stifled my laughing again using my arm. I was at that point where almost every nerve was tingling.

"Amy, are you ready to get some", I asked softly? Son watching dad mom fucks squealed softly in return and started untying me. Amy left one leg tied and grabbed the free one to restrict my moving. Amy sat on my legs and made sure both were tied before getting off them. Once she was confident they wouldn't move too much she kissed and licked them driving me nuts with desire.

My cock stood straight up and throbbed like mad. Amy took it in her mouth and sucked the tip and slowly accepted more and more of it in her mouth. Eliciting moans of pleasure from me; I managed to keep them quiet. With my cock soaked with her saliva she mounted me and took my member slowly in to her love canal. Her moans mingled with mine to create a symphony of ecstasy.

She had not taken my entire length yet and worked her way closer and closer to the goal before her. She bottomed out and wiggled causing even greater feelings in me, to make me squirm a little; my movements gave Amy a heightened sense of pleasure. Amy's slow screw was more torturous than her slapping me with a belt or the curry comb. Twice I came close to cuming and she stopped moving all together. She faced me so when she stopped she also prevented me from sitting up, by bearing all her weight on my shoulders.

I felt her pussy finally getting really grippy. I knew she wouldn't last much longer. Her speed increased and the strokes lengthened to the entire length of me keeping just the tip inside to thrust down again. After twelve good long strokes Amy tensed and sank slowly down, gradually accepting me as her orgasm pulsed through her. My orgasm also pulsed through me into her.

Amy collapsed on top of me and fell asleep until we woke up the next morning. I was still tied to the bed and Amy seemed to forget. When she rolled off of me to go to the bathroom I untied myself.

I staggered into the bathroom and hadn't paid too much attention to my ankles but I had grooves from the tightness of the rope. "Are your legs ok lover", Amy asked? Yeah they will be in time", I answered. Amy and I joined Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson in the kitchen for breakfast. After the refreshing meal and coffee I left for home to see what my mom and dad had planned for spring break, or Easter vacation.

The rest of the school year raced by, prom was just ahead. To Be Continued……