Frisky czech cutie stretches her spread vagina to the bizarre

Frisky czech cutie stretches her spread vagina to the bizarre
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Ch 4 Despite the fact that his poor dad passed away, old Ron's life was going pretty well. This was entirely thanks to his blackmail of Bella, making her his personal plaything for the past month. And what a month it had been. No more masturbating to women on the computer, now he could fuck the girl of his dreams whenever he felt horny.

He had, in fact, just dismissed her for the day. It seemed like she had picked up a lot more shifts at her restaurant in the past couple of weeks.

Ron didn't make too much of it. He made sure to have his fun with her before he let her go each day. He was lying on the couch after a good fuck session, when the phone rang. It was his good friend Leo. Leo and Ron had been friends for many years, and they were equally perverse. They bonded over talking about porn and leering at women. They would always have a great time just sitting at the local park or mall and brashly commenting on women's bodies as they walked by; blatantly staring at women like they were pieces of meat.

Unlike Ron, Leo was married. Although, this didn't mean much. Leo didn't have much interest in his old wife anymore. He lusted for young babes just as Ron did. After exchanging pleasantries, Leo got to the real reason he called "So old boy, I was at this new place called 'Jonny's Angels' the other day. The kind of women in there, my god, never seen so many hot pieces of ass before in one room in my life!" Ron, intrigued, replied "Hmm interesting, this town needs more strip clubs" "Well its not exactly a strip club.

I've never been to a place like this before." Leo explained "There sure are strippers there, they have a stage and cages for dancers, but there are waitresses as well that bring you food and drinks" Leo continued "And the thing about the waitresses is that they are slutty as hell! They were giving their customers lap dances while they ate, sitting on their laps, letting them grope them, even stripping on top of the table!" "Wow that's pretty hot" Ron replied "So what did yours do for you?" "Ron, my waitress was the sexiest girl I've ever seen in my life." Leo replied, talking like he was in a dream like state "She made those girls we whack off to on the internet look like garbage, and she was so young looking." Ron urged him to go on "She had pretty virgin aching for sex hardcore and blowjob breasts, such a narrow thin waist, and then had the best bubble butt I've ever seen." he continued "and her face.

such big green eyes. And she talked so seductively with her European accent" Ron was shocked. This was sounding a lot like Bella. Bella couldn't work in a place like this, could she? "Leo what was her name??" Ron demanded "Hmm i think it started with a B, I was too busy drooling over her body to pay attention!" Now Ron was convinced. Curious, he asked "And how did B act with you?" "Well she started off heavenly. She kept touching me on the arm, and then thigh.

She would always bring her mouth to my ear when speaking. She would sit on my lap. She even let me rest my hand on her tits. My cock is getting hard just thinking about it" Leo continued "She asked me if I wanted to see her body.

I said hell yes. But then she demanded so much money. I couldn't afford it. When I said I couldn't afford it she started to treat me coldly. I got the sense that she was pushing me out of the place so she could move on to a richer customer.

That cock teasing bitch" Ron's dick was getting hard. Here Bella was charging loads of money just so old men could look at her, meanwhile he was getting all the pussy he wanted from her for free! He felt a little bad for his dear friend, so he decided he would let him have some fun with Bella too. "What a stuck up cunt Leo. I tell you what, lets go to that place tonight.

I want to see if the quality of girls is as high as you say it is" Leo was ecstatic but then explained that the lineup for the place is usually huge, reservations would be needed to be made days in advance.

Ron, however, reassured him that they would get in and that they'll meet there at the opening time. Across town, Bella was making her way to work. She was smilinghaving forgotten all about her sex session with lecherous old Ron, she was now going to the job that she loved. She had been working here for about two weeks, and she enjoyed it thoroughly.

It was extremely well paying, but what the young tease liked most was what she could do to men in there. She was in complete control as the waitress. Using her ways of seduction, she would get tonnes of money for letting men see and play with her body.

Or, if they couldn't afford it than she would get to see the look of dejection in the men's eyes as she would instantly change her tone and start acting coldly. All in all, she loved the attention.

She made her way to the dressing room. She walked in to the usual sight just before opening time; dozens of sexy young women in variable states of dress. She would always awe at the amount of female beauty in the room, the bodies of the girls around her resembled swimsuit models; all with slim bodies with ample amounts of bust.

Although, when she took her clothes, off, she would invariable get looks of awe and envy from most girls in the room. Her dresser was in between the only two other girls from the old regime that were offered and accepted the job.

One was a girl from her school. A blonde cheerleader type. She was dumb as a rock but was desired by all the boys at the school. She was known as a huge slut on campus. Bella was not surprised that she took the job. The other girl was a thin black haired girl, very exotic looking.

Bella didn't know her too well, but she always appeared as a shy girl, one that would never take a job like this. Bella supposed that nobody really knew what someone was like on the inside. Bell was finishing putting on her make up, when her phone buzzed It was a text from Ron that read "I'm coming by your new job tonight.

I expect you to be VERY friendly to me and my guest, on the house of course. Pretend that I'm a stranger." Bella's eyes widened, she was pissed off.

He must have heard that she works there from someone, she figured. Why doesn't this old man just leave her alone! Now he's coming to the one place she thought she could get away from him. She wanted to tell him to fuck off, but she knew what was at stake if she disobeyed him, he could leak the tape and ruin her life. She simply replied "OK" and finished getting ready. Bella then sent a text to Jon telling him to let a man named Ron and his friend in, and that anything they ate would come out of her cheque.

It enraged her to send this text, but it had to be done Right before opening time, Bella and the girls lined up. Every night, Jon would let the customer take their seats, and then he and some of the male head chefs would go into the dressing room to inspect the girls. Jon and 2 other men came into the room, and started going through their checklists on each individual girl.

Jon made sure he always did Bella, she was his star attraction after all. He checked to make sure her hair and make-up was done neatly. He gave her breasts a squeeze to ensure the secretary rachel roxxx is giving a blowjob was propping them up fully. He lifted her dress up and slipped down her panties to ensure she was shaven. And then ensured that her feet were clean and her toes were neatly painted. He gave her a smile, a few words of encouragement and then went on to the next girl.

Bella loved when he touched her like this, treating her as his object. She lusted for him ever since they fucked on her training day. She looked around, most of the women here enjoyed being treated like this. If they didn't, they wouldn't have chosen this job. After the girls were done their inspection, Jon went over each girls assignments for the night one more blonde teen babe hardcore im finally kicking off to understand my power. He then opened the doors and announced into the microphone "Gentleman, here come my angels" They walked out single file to loud hollers and cheers from the men.

Men eyeing each of them down as if they were a piece of meat. In contrast to the dimly lit restaurant, the girls shined bright in their tight fitting white dresses. Brunette teen marry lynn vs bbc interracial pornstars the waitresses came sleep mom fack his small son on xstory, the strippers came out of the room, fully nude save for high heeled white stilettos and hair pins with attached glowing halos.

The crowd roared thunderously at the sight of these naked sluts. The girls smiled, blew kisses to the crowd as they entered their cages. The cages then started to rise to about 10 feet off of the floor. From there, the waitresses started to disperse to tables, going to where they were called. Bella started walking around. Everywhere she looked, horny old men were waving and yelling at her to come to their table, acting so desperate.

Bella would normally go to the table that had the most men, knowing that she could get the most amount of tip money from them, but tonight she had to look for Ron. Ron and Leo were sitting close to the stage in the center of the restaurant, surrounded by other tables. "My god, that's her, that's her!" Leo cried, pointing at Bella Ron looked over, Bella was walking in the other other direction, looking for him.

His cock almost instantly got hard. Bella looked so sexy in her uniform. The white fabric of her dress clung to her curvaceous body. It hugged her ass tightly, just reaching the bottom of her cheeks, tantalizingly inching up and then back down with every step she took.

The dress could do nothing to control her ass from jiggling in every which direction. They saw a man stand up and take Bella's hand, imploring her to come to his table. She smiled gave him a kiss on the cheek and politely refused, angering the man. She quickly turned and walked away, giving them another sight. Her breasts were held up beautifully by the cups of the strapless dress, causing them to jut out far in front of her body.

Her breasts shook up and down as she walked, men all around her were praying that they would fall out. As Bella got closer, Ron calmly put his hand up and waved her over.

Bella saw the two, and instantly recognized his friend. "Fuck not this old cheapskate again" she muttered to herself The other men looked disappointed, they couldn't believe that she chose these ugly old geezers over them! Meanwhile, Leo was amazed. Why did she come to their table when the others were practically begging her to come.

Maybe she liked him more than she let off last time, the old man thought to himself. Ron didn't tell him about his blackmail of Bella. He wanted his old friend to feel as if this girl actually wanted his company over the other men here. Bella started to put on the act that she knew Ron wanted from her "Hey boys welcome to Jonny's Angels, I'm Bella and I'll serve you tonight." she said seductively "Let me know if there's anything you need" she smiled and winked at the two men "You got it babe, why don't you get us a couple bottles of wine" Ron said as he smacked her on the ass, causing her to jolt up and stand straight "Of course sir" She replied, sounding startled As she walked away the two men watched her hips sway sexily back and forth.

Leo said in surprise "That took some balls Ronnie boy, hope you didn't scare her away." "Trust me buddy, girls like her love being touched. The more you treat them like you own them the more they'll start to believe it." Ron winked. Of course he knew that if he didn't have the tape that Bella would have nothing to do with them "Hmm you may have a point there, lets test sharon gets rough fuck by her neighbor pornstars hardcore out" Leo sneered Bella returned swiftly with two bottles of wine.

She bent at the hip as she slowly poured the wine for Ron, making sure to expose her delicious cleavage to the old bastard.


"Those are some juicy boobs you got there, can we order Bella breasts instead of chicken breasts" he laughed. Leo joined in. Bella hated this. They were humiliating her, she didn't have the control she was used to having with men. Of course, she went on with the act "trust me these are a lot bigger than any chicken breast" she laughed Leo joined in "Could you give us a sample right now?" He winked The dirty old men were feeding off each other "A little early for that boys" she winked back.

As she bent forward down and squeezed her breasts together for them for a truly cock hardening sight The two boys were amazed and synchronously grinned at the sight in front of them Her compliance was driving them on.

"Why don't you sit your pretty butt down here " Leo patting his thigh urging her to take a seat Bella had no choice but to comply She moved gracefully into the booth and sat down on the old man's thigh, splitting his leg with her ass cheeks.

Leo put his hands around her thin waist and pulled her in. Her butt slid up his thigh until it sat right over his crotch. She felt his penis start to harden against her ass. "Mmm you're a sexy little thing you know that?" Leo stated the obvious Bella, disgusted, looked at Ron who just smiled at her; urging her to keep the act up "You're not too bad yourself old boy" She said reluctantly This drove Leo further He crept his hands up her waist until they were holding each of Bella's breasts in his hands.

Not sensing any resistance, he started groping her big tits through her thin white dress. "Now how about a little sample of Bella breasts?" He said as he squeezed her melon and lifted them up Seeing his lecherous old friend have his way with the sexy young girl like Bella was turning Ron on Bella decided to reply "Umm how about some appetizers first old boy?

As she lifted a menu up and gave krissy big webcam girl naked more videos on sexycamsorg to him" He reluctantly took it, giving her an opportunity to get up Ron could sense how annoyed Bella was getting.

He decided to break the tension before things got out of hand "How about the nachos dear?" "Sure thing!" She replied As she walked mom seduces son friend blowjob, Leo this time gave her a hard spank "Ouch!" she yelped, walking away rubbing her bum The booth was now getting some attention from the other tables.

Other men were intrigued with how Bella was letting herself be treated by these old men, wondering if they could treat their own waitresses this brashly.

Leo turned to Ron "You were right old boy, the grabbier I get the more she lets me do" he grinned "What'd I tell you buddy" Ron replied "Just wait til what we get her to do next" A few minutes later Bella returned, carrying a tray of nachos back.

"Here you go boys" she said as she placed it down.

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She turned to walk away quickly, when Ron grabbed her hand. "Sit baby, eat with us" He grinned, taking her by the waist and putting her on con otro chico de xvideos chichona morena lap.

His hands instantly started groping her boobs. "The nachos will taste so much better if you fed us" Bella reluctantly took a nacho with her hand "No girl, not with your hands, get creative." Bella looked at him, giving him a glare. She placed the chip in her mouth and brought her mouth near his. He opened his mouth, taking the chip, but also taking bringing her face to his with his hands as he tongue kissed her.

"Mmm I want what he's having" Leo laughed He started tugging her tight dress, forcing her to come to him. She placed another chip in her mouth and did the same with Leo. Except Leo kept her lips to his much longer, swirling his lecherous tongue around her mouth.

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With the other hand he grabbed reached around and grabbed her luscious ass cheek, squeezing it hard. Bella tore her face away from his She looked up around the room. Even though there was a premiere stripper on center stage, many of the men at the tables around her had there eyes on the show at Bella's table; curious at how this beautiful girl was allowing her to be molested by these old men seemingly without any tips!

Even some of the other girls were staring at her. Her cheeks started flushing, she was feeling humiliated. She had to do something. She quickly composed herself. "Hey boys, why don't we take this party upstairs, for a little bit more privacy." She winked She didn't have to tell Leo twice, he had heard what went on up there in the dimly lit and secluded upper level.

They both put on their jackets and rushed upstairs. Everybody else in the place knew what went on up there too, all eyes were on their party as she took the boys upstairs. "Baby why don't you bring us some dessert, the chocolate fudge" Ron said as he ascended the stairs. Bella went to fulfill the order as Ron and Leo found seats in the corner of the dark level.

Irsquom so over guys bubble butt fingering looked around and could make out some shadows and outlines of women and their customers having sex. Faint moans all around them.

They knew what it meant to be up here. "I can't believe we're doing this!" Leo exclaimed "Last time she was asking a fortune just for a dance! I gotta hand it to you" "We are, lets have some fun before though" Ron smiled. Bella ascended the stairs and brought them the chocolate dessert. For as big of a tease and attention whore as she was, Bella had never brought a customer here before, even though men have offered loads of money to get her to change her mind.

While she admitted she was a tease, she wasn't ready to admit she was a prostitute. This wasn't prostitution though, this was blackmail. Leo took her by the waist again and sat her on his lap. This time he was feeling free to do what he wanted, thinking that Bella was actually enjoying this.

Ron got up and pulled the drapes around the table and mattress around it. Now they were in their own world. Leo started pawing at her dress, pulling it down roughly, exposing her bountiful breasts encased in nothing but a finely laced white push-up bra. Bella noticed the ring on Leo's finger and a thought hit her.

"Hey old boy, I don't know what your wife would think about this?" She asked, hoping to strike an emotional cord that might make him willingly stop this. But the perverse old man was too lustful to think twice "Baby you're going to make me forget all about my wife." Bella cringed. Her plan didn't work, she knew what she was in for now.

She at least wanted to spare her beautiful uniform from this animal. She stood up and looked in the eyes as she took off her dress in one smooth motion; leaving her in nothing but her matching bra and panties.

Ron came up behind her, thrusting his cock against her panty laden ass. He reached around and started groping her breasts through her bra. Leo stood up, and grinded his crotch against hers. Putting his hands around her waist.

He put his lips against hers and started kissing her. Here Bella was with two ogreish old naughty babe nikky dream fucks a horny strangers cock on either side of her, having their way with her body, but she couldn't help but feel relieved that she was in private and away from leering eyes.

Leo reached around to her back and unstrapped her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Her magnificent DD cup breasts now bounced free, pressing against Leo's clothed chest. Meanwhile, Ron knelt as he slid her thong down, he put her face in her luscious cheeks, kissing it all over. Her ass had always been his favorite part of her.

Now, the ivory skinned beauty stood completely naked. The old men around her, although fully clothed in their blazers and pants, were rock hard. "How about we eat this dessert old boy" Ron sneered He lifted the naked Serbian beauty and placed her on the table before them.

Leo slipped off her white stiletto heels, taking her small feminine feet in his hands. Admiring their cleanliness and make nut come out your nose tube porn neatly painted pink nails.

Ron took the bowls of fudge and started smearing it on Bella's naked body. Smeared it on her neck and lips, working down to her chest and breasts. Leo took a spoonful and smeared it on her left foot, working up and smearing it on the inside of her thick thighs. They met at the middle, at her clean shaven pussy. Smearing it on her lips, and clitoris. They turned her on her side and applied the chocolate to the back of her thighs, the small of her back, and of course her delicious butt cheeks.

They turned her on her back again They looked down at the beautiful dessert on the table in front of them, there was nothing to do but to eat! Leo lifted her foot up, and placed it in his mouth, sucking the fudge off each toe one by one.

He always had a bit of a foot fetish. This felt so strange to Bella. She never knew that men liked feet! She didn't have much time to focus on this, as she felt Ron's tongue circle her lips and then enter her mouth.

He stayed there for a second before he started licking the fudge off her her neck Bella didn't know which tongue to focus on, the one working down her cleavage of the one coming up her leg! She couldn't believe it, she started too feel that familiar tingle in her groin.


No way could she be liking this, could she? Leo's tongue started to lap her inner thigh, all the while Ron was circling his tongue around her nipple, licking the fudge off. The sensation was too much for Bella, she let out a moan. Both men looked up, surprised. This served as positive reinforcement, they quickly got back to the dessert in front of them. Ron made his way down to her navel, Leo making his way up her inner thigh, inch by inch.

This was making Bella squirm She looked down at her breasts, they were glistening with saliva and remnants of fudge. She squeezed them together, playing with her own nipples as the old men licked away. She was beginning to get lost in the moment, feeling more pleasure with each passing second. The two men flipped her on her left side. As Ron descended the small of her back with his tongue, Leo reached her delicious pussy.

He started licking the lips of her vagina, making Bella moan loudly. Ron started licking the fudge off of Bella's ass cheeks. Leo brushed aside the hood of Bella's labia as he licked her clitoris.

Bella squirmed uncontrollably. The old men held her legs still. She put her hands on Leo's head pushing it down so his tongue was at the entrance to her vagina. He knew what to do next, his tongue entered here delicious pussy. He took in the fluid that was oozing out more profusely as Bella got more and more excited. Ron, having licked clean every inch of Bella's gorgeous ass, stood up and made his way to Bella's head.

He unzipped his pants and revealed his rock hard dick. Bella teen licks milf pussy stuffed with cock grabbed Ron's cock and stuffed it in her mouth, sucking it vigorously.

The taste of a hard cock in her mouth combined with Leo munching away at her pussy was too much. She had never had two men at the same time, she was loving every second of this. Her body started quivering, a rush of fluid flowed into Leo's face and mouth as Bella had a powerful orgasm. This orgasm just fueled Bella's lust even more.

She wanted two dicks in her. "You dirty old men!" she roared "Fuck me like the perverts you are." hot redhead gets fucked by her girlfriend flipped herself on her tummy, shaking her ass at Ron, invitingly.

Ron slid her legs down so that she was bent over the table. He took his hard cock and thrust it into her tight vagina. Bella moaned. Leo put his dick out in front of Bella's face. Bella instead reached for his left hand. All the while, Ron was was banging away, making Bella moan with each thrust. While looking Leo in the eyes, she put his ring finger in her mouth, putting her lips around his wedding band. "Let me make you forget about your wife" she smiled as she sucked the band off of his finger and spit it into his hand.


The old man put it on the table beside him and smiled. This made Bella so horny, there was something about making this man cheat on his wife that drove her crazy; she felt so desired. She now took his cock by the hand and put it in her mouth, wanting to devour it. Leo put his hands on her naked breasts, they were big normally but in this position with the help of gravity they felt enormous! He gripped them tightly. The tighter he squeezed the harder she moaned. Meanwhile, Ron started spanking her big ass cheeks as he fucked her.

The loud slaps echoing through the upper level. Bella started moaning loudly. She loved being abused, the more physical the men got with her the hornier she got. As Leo started pinching her nipples, Bella started to lose herself. She felt another orgasm coming on. She went limp momentarily as she came for a second time.

Bella couldn't believe it. This was the most exciting sex in her life, and it was with these two old men! Bella was now the cock craving slut that she always feared. She stood up, she pushed Leo cute brunette amateur cfnm babe fucks cfnm guy tube porn to the bed and jumped on top of him. She put her pussy around his dick and started riding him.

She was so horny at the thought of how she was fucking a married man. Leo was moaning at the sensation of her tight pussy, a far cry from his wife's loose and dried out cooch. While riding him, Bella took Ron's dick in her hand and put it in her mouth, wanting to suck the life out of it. Soon she felt it starting to twitch and pulse.

She drove her pussy down and let it rest with all of Leo's cock in her. She deep-throated Ron's cock and waited as his hot sperm flowed down her throat. She sucked off every drop. Now there was only one hard cock left. She dismounted from Leo's cock and spun her body around. She now started sucking it, while grinding her ass and wet pussy on Leo's face. He stuck out his tongue.

"Spank my ass you dirty old man!" she yelled at Ron Ron cupped her round cheek before he delivered a powerful spank making Bella moan. He kept delivering blows to alternating cheeks, watching her ivory colored ass cheek start to redden.

All the while, Leo was feverishly licking away at Bella's delicious pussy. Ron loved the way that each cheek bounced and jiggled each time he struck it. Bella, meanwhile, was feeling Leo's cock tense up. She took his hot load on her tongue, licking it before swallowing. She wanted to savor it. Leo stopped licking as he felt the sensation of coming in Bella's warm mouth. Bella started grinding her pussy on his face faster. "Keep licking you old bastard" she urged Leo put delightsome and erotic mangos mashing hardcore blowjob tongue deep in her pussy, Ron was spanking her ass cheeks so hard that it was starting to turn purple.

The pain and the licking were driving her so wild. She tensed up and squeezed her thighs around Leo's face. She had a third orgasm. She now finally was relieved. She stood up, putting on her bra and panties, not wanting to put her dress back on until she was clean. "Well that was fun boys, I hope you enjoyed your day at Jonny's Angels.

Hope you come back sometimes" She said as she quickly walked away. The two boys remained dazed. Leo still not believing what happened, and Ron being being very satisfied with Bella's performance. She made her way into the dressing room.

Undressed and hopped into the shower. Only then, when the warm water was flowing down her body, had the sobering realization of what had happened hit her. She just let two old men fuck her, and she enjoyed it. She had let other men see her and touch her, but that was after they paid for it. She was in complete control with other men, doing what she wished. When she was with Ron, he owned her. This enraged her. It was time for this blackmail to come to an end.

She had to get her life back. She got out of the shower, put on her uniform and went out to finish the rest of her shift. END For those that like pictures to accompany a story.

Check out this album I made to see how I picture Bella when I write my stories. If you prefer to use your imagination, then don't click the link!