Natural wonders 50 constance devil

Natural wonders 50 constance devil
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The next morning, after I had watched Judge Cooke fucking his daughter, she and I went down to breakfast. As we entered the formal Dinning Room, Judge Cooke stood.

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He walked over to pull the chair our for me to be seated. He then did the same for his daughter, Sharon. We were served by the young black woman, that we had watched him fuck.

As she moved to the left of him to serve, he reached around and patted her butt. She smiled at him. I looked at Sharon, I met her eyes, they revealed nothing. Was she remembering watching her Daddy fucking that woman?

Was she thinking the fact that he had moved the servant into the room between hers and the room he shared with her Mother? During breakfast, we ate in silence. That day, we were joined by Sharon's Mother. When she appeared, Judge Cooke stood and walked over to her. He escorted her to the end of the table.

opposite from the end of the table that his chair was at. After he seated her he returned to his chair. He rang the silver Dinner Bell, to his right. The young black woman entered through the butlers pantry. He informed her to serve Mrs. Cooke breakfast. She then disappeared. After Mrs. Cooke was served we continued with eating.

The moment Mrs. Cooke finished she stood. She looked at the Judge and said. Would you please be so kind, as to keep these two quiet? He answered, " I will do my best." She then walked up the staircase and went into her room. Judge Cooke rang the bell again and the young black woman appeared. He told her, " Have the table cleared." He stood and ordered, with an authoritative tone, " Girls you are to meet me in my den immediately." He went in and sat down in his chair.

He said," Sharon close and lock the door." She did as he said. He said, " Close the drapes" I just stood there, not knowing what to do next. He was staring at me with that sly smile again.

When Sharon had finished closing the drapes, she walked over and stood next to me. He said, " Both of you are to be quiet: no matter what!" Judge Cooke said, " Myra, lift your skirt" I was hesitant, I guess too hesitant. He very firmly said it again. I reached down to the hem of my dress and pulled the skirt portion up. He was looking at me. I think it would be safe to say, that he was looking at my crotch area.

The hem was to low for him to see my panties. With a strange voice tone in his voice he barked, " HIGHER." I did as he ordered. For a few seconds, he just stared at my pussy, with my panties over it. He then said, "Sharon pull her panties down and help her step out of them." Sharon knelt in front of me., sexy sex games for a tight pussy hardcore and massage up and pulled my panties down, As she pulled them down, I could feel her breath on my pussy.

Since it was bare of hair, I could easily feel it. He then said, " Bring her panties to me." As she walked over to him, I lowered the skirt of my dress. He sort of squinted his eyes, looking rather angry.

He barked again, " Lift it and don't lower it, unless you are told to do perverted fun for astonishing beauty homemade and hardcore. Do you understand?" I meekly said, " Yes Sir " as I looked at the floor. He then ordered, " Look at me when you speak to me!" I looked him in his eyes and said. " Yes Sir " He said" I have a lot of training to do with you!" I was weak in my knees.

I felt wet between my legs. I felt afraid, but also excited. After she handed my panties to him, he put them to his nose and sniffed the crotch.

He then said, "Take my shoes off" she knelt down and removed them. I stood still with my skirt above my bare pussy. He then said, " Sharon, unzip Daddy's pants." I watched her unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants.

He never moved his eyes off of mine. He sat back down with only his boxers on. He then took my panties and said, "Sharon, smell her panties" She cried and said, " No Daddy, please I don't want to." He said, " NOW!" She moved over close to him.

He held up wonderful cock sucking delights hardcore and blowjob panties to her face. He was holding my panties up with his fingers pushing up the crotch up toward her face. I watched as she leaned forward to smell them. He then told her to lick them, she hesitated. He grabbed her hair, wrapping it around his hand.

He forced her face down into my panties. I watched, as she put her tongue out and licked the crotch. He then took my panties and sucked the crotch. I watched, as he suck them with a look of pure lust on his face. After a while, he put my panties on his desk.

He then told me to come over, an lay across his lap. I still had the front of my skirt up. I moved next to his legs.

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I leaned over, onto his lap. I felt him pull the back of my lesbo peaches spread their deep butt holes and nail thick sex toys up.

He rested his left arm across the hem, holding it up. My heart was beating so rapidly. I knew I would soon feel his hand on my butt. I couldn't wait. He had unleashed a passion that I didn't know a girl could feel. I felt a hard swat on my bare cheeks. His hand coved both of my butt cheeks, I was a little bit smaller than Sharon was.

I could feel the sting of the blow. I had cried out when I felt the snack. The next thing I knew, he put my rolled up panties into my mouth. He said " QUIET, you can bite down on these, but you are to be silent." He hit me again, and again ,and again.

I could not help it, I made a sort of grunting noise as he hit me. He then took his hand and started to fondle the cheeks of my butt. Next he hit me again and again. I could feel his cock getting hard against the top of my bare pussy. I felt so excited to feel it. I wanted to grab it with my hand, but I couldn't reach it. He continued to spank me several times and then fondle my butt checks.

He lustfully whispered, " You are so small. My whole hand covers both of your sweet little cheeks. I love to feel them. " He then said to Sharon," Move over her to her feet." I listened to her footsteps, as she walked across the hardwood floor. When she stopped, he said, "Take her ankles and spread her legs as wide as they will go." When she grabbed my ankles I felt fear.

He told her.


" Hold them open, until I tell you to let go. He started the spanking again. He was hitting me harder. It was getting more and more painful, but I wanted it. Before each swat my heart would race. The stinging feeling on my cheeks and the head of his hard cock pressing against my pussy, was driving me wild. I wanted more and more. I was thinking," Please don't stop, hit me harder, don't stop, please don't stop" With each swat, I would grunt and listening to myself, was also turning me on.

The room seemed to be filled with sexually charged electricity. Just when I least expected it, I felt his fingers sliding down between my pussy lips. It seemed that I was more aware of Sharon holding my ankles, spreading them for her Daddy. His fingers felt so good. He pushed them down between the lips of my pussy. I could feel them against the inside of my bare pussy lips. He then went back to spanking me harder and harder.

Then he would slide his fingers down between my pussy lips, but this time it was different. I felt his fingers on each side of my little clit. He was moving his fingers.

He would move one down, while moving the other one up. He was rubbing my clit between his fingers. He started to thrust his hard cock up against pussy, while he delighted my little lustful nature. I wanted him to put his fingers up inside my pussy. I wanted him to thrust his fingers as deep as he could in my pussy. I wanted him to hurt me. I loved feeling how hot my throbbing butt cheeks felt.

Looking back, I can see that I was the perfect girl for him to have visiting his home. I started squirming against the head of his cock. I would thrust back against his fingers, rubbing on each side of my clit. I wanted it, I wanted it so badly.

Allinternal two hot brunettes share a vaginal creampie wanted to scream, "Do me, do me the way you do Sharon. " I wanted everything he could do to me, to be done. My pussy was dripping wet. He lustfully whispered, "That right, sweetheart move, move against my cock and fingers." " You are such a good girl." "You are a hot little girl and I know what you are craving." " You are such a hot little number, you have been soooooo easy to turn on to this." " That's right sweetie, grind, grind that sweet pussy against Judge Cooke's hard cock, good girl." " Good girl" " Get it baby, get it." I felt like I was going crazy.

I couldn't move hard enough or fast enough. I couldn't breath, my heart was pounding so hard, P felt like it was going to come out of my chest. He was pushing me down harder and harder. His fingers were moving so fast, against my little clit, that I wanted to scream. My pussy was on fire inside and out. I could feel wetness against the top of my pussy, where my pussy mound started. All of a sudden I felt such a feeling burst through me.

It was so intense, I couldn't hear anything. I couldn't feel myself moving. I felt almost like I was floating. I don't know how long it lasted but after awhile, I began to be aware of my heart beat again.

I could feel myself breathing. I could vaguely hear Judge Cooke.

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He was saying," OHHHHHHHHHHH Baby, oh baby, that's a good girl." " Enjoy it, enjoy it, enjoy your very first climax." " You will always remember the day, Judge Cooke made you climax for the first time." He was right I have never forgotten him or the way it felt. I suddenly felt limp. My right arm was just hanging down. My legs would have been hanging down, except Sharon was still holding my ankles.

He said. "Sharon let go of her ankles." I could hear an anxiousness in his voice. He pulled my dress down and stood me up. He said. " Sharon. quick, suck me." She moved quickly, over between his legs, as he opened the fly of his boxers.

She grabbed his cock and started sucking it. He said," Myra come close to me." " Watch her sucking my cock." I moved next to him. He said, " Save some of Daddy's cum in your mouth." He reached over an grabbed me by the hair, pulling me close to his mouth. He forced his tongue into my mouth. As he French kissed me, I felt him tense up. He frantically kissed me, as he moanedas he forced all his cum down Sharon's mouth. When he released his grip on me and her, he had a smile on his face that made me feel warm inside my pussy.

He then said, " Sharon go to Myra and kiss hot girls and hot girlse, give her some of Daddy's cum to taste." She turned to me and put her lips to mine. I could feel the heat of her body close to me.


I felt her lips touch mine. I had a feeling of weightlessness, as she put her tongue in my mouth. I could smell his cum while tasting it. We were still kissing, when we both felt Judge Cooke smack us on the butt. He then said. " Girls, go up stairs quietly." After Dinner, I will be up to see both of you." I love to read your responses to my true stories. Please comment, PM me or email me [email protected] MMMMMMMMMMMM I hope to hear from you.