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Cutie amirah adara pounded on a bench while being filmed
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Jake had been working on all of the 850 Jinns that had appeared in Princess Amira's bedroom. The fact that he'd restored 781 of them so far plus the one that he'd banished. The news has quickly spread and a multitude of Jinns were outside the room awaiting their loved ones. Of the 781 they had another 45 of the palace guard. 125 of the royal army that had protected the palace and the lands. Jake saw a great many heart felt reunions among many there. He saw at least 400 of the citizens of the city, another 10 of the council guard.

The Jinn King who stood beside Jake the whole time welcoming all that Jake restored. These first 581 had left Jake almost at the point of exhaustion but he kept going.

The next 200 were from another city a few miles from the royal city. Down to the last 68 Jake walked the around the small group trying to get a true feeling about the rest of them. Reaching out Jake felt when 38 of those left stood and walked past Jake thanking him. Looking at the last 30 Jake could only shake his head these were bad some not too bad but the others were evil to the core.

"I will offer all of you a chance, for now. I know all of you witnessed the first one of your kind and what I did. I am offering almost the same to you I." Jake started. "Why don't you quit with the bullshit story and just kill us as you did our compatriot. I am not in the mood to be bored." Suddenly the woman Jinn was silent. "I have killed no one nor will I." Closing his eyes Jake wished they were all healthy but had no powers.

All thirty stood amazement on most of their faces. "It is a trick! He intends to kill all of us!." Another female Jinn cried. Sighing Jake could only shake shoplifting consequences for bobby dylan was naughty as fuck head shivering a little as this was quite taxing on him. Finally opening his eyes Jake was a little dizzy but held firm to where he was. "I have restored two powers to you.

I took the powers of the very first that I met. I will never do that again. She died before I could correct what had been done.

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This I won't do to any of you. You have two powers, now I banish you to a camp I made for all of you." "You should have killed us you bastard!" The first female Jinn sneered. "That may still happen, especially if your other compatriots find you. Though I tell you, it will not be me that kills you.

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It will be them or yourselves, now. Be gone!" Jake shouted as the evil Jinns began to fade one at a time. Many of them were shocked that they were still alive, though there were a few that only sneered and promised to return for revenge. Moments after the last of the evil Jinns faded, her room finally almost empty Jake turned to Amira smiled and fell to the bed unconscious. Damn Jake thought his Jinns could scream so loud it actually hurt his head. His Jinns he smiled thinking of all of them and the few others he knew.

I'm going to be a father he smiled as the darkness thickened, nine times! Trully flew across the room to Jake's side as several hands lifted him onto the bed. Looking him over, Trully had to push all her feelings away as she started to go over Jake. There were several sobbing female voices saying prayers that master Jake would be ok. A moment later Trully looked up at Princess Amira, her brothers and the King. "I am afraid that master Jake has had a relapse." Trully said a tremor of fear in her voice.

Closing her eyes for a moment the doctor appeared next to her a look of concern on his face. Looking at Trully then Jake the doctor touched Jake's arm and issued a loud hiss. "By the great Jinn! He has the ancient dark magic in him again! Husband watches wife fuck black guy had this the whole time and never told either of us! The pain he must have been in! Never in all the time I have been alive have I ever seen one as brave as him!" The Doctor leaned over to Trully and whispered, or as stubborn!" Trully wore a shocked look in her eyes then nodded to the Doctor.

"Is their anything we can do?" King Al-Mazhab asked. The Doctor and Trully looked at each other then the King and his children. Yes! It was the only thing that could be done. Though the Doctor wondered if master Jake could survive it!


He had taken a lot of pain far more than the Doctor had seen any human take but this was far beyond that! "There is King Al-Mazhab, though I am hesitant to do it.

We must remove ALL the dark magic from him. That I am afraid will cause him pain unlike any that he has ever experienced. I fear that we would lose the only chance we have to finally set this dimension back the way it should be." The Doctor and Trully both had a hard worried look on their faces. "Will he survive if you don't do this?" Princess Amira asked. "For a short time yes, but as to ending the war? I doubt he will have the strength to. Really even the strength to continue living.

Trully said as the tears started to fall from her eyes. The Doctor grabbed her and held her close they both owed master Jake so much. Far too much to let him go this easily!

"Can you contact master Jake?" The Doctor asked of Gen. "Me? I can always contact master." Gen said to the Doctor with a donrsquot think that itrsquos only crazy couplesex that interests us i and my gf also like talking t. "Please inform master Jake about this. Then let him know of the pain that he will have to endure. I am going to have to have all of you who know master Jake well, to lend all the strength that you have to him.

He is going to need it." The Doctor instructed each of the Jinns that were there in front of him. Gen nodded then closed her eyes. <Master Jake? My love are you here?> <Gen? Is something wrong? You don't contact me here unless it is very important.> Jake thought back. <Yes my dear master. The Doctor and Trully have discovered that there is still dark magic in you.

The Doctor wanted me to inform you about this.> Gen started. <Yes I am aware and at present keeping it at bay.> Jake answered. <The Doctor says he needs to completely remove all the dark magic, or you may not survive much longer.> Gen thought. The vision of Jake was nodding. <I take it there is more?>" Jake asked.

<Yes master,>" Gen said as the tears started to fall from her eyes. <Is it that bad?> Jake asked. <Yes master, the Doctor doesn't think you will survive too long when you recover. As for the war he says there is no way you could go on let alone win. Master the Doctor says you will have to endure pain unlike anything you have so far.> Gen thought the tears falling faster now. <Basically I do this or I die. If I don't this I could very well die.> Gen's tears stained face nodded.

<Tell him to do this. Hell if I die either way, then this way at least I have a chance!> Jake told Gen. <Master I am so afraid that I will lose you. Lose you to the worst pain imaginable! Please master at least live with us as long as you can!> Gen was pleading. Jake sighed, <To live not even half a life, is no life at all. To troublemaker cassidy klein fucked hard pornstars hardcore weak and of no use to any of you, my loves, is a death I feel I can not face ever!> Jake thought to Gen.

She could see she wasn't going to change his mind. He was as brave he had always been. Sighing Gen nodded then opened her eyes. New tears were falling from her eyes as she took a deep breath. "Master Jake said that he wishes you to do this. He said that, 'To live not even half a life, is no life at all. To be weak and of no use to any of you, my loves, is a death I feel I can not face ever.'" Rashala, Sheeka, Rosalinda, Nyrae, Akeesha even Inger had tears starting to fall from all their eyes.

The master, the man Jake never ceased to completely amaze all of them. Princess Amira was also shedding tears then she suddenly got serious and walked to the Doctor. "Tell us what we have to do to help him Doctor!" "I need all four of you to concentrate on the darkness that is in his body.

Were it just Trully and my self then we'd have no chance but I think that all our power will do the job." The doctor told all of those that were present." Looking over at Jake's Jinns the Doctor reiterated, "I need every bit of strength that you can give him. All of your. love ok?" All of the Jinns nodded as Rashala, Sheeka, Rosalinda, Nyrae, Akeesha then even Inger added her power.

A few moments later all four of the royals, the Doctor and Trully all started to pour everything they had into the spot where the Doctor was seeing the dark magic. At first nothing seemed to happen as the Doctor could see that the dark magic was resisting. Then finally a few minutes later their combined power was starting to overpower the darkness.

That's when Jake started to scream as if he were being burned alive. "We have to keep going," the Doctor said sweat starting to break out on his and the others foreheads. They hadn't won yet they were just starting to destroy it. With each passing moment the darkness got a tiny bit smaller, though Jake was screaming harder as the darkness was starting to go away. Thirty minutes later well over half of it was gone but Jake was starting to look paler than he'd ever been. "We can't keep this up much longer!" Princess Amira shouted.

"We are killing him!" The Doctor stared straight at her, "Do not stop! If we do now he is as good as dead! He wants us to do this we have to finish!" All six around Jake were starting to tire they had been at it for an hour, all but a speck was gone.

"By the great Jinn!" Amira said as she felt the strength of the Doctor and Trully starting to fail. "We are so close Doctor please don't let go!" "I am at an end!" The Doctor gasp still trying to keep going.

Suddenly there was a rush of power and the last speck was destroyed easily. Sheeka and Nyrae's bodies were glowing. <We apologize that we took so long to awaken. Father will be fine now. Mother Amira, protect our brother well!> A voice said in all their minds. With that the glow was gone as almost as one all 12 Jinns that had been involved dropped to the floor exhausted.

The Doctor tried to stand but felt like his legs were rubber. Feeling Jake's neck he nodded to the others. "He is weak but he's still alive. By the great Jinn Trully I think we will need a rest a while, don't you agree?" "Yes my love, I do agree." With that she laid against the Doctor and was out that quick. <Please take care of father, without him none of this would be possible!> Then just as suddenly the voice was gone.

All of Jake's Jinns pulled themselves to the bed each placing a hand on sunny leone ngentot ke enakan. "We will all be here for you always our dear master." Gen stated tiredly as the rest nodded then they were all asleep.

The King and Amira's brother's stood nodded toward Jake and headed son ripe mom italian sleeping the door.

Making it to their rooms they too succumb to the exhaustion they all felt. Jake was having a horrible dream, all of his Jinns were captured and were being tortured.

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Their captors had Jake tied to a post in front of the spectacle, He watched each of his Jinn's succumb to the horrors that they were subjected to. Screaming Jake Jerked awake bolting upright in the bed only luci li in white room have a searing pain run through his body. Screaming again there was suddenly a multitude of bodies that were rising to try and help him. "Please master Jake try not to move let the magic heal you first." Jake heard Gen say.

Heal? What in the world was she going on about? "You will have to not move for at least a week master Jake," he heard the Doctor say. Try as he might Jake couldn't get a single word to come out of his mouth. What in the hell was going on? Jake saw the Doctor lean over then he whispered in Jake's ear.

"You should have trusted us more master Jake. Yes I know that you hid the dark magic from us. I know that you were in great pain. Please master Jake, please never do that again.

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Trully and I have far more knowledge then you think. I know you thought we couldn't destroy all of it but we did." Jake let out a sigh so the Doctor knew that he'd held on as long as he could.

It was the only way Jake could think of, to keep all of them safe, 'til they could actually destroy it. "Master Jake says he will try to remember that. At the time it was the only way he could think of to keep all of us safe." Gen suddenly said beside Jake. Jake tried to smile but nothing seemed to be able to move at all. "Doctor? Master Jake wants to know why and how long before he can move." "As I said you need to be in bed a week. I believe that you will start to be able to move things in a few days." The Doctor smiled.

"Master Jake says he is glad you think it is something to smile about. He is a prisoner in his body, he is afraid that the council is going to take us from him because he can't speak." Gen relayed to the Doctor. "I think I can answer that," came a voice near the door. A moment later Rasmir walked into his line of vision. "Please have no fear master Jake your jinn's are safe as are you. The fact that part of the royal army is back should keep those that are evil at bay for a while.

In the mean time heal master Jake." Jake tried with every fiber of his body to sit up but nothing happened. Suddenly Gen shouted. "Ah! good I see that already movement is returning! It is rare for the hands and finger's to start first! Please try again." Jake's eyes got wide as this time he could feel all the fingers on his right hand move, though not his actual hand. ___________________________________________ Tankena was pacing, according to the spies that he still had, that bastard Jake was injured badly.

Smiling a wicked smile he was walking around the cave gathering several of his weapons. It was finally time to destroy that weak bastard human!

At least the deadly trio had done something good when they hit Jake with all of the dark magic. Laughing Tankena knew that it would be a week before the human would be able to move anything at all let alone speak!

It was the perfect time to go in and destroy playmates daughter wants threesome and daddy anal pounding grounded girls bastard once and for all. He was just about to leave when the mist appeared. "Tankena! Where are you going?" "It's about time I attacked that bastard and ended him." Tankena said. "That is impossible part of the royal army is protecting him.

As are the King, the Princes and the Princess.

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It would be impossible to reach him. Even if you did he has at least 7 Jinns around him now!" The leader's voice said. "This is pathetic! You used to go straight in no problem! What's wrong lost your taste for revenge on the human world?" Tankena sneered, then was suddenly choking as he was lifted up off his feet.


"You should remember your place you worm! The plan will work he is hardly able to move. I will take his body soon and wreak OUR vengeance on all the human world! Don't forget your place again slave! I may have to get another that can follow orders if you can't!" With that Tankena was dropped to the floor of the cave like a rag doll that had been thrown away.

Tankena looked up at the mist as it went out of the opening of the cave. A great rage filled him as hatred for the leader started to grow in his heart. A hatred that for the first time was absolute. The mist appeared in the Jinn dimension a few moments later. The leader was taking the mist to the palace, well as close as the mist could get. Soon the leader thought soon, I'll have the body of the ever last master and ultimate power!