Caroline pierce and her mom rilynn rae share a bbc

Caroline pierce and her mom rilynn rae share a bbc
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I've never told this to anyone before, but I thought it would be right to post it on here for others to read. I am 20 years old now, having been through english prep school then public school over the ages of 8-13 and 13-18 respectively.

These schools were both well-established and well-known all boys schools, and it was here where my first sexual experiences took place. First of all, I don't think it to be natural for boys at that age to all be 2019 sex stories sex full vi together with no female contact, as it is the age where the boy's mind changes most and sexuality becomes a part of one's every day thoughts.

I don't consider myself gay but at that stage a lot of boys were a bit confused sexually with the lack of females around. This story is the first of my two sexual experiences at school. At 11 years old, at prep school, one evening all the boys in my dormitory were playing a game. It was after 'lights-out', and one boy, James, was running round the dorm scaring the other boys by either jumping on their beds or hiding underneath them.

He was quite short with black hair and relatively average features, but wasn't ugly. When James got to my bed, in the middle of his game, he actually crept under the duvet without anyone else knowing.

As he lay there for a while I got pretty excited, and ran my hand down his pyjama leg a few times, while giggling. He at first seemed shocked, and jumped out of my bed to which I felt rather embarrassed. However soon enough it was clear that he didn't exactly hate what had just happened, as sure enough he was in my bed ten minutes later again playing his 'game' in the dormitory, but it felt like he was just using it as a cover to go under my duvet.

I again did the same thing, however this time I ran my hand up to his crotch. I could feel through his pyjamas his hard little dick, almost bursting through.

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I started rubbing it softly, which made James incredibly quiet. The other boys in the dorm were confused as to why he wasn't saying anything, so James quickly hopped out of my bed and back into his, however as he did so he ran his hand over my crotch, which made my stomach flip.

My heart was racing at this point, even if I wanted to go to sleep I knew I wouldn't be able to. I waited for what must have been a good half an hour for the dorm to be silent and everyone to be asleep before I slid out of my bed and crawled over to James. He, I think from being nervous, pretended to be asleep when I got there. I ran my hand under his duvet and started playing with his dick, which again was rock hard.

So it was clear that he wasn't asleep at all but I knew he was enjoying it, otherwise he would stop me. I reached up and pulled down his pyjama trousers a bit, exposing his small dick. I was so excited I was hard myself and I carried on rubbing my hand all over him, however not having done girlfriend doggystyled by her bf after oral sexual ever before I wasn't too sure what to do. His dick was still a lot less developed than mine, and so a fair amount smaller.

I knew how to wank but I couldn't come yet, and so I basically did as best I could to turn him on, running my hand over his short shaft and head. This finished after ten minutes or so, my mind was racing as I went back to my bed, and I managed to eventually drift off to sleep.

The next morning was different, James and I were both attempting to act normally but it was clear that all that we had on our minds was what had happened the night before. The day passed, the same as any other school day, until we made our way back to our respective dorms that evening.


After lights out, the room was quiet relatively quickly as everyone drifted off to sleep. I was thinking purely about the previous night, stroking my dick under the duvet.

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I noticed the rustling of sheets from James' bed and I realised he was getting out of bed and sneaking over to me. I was shocked and delighted to feel him next to me, so I lifted up my duvet to expose myself to him. He crouched at the side of my bed, moving his hands up to my dick.

It felt amazing, I pulled my little pyjamas down as he fondled me, as I lay there experiencing someone else's touch on me for the first time.

His hands moved up and down my dick, and he slowly moved his head forward and placed his mouth over the head of my cock. I gasped, the feel of his warm mouth made me light-headed and he started sucking my dick. This continued for five minutes or so before he made his way back to his bed. I followed quickly and immediately copied his position by the side of my bed, and reached down and grabbed his little hard dick.

I slowly moved my face closer and let anal sex for hot redhead and swallow cum dick enter my mouth.

It was an amazing feeling, running my tongue over it while he arched his back, he ran his fingers through my hair and I continued sucking for what felt like half an hour. We both enjoyed every minute and I eventually made my way back to my bed, thrilled at what had just happened. This was repeated the following night by both of us, however the following day was the school holidays. When they were over, the dormitories had been changed, and unfortunately James was no longer in the same one as me.


My next sexual experience was to be at public school, a year after. Which will be in a separate story.