Party girl public sex forgetful stepsis lands in

Party girl public sex forgetful stepsis lands in
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I leaned closer to the mirror to apply my lipstick, the bright red smudged across my pink lips. I needed to hurry and finish my make-up, John would be home soon enough and I didn't want to make him wait. I was looking forward to our outing tonight. I was already dressed. My black high heel boots that came up to my knees, my black leather mini, my black cotton tank top with the word "Sissy" written in big silver letters across the front.

My thong was a vinyl material that fit snug so I could tuck away my sissy clit and balls. This was a great thong, the back could be unhooked easily for easy access. I was excited, tonight was going to be great. I began on my eyeliner when I heard the front door open and close.

"I'm in the bathroom, just finishing my make-up!" I called out. He said something but I could not make it out. I stared intently into my eyes not wanting to slip up. I was using the liquid eyeliner and carmella bing cumbath by amp monster cocks want to apply too much. I started thinking about my hair and how quickly it had grown. Almost to my shoulders, light brown. I had thought about going blonde or maybe jet black, that would look great with my fair skin I thought.

I would ask John. I continued applying my eyeliner as he quietly walked up behind me and put his crotch against my ass and began to kiss my shoulders. "Mmmmm" I said as a smile curled my lips still concentrating on the task at hand.

"I am almost finished" I promised as I began to playfully grind my ass against that big black cock hidden under his loose fitting pants.

I was slowly grinding my ass in circles on him as he lifted my leather mini and began to grab my soft white ass with his strong hands. I loved his strong hands on my body, I was so weak and helpless against him, a complete sissy. I could see his dark brown eyes peering at me through the mirror as he pulled aside the elastic of the back of my thong and slipped a finger into my eager boy-pussy.

"AH, uuahhh" I moaned biting my bottom lip and looking into his eyes. Instinctually I pressed my ass against his finger, I was humping his hand like an animal in heat. "You got a beautiful ass" he whispered into my ear. "All for you." Was my reply.

I heard his pants unzip. He reached over me to open the medicine cabinet and pulled out a bottle of lube. He removed his finger from my warm hole and with a quick motion unfastened the back of my thong. I leaned over closer to the mirror as I could hear him begin to cover his magnificent black cock with lube. "Oh, John fuck me, Daddy. Please fuck me" I quietly whined.

I could feel the large head of that beautiful black cock part my ass cheeks as I arched my back to give him better access. I felt the pressure build as his cock lined up with my hole, I pressed back against him. "Ah!" I squealed as he began to penetrate me. My face contorted, my lips parted as deep heavy breathing escaped and my brow furrowed in to an almost concerned look as the familiar pain of being penetrated shook my body. He began to thrust and I pressed against him taking his shaft deep in my asspussy.

Slowly he began to work his cock in and out of my ass as my hands were flat on the cold bathroom countertop and I looked directly ahead watching myself getting fucked by this handsome black man. He placed his large, powerful black hands on my soft, white shoulders and began pulling me into him. We were moving in perfect harmony, my ass slapping against his hips rhythmically. With his right hand he latched onto my hair and pulled my head back, still fucking me in perfect rhythm.

"Whose ass is this?" he grunted. "It's yours! It's your ass!" I moaned my reply. I knew what turned him on so I said, "You own this white ass, Daddy! You own me!!

Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!" He let go of my hair and shoulder and placed his hands on my hips pushing his cock even deeper in my sissy-pussy with deliberate pounding. I was weak, it felt as if my arms and legs were jello, I hung my head as he continued to penetrate me.

Every thrust seemed to go deeper. I looked up into the mirror and I could see the reflection of his face, his head back as he looked perfect centerfold is flashing her stretched pink snatch in closeup stretching and rubbing into my eyes continuously fucking my ass. His brow furrowed and he clenched his teeth, "Gimme your cum! Please, Daddy! Cum inside me!!" I pleaded as he let out a guttural groan"AHHHHRR!".

Then again as he released his sperm in my fuckhole. "Thank you, Daddy. Thank you for giving me your cum." I whispered to him as he lay his head on my back. He was spent for the moment. I knew he had amazing stamina and would be ready again in 30 minutes or less. He slowly pulled his cock from my fuckhole and I felt his cum drip down my scrotum and down my leg.

I reached for a tissue to big tits piano teacher and teen slut shared a hard cock the warm sperm from my skin and boot. He stood there watching me wipe up his cum, I was bent over and his cock was inches from my mouth. I leaned closer to lick and suck the delicious pearls of his cum still escaping from that large, black cock head.

My mouth worked his cock milking the last ribbons of cum from him. "Damn, baby. I needed that." He said as I stood up. "All for you Daddy." I told him with a smile as I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed those lips.

This was going to be a great night! We took John's truck an arrived at the Magnolia, in the heart of the old and run down Chinatown section. I had only heard about the Magnolia before, I heard it was frequented by Alpha black men looking for a good time.

I had never been before, I was always too afraid but I felt safe with John leading me. As I exited the truck I could see the skyscrapers of downtown a few blocks away, a few of the lights still on, I wondered briefly about the cleaning crews working. "Come on." John said as he pulled my collar closer and latched on the leash.

The street was dark and quiet, old warehouses mingled with storefronts and a few old Chinese restaurants that advertised their lunch specials. My heels clicked along the pavement as John lead my by the leash to the front door and two muscular, bald black men wearing all black. As we stepped up I could hear the music from inside thumping against the door. "ID" one of the men spoke. John opened his wallet and gave him the card while the other waved a metal detector wand over his body. "She's with me" John told the men as they looked at me.

"Ok, have a good time." one of the men said as he pushed open the door for us. I couldn't resist, I had to get closer to him as I walked by, I tattooed babe and her honey exchange oral feel his power in the air.

It was heaven. As we walked in the Magnolia was alive, a hub of activity, swirling lights and Techno House music. All along the front were tables and a few in the back of the large room. In the middle was a decent size dance floor and a DJ booth over to the right. John was leading me to the left side of the room where the bar was. We made our way past the small groups of people trying to converse amidst the loud music.

I saw Alpha black men with their white sissy boy fuck toys and some with latino or Asian sissy boys. We were all black owned and loving it. The thought of these men fucking their asses turned me on.

John found and empty bar stool near the middle of the bar and he sat down, his hand still firmly grasping the leash attached to my collar. He ordered a bottle of beer for himself and a Lemon Martini for me. His back to me I found myself looking around the room, the lights made the people on the floor seem to stop in motion.

A tall and handsome man approached John and put his hand on his shoulder and they began to speak. John obviously knew him from the smile and general attitude as they huddled close and spoke. John then handed him my leash and he led me to the dance floor. His hands rested on my hips and my hands intertwined behind his neck as we danced for a moment. His pelvis grinding against my sissy clit as he looked intently into my eyes. He spun me around and I could feel his hardening bulge pulse in the crack of my ass as his hands reached up under my shirt to caress my small budding breasts and erect nipples.

His chin pushed back my hair and he kissed my neck then spoke, "yeah, you are gonna do just fine." I was surprised that he seemed to have an African accent or maybe Caribbean.

He then stopped and gave me a motion to follow him as he lead me by the leash to a door that was on the far side of the DJ booth. I looked back and could see John trying to make his way through the people on the dance floor.


He was going to join us. As we walked past the door we were we were in a small room and there was a very bored looking white lady behind glass, it looked like a ticket booth.

This stranger paid her $30 and we were buzzed into the next room. As soon as I walked in I noticed there were people intermingling, some half naked others almost completely naked. I looked to my right and on a couch was a black man getting a delicious blowjob from a white sissy faggot that was trying to swallow his whole cock. To the left were a series of rooms and above each door it read either mom help sis saxy wcom or 'OCCUPIED'.

This stranger lead me to one of the rooms near the corner that was 'OPEN'. We walked past what looked like Gymnast equipment and I could see John following us. Once inside he left the door open and lead me to a couch. I sat down and he immediately pulled my leash and told me 'Who told you you could sit down?' I just looked at him not knowing what to say as John walked in and closed the door behind him.

"Who??", again he demanded as I felt his open hand strike my face. "No one!", I said startled by the strike. "That's right. A little sissy faggot white boy like you only sits when a black man tells him!" he said in an African or Caribbean accent. I really could not tell at the time. "Yes, sir.", Was my feeble reply.

He looked over to John and handed him my leash then back to me. "Who are you here to serve, Snow Bunny?" he said to me. "I am here to serve black men" came my answer and another strike across the head. "you are here to serve superior black men. Black men are superior to weak sissy's like you". "Yes, sir" I said and looked down. At this point I was confused, what was going to happen? Did they want me to suck their cocks and take turns on me?

Did they want me to offer my ass to any black man that wanted it? I looked around the sparsely decorated room. The walls and ceiling were painted black and the floor was that cheap tile they use for schools or prisons and other government facilities.

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There was the black vinyl couch and two other stackable chairs and on the wall was a TV built in playing porn movies with large buttons for volume, and channel setting.

The room was dark, with the only light coming from the TV. The black stranger pulled me aside by the leash and sat down on the couch, John sat in one of the stackable chairs. I just stood there while they quietly looked at me, the only noise coming from the room was the low volume slutty brunette cougar stephanie wylde pumped by huge blackstephanie wylde from the TV.

"Take off your clothes." The black stranger finally spoke. I looked at John. "Why you look at him? Huh, bitch? Take off your motherfucking clothes!" he said with force.

I began by removing the shirt, I had to unhook the leash to completely remove it then reconnected the leash to the collar. I unclasped my bra allowing my small titties to feel the draft from the air conditioning vent, my nipples became hard.

I then unzipped my mini skirt and let it fall to the floor. I stood there before them wearing only my boots and thong. "Take off the thong." He spoke again. I pulled it down then stepped out of it, catching it on my heel of my boot. I was now completely naked in front of them. The room was dim, my naked skin glowing in the light of the television.

"Look at that pathetic little dick you have there." The stranger said to me. "You could never please a woman with that dick and you know it. That is why you like to please black men, yes? You envy the powerful black cock." I just stood there silent. Krissy big webcam girl naked more videos on sexycamsorg for some reason about my tiny penis, it was pathetic compared to any black man's.

It was more like an oversized clit to be honest, only 5 inches at it's maximum. Was he right I thought? Is that why I give myself so freely to black men? I crave the power they hold cleaning cock tcock cum compilation their legs, those massive black cocks cumming in my mouth and ass?

"Turn around", he spoke again. I turned for him to see my ass. Soft and white, round and plump. My body was shaved smooth, John liked me smooth. He reached over and firmly grabbed one ass cheek with his left hand, looked over at John and said to him, "that is a nice white ass." "I told you. I've been trying to wear that ass out for months too.

Can never get enough black dick.", John told the stranger. "Turn around and face me" the stranger commanded me. I did what I was told. I had the feeling that this man could easily hurt me seriously if he wanted too.

I was more than a bit nervous. I turned and faced him. He lifted up his leg and I removed his dress shoe, then the other. He stood up and he towered over me. I looked forward and could hear him unbuckle his pants and then I heard the zipper go down. He pulled his dress trousers down and I could hear the spare change in his pockets clink together. I looked down and I could see his long, thick, uncircumcised penis.

One large thick vein seemed to run the length of his penis, he wasn't even fully erect and he was already huge, maybe 8 inches and thick. He sat back down on the couch and I finished helping him remove his dress slacks. I stood in the middle of the room as he and John just watched me, naked and helpless. "Come here", he said as he spread his legs and slid his body closer to the edge of the couch, he then sat back, slumped in the couch.

I stood there between his legs as he began to stroke the length of his enormous black cock. I was nervous and more than once thought about making a run for the door, escaping. What would I do? Where would I go? Would I run out into the street naked and looking for a cop to rescue me? I decided the best approach was to just comply, I had decided to be a white sissy whore for black men to use, so that is what I would do.

I stood between his legs watching him slowly stroke his cock when he looked up at me, cocked his head to the side and said, "You athletic blondie cherie deville has an ultimate bdsm session this black dick don't you?" I nodded 'Yes'. "Your mouth is watering at the thought of tasting my black man cum, huh?". Again I nodded yes.

He was right, I was wanting to feel his cock force it's way down my throat and taste his cum. "Your little white sissy clit is getting hard at the thought" he observed. "Get on your knees." He commanded.

I slowly knelt before him, like I was in church worshiping the all powerful black cock. "You are nothing but a little white sissy slut, you got that? Your only job is to please black men with your whole body.

Do you understand that?" he asked. "Yes, sir." I whispered and nodded my head. "Good. Now I want you do suck on my balls, make love to them with your mouth. When you have done a good job I will reward you with some black cock.

Understood?" He pulled his thick black cock out of the way and continued to slowly stroke it. I leaned my face between his legs, stretched out my tongue and began to suck his large right testicle into my mouth. My mouth was instantly wet, like one of Pavlov's dogs as I slowly and lovingly mom xxx milf cant get his cock to bathe his scrotum in my saliva.

His musky scent was the smell of power, I wanted to suck it all in. His testicle fully in my mouth I began to massage it with my tongue moving my head slightly up and down to lick his scrotum. My eyes were closed as I concentrated on making love to his scrotum with my mouth.

I gently moved the other testicle and soon it too was wet with my saliva and I attempted to take both in my mouth but they were too large. I sucked a little harder as if I were milking them, like a kitten.

My tongue and mouth keeping each warm and wet. He began to rub his black cock on my face as I continued to suck his balls. His cock was large enough to cover the length of my face. I sucked deep and hard, but not too hard, pulling my head back creating a 'popping' noise then continued to lick his scrotum.

His black cock was so near my mouth, I wanted it so badly. I am addicted to black cock, it is my drug of choice and at this very moment that became clear to me. I was lost in the task at hand. The world stopped and all there was left was me and this black cock. I began firmly licking the base of his cock, I could feel the pulse of sexy marital device play with wild fucking heartbeat, the twitching and throbbing of his now firm cock.

"Ok, stop.", he spoke breaking me from my trance. Stop? Did I do something wrong? I lifted my head, my chin wet from my own saliva after rubbing my face all over his wet and warm scrotum. I looked up at him. "Now show me how well you can suck a real man's cock. A black man's cock". My eyes locked on to his as he guided his uncircumcised black penis toward my mouth.

I licked the head and swirled my tongue around the head before taking it in my mouth. "That's it, get it wet with your mouth", he groaned. "That's it, make love to my black cock with your mouth. I like to see a white boy's pretty pink lips around my cock.", he said as I began to work my way down the length of his cock.

It always seemed to make me 'proud' to be able to satisfy a powerful black man with my mouth and ass for some reason and this was no exception. I could feel his cock pulsing at the back of my throat as I tried to take it in deeper, he was just too large. I could only go so far before I began to gag on his girth. He wrapped his hands around my head and began to gently push my head down coaxing me to take him deeper down my throat.

I was loving it. I could feel that familiar feeling in my ass, like a warm tingle. I was ready to be fucked and owned by this stranger with an accent. "Come on, take my black cock down your pretty white throat." He said as he began to apply more pressure forcing his cock deeper. I was slowly bobbing my head up and down and everytime I went down he applied more pressure forcing it deeper down my throat. I was loving it but not liking it at the same time. I loved the feel of his cock owning me but didn't like the feel of being gagged.

My saliva was escaping my mouth and running down my chin and onto his scrotum as he continued to apply more force making me take his black cock deeper down my throat. "You know you want to swallow my cock like a good little white whore." He said as he began to thrust his hips and push my head down forcing his cock down my throat. I began to gag and cough but he didn't seem to care. Why should he, I was a white sissy slut only good for taking black cock.

That is what I was here for. He was now grabbing onto my hair and he let me up for air, my thick saliva drooling from my mouth, his large hard cock glistening in the light of the TV.

He pushed my head down again and began fucking my throat. I was powerless to stop him, even if I could I would not want to. I loved the feel of a strong black man controlling me, dominating me, owning me.

"Come on you fucking white slut. Suck that black cock!" he said to me as he continued to fuck my throat. As he continued to abuse my mouth I knew that I wanted him inside me, fucking me, pounding my soft white ass. I wanted him to own me.

I loved the feel of his cock forcing it's way down my throat. "That's it, that's a good little white boy. Take that cock down your throat." He told me as his dick stretched my throat. Grabbing my hair he pulled my head back off his cock. "Open you mouth wide, that's it" he said as I leaned back, my head tilted upward and my mouth open wide.

He began to rapidly stroke his cock and masturbate into my mouth. I would occasionally kiss and lick the tip of his wet, black cock. My heart was racing, I wanted to feel his hot cum coat my mouth and slide down my throat. He stood up aimed his cock at my face still jerking it quickly. I was kneeling before him as if he were a God, squirming at the thought of my reward soon to come. I mom and son big tits his cum, I was a good little slut, I deserved it.

"Please give me your cum" I begged. "Please, please cum for me!" I begged on my knees. "Oh yeah, your gonna get this nigger cum all in your fucking mouth bitch. You're going to swallow all this cum you fucking white whore!" he groaned as he continued to jerk his cock.

"I want it! I want all your cum in my mouth. I promise to swallow it all!" I pleaded as he began to shoot his load onto my face. I quickly opened my mouth wide to catch as much as possible.

Thick streams shot over my face and into my hungry mouth as we locked eyes. He knew he owned me and I wanted him to know it too. Another spurt of thick, hot cum glued my right eye shut. I angled my mouth so that his cum would shoot down my throat. His cum was intoxicating; hot, thick and delicious. That is when I noticed that I had cum too. 'Fuck' I thought to myself, I was too addicted. This had to be worse than heroin. I could never escape now, not that I wanted too.

The thought of a black man's strong hands on my soft white skin. Their lips on my lips and their lips sucking on my budding pink nipples.

Their powerful cocks thrusting deep inside me filling me with their cum. I was addicted. He sat back down on the couch, I looked into his eyes and said, "Thank you".

I meant it too and I am sure he knew it. I grabbed his cock and put it back in my mouth to suck the remaining dribbles of cum, I didn't want to miss a single drop. I then rubbed his cock over my face wiping up the cum he shot and sucked his cock deeply lapping up all the cum. Moaning and cooing gently with his cock between my pink lips I began to wipe the remaining cum from my face and while still looking into his eyes licked it off my fingers only to place his black cock back into my mouth where it belonged.

I older strumpet babe morgan rides a dildo machine for multiple orgasms sucking and licking his long cock, rubbing the wetness across my lips, worshiping at my altar. My tongue licking the length of his cock, my lips kissing the black skin of his penis.

I did this as much for his enjoyment as mine. He shifted his weight and began to stand up before me as I remained kneeling he lifted his heavy cock and pushed my mouth onto his scrotum again. "That's it, that's a good white sissy faggot. Take those black balls into your mouth." He moaned as I began to caress his large scrotum with my lips and tongue only to suck them into my mouth. Being called a 'Good white sissy faggot' was not an insult to me, it was more like a badge of honor somehow.

It made me proud to know that I could please black men with my body and skills. It made me excited to know that they would be breeding my white ass. I continued licking, kissing and sucking his large, pendulous scrotal sack as I rubbed his heavy cock on my face. I was stroking his still wet cock making him erect again. I was not finished and neither was he, I needed him to fully dominate me. He grabbed me by my arm and pulled me up on to my feet.

He let his hands roam over my body, feeling my breasts and pulling on my nipple. "You have nice soft skin" he complimented me as he turned me around. John still sat in the chair watching.

The, possibly African man, then placed my hands on the arm of the couch so that I was slightly bent over, I pushed out my ass to let him know I was ready for him. His hands grabbed my ass feeling the smooth, soft skin. The contrast of his dark skin and my white skin just seemed to intensify the moment somehow.

"You clean your ass today?" he bluntly asked. "Yes, I clean it everyday." I whispered back only looking forward into the black wall. He knelt down and spread my ass open, then saying to John pussyramming with a hot bitch smalltits and hardcore is a very nice white ass, going to do well." He then roughly grabbed a handful of my ass and asked me "you like the black man to bury his cock in your sexy white ass, don't you boy?".

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"Yes" I meekly whispered still looking forward. "Yes. You like a superior black cock fucking you. From now on call me 'Master'." Still looking forward I replied, "Yes, Master." "Good white boy" came his answer.

He then pulled me back up to my feet and he took his place back on the couch. I stood there watching him watch me. "Get back on your knees" he commanded. "Yes, Master" I quickly complied. "You want me to fuck that white ass, yes?" he asked. "Yes, Master." I replied. "Beg me for my cock, beg me to fuck your pathetic white ass." He said.

I looked up into his eyes, "Please fuck my worthless white ass with your superior black cock, Master. I promise to be good and do what you want. Please fuck me, give me your cum." I pleaded. "Lubricate my cock then." He order. "yes, Master" came my quick reply. I retrieved the lubrication from my purse and turned around to find him pulling a bottle of pills from his pants pocket. I opened the bottle of lubrication and began to massage the oily substance along the length of his now glistening, magnificent black cock.

"Open your mouth" he commanded. I opened my mouth and he inserted two of the pills from the bottle and he then told me to swallow. I swallowed the pills not dora venter gets drilled in hardcore fashion what they were and continued to lubricate his now hard black cock.


He was long and thick. I could feel the shaft pulsing in my hands and the large veins throbbing really turned me on. "Get up" he ordered and as I did he turned me around by my hips so my ass was facing him. His hands roamed my ass feeling the soft, smooth skin. His hands were so warm against my chilled skin as he backed me up and pulled me closer. I opened my legs so that I was now straddling him as he pulled me down into a sitting position. I balanced myself with my right hand on the arm of the couch and he held me up with one hand on my lower back as he aimed his beautiful black cock for my waiting pink hole.

"Seems as if you are ready for this African dick, huh?" he said to me. "Yes, Master. Please fuck my sissy pussy." I pleaded as he began to guide the head of his cock into my open ass. It had that familiar burning sensation added with a throbbing pain as when any black cock entered me but this was different. It seemed more intense, his cock was more thick, the girth was going to rip me open.

"That's it, baby. Go slow on this dick." He said as I lowered my weight on his stiff cock. I could feel the tip enter me as I pressed down more, finally his cock head was inside me. I wanted so badly to just push down and take him all in me. I wanted him to fill my anal cavity with his fantastic black cock. I looked over to John and he was watching it all, watching the pain in my face as this cock stretched me open. "Oh Fuck, Oh fuck!" I exclaimed as he began to lower me onto him, impaling me on his rod.

Tears rolled raw casting nervous desperate amateurs compilation milf teen bbw fit first time suck big cock money my cheeks and my face was flush from the pain. The burning was intense, yet I wanted more. I needed him to fuck me and I knew that once I grew accustomed to his size he would fuck me hard like the worthless white slave I was to this magnificent black man.

Then with one quick movement he pushed me down onto his cock and thrust at the same time. "AAAAAHH!" I screamed out. "It's too big! It's too big!!" I cried as more tears streamed down my face. "you got my dick in you now" he told me, "Just relax.

This is what you were made for. You were made to please the black man." He was right, I had skills sucking black dick, and an ass black men craved. His cock was deep inside me as he began to gyrate his hips working that cock into me.

I could feel his cock pushing against my insides. The pain was still tremendous but it was beginning to feel more pleasurable by the minute. With his hands on my hips he pushed me up slightly only to pull me back down upon him. "No, no! it hurts to bad!" I cried. "Shut up and take that dick, whore!" he said as grabbed a handful of my hair and thrust again.

"Please!! It hurts! Stop!!" I exclaimed. This was probably the wrong thing for me to say because it just seemed to encourage him. He pushed me up and pulled me back down on his cock again harder and harder. The pain was crazy! It felt like a thousand tiny razors slicing my hole and someone poured lemon juice on the cuts, then the throbbing just seemed to intensify it.

The tears kept streaming down my face the pain was horrible. I looked over to John, stupidly I thought he would save me from what seemed like a certain death but he only watched quietly with a slight smile on his face as this African man continued to impale me with his giant cock. I began to have tunnel vision as if I were going to black out from the pain.

I fought to stay alert as he forced me to ride his cock ripping my asshole open. The only noises that escaped my mouth were guttural "UUGH!" sounds over and over again as he punished my sissy fuck hole.

The pain mixed with pleasure was intense as he leaned me back onto him and began to kiss and suck on my neck. His hands roamed my soft skin he manipulated my small breasts pinching my nipples hard. "Ride my dick you whore." He whispered into my ear as he continued to thrust deeper into me.


"yes, Master" I somehow managed to squeak out. Trying to pull myself up to ride him was a task. I was now covered in sweat, due to the pain I am sure. I managed to pull myself up only to have him pull me back down again impaling me this his thrusts.

"You're my whore now, you hear me? I own your ass, bitch." He grunted into my ear. "Yes, Master! This ass is yours. You can have brunette wife ass fucked on real homemade tube porn ass!!" I screamed out as he continued to pummel my abused sissy pussy. His left hand slid down my body, slick with perspiration.

He grabbed onto my sissy clit and began to manipulate it. I was rock hard ready to cum. "Stroke that pathetic little cock, I want you to cum with my dick in you!" I did as he told me and began to stroke my little white cock and came almost immediately. It was intensified with his cock ramming my soft white ass.

I shot cum several feet onto the floor as he continued to fuck me bareback. "Oh My GOD! Oh My GOD!" I cried out as I came yet again. My sissy clit wet and slippery from my cum.

He then lifted me up, I was surprised at his strength, and tackled me so that I was bent over the arm of the couch. His beautiful African cock still deep inside me he pulled my head back by my hair and really began to fuck me hard.

He pulled my hair so hard I thought he would pull it out. I could no longer say anything I only had a look of pain on my face and my mouth was open in a silent scream as he removed the length of his cock only to impale me roughly. He then reached my throat with his other hand and began to choke me. A sickening "AAGK, AAGK!" noise came from my mouth as he rode my ass. "You are going to take every black man's cum in your pussy!!" he said as he was now pounding me at a furious pace making a rapid "fap, fap, fap" sound as his thighs slapped against my soft, wet ass.

Then he stopped and began made more deliberate thrusts into me. "EEERG! EEERG! EERGH!" he groaned as he shot his cum deep inside me. I lay there broken and spent across the arm of the couch as I felt him get up off me. It was about this time I passed out. I am not sure if I passed out from the pain, the pleasure or the pills. Whichever it was I felt extremely exhausted and the pain from both my sissy pussy and my pulled hair was throbbing.

As I lie there drifting off I could hear him and John talking but could not make out what they were saying. I had drifted off on the couch, in the back of this club I had never been to before, been given pills by some African man that fucked me senseless and now I wake up to my hands cuffed behind my back and some man entering my ass from behind.

I felt the familiar pain ass he entered me and let out a groan as he penetrated me deep. "That's it, baby. Give me that ass." He said as I arched my back to give him better access to my fuckhole. One of his hands held the chain of the cuffs and the other was helping rock my hips to meet his thrusts. My vision was still a little blurred but all I would see was the black paint of the wall anyway.

My knees were on the couch and my head rested on the back of the couch as he stood there fucking me doggy position. I could feel his cock pumping me deep and I was letting out little moans of confusion and pleasure. He began pounding me as I could hear the rapid slapping of his thighs against my ass. "Aaaahhh! Aaaaahhh! Fuck me, Daddy!! Fuck me harder!!" I begged married fits gangbang off meeting hanazawa anne japanese asian punishment and he gave it to me.

Suddenly he jerked me back by my hair and I fell onto the ground at his feel and he pulled me up again by my hair only to shove his already cumming black cock into my mouth.

I swallowed greedily as his cum began to flow. The taste of his cock, cum and my ass juice was intoxicating. Without a word he let loose of my hair and I crumpled to the floor.

He pulled up his jeans, fixed his shirt and walked out. Within seconds after he left another, much older man walked in and smiled at me. He walked over to me and helped me up so that I was now sitting on the couch. He stood before me, I looked up at his still smiling face. Finally he spoke, "You know, some of the best head I have ever gotten was from a white boy just like you. Some people don't know how to suck dick, but it is like pretty white boys are just natural at it." He said as he began to caress my hair.

He unzipped his neatly pressed pants and let out his 8 inch black cock all while still smiling at me. I leaned forward and fumbled to get it into my mouth as my hands were cuffed behind my back.

My mouth was instantly wet as his stiffing cock got sucked deeper into my mouth. "Ah yeah! Now, that's what I'm talking about." He said as I continued to suck him in deeper. He put one hand on the back of my head to guide me on how fast to suck and pushed ffm petites francaises adorent lecher et partager queue cock deeper into my mouth.

He seemed to be enjoying himself as I continued to suck his thick cock. He knew who I was, I was just another sissy white fag made for sucking black cock. I was only good for pleasuring alpha black men and we both knew this. I was savoring the flavor of this experienced black cock in my mouth and turned on by the feel of his cock pushing against the back of my throat.

Streams of my saliva escaped my mouth and dripped from the base of his cock as he held my head firmly and began thrusting his pelvis harder and faster fucking my eager mouth.

I could feel myself cumming as he let out a deep moan and unloaded a huge river of his cum into the back of my throat. I tried to swallow it all but there was too much at once and it oozed down my chin and I thirstily gulped as much as I could.

"Oh yes! Oh yes, baby." He told me as his still throbbing cock finished releasing into my mouth and he pet my hair. "See that's why I love you white boys. You give the best damn head." He said lovingly. I removed my mouth from his cock and began to clean his scrotum with my tongue. His low hanging balls reminded me of one of those pictures of a sack a stork would carry a baby in, only these were two and they were black and the black baby was delivered down my throat.

As I continued licking and sucking his balls he told me that "I would love to fuck that pretty white ass of yours, but at my age… One go and I am finished for the night. Haha!" I looked up at him with a smile and said "Thank you, Daddy" and let him pull up his pants and tuck in his shirt.

"I hope I get to see you again" he told me as he was leaving. "I would like that" I replied with a smile. The door barely had time to close when in came a young man that was heavy set and looked 'thuggish', kinda like the skinnier version of the rapper 'Biggie'.

I wiped my chin on my shoulder and watched him approach me. "Hey girl, let's see that ass." He said to me as he pulled me up by my arm. I turned around for him and arched my back so he could get a good view.

"Damn, you got a sweet phat ass" he told me as his hands grabbed at me. My hands were still cuffed behind me so when he pushed me against the wall the side of my face and shoulder balanced me. "C'mon, put that ass out for me. Oh yeah." He said as I arched my back for him. With my face pressed firmly against the wall I could hear him dropping his baggy jeans.

He lubbed his cock then threw the bottle back onto the side table. His breathing was heavy and audible only broken by the sound of him smacking my ass with his large hand. Then with one hand he opened my ass and with the other guided his black cock into my gapping sissy-pussy.

I let out a deep breath as he penetrated me. I was still sore from the previous fuckings I had had that night. Almost immediately he began pounding my ass with his cock. Being that my head and shoulder were resting against the wall it must have sounded like someone was pounding nails into wood.

He placed one big hand on my shoulder and with the other he pulled my had back by my hair and continued pounding my soft white ass. This was a lot more pleasurable, at least now my head wasn't banging against the wall. He was about 6 inches long, I could tell by the shorter strokes but it felt good having this strange black man in control of me.

He stopped fucking me and wrapped his arms around my waist and walked backwards with me, his cock still deep inside me. He pulled out anyway when he sat down. "I want you to ride my dick. I wanna see that white ass bounce on my dick" he told me. I got between his open legs as he was half lying on the couch, slumped down. I lowered my ass onto his hard cock and guided me down. Once again he was inside me and I began to bounce up and down on his dick. This felt great.

I was thrusting down as hard as I could to feel that cock penetrate me. His hands on my hips, he gave me pelvic thrusts. Soon enough I was grinding my ass onto his cock and moaning. "Oh you feel so good in me, Daddy! Fuck me with that big black cock!" I moaned as I again began riding and bouncing on his lap. I continued bouncing and moaning until he finally pulled me down tight onto him and unloaded his cum into my sissy-pussy.

All I could think was how I wanted more. This was the night I would get all I wanted. I procession of black men entered the room that night to take turns on me.

Some just wanting to fuck my ass others wanting me to swallow their cum. I was more than happy to be the submissive white sex slave or 'whore' as some called me. Men's cum dripped from my ass and swam in my stomach and this turned me on. I LOVED it. At the end of the night, I don't even know what time it was, my shoulders were sore from having my hands cuffed behind my back and I was totally broken.

I was nothing but a white faggot whore for black cock. My pathetic little white sissy dick was worthless compared to the power of black cock. The door opened again and three young, tall, thin, thuggish black guys entered.

They were all smiles and laughing about something amongst themselves. They just all stood before me as I was kneeling on the floor with my hands behind my back. They looked at one another and smiled, then looked back at me. Finally one of them spoke, "What's up, baby? You hear for some black dick or what?" he said laughing.

"yeah they been turning you out all night! That pretty little white ass of yours is TORE up, huh?" he said jokingly. "My boys and I wanna have a party, you gonna be our party girl tonight?" blonde granny in lace top stockings fucks I nodded slightly only to be answered with a slap across the face causing me to lose my balance and fall to the floor. The other two started laughing and saying stuff like, "OOOOH!

Knocked the fuck out of him!" and continued laughing. He then stepped over me to get to the couch and un buttoned his jeans and pulled his pants down as I was struggling to try to get back up on my knees.

He looked down at the couch and told his friends, "wanna make sure I don't sit in some other niggers cum or something!" "No shit, I hear ya!

Motherfuckers been coming in here all night." Said the second guy who was still standing. The guy on the couch opened his legs and told me "Get over here and suck this big nigger dick." I crawled over to get between his legs and placed my mouth over the head of his throbbing cock.

I worked the head with my tongue and looked up into his eyes. "Yeah, you like sucking that big nigger dick, huh?" "Mmm, hmmm" is all I could manage as I began to suck him in deeper into my mouth getting his cock all wet with my saliva.

One of the guys behind me kicked open my legs. I could hear him removing his shoes and pulling down his pants as I continued to suck the 9 inch black cock in front of me. "Damn, you give some good head. Keep sucking it, don't take your mouth off my dick." He instructed me. "nah, Nah, Nah. He needs to suck my dick too." The second guy complained as the third guy mounted my ass and began to penetrate me. His dick was thick, I could feel him stretching me to the limit. I let out squeals of pain as his cock thrust into me but I never took my mouth off that 9 inch dick I was sucking on.

The first guy pulled my head up by my hair and told me, "Suck this nigga's dick so he stop complaining." The second guy placed his dick to my lips and I immediately deep throated him and he began to fuck my face.

Once in a while my face would twist in pain as the third guy began to fuck me harder. "You like this dick in your ass, bitch? This nigga dick feel good?" the third guy asked me through clenched teeth as he continued to fuck me hard and fast.

I managed to pull my mouth free from the second guy and say, "YES! YES!! I love that nigger dick in my ass! You can have it, you can have my ass!!" Then the first guy put his cock back in my mouth and began to furiously fuck my open mouth.

My saliva coated his cock and balls as the third guy grabbed me by my arms and began to pull me by my arms and thrust even harder, he seemed to be penetrating me with anger and pure animal lust. The second guy then began to brutally spank my ass as his friends viciously fucked me from both ends.

I could feel liquid escaping from my small pathetic cock as I began to cum. The first guy pushed my head down all the way until my nose was buried in his pubic hair and held me down so I couldn't breathe, his cock down my throat so I couldn't breathe as the third continued to spear my open ass.

I couldn't breathe and I began to gag but he held my head down on his cock, finally after what seemed an eternity he pulled my head up and I gasped for air, thick ribbons of saliva drooled from my mouth and off my chin. He began jacking his cock off towards my open mouth as he came I opened wide to catch as much as his cum as I could.

I licked my lips savoring the flavor of this black mans cum when the third guy pulled out from my ass and quickly stood up, came around to my face and pushed his dick in my mouth. I instinctually began curvy legal age teenager beautiful babe likes fucking a lot hardcore and blowjob him dry as he too came into my mouth.

The taste of his cum and my ass juice sent me over the edge, I was cumming. I could feel my sissy clit twitching and the thick liquid spurt out. Now the second guy pushed my legs together and began to talk about how he 'loved to fuck some white ass' as he mounted me. His feet firmly on the ground, he was over me and lowering his big black cock into my waiting hole.

I continued to suck the third guys cock and savor the flavor and would occasionally go back to the first guy to make him hard again so he could plunder my ass too.

The second guy began to slowly slide the length of his black cock into my white ass, the feeling was incredible as I sucked the other two back to hardness. I moved my mouth down to the base of the first guys cock and I could feel him throbbing on my face as I buried my head deeper to suck his large hanging balls.

My shoulders were sore from having my hands cuffed all night and my giant joy for hunks lesbian and college felt as if they were asleep but I was loving all this attention from three hung black men. About this time as I was sucking the first guys balls the second began to pick up the pace and worked his cock into my ass like a machine.

I could hear and feel his scrotum slapping against my ass and I only wished that I could see him fucking me, I imagined how hot it would be with his dark chocolate skin sex stories xxx sex of full entertenment my pale white ass. I wanted his cum, I wanted him to breed me like the worthless white sissy faggot I was. I lifted my head and yelled out, "Cum inside me!! I want to feel your fucking cum in me!!

PLEEEEAAAASE!". Then the third guy placed his cock back in my mouth and began to fuck my throat. The first guy began to pinch and twist my nipples as I was taking dick from both ends. The second guy then grabbed me by my shoulders and with hard deliberate thrusts he fucked me deeply and I knew he was going to cum in my ass.

I wanted them all to breed me. I wanted to be their dirty white cum slut. He left his cock deep in my ass as he came, filling my hole with his precious black cum. I felt so lucky to have these three beautiful cocks fucking me and giving me sex xxx secs vidmatexxx storys cum.

I wanted more. The third guy then let off in my mouth again, and like a good white sissy I swallowed every drop from his cock. Now the first guy pulled me to my feet by my arm and shoved me up against the wall. He pressed up against me, he was easily a foot taller than I as he whispered in my ear, "You like these nigger dicks fucking you, bitch?" Before I could answer he was impaling me with his long thick shaft, "YEESS!!" I yelled out in pain as he began to fuck me while standing up.

"I'm gonna cum in that fine white ass, bitch! You ready for my cum?" "YESSS!" I exclaimed, "Own my ass, give me your cum for me!" I said as he pumped his big cock in and out of my aching hole. It seriously felt as if he were bruising my intestines or his cock was punching my stomach. I began to feel queasy but the stimulation in my sissy-pussy was just too good to pass up. It was like he wanted to get me pregnant, like they all did as they viciously raped my once tight ass.

His cock felt as if he were ripping my ass open as he began to pump his cock harder into me. My hip bones were knocking against the wall as he pounded me harder and harder. His hot breathe in my ear he let out a deep growling groan and I swear he lifted me off the ground as he pumped his black seed in my soft ass.

I was covered in sweat as was he as he pressed against me. He was spent, his cum deep inside me, his cock still plugging my hole. His heavy breathing in my ear I realized that he was holding me up, my legs were weak, like rubber.

We stood there for a few seconds our heavy breathe mingled when he pulled slowly pulled his large penis from inside me. I could feel his cum begin to drip from my gapping hole and make it's way down my hidden underdesk upskirt 18yo teen pussyplay tube porn thigh.

He moved away and the wall was keeping me on my feet. I was tired, sore and cum drenched. The room must have smelled of sex, cum and sweat. The door opened and John peeked his head in.

He looked at me and I at him. I must have looked like a mess as I stood there against the wall naked and covered in sweat with my hands cuffed behind my back. He entered the room and walked over to me to begin unlocking the cuffs. The relief was beyond words. They discussed how the club was closing and everyone had to leave. I had no idea what time it was. The three guys quickly got dressed and were leaving as the African man (Master) came into the room.

He joked with them about how he should have made them pay double after looking at me. "Pay double"? He and John were charging guys to fuck me? I was a prostitute? I was too tired and sore to care really. I am a whore for black cock, but I didn't know they were pimping me out! John helped me gather my clothes and I got dressed. I was moving slowly due to the pain. My whole body hurt. My shoulders and wrists from the handcuffing all night, my knees from giving countless blowjobs, by face and ass from all the slaps, even my throat where one guy started chocking me and telling me I was "nothing but a dirty white whore".

My sissy pussy was actually numb, like all feeling was gone. I guess that choking guy was right, I was nothing but a dirty white whore. All night long I begged to be fucked and gagged by black cock, I wanted their seed in my mouth and ass. I couldn't get enough. As they lead me out my head was spinning, we made our way back into the main club and people were paying tabs and filing out the door. John was basically holding me up and guiding me as to where to go.

As we reached the door the same two big, bald, black security guys were there. One of them spoke up to John, "Got time for one more?" he asked. I reached over to his crotch and felt his stiff black cock under his trousers.

As I was ready to fall to my knees and suck him off right there he stopped me and told me not here at the door. I was ready to suck his dick right there on the street.

He took me from John and lead me to the DJ booth. It was a partially enclosed area. He turned me to face him and began to unzip his pants. " I been hearing all night how good you give head. Pretty little white boy like you needs black dick." I put my mouth over the head of his cock, one hand at the base and began to milk him for his cum. My other hand gently caressed his swollen nut sack. I could hear him breathing through his nose and let out a "oh yes" as I took his whole cock into my mouth.

He began rocking his hips back and forth, "you gonna make me cum, baby. Been waiting all night for this." I didn't say a word, just let out a 'mmmmm, hmmm" cooing gently as I wanted him to cum. I wanted to taste his salty, thick cum. "That's it girl, that's it… suck that dick." He said in hushed tones. It always amazed me how many guys with refer to me as "girl" or "bitch" or my ass as a "pussy".

I continued bobbing my head up and down on his cock only to keep jerking him off into my mouth. Occasionally I would pull it out to lick the length and feel his throbbing veins against my tongue only to suck faster. Soon enough he was cumming, I looked up and he had his head tilted back as streams of his hot, thick cum filled my mouth. Of course I swallowed, every last drop.

John drove me home, the ride was silent. I immersed myself in thoughts of all the black men that had taken pleasure in me. I desperately needed a shower.