Blonde shoplifter gets what punished hard by a horny cop humiliation shoplyfter

Blonde shoplifter gets what punished hard by a horny cop humiliation shoplyfter
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Chapter 2: At The Mercy Of The Harem-Amazons ! As the Harem-Amazons moved towards them, they started removing their armor, revealing their tanned, muscular-yet feminine flesh. Toned and taut with hard nipples and completely shaved pussies. The Harem Amazons were now completely nude except for their leather thigh-high boots. Even as Johnny and Lucinda defensively moved back, they couldn't help admiring the naked female flesh marching towards them. "Stay behind me Lucinda." Johnny said as he tried to get between the aroused amazons and Lucinda.


"Look, I don't want to hit a chick, but I will if I have to." As the amazon closed in on him, Johnny threw a punch at her, and, with uncanny speed, strength and precision, the amazon caught his fist and twisted while her other hand grabbed his testicles and squeezed.

The dual pain was too much; Johnny fell to his knees and, like that, his fight was over. This can't be happening ! Johnny thought as a pair of strong toned amazon-legs got him into a scissors-hold and squeezed the air out of him as she used one of her free hands to slowly stroke his cock, which throbbed against the three glowing ForceRings around his balls, base of his shaft and just under the head of his cock which prevented him from cumming while simultaneously teasing him towards doing so.

The other Harem-Amazon towered over him, laughing and masturbating at the sight before her as she said: "Pathetic, yet arousing." Looking over, Johnny could see the other two Harem-Amazons were not wasting any time in their assault on Lucinda.

Sandwiched between the 2 women, Lucinda grunted and writhed helplessly as the Black one (Johnny would later find out that her name was "Zonja") was sucking & biting her left nipple and holding her arm with one hand while her other hand was teasing the outer lips of Lucinda's pussy with her fingers dancing along the meaty lips, but never penetrating. The other Amazon behind her was holding Lucinda's other arm immobile as she kissed and bit her neck & shoulder, while her hand seemed to have a finger buried knuckle-deep in Lucinda's tight asshole.

The sight of Lucinda being ravaged by the sexy amazons gave Johnny renewed fight as he yelled: "GET AWAY FROM HER !" at Zonja, who took her lips off of Lucinda's nipple long enough to give Johnny a contemptuous "or what ?" look. Now Johnny was pissed; he yelled: Why don't you take on someone your own size, you fucking dyke !" Everyone stopped; complete silence in the room.

Eyes wide with incredulous fury, Zonja stood up and said to Johnny: "What did you just say to me ?" Getting to his feet, Johnny repeated: "W.Why don't you pick on someone your own size ?" Zonja smiled at Johnny (which was unsettling), revealing her perfect white teeth and said: "Very well, just you and I will play then." Speaking to Lucinda, Zonja said:"I want you to watch what I'm going to do to your boyfriend." Like a panther, Zonja moved towards Johnny who said: "Look, I'm warning you, I don't wa---" was all he got out before Zonja delivered a lightning quick blow with two fingers to Johnny's left nipple, causing him to fall to one knee in pain & arousal.

Zonja knew that injuring or marking Johnny would be unacceptable to the Queen, so she'd decided to defeat Johnny through a campaign of blows to his erogenous zones. Getting up, Johnny said: "OK, I don't know what that was, but that was your one free sh---" was all he got out as Zonja somersaulted over him with lightning speed and grabbed his balls from behind, squeezing them. Johnny dropped to his knees in pain saying: "You fucking lesbo bitch.!" Johnny whirled around with a powerful haymaker !

.which Zonja blocked with ease. Johnny threw a punch, which Zonja dodged gracefully, with an amused smile on her face. Hard anal dilation with a big baseball bat Harem-Amazons laughed. Frustrated, Johnny grabbed her in a bear hug he chose me harley dean x jean val jean her arms pinned to her sides and squeezed; with a bored look on her face, Zonja broke the hold with ease and spun Johnny around with her arm around his neck choking him.

Zonja's other hand was on his cock, jerking it at a furious pace, causing the ForceRings around his shaft and balls to subtly constrict, preventing him from cumming.

With Zonja's arm around his windpipe and the other on his cock, Johnny didn't know which concerned him more or what to do with his hands. Deciding to try and deal with the arm that was choking him, Johnny decided that his penis would have to fend for itself for the moment. With both hands and gasping for air, Johnny tried to move her muscular arm from around his neck, but it was like iron; even with both hands he couldn't even budge her arm.

Meanwhile, Zonja's other hand was pumping Johnny's cock with a steel grip and trained fingers that danced along the tip of his cockhead, exciting and frustrating him.

Johnny was equally desperate to breathe and to cum ! Gasping for air, Johnny thought he might pass out, but Zonja wasn't about to let him off that easily. In an impressive display of acrobatics and wrestling, Zonja flipped Johnny on his back, slamming into the ground as her long, muscular legs got Johnny into a scissors hold and squeezed the air out of his stomach. Smiling as her legs scissored Johnny's torso, Zonja grabbed his nearest arm with one hand and with the other, she used her skilled fingers to tickle his ribcage.

The effect was electric, as Johnny immediately started to convulse and laugh under Zonja's touch, but he was helpless to escape she was too strong. As her fingertips danced along his ribs, sending Johnny into paroxysms of convulsions and laughter, Zonja teasingly said: "Being ticklish is a sign of sexual insecurity.

You must be very insecure." Thanks to the Lust Scanner, Zonja and the other Harem Amazons were fully aware of all of Johnny's most intimate, secret and shameful sexual desires and fetishes, including his various fantasies of being helplessly tickled by women.

The scanner even provided a blueprint of Johnny's most sensitive areas to tickle as well. The Harem Amazons had even spent countless hours of virtual simulations in how best to exploit and tease all of Johnny and Lucinda's "sweet spots"for maximum tantalization and humiliation.

Still scissored between her thighs, Zonja flipped Johnny onto his stomach, grabbed his ankle in an iron grip and began to flutter her fingers over the sole of his foot, tickling it with immediate results: Please God no !

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Please stop ! was what Johnny was thinking but unable to vocalize through his involuntary laughter as Zonja's fingers continued to dance along the arch of his foot, tickling it.

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Held immobile by the two Harem Amazons; horny and frustrated, Lucinda was even more aroused watching the sexy amazon physically humiliate and dominate Johnny. Lucinda also noticed Johnny's hard cock throbbing against the ForceRings that tormented it. Although still trying to process what was happening, Lucinda was desperate to finger her own pussy, but her two captors would only allow her to watch as they caressed and sucked her tits while groping and slapping her ass and inner thighs, which were now slick from her sweat and drooling pussy.

"C'mon, girls.let me get one will know." Lucinda plead to the two Amazons that were sexually torturing her. One of them stopped sucking on her nipple long enough to say: "You heard the Queen; you're not allowed to cum.

Ever." as her fingers teased the lips of Lucinda's pussy. Zonja effortlessly rolled on her side, flipping Johnny onto his stomach and then quickly sat up while pulling him across her lap, face down.

Holding Johnny in place with one hand, the other ebony hand came down, spanking his buttocks, alternating between each cheek as her inner thighs rubbed against his throbbing cock. As Zonja spanked him, Johnny looked up and saw Lucinda watching; shamed, he couldn't meet her eyes and wondered if it was possible to die from humiliation. Zonja's spanking became more playful, with her hand groping and fondling his ass between each spank as her thighs squeezed around Johnny's cock. Bored of this, Zonja threw Johnny onto the floor, face down and then straddled his body, holding his hands down with hers, she said: "This will be tough for your 'male pride' to accept, but we're faster than you.

Stronger than you and much better warriors than you. We are physically superior to you in every way. We can do whatever we put your cock in my tits watch part on suzcamcom to you and you will be physically unable to stop us. There is nothing that we can't make you do." Zonja then began to slam her pelvic region (her completely shaved pussy was moist) against his buttocks (as though she were fucking his ass) while saying: "We are under the Queen's orders, but If I had my way, me and my warriors would take turns violating front of your girlfriend." Smiling, Zonja said: "That arouses you, doesn't it ?" as one hand reached under and squeezed his cock.

It wasn't enough that she kicked my ass; she has to completely humiliate me in front of Lucinda Johnny thought as Zonja rubbed her firm tits against his back while she continued to squeeze his cock. Johnny was rock hard.

Zonja's muscular, but agile ebony body casually positions itself in a "69" position, with her on top and Johnny on the bottom with his head imprisoned between her muscular thighs and her completely shaved and aroused pussy grinding into his face.

"Worship my pussy and ass" Zonja commanded and then licked and kissed the head of his engorged cock as she studied it. Teased by the lips and tongue of Zonja, Johnny's cock strained against the vibrations and constrictions of the ForceRings that simultaneously coaxed him towards orgasm, while also not allowing him to do so.

"Place your hands on my buttocks and caress them" Zonja instructed and then took Johnny deep in her throat and sucked.

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Hard. God that feels so good ! I have to cum ! I NEED to cum ! Johnny thought as he squirmed and moaned into Zonja's pussy, his hands squeezing her muscular-but-feminine ass.

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Like all the Harem-Amazons, Zonja was incredibly skilled at all forms of oral sex, an act they often used as a torture technique to extract information and confessions from their prey. Zonja could feel the ForceRings on Johnny's cock buzz against the sides of her throat as she sucked him. He is desperate for release Zonja mused as she felt him writhing underneath her, taking his sexual frustration out on her pussy as he sucked it and tongue-fucked it with vigor.

Zonja shivered. Meanwhile, Lucinda struggled, moaned and whimpered with lust as the other three Harem-Amazons used her for their amusement and pleasure.

One Amazon was sitting on Lucinda's face, making her eat her pussy and ass and had one of her ankles in each hand, pulled back and stretched wide so that Lucinda's wet, meaty pussy and virgin asshole were vulnerable and tasty targets for the other two Amazons, who teased her pussy lips while penetrating her asshole with their tongues with just enough precision to avoid making her climax, but enough to make her tremble and bendy teen jizzed by bbc interracial and pornstars.


"Enough." Zonja says, as both Johnny and Lucinda are dragged by their hair into the center of the room. "Both of you, eat my pussy !" Zonja commanded as she laid out on her back in front of them, her thigh-high covered legs spread wide to receive their lips and tongues. Still ashamed of how Zonja had humiliated him in front of Lucinda, Johnny could not bear to make eye contact with her and kept his head down. In unison, Johnny and Lucinda started licking Zonja's very wet pussy, their heads awkwardly getting in each others way at first as they both pleasured the Amazon.

Goddess ! They are both unskilled, but very talented Zonja thought as she struggled to maintain her stoic composure as Lucinda's tongue rimmed her asshole. They have no idea about the wondrous pleasures that will be inflicted upon them !

Zonja mused as Johnny's tongue beat against her clit, almost making her cum. Biting her lip to hold back a moan, Zonja said: "B.Both of on the clit." A Harem Amazon grabbed Johnny's hand, placed it and said: "Keep those fingers in my pussy or I'll break them." As their tongues swirl around Zonja's clit, their tongues make contact, which leads to a kiss. A deep kiss.

The kiss becomes deeper as Johnny and Lucinda explore each others mouths, each tasting the pussies and assholes of the Harem-Amazons they were forced to pleasure, as their tongues intertwined and danced. And they looked into each others eyes and, in that moment, they knew they were in love.

They felt sparks of love as well as the sad realization that cruel fate had decided that they'd never be allowed to physically make love to each other.

Balls massage and gentle orall service pornstar and hardcore mocking voice broke the spell: "How romantic, but your 'date' is over. Get back to worshiping my pussy." As Johnny & Lucinda licked Sonja's pussy, the other Harem Amazons knelt behind them and started kissing and licking their asses. "Maybe I'll fuck your girlfriend in the ass while she's watching our Queen fuck you in the ass ?" Zonja taunted, one last stab at what was left of Johnny's male pride and further inflaming Lucinda's arousal.

"I.I'll g- get us Aah ! - I'll get us out of this somehow." Johnny whispered to Lucinda as two amazon tongues swirled & fluttered over his puckering asshole. As Amazon lips and fingers pulled on her sore nipples, Lucinda thought: I really hope not. TO BE CONTINUED IN CHAPTER 3: ALONE