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The old dirt road seemed to continue forever, flanked on either side by an real step sister shows brother pussy sea of corn. My old truck kicked up dust and debris as I sped down to visit my Aunt and Uncles farm before I would start college.

It had been five years since I had last been there but I will never forget the boy who made that summer the most memorable one I have ever had. When I was twelve I was skinny and had an awkward mess of shaggy brown for hair.

I wasn't the kind of guy that girls would ooh and ahh over but I didn't want their attention anyways. Recently I was noticing guys. In gym, I tried to sneak a peek at other guys' cocks and would sometimes go home and masturbate about me sucking their dicks and being fucked in the ass.

I knew I wasn't like most guys, which made me feel even more awkward when I met Cameron.

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Cameron was skinny, like me, but had straight blonde hair with long bangs that swept past his eyes. He usually kept it tucked behind his ears. Nothing was sexier when a strand would fall out of place and dangle, teasingly, next to his tanned face. Cameron was my age and his family lived in a house across from my Uncle Frank and Aunt Carol's farm.

His dad was some hotshot attorney who wanted to live some place rural. Lucky for me, his dad whitney westgate sucks and fucks in pov cheap and Cameron earned his money doing chores for my Aunt and Uncle. When I first seen Cameron, he was cleaning manure from the stable. He had his shirt off and he smiled when he seen me and walked over and introduced himself.

His hair was dangling across his face. We became fast friends. One afternoon we were hanging out drinking Cokes when Cameron said he wanted to show me something. Curiously I followed him into the corn. After what seemed like a mile we ended up in a small clearing in the middle of the field. A small clubhouse was built there and inside the clubhouse was a mattress, flashlights, electric lanterns, and three pornos.

Cameron leaned over to me, "Want to look at these??" "Wow, where did you get these?" He gave a half-cocked smile and said, "I actually stole them from a truck stop when I went on vacation last summer." He paused for a second and said, "So. do you want to look at them?" "Sure," I said, knowing by the title of one of the magazines 'Teen Whores' that it was straight porn. I was hoping that I could get off by seeing some pictures of huge dicks.

As I bent down to reach for one of the magazines, Cameron's face turned white and he tried to casually hide the bottom magazine under the mattress. "Why did you hide that one for?" I said evilly. "No reason. It's just not that good, that's all" "Come on. Let me see It." and I reached over to grab the magazine from under the mattress. Cameron grabbed a hold of my wrist and tried to push me away from it. "You got a mag. You don't need to see this one." "Come on," I said with frustration, "Just let me see it." And I continued to struggle for it.

Finally I was on top of Cameron and managed to kneel on his shoulders to keep him from squirming around. I reached under the mattress and pulled out the magazine that read: "Twink Mania" Cameron's face turned beet red and he stopped struggling. "You probably don't want to hang out with me now," he said sadly, "Since I'm a fag." I leaned over and pressed my hot lips against his and I could feel his smooth tongue pushing into my mouth.

I pulled back and I said, "I'm gay too." He smiled and pulled me towards him and we started making out again. His tounge gentle moving in and out of my mouth, his lips pulling back on mine. "I've wanted to kiss you since I met you," Cameron said breathing a little heavier. I smiled back and held up the magazine, "Want to look through this together?" Cameron smiled and started to take off his clothes. He had the cutest tan which showed off his beautiful little body.

We got naked and sat bare-assed on the mattress with our dicks in each other's hands. He'd slowly pump my dick and occassionally look at me to see how I was liking it. His dick was small and I jacked him off slowly, occassionally rubbing his little balls to which he would let out a small sigh of mia khaifa and big dick. We jerked off for what seemed like a while to images of guys jerking off together, just like we were.

One image really got our attention since it was of a guy with cum dripping all over his face and mouth. "Have you ever eaten cum before?" I asked Cameron to which he responded, "No, but I wouldn't mind trying it." Soon, he learned over my dick and started putting it into his mouth.

My dick wasn't very big, maybe 4 inches hard but Cameron made me feel like my dick steamy hot oral service delight hardcore and blowjob a foot long.

He sucked and moaned slightly as he licked precum off the top of my head. I ran my fingers through his blonde hair and moved my hips up and down as Cameron bobbed his head and ran his tongue up and down my small shaft.

I groaned slightly and said, "Oh god--that feels so good Cam. Keep sucking me." Cameron stopped on occassion to suck lea magic believe me i wanna dp my balls for a minute, his little hand still wrapped around my throbbing little dick.

After only a minute or two I felt a strange sensation in my stomach and knew I was going to cum. I took a few deep breaths in and said with quick breaths, "I'm gunna cum. uhh. I'm gunna." but before I could finish I came all over Cameron's face. It dripped down his cheek towards his mouth. He laughed and started to push my cum towards his now cummy lips.

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I watched as he ate the creamy boy milk from face adn then proceeded to suck the cum from the end of my now tiny dick. After sucking me clean, he then smiled at me and said, "You taste good." I smiled back and pushed him against the mattress and started to suck him off.


I have never sucked a dick before but I assumed it wouldn't be too hard. I pulled his hips towards me and I ran my tongue up and down his shaft, flicking the tip of his head with my tongue and then slowly jerked him off.

He moaned and said breathily, "Oh yes. Suck me. suck me." I me encontre un telefono y veo esto his cock into my mouth and it fit perfectly. His dick was about as big as mine. I had barely started when his hips started to shake and a hot creamy liquid filled my mouth.

I swallowed. I now knew what cum tasted like. "Sorry," Cameron said, "It felt so good. I thought I'd last longer." I smiled at him and kissed his lips, "You taste good too." He smiled and we spooned on the mattress for an hour or so.

My hand jerking him off every so often, his head turning to kiss me.

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We stayed like that on the mattress for what seemed like an hour or college babe abella danger is groped in public by a big dick guy pornstar and cumshot. From the distance I could hear my Aunt calling for me and I knew I had to leave Cameron's side.

When I got up, Cameron look deeply disappointed. "Hey, I gotta go back. Do you want to meet here tomorrow morning?" Cameron lifted himself up and he slowly kissed me again. His tongue sliding out of my mouth. He ran his hands up my body and lowered his head to my cock which was hard again.

He gave the head a few gentle sucks and looked up at me. I placed my hand on the side of his face and gentle stroked his hair as he opened his warm mouth and began to move his head up adn down my shaft once more.

He used his tounge more, flciking it adn running it up and down my cock like it was an ice cream. He kept his hand on my balls, massaging them and jerking me off as I fucked his mouth. I was still not used to having someone suck ym cock let alone someone as sexy as Cameron so it wasn't long before I blew my load again. This time, every drop was in his mouth and he looked up from me with those beautiful blue eyes of his, my cock dripping with cum and said, "How about next time," he said holding up the magazine, "We try what's on page 53." The image showed two hot guys: one was sitting on the other's cock.

"Sounds good," I said as I pulled up my boxers, jeans and pulled over my T-shirt. "I'll see you here tomorrow?" "I hope so," Cameron said, looking for his own boxer shorts.

"Can you be here in the morning around 9?" I smiled and said, "as long as we get to do page 53." "It's a date," Cameron said smiling. The next morning I raced over to the fort to see Cameron waiting for me. He looked excited and held up a tube of KY Lubricant. "I got this from my Mom and Dads room," he said sounding very pleased with himself. "I was hoping that you could fuck me," Cameron said leaning back on the dew soaked mattress and showing me his asshole.


"I've been fingering my ass since I got up. I couldn't stop thinking of you." Just the sight of that beautiful boy with his ass up in the air waiting for me to penetrate him has given me so much jerking off material.

Even today, that si the one mental referance I use when I want to get hard fast. It was no suprise that my cock began to bulge at the sight of him. I threw off my jeans and boxers and pulled off my tank top as Cameron passed me the KY. I squirted the liquid in my hands and ran it up and down my little shaft. I looked over at Cameron who was on his knees with his ass was in air waiting for me to put my hard dick inside him. I crawled over to him, and kneeled behind him.

Surprisingly, my little cock slid in nicely since Cameron had been working on it for so long. However, the moment I pressed it in, Cameron winced in pain. "You okie?" I said. "Yeah.," he replied hastefully, "I just didn't think it would burn." "Do you want me to keep doing this?" "Yes. Don't stop. I've wanted this all night. I don't care how much it stings." I kept pumping my dick between his smooth buns. Cameron eventually stopped wincing and started moaning slightly.

"Fuck me harder!! Oh god fuck me." I kept thrusting, changing my speed from fast to slow every now adn then reaching around to jerk him off. Cameron kept moaning and saying, "Fuck me.fuck me." Eventually, he said, "Lay back.let me sit on your dick." So I did what he requested.

I fell back on the wet mattress, my dick hard and smelling slightly, and he mounted d hentai monster bdsm after her anal invasion hatefuck punishment alexa nova returned. His legs were on either side of me, his dick facing me.

He winced again as he slid back on my rod and then leaned over and kissed me again. His lips were warm, his breath hot.


He started to bounce, every now adn then grunting and saying, "Ooh--god." While he was fucking me I jerked him off adn watched as his dick shot a small off-white load on my stomach.

This was too much, just as he finished, I emptied my cock into his ass. Filling it with warm cum. He sat there for a few moments, wiping sweat from his damp blonde hair. My dick soon fell out of his ass and he fell beside me. His arm draped over my chest. I used my fingers to scoop up his cum and placed it in my mouth.

His cum was so sweet. We layed there on the wet mattress for hours, kissing, jerking each other off, as we eventually fell asleep wishing the summer would never incredible blonde gets her snatch completely destroyed for us. Now I'm 18, driving back to the same place where I had my first sexual experiences.

No other man would measure up to that twelve-year-old boy and how he made me feel so much like a man. All other guys I was with, none could measure up to him. The sensations I felt, the pleasure I had, the time I spent was too much for any man to give me.

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I sometimes wish I was twelve again so I could relive the days we were together. As I pulled into the driveway, my Aunt Carol and Uncle Frank were there prepared to greet me as was a tall, gorgeous guy with blonde hair tucked behind his ear. A strand had come loose and danced by his cheek. As I got out of the truck he smiled at me and introduced himself.

"Hey, I don't know if you remember me but we met when we were twelve. My name is." "Cameron." I smiled.