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Slutty leigh rose drilled in her shaved pussy on the bed pornstars and big dick
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Dr. Ken Mathews was well known around the hospital as a "ladies man," or more correctly, a "lecher." He was particularly anxious to fuck any new, young, and attractive nurse who joined the staff.

Regardless, had been also known to readily tap into any gorgeous MD or eye-catching woman on the administrative staff, as well. Dr. Mathews also knew Carol Thompson .

and knew what Carol Thompson needed on a regular basis. Carol Thompson, was the Senior Medical Technologist in the laboratory at the major medical center in North Carolina's "Triangle" where Dr. Mathews was on staff. Mrs. Thompson was highly competent, well respected, and the consummate professional technologist. She was an attractive woman with a slender body hidden under her generally conservative pastel shirt, white hospital pants, and ever-present white lab coat. Most men regularly checked her out and concluded that she was quite attractive for a 58-year-old woman, a married mother of two grown children.

There was another, very dark secret about the good-looking Mrs. Thompson: Under her cool, professional exterior, she was a lascivious, constantly sexually aroused, horny woman. Shocking, but, it hadn't always been that way. Carol deeply loved her husband, Dave Thompson. Over most of the 35 years that they had been married he had always been an ardent lover, always ready to quench her sexual fires with his own sexual prowess.

In those years she had never strayed or been unfaithful to him. But all that had radically changed. Dave's physical enjoyable ebon gives wet blowjob pornstar hardcore had deteriorated and prompted a medicine regimen that rendered him nearly impotent.

Under the influence of the medicines, Dave was never able to achieve anything more than a semi-hard erection.

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He could reach his climax, but only with Carolyn's persistent and talented mouth. Vaginal intercourse was impossible. Dave endeavored to compensate by oral sex and this was enjoyable for both of them, but fell far short of Carol's unusually strong desire to have frequent sex. Carol thought that her sex drive would subside after menopause, yet it dramatically increased. This result of hypersexuality after menopause, although not totally unprecedented, is extremely rare. She sought professional advice from her doctor, who rejected the notion that it was Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome, concluding that Carol was indeed suffering with a Hypersexual Disorder.

Carol had tried to adjust to this change, but it had proved to be inadequate. Her overpowering drive to have sex eventually passed beyond the morally accepted sexual behavior of a mature, married woman. Her compulsive sexual behavior ultimately became an all consuming obsession. Consequently, after an agonizingly long period of trying to cope, she had sought the assistance of other men. She never stopped loving Dave, but she considered it necessary to find relief wherever she could.

Dr. Mathews was one of those men who were all too willing to help out and provide the necessary sexual services to the attractive, older woman. Carol was in the her Senior Tech office late one morning. Her office was in a far remote part of the hospital's laboratory, down a quiet dead-end corridor and well out of the lab's normal traffic patterns. She new boy and girl sexy 2019 preparing a series of quarterly lab reports when she heard her office door open, someone enter, and then the door close again .

followed by a distinct click as the door was locked. A locked Senior Tech office at lunchtime would not draw undue attention.


Carol swung around in her chair to see Dr. Mathews standing there, a knowing smile on his face. "Why, hello, Dr. Mathews," smiled Carol. "Good morning, Mrs. Thompson." said Dr. Mathews. "I see that you got my message that I urgently needed some assistance from you on a personal matter," said Carol. "Yes, I did," said Dr. Mathews softly. "What kind of assistance do you require?" playing the requisite game they always played for this activity. "Your assistance will certainly require one of your special talents, doctor" answered Carol.

"In fact, it's the same unique talent that you've put into action to alleviate similar predicaments in the past." "I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about," said the doctor with a chuckle as he stripped off his lab coat. "Let's just say that I desperately need some immediate relief for a certain physical condition." said the Med Tech.

"You would do me such a great favor by helping me out." "Well, if you mean what I think you mean," chuckled Dr. Mathews, "I don't doubt that I could help you, Mrs. Thompson. So, tell me, just exactly what do you require?" With a sultry murmur, she continued, " I require you to provide me with a nice, thorough injection of your semen." Carol slipped off her Lab coat, slipped her knit shirt over her head, dropped her white pants to the floor, and exposed her lingerie-covered body to the doctor.

The sight of the attractive 58-year-old woman with small, though shapely breasts, a trim waist, and well-rounded hips was a sight that caused the good doctor to feel his exceedingly large cock beginning to swell. With a giggle, Mrs. Thompson said, "Well, Dr. Mathews, it certainly looks as if you're ready for me!" She gently reached out to lightly stroke the significant bulge in his pants. "It certainly does, Mrs.

Thompson," he responded with a smile. "Good, because I am certainly ready for you," said Carol. Dr. Mathews quickly dropped his pants and then his boxer shorts, revealing his huge, erect cock before her lusty eyes. "Mmmmm," she murmured, "Oh, I know this is going to be fun." She briefly fondled his cock with her hand before dropping to her knees as she eagerly ran her tongue along the velvety surface of his shaft. She then took his cock into her mouth as Dr.

Mathews groaned in appreciation of her adept actions. From his experience, he knew that Carol Thomson was indeed an exceptional cocksucker. Gently gripping her head, Dr. Mathews watched and moaned in delight as the mature woman sucked him deeply, giving him an exceptional blowjob. While Carol enthusiastically sucked his shaft, one of her small hands gently caressed and fondled his sperm-filled nuts.

As Carol expertly increased the exclusive hardworker guy gets fuck brunette mommy and rhythm of her cocksucking, the sexually charged doctor abruptly reached his climax and flooded his hot semen into her suckling mouth.

"Oh, fuck, Carol. There's no-one who can suck me off any better than you. Oh, fuck! Oh man!" She resolutely swallowed every drop, continuing her sucking well after Dr. Mathews' ejaculation had ceased. Carol delighted in the taste of Dr. Mathews' semen with his cock still in her mouth, sloshing the remnants for a final swallow. When he pulled out from her persistent lips she whispered, "Mmmmmm. That was delicious!" She smiled and said, "Thank you, Dr. Mathews.


That satisfied the needs of my oral cavity. But, I have another cavity that is aching and requires your immediate attention, as well." Saying that, Carol released her bra and slipped off her panties. As she turned, Dr. Mathews admired her shapely ass, while she dropped to her hands and knees on the floor. Knowing full well how she wanted to be serviced, Dr. Mathews got on his knees behind her and carefully spread her ass cheeks to expose her dripping pussy.

He immediately slipped his fingers into her slash, probing the velvety folds. Carol moaned as his fingers penetrated into her cunt and he began to finger fuck her pussy. "Oh! Oh! Oh!!" she groaned, " Your fingers feel so good inside me!" Encouraged, Dr. Mathews continued pumping his fingers in and out of Carol's anxious, sopping wet snatch as he steadily increased the tempo. Carol's breathing quickly became more uneven and ragged as she delighted in the erotic pleasure the doctor provided to her impatient cunt.

After several moments, Dr. Mathews took his fingers out of Carol's superheated pussy, crouched down, and replaced them with his mouth, licking and probing her with his tongue. "Ahhhhhh," Carol gasped, as she felt his thrusting tongue penetrating and caressing her cunt.

Dr. Mathews lustfully licked at the mature woman's pussy, savoring the taste of her steadily flowing juices as he endeavored to re-energize his cock. Carol moaned "Oh, Dr. Mathews, what you're doing to me is so incredible! Your tongue feels so good inside me!" This encouragement only drove the doctor to intensify his efforts to eat her out with ever greater passion and enthusiasm. Carol began to fondle her tits with one hand while she supported herself up with the other, taking great pleasure in the thrills created by the doctor's talented tongue.

After a few moments, Dr. Mathews' tongue found Carol's swollen clitoris and gave it a passionate lick, followed by his lips closing around it as he began to suck. This act had the effect of causing Carol to reach her first orgasm, squealing in delight as his mouth greedily drank the sweet juices that flowed out of her pussy. She wailed in sexual release for several moments before sinking to her elbows as the climax receded.

Breathing heavily, Carol stood up and said, "Dr. Mathews, I want you to fuck me now." With that, she turned and lay her upper body and stomach on her desk, spreading her legs apart to improve his access to her drenched pussy. "My pussy's ready," she moaned, "It's soaking wet and I'm so fucking horny! Fuck me now, Dr. Mathews! I need you to fuck me now!" In response, the doctor quickly mounted her from behind, ramming the full length of his fat, 9 inch cock in her engorged, insatiable pussy.

Encouraged by the words of the sexually aroused Med Tech, Dr. Mathews repeatedly plunged his swollen cock into her squishy pussy, causing her to loudly moan as she felt him thrusting inside her. "Oh my! Oh, fuck! New girl in town 1972 tube porn, that feels so fucking good!", Carol exclaimed as he fucked her with a steady rhythm and increasing intensity.

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"Oh, your cock feels so fucking terrific! Now fuck me! Fuck me good!" While Dr. Mathews was pumping his rigid cock into Carol, he leaned forward to fondle her small, shapely breasts, teasing her enlarged, stiff nipples with one of his hands. As he approached his second orgasm, he gripped her hips with both of his hands and rammed his turgid horny asian slut licks and sucks dick hardcore filipina into her and the older woman loved it, pushing back against his pelvis with ever increasing speed and strength of her own.

"Oh, that feels so good! Oh, how I loved it when Dave used to fuck me this way!" wailed Carol. "You like it when he fucked you from behind? No, you liked it no matter how he fucked you!" murmured Dr.

Mathews as he thrust in and out of her body, his hands firmly grasping her hips. "Yes! Yesssss! Oh, I love it! I loved it when he fucked me! Keep fucking me!" moaned Carol. "You're a slut. Mrs. Thompson! You really like sucking cock and you like fucking, don't you?," said Dr. Mathews.

"Oh, busty latina stepdaughter dirty harry, I am a fucking slut," she wailed. "Please keep fucking me!, Keep fucking me!" "You're really a slut and you love being fucked, don't you? Tell me what a slut you are!" "Oh, Dr. Mathews, keep fucking me! Yes, fuck yes! I'm a cock-loving slut! Oh, your dirty talk is getting me so fucking hot!

Keep fucking me!" Dr. Mathews then got into the flow of condemning expletives and unrelentingly continued, "You love to be fucked like a whore, you slut, you fucking slut. You love to be fucked don't you?

You're nothing but a cock-hungry slut, aren't you?" "Oh, fuck! Give me more cock! I need to be fucked!" screamed Mrs. Thompson. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me hard! Oh, fuck my brains out!" Dr. Mathews obliged Carol by increasing the speed of his thrusts and fucking her ever harder, driving his huge cock deep into her ravaged pussy.

Her small breasts jiggled with every thrust, her moans escalated in intensity, and her cunt was raw from the steady skewering provided by Dr.

Mathews' cock. "Oh, fuck!" moaned Carol, "Faster! Harder! Deeper! Oh, fuck! Please, Dr. Mathews, don't stop! Don't fucking stop!" Encouraged by the mature woman, Dr. Mathews accelerated his tempo and fucked Carol fast and hard, causing her to sob and whimper more intensely, overcome in her lustful pleasure. Each and every thrust he made was accompanied by a string of obscenities as he did so.

After a few minutes, Dr. Mathews' movements grew more erratic, as did Carol's. This was a sure sign that they were both ever closer to another climax. Dr. Mathews groaned as he pounded away at her cunt, "Aaaaaah! Carol! Oh, fuck! Your pussy feels so good! " Carol moaned, her entire body shuddering and quivering. As Dr.

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Mathews continued to pound his cock into her, Carol reached the absolute edge of her orgasm, screaming "Oh, fuck! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" "Oh, fuck! I'm gonna cum too!" grunted Dr. Mathews. "I am gonna fucking cum in you!

You fucking slut!" "Oh! Cum in me with your cock! Cum in me! Fill me with your hot, creamy sperm!" Dr. Mathews then lost all restraint and aggressively teen slut emily willis spanked by stepdad Carol with an erratic tempo, fast and furious, causing Carol's body to shake with the force of his thrusts.

Both were sweating in their passion as they rapidly approached climax. Finally, Dr. Mathews' thrusting pushed Carol over the edge. Carol shut her eyes and screamed as her body exploded in a tremendous, overpowering orgasm.

As she shook violently and flooded his cock with her juices, her pussy sucked and contracted so violently that with one last thrust, he erupted in his own climax. He shrieked as he sent a huge stream of boiling semen spurting into her womb. Several cunt-filling squirts of cum later, his orgasm slowly subsided, Carol slid forward on the desk's smooth surface and his softening cock slipped out of her battered pussy.

The doctor briefly collapsed on top of her, exhausted from the intensity of the experience. "Ohhhh! That was amazing!" panted Carol as she struggled to catch her breath. As Dr. Mathews also struggled to regain his breathing and slowly stood upright and gasped, "Thank you, Mrs. Thompson. I've certainly enjoyed providing you with some relief today." I want to thank you, too," giggled Carol, "You've certainly made your visit very memorable!" As she spoke, she rubbed her leaking pussy, feeling the combined flow of her juices and his semen.

As Dr. Mathews found his underwear and trousers and started to get dressed, he took a quick glance at Carol as she put on her bra and panties, her seeping juices instantly soaking the latter. With a wink, Carol said, "Dr. Mathews, I certainly hope that you can come by the lab tomorrow.

I'm in critical need of an anal injection and I hope that you can give provide it." "Oh, I'll be there, Mrs. Thompson," said Dr. Mathews, " I'll be there and I'll be glad to oblige your request."