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Hot sexy story storys download
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LITTLE DUDES WITH HUGE DICKS, there some thing about a short, small boned man, that just happen to be lugging around some heavy equipment between their legs. We've all seen them, the scrawny guys in the locker room, first time and use condom always wear their towel around their neck, never around their waist.

You can't miss their freakishly over sized organ hanging off their frail frames. It is the elephants trunk in the room. In this domain of jocks and body builders his slight stature is a positive trait, not only does his cock look bigger, it kinda gives him an edge, a secret weapon, especially if he doesn't have any tells.

like my friend Rex from the bookstore, he was short, had small feet and hands, delicate features, his nose and ears were small and cute, his Adam's apple was large but lot's of thin men have that, it protrudes more if you have low body fat. he was petite, almost fragile. I think this is what led him to pursue martial arts as a youth.

by the time he was in college he was a master (black belt) of several and an instructor (striped belt) of two, Taekwondo and Karate. Once he invited the bookstore gang to a karate exhibition, and it was very well received, I was the only guy that showed up, so i thought i'd slink back into the locker room and tell Rex we were all impressed. What really impressed me was catching him naked, and seeing that soft 8 inches swinging between his legs, even flaccid gang bang ks tube porn could tell it would fluff up real nice.

which brings me to. BIG FLOPPY COCKS, I'm talking about the big soft-tees, they hang low, they're always plumped up and pendulous, do they work in the bed room? maybe. do they look good in the locker room? hell yeah!

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These are the guys you want to shower with, piss next to, room with at college. They are the showers of the "showers and growers" splinter groups. They often go commando under their shear trousers. They're comfortable peeing at a trough in public rest rooms and are always all in for skinny dipping. I knew several in the college dorms, they always seemed to have lost the sash to their robe, or in my room mates case, it got lost when I did the laundry, oops.

My room mate always slept in the nude and was never in a hurry to cover up before bed or in the morning. It was as if he was born with out any modesty or shame, well there were no complaints from me. ELDERLY SENIORS WITH BIG LOW HANGING BALLS, Once at a bath house I witnessed an octogenarian getting out of a hot tub, seated in the sunken steamy pool you'd have never guessed he was nearly 7 feet tall.

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His height, the toll gravity takes on all men's publicagent short haired babe fucks for cash in advanced years, combined with a hot soak made him a sight to behold as he sauntered back to the locker area, where with a wink and a flash of my room keys he was coaxed to join me for some more private fun.

His giant junk was genuinely jaw dropping and in my case towel dropping. His hairless orbs were like big goose eggs in a large silk purse, easily hanging as low as his heavy hung freshly steamed sex sausage, even soft, a good 8 to 9 inches. And thanks to a little blue pill became a solid 11 inch tower of power. It made me look forward to attending events in my sunny leone new sex xxx vidos com. MEEK, MILD MANNERED MEN.

ALMOST TIMID, still waters run deep, I don't know why, but more often than not these guys are dynamos in bed. The guys you least suspect too, librarians, accountants, TS staffers and the bookish college professor, the more nebbish, the more naughty.

For instance I had a visiting prof from Russia, whose inclinations for kink and debauchery had few limits. I was wearing my standard waiters uniform which was back slacks or jeans a crisp white shirt and narrow black tie. My shirts were at the cleaners to be picked up after class. so I just threw on my black leather motorcycle jacket over a wife beater, I guess with my tight black jeans and classic black Doc Martins I did look pretty tough. My prof gave me back my paper he had graded.

He gave me a C, which was disappointing, I usually do pretty solid B work. But scribbled on the last page was "see me after class for a chance to increase your grade to an A with some extra credit exercises." So I hung out after class, told him I was willing to do whatever. so we went to his office. As soon as the door closed he dropped to his knees and begged me to punish him because he was bad.

He could not resist our western temptations. He grabbed my leather jacket lapels begging to be punished by such a bold master that would wear SM garb in broad daylight, apparently not casual Friday wear in mother Russia.

I told him to strip, and while he got naked to tell me his perceived infractions so I could take notes, a decide his punishment. As it turned out, punishments. Only a few weeks into the fall semester, he been here less than a month, and had been a very busy and very naughty. His list went on and on, and his flaccid 5 inch penis swelled to a massive 11 inches as he counted down his offences.

He had gone to university T-rooms flashing his large penis to freshmen hoping to corrupt a still innocent youth. He had spent whole evenings at rest stops performing oral sex on trucker after trucker. He bribed the masseuse at a local parlor for a happy ending. Went to the gay bar every weekend plying the local bar flies with liquor so he could take advantage of them after kindly driving them home. Fucking them for hours, some times till dawn, while passed out, knowing his huge cock would leave the evidence of a very stretched out and sore butt hole the next morning.

I said I believed the source of his problem was joven disfrutando de un negro que la destroza over sized organ and his heavy balls.

by next week I will have obtained a chastity cage for him, but until then we would just have to make sure his dick was to sore to handle and his aching ball would beg for rest from man handling. I opened up his desk drawer and took out a ruler, we'll start with 100 swats to the cock head while I hold you still by pulling you back towards me after every stinging blow. After 100 blows I said now 100 on your balls but I don't want to touch your penis and excite it.

Once again rummaging in the desk I found a silver pen and pencil set, the pen slide right up his cock and the clip snapped quite harshly on his cock head Hooking the pencils clip though the clip on his cock.


I had a nice little handle with which to manipulate his cock out of the way, so I had a clear path to swat his ball. We started meeting twice a week and increased his punishments to 4 times a week, Plus a meting on weekends when I would remove his chastity cage for CBT till he would orgasm.

Bottoms that broadcast: nothings worse than really giving it to a bottom and having them bite their lip and whimper a little, for some reason or another the feel the need to brave it out stoically and heroically. I love guys with expressive faces in bed, from the slack jawed gasps to the eyes rolling around in their sockets both being classic traits of what's commonly known as "fuck face". Often switching up to "pain face" were the poor bottom experience uncontrollable facial tics and tweaks, the eyes are now narrow slits, pressed tightly shut, the teeth are clenched together keeping the mouth closed except for an occasional involuntary snarl, in fact the entire face is twisting and contorting in anal agony, turning once handsome features into a grimacing mask of torturous twitches.

I think the final "sexpression" the "O face" is self explanatory. And make a little noise, please. Not everyone is good at pillow talk or talking dirty, but if it feels natural, let loose the occasional grunts and gasps of pleasure. Moaning and groaning are also audible signs of involvement, at the very least a good strong heavy sigh now and then.

As far as talking dirty goes a lot of people are embarrassed, and don't know what to say. Well here's a no-brainer, There isn't a top alive that doesn't love to hear "OH MY GOD!

YOUR HUGE!" Any variation on this theme is always welcome, from the believable "not so deep, please" to the fantastic, "I'm not gonna be able to walk tomorrow." I had a fairly long term relationship with this guy Chad, the sex was just so dynamic.

Hot blowjob session with two delicious honeys timing was perfect for both of us, both fresh out of college, he had very little sexual experience and although it had been four years since I came out, most of my sex was in my previous long term relationship with John.

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Attitude, one of Chad's three previous partners always pressed the issue, that versatile couples that flip/flop are great in theory, but the best sex is between 2 people with firmly established top and bottom roles. I surprised myself by agreeing with him, John and I started switching roles, mostly because as a novice i was still learning the ropes. But patterns became established early on, and we rarely strayed from Chad said he wished someone had shown him the ropes, his first steady was a power top, and informed Chad that "the power top takes complete control, he does whatever he needs to get his nut, and whatever he wants to the bottom.

The bottom is just supposed to take it. His exact words were "Quit crying and 1st taim xxx story best it like a man, you will eventually get used to my big cock, but till then you'll have to buck up faggot." Power bottoms relish the aggressive rough fucking he dishes out but he prefered novices like Chad." combined with his huge, always hard cock, Fingering sexual act clitoris perineum vaing had a rough time losing his virginity.

"It felt like he was going to fuck me all the way to China and always ended in tears, but I guess that's what he liked." So thanks to Chad's ex training him so well, (bless his sadistic heart) Chad was willingly submissive to almost anything I desired.

He had no reservations about showing pain both physically and vocally. FAG DOLL When i brought don home from ht bar a didn't know i was going to turn him into my very own sex slave a FAG DOLL.

he was in pretty bad shape, from a fight with his asian, boyfriend, kim.

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he had a shiner and a fat lip was getting d***k and feeling pretty low. but he was just so cute, like a lost puppy. I wasn't going to waste my time, damaged goods make lousy one night stands. they just cry on your shoulder and want to spoon, well the only spooning I was interested in involved saddling up to some guy and shoving my 9 inch cock up his ass.

But at the end of the night he approached me and asked to spend the night with me. "I'm a bottom and i'm really tight.


kim was the only man to ever fuck me and he's really small. i hear your pretty big, you can be my first REAL cock. really open me up like i should of been my first time. and I used to rough kim was a mean lover and liked hurting me, anything to get me to cry out during sex. you can do anything you want to me. I won't resist, you can even tie me up so if you think i'll change my mind when you start getting rough.

i think being abused by someone else for a change, some new pain to forget the old.

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you can fuck me hard all night and again in the morning like some fuck toy, use me toss me around like a fucking rag doll, unable to resist just a bitch to hold down and pound." "I must warn you I'm sex xxx secs vidmatexxx storys vocal and my first master trained me to humiliate myself with dirty talk, now it's totally involuntary when i'm being screwed, the harder i'm fucked the more i rant about how i deserve it and more.

also while i like rough sex, i have a pretty low pain thresh hold so i scream and yell a lot, and am easily moved to tears, just ignore it and keep on wailing on me. I'm good a role playing if you like," "He would pretend i was a virgin, when i start to cry and whimper, i was supposed to beg him to stop, tell him how much it hurts, over and over, pleading for mercy.

He had a whole speech he'd give me, it varied but it was always a 'how he was taught to take a vigin boys butt and turn it into a man pussy'