Slammed hooters cummed on big tits blonde

Slammed hooters cummed on big tits blonde
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Kimi walked up to the big stone-and-brick mansion in Hillsborough in the darkness of the Summer night. She wore a short baby-tee that exposed her bare midriff and clung tightly to her breasts, and a pair of faded tight jeans that rode low on her slim hips. She looked like every other pampered 14-year-old in this neighborhood, she thought to herself.

Finding the door unlocked, as expected, she let herself inside, closing the door behind her. Passing the study, she saw her client, a nice-looking man of about 40 years, with a shock viki slovakia zsexy sat tv and more brown hair and a well-trimmed beard. "Hi, daddy!" she called. "I'm home." Robert Linder looked up from his book, took his pipe from his mouth and smiled at the pretty girl standing saucily in the doorway.

"Hi, sweetie. How was babysitting?" "Okay, I guess", said Kimi, "if you like playing endless video games. I'm gonna go to bed now. Can I get you anything first?" "No, honey, I'm fine. Sleep tight." Kimi climbed the curving stairs and found the room normally occupied by Robert's 14-year-old daughter, Cathy. Cathy was away visiting her grandmother this week.

Her mother had died the previous year, leaving Mr. Linder a despondent widower. Kimi glanced around the room, taking in the frilly canopy bed, the plethora of stuffed animals and other necessary accoutrements of teenage girls. The picture on the dresser showed Cathy with some girlfriends, taken a couple of years ago, when she had had braces.

She was a pretty girl with long brown hair in a sexy pon story katrina kaif. Kimi went to the dresser and opened a drawer, rummaging through the girl's clothing. In a moment, she found what she was looking for, a sheer, baby-doll nightie and matching panties. Kimi removed her clothes, standing before the dresser mirror and admiring her naked body. "I could still pass for a teenager", she said to herself.

Then she slipped the nightie over her head and stepped into the sheer panties. They concealed absolutely nothing, she noticed approvingly.

Not the eager thrust of her breasts, her perky little nipples, nor her bare labia lurking beneath the panties. Satisfied that her appearance was sufficiently sexy, she sat down on the bed and picked up one of Cathy's teen magazines to pass the time. After a few minutes, she heard Mr. Linder climb the stairs and go to his own room. Soon the house was silent again. Kimi waited to be sure enough time had elapsed…and then quietly opened her door, crept barefoot down the hallway, and silently slipped through the door into Robert's bedroom.


Her 'father' was naked on his back on the bed, having thrown the covers to the side, his legs spread carelessly apart. He appeared to be sleeping soundly.

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His thick penis rested against his belly, long, thick, and partially erect perhaps he was having an erotic dream. Kimi carefully climbed up on the king-size bed, trying not to awaken him. Crawling between his legs on her knees, she gazed at him for a long moment. Then she lowered her head, extended her tongue, and touched the tip of it to the base of his cock, letting it glide slowly upward along the underside of the shaft, leaving a wet trail.

She heard him moan softly in his sleep, and his penis lengthened and thickened as his arousal grew. Kimi's tongue traced lightly up and down the shaft, causing his cock to lurch upward each time she teased the sensitive place just beneath the helmeted head. Then she moved down again, and began to explore his heavy balls, still with just the tip of her tongue, leaving a trail of saliva wherever it went. Slowly, she encircled each of his testicles, lifting the hard eggs a megumi shino is a creampie asian in a threesome with her tongue, imagining them filling slowly with sperm, eager to erupt in volcanic splendor.

After giving his balls a long, slow tongue-bath, she returned to the shaft of his cock, licking it like an ice-cream cone. Mr. Linder continued to breathe slowly, snoring just a little, and occasionally groaning with pleasure and spreading his legs wider. Carefully, she reached out and lifted his cock with her fingertips, guiding the flared head to her mouth. She slowly encircled it with her tongue, getting it wet…then lovingly kissed the very tip of it, before letting her lips part and gently taking it into her saliva-filled mouth.

Her head began to bob as she sucked on him tenderly, her lips stretched around the thick shaft, moving to and fro over the raised ridge that separated the head from the shaft with a slow, tantalizing rhythm.

Robert, pretending to be asleep, struggled to keep from responding to the intense pleasure Kimi was imparting to his aching cock. He wanted so badly to grab her head, thrust his hips upward and bury his cock in this beautiful girl's eager mouth, his mind drifting as he imagined his own teenage daughter lovingly sucking him this way as he slept.

It had been so long…so long since a woman had sucked his cock. In the year since his wife had died, he had very beautiful shemale on free live cam www hotcamgirls co tube porn had sex, and increasingly, his teenage daughter had inhabited his thoughts and dreams, as much as he fought the idea.

Nevertheless, he kept still, letting Kimi work her delicious magic, the erotic vision of his daughter filling his mind. Soon, Kimi sensed the telltale signs of Robert's approaching orgasm. His thighs trembled, his cock swelling ominously in her mouth. She reached out and gently teased his balls with her long fingernails as they drew up tightly against the base of his cock. Suddenly, he cried out, and a thick, heavy spurt of cum burst into her mouth…then a second, still more voluminous, and a third, and a fourth.

Kimi, marveling at the seemingly endless quantity of cum being pumped into her mouth, finally couldn't contain it all. She lifted her head, letting his penis escape, and slid her fingers around the shaft, stroking it slowly as his cum oozed from her mouth down onto the head, down over her fingers, mingling with the last spurts of his climax as they oozed forth from.his nearly spent cock. Her fingers, lubricated with his sperm, slid easily along the shaft as she tightened her grip around his flagging penis.

Suddenly his eyes flew open and he raised his head. "CATHY!! What are you DOING!! Oh my god!!" he exclaimed. Kimi let go of him abruptly, then sat back and looked at him with frightened eyes, Robert's cum still oozing down from her lower lip and chin. "Daddy&hellip.daddy, I'm sorry. I just&hellip.I just wanted to&hellip." "Cathy, this is wrong. So wrong. You can't DO this. I'm your FATHER!" Kimi burst into tears. "I'm so sorry, daddy", she wailed. "I&hellip.I wanted to help you.

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I wanted to do for you what mom used to do for you. To make you happy. I know how lonely you've been." The harshness gradually left Robert's voice as big tits big ass mom spoke, seeing how upset his 'daughter' was at his angry words. "Cathy, listen to me. Nobody can take the place of your mother.

What you did was so wrong. There are laws. I could go to jail, for god's sake! I know you were trying to help me, but not…not this. Now, go to your room and go to bed, right now.

I'll talk to you later, once I calm down and figure out what to do about this." Kimi crawled off the bed, still sobbing, and ran out of the room, down the hall, and fell on Cathy's bed, face down. Perhaps 15 minutes passed in the silent house. Then Kimi heard Robert enter her room quietly and sit down on the bed, still naked. His hand moved to her back and stroked it through the flimsy material of her nightie. "Cathy…I'm sorry about what I said. It's just that you surprised me.

I never thought you'd do a thing like that." Kimi's body shook quietly with her sobs. "Didn't you like it, daddy?" she murmured softly. "Didn't it feel nice?" "Sweetheart…I can't describe how wonderful it felt. I thought I was dreaming. And when I first woke up and saw you, you looked just like an angel. Where did you learn to do that?" "Daddy, I'm not a virgin any more. I know about…about sex." Robert continued stroking her back, his hand drifting down to her firm panty-covered tush.

"I guess I shouldn't be so surprised. I still think of you as a little girl…I should have realized you're becoming a woman now. And a beautiful one, at that." "Daddy&hellip.", said Kimi, turning over on her back and sitting up, gazing into her eyes. "I love you. I want to make you happy, like mom did. I could be like a wife to you. I loved sucking on your beautiful penis. I loved making you cum. Nobody will ever know…you know I would never tell a soul." "Baby girl…", said Robert, hesitantly, his eyes drifting down to her barely concealed breasts.

"It's just not right." "Then why is your penis hard again?" asked Kimi quietly, suddenly reaching out and touching the head with her slim fingers, lightly caressing it. narsi sexy story download doctor nurse, I know you want me. I want you too. I love you so much& know I'd do anything in the world to please you." Robert slowly reached out his hand, nudging the nipple of Kimi's left breast with the back of his knuckle, feeling it become erect.

"So lovely&hellip." Kimi reached for his hand, holding it with both of hers, guiding it to her lips. Slowly, she separated his middle finger from the others, and sucked it into her mouth, her dark eyes uplifted and boring into his. She took his finger deep in her mouth, sucking on it and licking it as if it were his cock. Then she let it slip out from petite blonde fucked in work place shawna lenee her pouting, full lips, let go of his hand, and lay back on the bed, her slim legs parting.

She grabbed one of the stuffed animals and hugged it to her. "Lick me, daddy", she whispered quietly. Gently, Robert reached beneath her nightie, his fingers curling around the sides of her panties. She raised her hips to help him, and he slowly slid them off, noticing their dampness. He pressed his hands against her thighs, raising her legs and exposing her smooth, bare pussy to his gaze for the first time.

God, she was beautiful, he thought. Her fragrance was heavenly, so young and fresh and clean. He leaned forward and kissed her lovingly between her legs, and Kimi sighed softly. Then his tongue eased forward and traced lightly along the edge of her labia, the length of her cleft. "Ohhhhh, daddy, that feels so good", she murmured.

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Robert patiently lapped at Kimi's sex, his tongue slithering between the wet folds of her naked pussy. He licked up and down her cleft, parting her, teasing around the little protuberance of her clit, but not quite touching it.

Then his tongue slid down and slowly penetrated her vagina as Kimi squirmed against him. "Ohhhhhhhh…" she moaned, as his stiffened tongue slowly thrust in and out, loving the sweet nectar that flowed from her onto his taste buds. "Do you like my baby pussy, daddy?" "You know I do, sweetheart", said Robert, lifting his head, then kissing her gently right on her quivering clit.

His tongue fluttered rapidly over it, ever so lightly, and Kimi gasped, her fingers entangling themselves in his hair, as pleasure surged through her young body. Robert slid his hand upward between her legs, and slowly inserted one of his fingers into her vagina, gently penetrating her warm, wet tightness as his tongue danced against her clit. He briefly sucked her sensitive flesh into his mouth, then let it slip out again and lashed it with her tongue.

Kimi squirmed against his mouth as he slid his finger slowly in and out, her orgasm welling up in her inexorably, like a tsunami building to a crest. "Mmmmmmmmm…lick me, daddy, just like that, just like that. Yessssssss&hellip." He continued his oral assault on her clit as he slipped two fingers now into her vaginal opening, his fingertips curling upward and pressing against her, his tongue two classy brunettes have some lesbian fun her into a frenzy as her orgasm approached, suddenly seizing her body in its exquisite grip.

Sensing her climax, he sucked on her clit and felt her hips lurch upward, her hand holding his head tightly. "Oh, god, daddy, I'm gonna cum!! OHHH!!! YESS!!! YESSS!!!


UNNNHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Kimi's body convulsed, her hips bucking against his mouth as he clung to herhis fingers buried inside her, her voice a high-pitched squeal as she cried out, shuddering violently as her body spasmed again and again. Gradually she came down, her body trembling in the aftermath of her climax.

"Ohhhhhh, daddy&hellip.that was so wonderful. You made me cum so hard…I never felt anything like that before!" she said, between short gasps of breath. "Oh, baby girl…I loved making you cum", whispered Robert, his face wet with her essence busty brunette step mom slurps step son big dick he gazed at her.

"Lie back, daddy. I want to take care of you now", said Kimi, regaining her breath after her heavenly orgasm. Robert lay back on the frilly bed, his cock still hard and throbbing with his need for her.

Quickly, she straddled his body, sitting upright on him, then reaching up and pulling the nightie over her head, revealing her nubile young body to him. She slid her hand down and grasped the thick shaft of his penis, and guided it to her drenched vagina, rubbing the head along her slit for a moment, before positioning it again so that it slid slowly into her as she descended on him.

Her tight pussy engulfed his penis, seeming to grip it tightly as her muscles contracted around it. He looked up at her, seeing his young daughter in his mind, his cock in her vagina at last. He raised his hands and she held them with hers, their fingers interlocking, helping to balance herself as she slid up and down on his cock.

"Mmmmmm&hellip.daddy, your cock is so big", she whispered. "It fills my little pussy so full. It's sooo much bigger than Jimmy's." Robert winced a little at the mention of Cathy's boyfriend's name.

He was a little thug, and Robert strongly suspected that he had recently taken his daughter's precious virginity. Quickly, he banished the thought from his mind, replaced by the vision and sensation of his daughter impaled on his own penis.

"God, you're so tight, Cathy", he moaned "it's like your pussy's sucking on your daddy's cock." "Mmmmmmm&hellip.fuck me, daddy", Kimi said softly, smiling down at him.

"Fuck your baby daughter." She begin to move up and down on his fat cock, fucking herself with it, her vagina bathing it with her wetness, squirming on it to maximize his sensation, her muscles squeezing it tightly. Robert groaned aloud with the intense pleasure, able to keep from flooding her womb with sperm only by virtue of his earlier orgasm. After a time, she paused, and raised herself until just the head of his cock was nestled at the entrance to her vagina.

Slowly, she began moving on it, sliding just the flared head in and out of her, her labia caressing the sensitive flesh. She teased him this way for a long time, watching the strained look on his face…and then plunged down on him with a little cry, burying his cock in her to the hilt, rocking back and forth with her hips as she impaled herself. Robert groaned as her pussy milked his cock, bringing him close to the edge once again. Suddenly, he reached up and lifted her off his aching cock, as if she were nymphos get fucked on the sofa and floor feather, and pushed her back on the bed.

"Turn over, sweetie", he said, urgency in his voice. Kimi turned over, parting her legs and sticking her firm tush up in the air, moving it playfully from side to side, as if begging for his cock.

Robert crawled between her legs and, resting on one hand, guided his throbbing penis to her wet entrance once more, driving it deep into her with a single hard lunge, his balls slapping against her tiny aroused clit. "Ohhhh, god", Kimi screamed. "Do it, daddy, fuck me hard!" Robert thrust into her fast and hard now, completely lost in his fantasy.

It was his teenage daughter writhing beneath him now, wriggling her ass as he sank his cock into her, burying it in her hard, hard enough that her firm cheeks shook with each thrust, and yet somehow still gentle and loving at the same time. Kimi mewled with each thrust, her own arousal once again spiraling upward.

Kimi squirmed back against him, fucking back, meeting the furious rhythm of his thrusts, the cries forced from her lungs punctuating each one, her voice rising in a high-pitched crescendo.

"Ohhhh! Ohhh!!! OHHH!!! Spreading her legs for that hard rod YESSSS!!! DADDY!!! FUCK!!! ME!!! GONNA!!!! CUM!!!!! Her obscene entreaties drove Robert over the edge. He plunged his cock all the way into her for the last time, crying out as he felt his balls go numb, spewing spurt after spurt of hot, thick cum into her writhing pussy, her muscles contracting around his pulsing penis as he flooded his daughter's welcoming teenage love-tunnel.

"OHHHHHHFUUUUUUUCCCKKKKK!!!!" he groaned as his balls emptied themselves in her. Robert's mind swirled with the forbidden joy of it, as Kimi's spasming pussy seemed to milk his cock, his balls still heaving, but with nothing left to give her. Finally, he collapsed on top of her, both of them gasping for air as they trembled in the aftermath of their orgasms.

They lay like that for a long time, moving only slightly, both of them enjoying the sensations of his cock inside her sperm-drenched pussy, his lips caressing her ear, whispering how much he loved her. Finally, he eased out of her, slid off, and stood up. Watching her for a long moment, he bent down and kissed one sweet ass-cheek.

"Thank you, sweetheart", he whispered. "You're the best daughter any man ever had." Then, without another word, he turned and walked slowly to the door. "You're welcome, daddy", she murmured contentedly, as he quietly closed the door. When he had gone back to his room, Kimi arose, put on her clothes, and quietly slipped out of the house.

His cardinal rule was that neither of them could break character during their sessions, not even when the scene was over. She took the nightie with her, planning to have it cleaned and sent back to Robert before Cathy returned. A very small price to pay, given how much money she monkey and girl sax sex stories story she would find electronically transferred to her bank account the next morning.