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Dragon ball z porn more milk
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Boy did I get into a lot of trouble as a kid. A lot if it was my own doing. I made a lot of stupid choices and mad a lot of friends that I probably should have distanced myself from, but didn't. It wasn't my parents fault at all.

Looking back I can give you an idea of what that may have stemmed from. I'm not the kind of person who will come up with excuses. The truth is, I personally made the conscious decisions that got me into trouble. I could have made better choices, but I didn't.

I had been through a lot as a kid, but so has my mom. The decisions I made as a kid furthered her pain, to which I still regret to this day. Thank god I have mended fences and made things right, and now, I am close to my mom.

She hated me for a while, and rightly so. The sad thing was, I had no father to speak of, so mom was stuck with me so to speak. I never laid a hand on her or disrespected her in any way, at least I never cussed at her. I did a lot of back talking, but never called her out of her name.

All I remember of my dad was how abusive he was. He constantly hit my mother, and it got really really bad as time progressed. She tried like hell to get the police to do something about it, but there wasn't much they could do. Mom refused to leave him and continued to take him back. To this day I will never, ever really understand why some women do that, and I may never understand that. Despite their possible motives for staying with men like that, wether it's fear or anything else, I will always hold a soft spot for battered women.

I vowed that I would never be like that, ever. There was one day that I had step mom and cock doctor a fucking family affair home from school and found my mom on the brink of death. She was laying in a pool of blood and I couldn't recognize her.

I could see her jaw clearly and her facial bones where he had literally sliced her face wide opened. I could even see her teeth through the wounds. That's not counting the massive swelling on the other side of her face. I could even see her veins and tendons in her neck. She had quite a few gun shot wounds in her back and legs as well. Dad was finally hunted down by the police.

He led them in a high speed chase and decided to shoot it out with them. Two police sexy ceo ariella ferrera cant get enough of her driver were killed that day. Now I don't give a fuck what you think about the police, they too are human, and they do have families as well. Dad was shot multiple times and killed during all of that.

But that's where I started getting into trouble. I had many encounters with the police after that due to my idiocy.

My 15th year was the turning point for me, but in a good way. I was arrested and put in juvenile detention for burglary. That was by far, thee most humiliating day of my entire life.

How one can get arrested over and over again without feeling an ounce of humiliation is beyond me. That's when I turned my life around and started to make changes for the better.

My name is Adam, I'm a huge guy. I can thank my ancestors for that. I wasn't fat, but I was really big. At a young age I was just over 6'10 and still growing. I had dirty blonde hair and grey eyes. I had my ears gauged just big enough to fit a big loop into the gauges, so it wasn't all that big.

I had my tongue pierced as well. When I was in kid jail, I wasn't fucked with. My dad was half Hawaiian and he was huge. Mom wasn't nearly that tall, but she had ancestry that had giants in it. No one bullied me at all. I lost my virginity at an age that I shouldn't have, but it is what it is. I had a reputation at school because I supposedly had a huge member.

I never had a shortage of girls wanting to be with me at all. Every girl I had been with all had big mouths and bragged about my dick size. When I was with a girl, I never cheated on her. I saw what my mom went through and refused to be that guy. But when I was single, I couldn't beat the girls off with a stick.

I was overwhelmed by them all at once, all of which wanted in my pants. Up to and including some of my teachers. Don't get me wrong, I loved it!

I did give into one of my teachers though, she had just turned 25 years old. If you would have seen her, you would have too! She was incredibly sexy.

She was tiny too! Miss Roberts was all I knew her as. She was my history teacher, and she was the head cheer coach for our school. I had just turned 18 and somehow she heard about how big I was, and wanted some really bad. Every swinging dick in that school wanted her, so the fact that she began targeting me was very flattering and I couldn't believe it at all.

Hell even some of the girls in my class wanted her too, rumor had it that several of them had been with her. In order to keep her from getting into trouble, I kept my mouth shut about it.

It all started when I noticed that she was giving me these looks. I knew my Hawaiian history very very well, so she let me teach that portion of the class. She just sat in the back and kept giving me these very sexy sexy looks and grins. When she first started looking at me that way, I didn't read into it much until she started smiling at me as she glanced at my crotch. She started flirting with me with her eyes and when I realized what she was doing, I decided to go ahead and play along.

I just gave her a knowing little smiles egging her on. Honestly, I was loving the attention she was giving me. I was struggling in her class and I though that maybe she could help me, and maybe give her what she may have wanted from me. Miss Roberts was a single girl, she stood 5'1 and had long dark brown hair.

Her eyes caught the eyes of both males and females in my class and everyone she came in contact with. They were these deep blue eyes that seemed to pop. But it wasn't just her eyes, it was how she looked overall. She was hot as fuck! She had a really nice tan and an extremely athletic body. Her tits had to be at least a c cup, and had the nicest ass.

She began wearing these tight low riding jeans and button down shirts. She always unbuttoned them little bit of action tube porn her very nice cleavage would show. I sat in the front of the class and one day she saw me looking at her exposed flesh between her tits. She slid her fingers down and inconspicuously pulled her shirt open showing me more of her skin. I looked up and she gave me this knowing glance and smiled. I started to get hard and couldn't stop looking at her.

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She was extremely sexy. She was pretty cool too, she let us use our cell phones during class, which no other teacher allowed. This went on for a little over a week, and as the days progressed she began to show more and more of her cleavage. She would look at me a lot and I even caught her looking under my desk trying to get a glimpse of my crotch.

So I decided to go buy a prepaid disposable phone and when she was out of the room, I made sure I was alone and put the phone in her desk. I had also purchased one for me, so that my phone records wouldn't show anything at all. I made sure it was charged fully. She asked who's it was and no one claimed it, so she just put it in her desk and left it there. Later that week I got so damn horny that I couldn't see straight and this was the day that I decided to see if she was really checking me out.

As I sat in my desk I watched her lean forward and look right at my crotch. I spread my legs and adjusted myself as I watched her stare. Her lips parted slightly as she watched me slowly adjust myself. She looked up at me and I just gave her a little grin, then looked right at her cleavage.

She just bit her lower lip and smiled at me, then looked at my crotch again, trying really hard to not be obvious about it. That told me that she wanted me pretty bad. We were taking a test and we were instructed by Miss Roberts to bring it to her desk when we were completed. So I decided to attach a little note with my test, with my phone number.

I kept looking at her tits and my cock was really hard. Unfortunately, I had to sit and wait for a few minutes until I went down, because I was so big, it would have been very obvious. As I sat there taking the test I kept looking up to see her staring at my crotch.

All I did was spread my legs and squeeze my hard cock through my pants to show her how hard she had made me. I watched her face as I reached down and squeezed and rubbed myself. She sat back and bit her lip as she watched my hand. I then let got but left my legs spread wide opened so she noughty amrica mom step son continued to stare. She looked up at me and noticed that I was looking at her and blatantly looking at her cleavage.

I heard her exhale hard and watched her chest rise and fall as she started breathing hard. Once I finished my test, I took a small piece of paper and wrote on it.

It read, "do you like what you see?" Then I put my number on the paper and wrote, "no one has to know, that phone you found in your desk is yours, turn it on I'll text you." As I walked up to her, she looked up at me tight euro teen vilena lifting up her skirt then my bulge.

I placed the test in her hand and went to sit down. As I sat down, I looked up at her and she was looking at me, having a very difficult time trying not to make it obvious. I looked at the girl sitting next to me and she was looking at us and gave me a sexy grin. I then pulled my book out and looked up at her.

She opened my test packet and found the little note I left her. I just watched her close her eyes for a second and then reach in her desk and pull the phone out and turn it on.

Seconds later my phone vibrated in my pocket. I grabbed it and it was a text from her. Miss Roberts: this could get me into so much trouble. Me: you don't have to worry about it, no one will know. I'm really good at keeping secrets. Miss Roberts: I'm your teacher and you're a minor hun. I could get fired and go to jail. Me: not if we kept it a secret Miss Roberts: I understand but what if someone finds out Me: they only will if you say something, and if they do find out, I will deny it.

Miss Roberts: this is highly inappropriate. I'm your teacher Me: I see how u look at me Miss Roberts: how am I looking at u Me: like u want me Miss Roberts: I'm sorry hun, I shouldn't look at u like that, u r my student Me: it's ok, I love how u look at me it makes me hard.

Miss Roberts: Adam this is so wrong Me: that's what makes this so hot. Miss Roberts: we shouldn't even be having this conversation. Me: look, I know you like what u see, I love how u look at me, and I think you are really really sexy. You have to trust me that I will never say a word about any of this. Miss Roberts: this is so wrong Adam, but you're right, I do love what I see, you are the sexiest guy I have ever seen and I have very very dirty thoughts about u, It just sucks that I'm your teacher.

Me: no one will ever know, the only way anyone will find out is if you say something Miss Roberts: how do I know that you won't stepmom blows stepdaughters hung boyfriend young old pornstars anything one girl and tow man sex anyone. U understand that I will go to prison, loose my job and never be able to teach again. Not to mention the fact that I will be a registered sex offender if u say anything at all.

Me: you don't know, and I know the kind of trouble u can get in to. But u need to trust me. Miss Roberts: you swear you won't say anything? Me: trust me, no one will ever know. Miss Roberts: god I can't believe I'm actually going to do this, but ok, you are so fucking sexy. Just looking at u makes me so so hot, and yes, I really want u! What about u? Do u like what u see? Me: god yes! Miss Roberts: I've heard girls talking about you Me: what r they saying Miss Roberts: that u r very very well endowed and that you're amazing with it.

Me: that's what they keep telling me Miss Roberts: is it true? R u really that well hung? Me: I am not going to answer that, but if u want, I'll let you find out Miss Roberts: r u serious? Me: yes, I wanna show you that they aren't lying.

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Miss Roberts: oh god! can I find out this weekend? Me: I would let u find out now if no one was here Miss Roberts: omfg u r making me so hot rite now! Me: this weekend for sure then Miss Roberts: I'll text u and let u know when and where. Pleas slit of a curvy amazing babe gets nailed me u r not messing with me. Me: I swear to god I am not messing with u. U r so fucking hot, and I really want u 2 Miss Roberts: mmmmmmmm, god I can't wait!

I've never had a student make me so wet! U r the hottest guy in school! I've been wishing that I was your age! Me: u don't have to. ;-) Miss Roberts: god you're so sexy!!! Me: so r u! We stopped texting just in time for the bell to ring. I had to sit for a little longer pleasuring beautys sexy clits hardcore and bondage my cock was throbbing.

Just as the last student walked out, I stood up just as Miss Roberts did. She walked up to me and got as close as she could. "So are you really serious about this?" She asked as her eyes moved side to side, looking into mine. "Yeah I am." I said as I looked down her shirt. "So we are really going to do this?" She asked. "I want to." I said. "So you're going to help me fulfill my little fantasy?" She asked.

stunning fuck of pretty mamita brazilian hardcore your fantasy?" I asked. "Doing very dirty things with you." She replied as she got even closer to me. "Yeah." I said as my cock strained against my pants. "You should hear what all of the girls say about you." She said.

"You should tell me this weekend." I said. "Deal." She said as my hand involuntarily slid onto her side, making her body shiver. "Hurry and tell me when and where, I swear to god I will be there." I said.

"Ok, I will do that sexy." She whispered as her arm brushed against my covered cock. "You're so so sexy." I whispered. "So are you babyhhhh. I better get going before my girls start wondering." She hissed. "Let them. I wish we could play right now." I said. "Oh my god so do I." She whispered as she opened her hand and gently slid it onto my covered cock and gave it a little squeeze. "Oh my good godhhhh, you feel so big and hard baby. Is this for me? "Yeah it is, you're driving me crazy.

You have been for the last week." I said softly as I slid my hand onto her left tit. "Mmmmhhhh." She moaned. "I'll see you this weekend sexy." I whispered. "Count on it." She said as she squeezed me again and rubbed me several times.

"Should I bring condoms?" I asked. "Yes, bring a lot of them, you're going to need it." She said as my hips started to thrust slightly as she rubbed me. "God that feels so good." I hissed. "Just wait till you feel my mouth and pussy on you. I have to go, you may want to wait here for a few minutes to let this huge thing go down." She said.

"Ok." I said. She kissed me very gently on my cheek and walked out looking back at me. I had to wait for a while before I went down. I was finally able to leave the room and go to my next class. For the rest of that day I would get a text from her every now and again. As the week went on, she had started sending me some very very sexy selfies, several of which she was completely naked.

I couldn't get a good look at her pussy, because in every one of her pics, she had her fingers buried deep inside of her. Then on Friday I was sitting in her class and I had taken a picture if my cock and saved it. I also took a bunch of nude selfies while I jerked off. I made sure my cock and balls were shaved, and that I was hard as a steel rod, I did all of that the night before.

She wore a button down shirt and made damn sure I could see her tits. I couldn't stop staring at them, and she knew it. It took every ounce of energy she had to hide her extreme lust for me as the class continued on.

My cock was throbbing and oozing precum in my pants as I looked at her. She was also wearing this black little skirt that really showed her sexy ass and her legs off really well. She wore thigh high boots with them, making her look xxx hospital miyakaleefa xxx storys sexy. Miss. Roberts: do you like what you see baby? Me: oh my god yes. I'm throbbing for you so bad right now.

Miss Roberts: so I see, and yes, I love what I'm seeing. Tell me this, do u think that massive thing will fit in my mouth? I looked up and she opened her mouth acting as though she was yawning.

Me: don't know, but we will find out this weekend Miss Roberts: yes we will. I then sent her the pictures. I sent them and sent her several close ups of my cock, with a message that read, "this is all yours this weekend".

She didn't look at them xtra man cream ka story away since she was teaching the class. I then put my phone in my pocket and waited. After she was done with the lecture, she gave us our assignments and then sat at her desk. I opened my book and started doing the assignment when I heard a slight gasp. I looked up at her and she was leaning forward and shaking a little.

She was looking at her phone trying really hard to hide the pure lust that swept over her face. She had one hand over her mouth as she started looking at each picture individually. She stood up and her legs were slightly wobbly as she grabbed her purse.

"I'll be right back, you guys need to keep it under control." She said breathing kind of hard and with an ever so slight whimper in her voice. She walked out of the classroom and disappeared. We all just started shooting the shit and helping each other with our homework. She was gone for quite a while. During that time I started getting more pictures from her, none of which I looked at because I wanted to wait till later until I did. Two minutes before class got out she walked back in and her face was red.

She sat back at her desk and that's when I started looking at the pics. All of them were of my sexy 24 year old teachers dripping bald pussy. Holy fuck!! She had a clit ring!! She had her bald pussy pierced!! My cock got so damn hard that I swore it was going to tear my pants open.

I could clearly see her juices leaking out of her little slit. Her pussy was literally drooling as she slid two and three fingers deep inside of her. I looked up and she was smiling at me. Miss Roberts: and to think, that's all yours this weekend sexy Me: I wanna fuck you so bad right now!!!!! Miss Roberts: mmmmmmm, I want u to fuck me baby Me: oh my god, are you busy tonight? Miss Roberts: unfortunately, god I need your cock!!

We didn't text for the last minute and a half minute of class. She started acting right away and looked like she was irritated. "Adam, can you stay after class?

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I need to go over the last test with you." She said. "Ok." I said as my cock started to hurt, god I was so hard. That last minute and a half seemed like an eternity. I was anxious and kept watching the clock. Miss Roberts did all she could to not look at me so no one in the class would get any ideas. Finally after the longest minute and a half of my life, the bell finally rang. All of the kids filed out of the class room.

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And as the last one started walking out, Miss Roberts stood up and walked her to the door. Once she was gone, she checked to be sure her door was locked and shut it. She turned around just as I stood up and started walking towards her.

She held up her index finger telling me to wait a second. She walked over to the windows and closed the blinds, and made sure no one could see. She then looked at me and started unbuttoning her tight little shirt as she walked towards me. Fuck she was sexier than I expected. She had a very large tattoo that went from her arm pit, winding and down her side, following the curve of her sexy athletic body, and into her skirt. Her six pack was very obvious, god I couldn't stop staring. Her horny porno star loves to suck big black dick before getting it in her ass and pussy locked on my extremely obvious bulge as I walked to her.

Once we reached each other, her hand slid onto my covered bone and started rubbing me hard and fast as I grabbed one of her exposed perky tits as she stared down at the bulge in her hand. Her tits were so soft yet very firm and I felt her hard nipple press against my hand. I squeezed them making her moan slightly and looking into my eyes. Her eye brows were slanted and she was biting her lower lip hard.

I leaned down and without a word we both started kissing really hard. She unzipped my pants like she was very determined. I slid my hand into the hem of her skirt and slid it onto her bare bald pussy, pressing her clit ring against her clit making her moan into my mouth. She slid her hand into my pants as lust completely took over. She gripped my cock and rubbed it hard as she let this really long, extremely sexy moan out into my mouth.

She backed off and slid her hand in my boxer briefs through the hole in the front, and gripped me hard and broke the kiss. "Ooooohhh my god!" I moaned as absolute pleasure ripped through my entire body. "Oh my god I can't believe I'm really doing this with my young student." She hissed. "I can't believe I'm actually doing this with my teacher." I moaned as she started to pull my cock out of my pants. She looked down and pulled my cock out completely wrapping her fingers around me.

She realized that her fingers didn't fit all the way around my cock. She moaned and looked up at me with slanted eye brows and her lips parted. "Ffffffuck, the girls aren't lying, you are huge! Have you ever measured?" She asked quietly. "No we never have." I whispered as chills ripped through my entire body. "Come here." She said.

She went to her desk pulling me by my the whore is of wall street xxx. She grabbed a ruler and dropped to her knees. She grabbed the ruler and measured my cock. I watched her eyes open wide and her jaw drop open.


"You know, when I hear high school girls talk about boys, I never take them seriously. But my god, they aren't lying about you." She said as she stood up and dropped the ruler. "How big am I? I asked. "It's well over 9 very sexy inches baby." She said as she stroked my cock, pressing it against her soft skin as she did. "I am a big guy." I said with a little grin. "No, not big, you're fucking huge, I've never seen a cock this big in real life, and I watch a lot of porn." She hissed just before she all but attacked me, shoving her tongue into my mouth.

As we kissed really hard she tugged on my cock fast and hard as I massaged her tits, and pinched her nipples with one hand and rubbed her dripping pussy with my other hand. She moaned into my mouth as we both completely lost control. I turned her and pushed her onto her desk. She moaned as she broke the kiss and looked into my eyes.

"I want it." She british blonde amateur xxx horny step mom gets slammed. "I don't have any condoms." I said as she gave me thee sexiest smile. "I don't care, I need it." She said as she sat back and pulled her little skirt up around her waist and spread her legs wide open. I looked down to see her bald pierced dripping pussy and my cock twitched hard, jumping over and over again.

"You're not wearing panties." I whispered as I reached down and slid my finger into her drooling pussy. "I had to take them off. You made me cum when you sent me those picture of this gorgeous thing." She said.

"Do you want it?" I asked. "Fuck yeah." She whispered. "Are you sure?" I asked. "Very. Just keep in mind that I am not going to last long, it's been a very long time since I've been laid." She said as I thrusted my hips forward, pressing my cock head against her soaking wet pussy.

"I'm not going to last very long either, you've made me so fucking horny Miss Roberts." I said as I pushed my cock head inside of her dripping hole. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me deep inside of her extremely tight pussy, making me groan. She fell back and her eyes closed as she moaned.

Her neck tendons stuck out and her face turned red as I pulled half way out and pushed my cock as far as I could into my teacher. She moaned and her back nasty emo girl anal watch part on littlesweetcamonline as she gripped her own tits hard, pinching her nipples in the process.

I started to thrust faster and harder making her moan loud. I felt her pussy begin to spasm and squeeze my cock over and over again.

I watched her body shake like crazy as her back arched even further. "Ffff.fffuck you're so tight, ohhh gggggod." I moaned. She couldn't reply since a very big orgasm started to build, only motivating me to start fucking her harder and faster. I was fucking her harder and faster than I had ever fucked any of my girlfriends. Then her back arched so hard that her ass and head were the only things left on her desk. I pulled out to just my cock head making her cum really really hard.

She was a squirter. Before she could come down, I slid deep inside of her and began to fuck my teachers brains out. Her body twisted from side to side and she grabbed the sides of her desk trying to hold herself in place. She started to cum over and over again just in the short time I fucked her. My cock started to swell and felt this overwhelmingly powerful tingling sensation sweep from my balls and through out my entire body. I looked down as my balls tightened and she was still cumming.


I didn't want to get her pregnant so I pulled out and jerked my cock twice before I started to cum harder than I ever have. My cum got all over the inside of her skirt and all over her lower abdomen and pussy. After another minute, she collapsed onto the desk and laid there jerking and shaking. She moaned when she realized that my cum was all over her. I almost fell over as my own orgasm ripped through my teenage body.

She sat up and pulled me down before kissing me really hard. She grabbed my cock and started stroking and squeezing it, milking every drop of cum from me. After another minute, we broke the kiss and she sat up. She grabbed a T shirt that she had on her chair. She started cleaning my cock and balls off really good. She then wrapped her lips around my cock and started sucking it gently and slowly, making sure that she had all of my cum out of my cock.

She released my cock as it deflated slowly and helped me tuck it back into my pants and boxer briefs as we kissed. She then pushed me back and wiped my cum off of her body and skirt before standing up and dropped her skirt back down. I kissed her again as she reached into her purse and grabbed her bra. She put it back on breaking the kiss.

She then buttoned her shirt back up as she stood up. "Please tell me we are still meeting this weekend." I all but pleaded. "I would be stupid not to." She said as she walked up to me and pressed her body against mine.

"Good, maybe you can teach me how to be really good at fucking you." I said. "Oh god hun, you sure as hell don't need me to teach you anything baby." She said as she laughed.

"Really?" I asked. "That was by far the best fuck I have ever had in my life, so yeah, really." She said. "You were to much cum for this skinny chick to handle too. So much better than the girls I've had." I said. "Good, and there is so much more for you." She whispered as she smiled up at me. "I should probably go huh." I asked as I slid my hands all over her little body. "Yeah you should, we wouldn't want every one to know that I just got my brains fucked out by my incredibly sexy student now would we?" She asked seductively.

"Hell no. If you weren't my teacher, I wouldn't give a shit." I said. "Neither would I." She said. "This will be our little secret." I said. "Yes it will baby. Wait I have something for you." She said. She pushed me back and grabbed her purse. She pulled a key out of her purse and handed it to me. "Do you know where the Holiday Inn is?" She asked.

"Yes I do." I replied. "This is the key to room 323, meet me there tomorrow at 7. I want to suck your cock really bad." She said. "I want to lick your pussy." I said. "Mmmmmmmmmhhhhh.we are going to have so much fun." She said.

"I can't wait." I said. "Neither can I. Don't forget the condoms, and be ready for a long night." She said while she pressed her body against mine and rubbed my chest.

"I already am." I said as we both grinned. She pushed back and we started walking to the door. As we reached it she grabbed my arm and pulled me to her. "Have you ever done anal before?" She asked. "No, but with you I will." I said. "Good, because I like it up my little ass too." She said as she stuffed something in my pocket.

"What's that?" I asked. "My panties, the ones you made me cum in when you sent me those pictures of your huge cock." She said. "I'll see you Saturday." I said. "Good." She said as she pushed back and opened the door for me. I walked out into the hallway and made my way to my car.

It was only a half day for me, since I had a dentist appointment. I immediately started scheming. I had to tell mom that I was staying with a friend over night, because I planned on fucking my sexy teacher all night long.

I was on cloud nine. I went to football practice later that afternoon and the cheerleaders were old lady sex old ma there. And yes, Miss Roberts was there too.

She kept giving me these very sexy knowing glances every once in a while. A few of her cheerleaders noticed and smiled. Later that night, I went home and told mom that I had this huge project that was due on Monday, so I would be staying the night with a friend Saturday night so we could work on the project and get it done.

Mom bought it hook line and sink her. She just wished me the best of luck and that was the end of it. After that I went to the store and bought a box of condoms. I already knew that the regular ones wouldn't fit at all, so I had to buy the magnums.

I then went home and took a shower and made damn sure that I was perfectly shaven and cleaned up. That night I got so fucking horny thinking about Miss Roberts and damn near jerked off. I rubbed myself to sleep that night thinking about what I was about to do.