Aletta ocean fucking big black cock behind scenes

Aletta ocean fucking big black cock behind scenes
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Characters: -Zoe -hair colour blonde -eye colour brown -breast size 36D -Security guard -hair colour black -eye colour green -penis size 11 inches long 2 inches wide Zoe woke up in a cold room on what she thought was a metal bed.

Then she felt it, a kick in her belly. What was that? She thought. She looked down to see her belly had swollen quite a bit.

What followed worried her more so, she felt a wetness flood her crotch. Then she finally understood.she was pregnant and her water just broke. The evening guard heard a scream coming from inside the morgue. He went down to investigate. Probably one of them playing tricks on an old man. He thought. He scanned the rooms one alison tyler gets fucked hard pornstar and hardcore one until he got to the last room.

The room they dubbed "The vampire room" because that's where all the victims of the vampire rapings were.


Each one savaged and then drained of blood. Poor souls the guard thought. The guard shone his light into the room and what he saw made his skin crawl. One of the corpses, the newest one, what was her name again?

Zoe! She was sitting up breathing heavily, but that wasn't the end of his surprise, when he looked down at her naked body he saw her breasts had enlarged from 32A to at least 36D.

Going further down he noticed her enlarged belly and although weirded out he rushed over realising this girl was pregnant and at this moment was giving birth. Zoe saw the man out of the corner of her eye in the doorway. She didn't look over for fear of breaking her concentration. She heard the man rush over and immediately et between her legs.

"What the hell." He said. Zoe just looked down and gave a startled scream as shoe felt the baby push its way down to her crotch.

She started to breathe more heavily and her screams became more frequent. "Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!" Was all the security man could manage. Finally he gathered his senses and started talking to Zoe. "Ok miss I'm going to help you as best I can. Sani lioni sax bp vidieo Ive only seen this in the movies so I'm going to do my best." The man finished and after ten agonising minutes of pain Zoe felt something large leave her vagina. She looked down to see the man wrap something in his security jacket.

What am I doing?! Thought the security man. He'd never delivered a baby before and certainly not from a girl declared deceased. He helped as best he could to eventually get the baby out. Bt what he saw brought a tear to his eye. The baby looked developed in his hands but it was red all over, it didn't appear to have any skin on it and what's more it wasn't making the tell tale sound of wasn't crying.

Out of curtesy the man took his jacket off and wrapped the baby up. Zoe looked down between her legs, "thank you" she said breathlessly, "thank you so much, may I see my baby?" As weird as it sounded in Zoe's head she realised it sounded a little normal as she had just given birth. The man looked up with sorrow in his eyes and Zoe wondered what was wrong.

The man stood and came up next to her holding the wrapped baby. She looked down to see its head but what looked back wasn't a baby, it was a miscarriage. Zoe wanted to cry but she felt no tears come forth.

She then felt thirsty, really thirsty. "I'm so sorry" the man said. But his words weren't registering in Zoe's mind.

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Instead she felt another wetness in her crotch. "Put it down on the floor" she said. "I'm sorry?" "The baby put it on the floor." The man did as he was told. Zoe swung her legs over the edge of the table.

"I must reward you for your efforts." "All due respect miss we should probably get you upstairs and clothed." Zoe ignored him. What came next surprised both Zoe and the guard. She wrapped her legs round the guards waist and brought him in for a French kiss. Once their tongues met Zoe felt his erection through his trousers. What is this? She thought to herself playfully. She pulled the guards sweater up over his head and removed his belt. She then proceeded to remove his trousers. She got back on the table as he got his socks and shoes.once she saw his erection she became so wet she may as well have been peeing.

It was 11 inches long and 2 inches wide. For an elderly fellow he had a big dick. "Come on big boy don't you wanna play?" She said in a sexy voice. Zoe heard herself speaking but the words weren't hers. The guard got on his knees and started licking at her wet folds. She moaned as she felt his tongue delve deep into her. She felt him lick her front wall. So close to her g-spot.

She moaned louder this time thrusting gently into the mans face. With age comes experience she thought. The man picked up pace and so did she thrusting into his face like her life depended on it. Eventually she felt the oncoming janet mason gets fucked by prisoner. For the first time that night she orgasmed, and what an orgasm it was.

He slippery cunt gripped like a vice on his tongue as she let her juices run into his mouth. "Oh god" she said breathlessly, falling back onto the table. The man stood in front of her. Seeing her open legs he moved towards her.

His dick found its target with ease. Slowly he pushed in. Eliciting a moan from both parties. My god he thought, it was like her pussy was made from velvet. And the tightness, it was like fucking a virgin. Slowly he picked up the pace both now thrusting wildly at each other. She kept on orgasming throughout the fuck, her pussy was on fire! The man stepped away for a second slightly out of breath.

In this time Zoe picked up his flashlight. It was roughly a foot long and about 4 inches in diameter. She slipped it into her pussy with ease. She pulled it out and placed it on the table. Then she moved to the table placing her asshole over the top. Slowly she eased herself onto the large flashlight feeling it mingle with her insides. It excited her and gave her a full feeling. The guard having caught his breath continued fucking Zoe. Feeling the flashlight on the other side of her vaginal wall gave her pussy a bit more tightness.

Finally the security man could feel his climax coming on. "I'm gonna cum!" He shouted. Before he could cum though he noticed Zoe's eyes mom lexy cougar girl on girl with alex mae a deep scarlet. This was a surprise and for her next trick she bore her fangs. Where the fuck did they come from?! He screamed in his head. Zoe lowered her head quickly to his throat and she gently bit in. The guard started cumming instantly. She moved him on top of her so now they were in missionary.

The guard stranded teen fucked in the drivers seat for free ride home stop cumming. He could physically feel his balls shrinking. Then he felt it the most intense wave of pleasure he'd ever felt. And then the world went dark. Zoe slid out from under him and stood straight. Cum leaking down her leg furiously. Oh my god what have I done?! She thought. First I miscarried a child then I have sex with and kill a guard?!

However, these were Zoe's thoughts, and the creature inside wasn't listening to Zoe anymore. "This is now your tomb." She said to the guard. She turned him over so he was face up on the table.

His erection still stood tall. She didn't care though. She'd had her fun. She dressed in the uniform which surprisingly fitted quite well and walked out of the building into London's busy streets.

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Two miles away a man looked ip from the grave he stood at. He felt something, only a hint but it was there, something had entered the world and he had a feeling it was coming for him.

Please leave good comments about this one because personally I wasn't too sure about this chapter. The birth part was my friends idea as she felt it needed a filler as mine was to quick to begin with.