Brother blackmail sister for sax

Brother blackmail sister for sax
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I was 22 when I married my boss, it had been a whirlwind affair, I started working in his office as a temp; however my short skirts, low cut blouses and lots of flirting persuaded him to leave his wife for me. It was my need for oral and anal sex that made him realise how much he wanted me. All was well for a year until his bitch of an ex-wife had a breakdown and ended up in a psychiatric unit.

That's how at the age of 23 I ended up looking after Amy his 9 year old brat. Things got worse when his company landed a big contract in Korea and he was the only person capable of setting up the new office, God he was going to be spending 3 months away leaving me to look after the little cunt.

All I can say is thank fuck for baby sitters, wine bars and old girlfriends. When I say girlfriends, I really mean girlfriends; I had a string of hot lesbian affairs before I landed the big fish and I was quite looking forward to some girl on girl action for old times' sake.

On my first night alone with the brat I arranged for a babysitter, Gemma, a neighbours cute 17 year old daughter who I quite fancied. I had lain in bed fantasising of sliding between her tanned thighs and eating her cunt, I visualised it as hairless and dripping fuck juice as I nipped her clit with my teeth. Amy seemed relieved that she was not going to be spending the night with me; maybe she is not as dumb as I thought.

Any way I guessed that I might not make it home till late so Gemma had agreed to stay the night, who knows if I don't pull I marquetta jewel gets titfucked and bukkake cumshots brunette get back to fuck the babysitter.

I met up with Laura and Kate in George's, a wine bar we used to frequent, both women are older than me and it was Laura who introduced me to the joys of lesbian sex, although I was only 14 at the time and she was my teacher; Kate is also a teacher and Laura had invited he to make up a threesome to celebrate my 15th birthday. I kissed Laura passionately and enjoyed the wonderful sensation of Kate sliding her hand under my short skirt, her fingers immediately finding that I was not wearing panties.

The girl's had already selected a quiet booth and positioned me in the corner so that they could both fondle me without being observed; I had forgotten just how good they were; we laughed about the school trip to the zoo where they had both eaten my cunt in the toilets when I had pretended to be ill; and I regretted that we were no longer lovers; but I understood; their taste is for much younger pussy.

That's when I first noticed Amazon; a beautiful black woman, she was sitting alone and watching me intently, it felt like she could see Laura's hand under my skirt, even see the two fingers Laura has inserted into my soaking cunt. Amazon maintained eye contact and seductively run her tongue over her wine glass before slender karla kush gets her tight pussy deeply fucked me a kiss.

The thought of being picked up by this black beauty took me over the top, cum juice coating Laura's hand and the seat. For the next hour I chatted with the girls and sneaked glances at Amazon who I put in her mid 30's, ten years older than me; a string of attractive girls sat and chatted with the black goddess but I sensed she was waiting for me to be alone.


Eventually Laura and Kate said they had to go, we kissed passionately and agreed to meet again soon; I watch the girl's leave the bar and sat down hoping that Amazon would come kinky threesome action with a raven haired looker the booth. I was not disappointed; she rose from her chair and slowly walked across the bar carrying a wine bottle and two glasses, her hips were swaying as she walked; her short skirt showing her long muscular legs.

In her heels she was over 6' tall and oozing sex. She bent forward her loose blouse allowing me to see her firm tits that were not covered by a bra. "You may kiss me bitch" she purred offering her smooth cheek.

I dutifully lent forward and offered a peck which appeared to satisfy the black who took up the seat next to me vacated by Kate, so I was still trapped in the corner of the booth.

Amazon filled both glasses with a rich red wine. We drank in silence both taking the opportunity to view the other person and God did I like what I was seeing.

I didn't flinch when her firm hand rested on my thigh and I parted my legs to allow her to run her hand along my inner thigh towards my hot pussy. "You know what happens to dirty bitches who don't wear panties"? I shook my head.

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"They get to have their pussy slapped". "Oh yes please" I uttered. Standing she looked down at me, evaluating me, deciding if she was going to use me as her bitch for the night. "I'm going to eat your white pussy bitch and then I am going to ride you like a slut".


Without another word she turned and walked to the door with me following, the cab ride to her flat was a blur of passionate kissing and fondling; how the driver avoided crashing was beyond me, he must have spent most of the journey looking in his mirror.

Leaving me to pay the cabbie Amazon walked into a high class block of flats and waited for me by the lifts, or rather her lift that accessed the penthouse. In the short time it took to travel from the ground floor to her flat Amazon had managed to strip me of my blouse and skirt leaving tocando un buen culo en la calle in just my lacy bra and heels, her fingers roughly parting my cunt lips as she forced her tongue deep into my welcoming mouth.

We fell from the lift onto her thick carpeting, Amazon pinning me down before burying her head between my thighs and bringing me to an earth shattering orgasm with her tongue.


The next hours passed in a whirl of mutual licking and sucking and culminated in Amazon strapping on a 10" dildo and giving me the fuck of my life. I spent the night in her arms and the next morning we discovered much more about each other over a leisurely breakfast.

When I explained why I had to go and the brat Amazon got really interested, she wanted to know all about Amy. Before she let me leave Amazon took me back to the bed and put some wicked ideas in my head. Following Amazon's directions I spent the following night at home with the brat; it wasn't difficult for most of the evening we stayed in separate rooms.

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Amy looked puzzled when I brought her a hot chocolate drink, even grateful; well she wouldn't be if she knew what was in it.

Before I had left Amazon she had given me a strong sleeping tablet and an untraceable mobile phone. The first objective was to put Amy into a deep sleep; the rest would be pure joy.

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Within minutes Amy told me she was tired and wanted to go to bed, I went with her selecting a particularly childish nightie for her to wear, she initially objected but was too tired to argue. I went back to the living room and slipped the DVD Amazon gave me into the player.

'Oh my God' it was lesbian kiddie porn; lots of kiddies being used by older women, the common feature being kiddies having their cute cuntlets fingered and sucked, there were even a couple of penetration shots. My pussy was leaking as I watched the action and my thoughts turned to Amy. Giving her time I fall into a deep sleep I went into her room. I shook her to check she was asleep and there was no reaction.

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Using the mobile I took photographs of Amy in her nightie and then lifted it and photographer her bare cunt, next I positioned her legs so that she was wide open and took some close up shots, it was all getting too much for me, I needed to taste her pussy, to run my tongue along that smooth slit.

Holding the camera at arm's length I got some great shots of my tongue teasing Amy's small clit. Finally I just had to finger her fuck holes, her cunt was so tight and when I turned her over and gently penetrated her ass with my finger Amy let out a sighing sound, was the bitch enjoying my ministrations? I spent the night in bed pounding my cunt with my dildo, I could barely wait for tomorrow night when I can show Amazon the phone pics and we can plan what to do next.

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