I would take her to the city if she agreed to fuck with me

I would take her to the city if she agreed to fuck with me
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Disclaimer* New writer, 20 years old, and not very confident. Please leave any comments but please leave all feedback positive. This is currently just a part of an idea I'm working on. If you guys like it and all works out I'm hoping to have at least 5 chapters Remember please keep all feedback positive ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The night's sleep was restless.

Try as I might I couldn't get the idea off my sister off my dick, literally. Somehow in less than 24 hours I went from a normal guy, who craved after normal girls.


To blackmailing my little sister, and wanting to fuck the hell out of her. Morning finally came around and at 7oclock like clockwork you can hear my whole family getting ready, my sister and mom taking showers 1 after the other, my dad down stairs cooking breakfast for them, then my parents switch and dad showers. Sis blow dry's her hair, "hurry up we'll be late".

It's like my sister forgot that I now own her… then again. No one knows what I'm planning so that's probable a good thing for now. Engines rev alive, doors slam, garage doors close, and I'm alone again with my thought. It's a little weird laying here knowing that in less than 7 hours ill probable see my sister naked… is that normal? I don't think it is.

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Well got to stick to the plan then. I finally dragged myself out of the bed and over to my closet where I dug out my camera. Hmm actually this is about as far as I got in my plan. I guess I just go watch some TV. Ill figure it out latter. The sound of the slamming front door startles me awake… Ash must be home. I quickly get up, walk into the kitchen, saw ash, said "alright come on." And walked downstairs. She mustn't have been too surprised because she didn't say a word and just followed me down.

I walked into my bedroom pointed to a spot against the wall "stand there." And she did… it's really weird how cooperative she is being. "Ok take your shirt off." There was a brief calm in the air followed by "What the fuck did you just say to me?" "Shirt and bra please." Well there's no reason to be rude unless she pushes it.

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Frankly she looked dumb founded. Idk what she thought we would do in my room instead of this but anyways. "You're out of your mind if you think I'm going to do that." "Oh you will, or all those pictures I took of you when you were passed out drunk, will find their way onto the internet and the school site very quickly." Of course I didn't have any pictures like this of her but at this point I think my sister would have believed anything I told her.


Her older brother was blackmailing her, with the fact that her boyfriend cums in her as much as he wants, and not only that but to have her half naked in front of him. Her internal compass was spinning like a top and not anywhere near done. Slowly but surely her hands came up to the hem of her shirt and started to lift it up off her stomach. "Oh wait." I immediately raised the camera and started taking a few shots of her pulling it up, and then said "ok, continue." Figuring it was best just to get this over with and in the past, (oh how wrong she was.) she all in one motion pulled her shirt off, unsnapped her bra and let them both hit the floor.

I'll be honest I was a little amazed at what I saw. Her tits were amazing. This perfect peach cream color, with slightly darkened areolas, and somehow they were defying gravity as her double D's were holding perfectly in place, as these perfect mounds on her chest the same way you would expect smaller tits too.

Again I was a little amazed. I stared for a few moments till I remembered why I brought this on. I raised my camera and started clicking away she just stayed there arms in front holding each other's hand, the fist resting right in front of her zipper. One I was finally done I set my camera down on my bed, thinking her nightmare was over she went to bend over and pick up her things.

I stopped that by reaching forward, pushing her against the wall sucking as much of her left tit as I could into my mouth and groping her right one with my free hand… my other one was occupied with her ass. What happened next I'll never forget. I don't know why and neither does she but she let out a long slow moan and at the same time put both hands into my hair and pulled me harder into her. Not wanting to waste a gift horse in the mouth I was relentless, my teeth slowly pulling against her flesh and then her nipple, every time I repeated this presses I would get the same long moan from her.

Finally I forced her hands off me and pulled myself up into an embrace and passionate kiss with my sister. Our tongues swimming in each other's mouth my hard dick pushing against her leg. I had had enough of this, I wanted more, and she is going to give it to me. I push off her holding her against the wall. My hard dick straining against my jeans, begging to be freed and played with. I put one hand on her chest to hold her put and tasked my other with unbuttoning, unzipping, and pulling down my jeans and boxers.

Now while I was in no way huge, I'm quite happy with my size. Just about 6 or 7 inches, and a little more than twice raven teen cum lover facialized at home thickness of my thumb. I put both my hands on her shoulders and pushed her to her knee's. She only resisted a little but once face to face with this she knew what to do. Like the good little whore I was learning she was, she slowly licked my shaft from sac to head.

Over and over again, her tongue on my dick was molten and every time she moved it a small cold spot remained, it was driving me wild. She reached up cupped my balls with one hand and with the other shoved my dick straight into her mouth. I lost what little self control I had, I took both my hands grabbed her young teens masturbating and creamy new couple webcam bridesmaids and started to face fuck her.

"Oh, your suck a bad sister, letting your brother face fuck you. Aww but you love it don't you" Her eyes glued to mine, as I force my dick into her mouth. Her mouth filled with dick and spit making these sexy slurping noises and she tried to keep her mouth closed and open at the same time.

It was all too much for me and with no warning I pulled on her head and thrusted at the same time to force my dick into her throat as I shot load after load into her stomach She didn't gag or resist the little slut had done this before, and knew exactly how to handle it.

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Finally after I was spent I let go of her head and pulled out she let loose a quick few coughs to dislodge the sperm from the back of her throat then quickly leaned back over and stuck my dick back into her mouth to clean it off.

The fact that she was doing all this without me asking or telling her to did not go unnoticed to me. After she finished I pushed her off and told her to get dressed, the disappointment on her face that I wouldn't finish her was obvious. But I wanted to make her suffer a little more before I pleased her that much. After she got dressed I told her not to forget the pictures and not say a word to anyone.

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As she walked out of my room, Straight up to hers to finish herself off no doubt, I went to my computer and downloaded all my new pictures. Too bad I didn't get any of her sucking me, oh well there's always tomorrow.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys one other quick thing I wanted to say/ ask. As you know I'm a little new at this. And while you guys seems to be enjoying my stories and leaving helpful feedback.

I could always use a few more ideas. So leave a comment or two telling me what you guys would like to see more or less of if anything. Oh and yes I know I'm a bad speller, there is no need to point it out. Thanks. Wondernugget99