Molly jane xxx sexy story

Molly jane xxx sexy story
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The choke chain tightened around my neck cutting off my air. I thrashed beneath Nick as he continued to thrust violently into my convulsing cunt. I bucked wildly against him trying to keep my eyes focussed on his face as the edges of my vision darkened.

A feeling of euphoric bliss blossomed and exploded in the pit of my stomach flowing outward from it's epicenter in my womb to wash through my entire body. I could feel the muscles in my rippling vagina clamp down on Nick's thick, rigid cock. My hands clawed at the chain around my throat as I realized he wasn't letting up. My chest ached as my deprived lungs screamed for air.

My orgasm, as intense as when it had first rocked through me, arched my body impossibly until just my heels and the crown of my head remained in contact with the bed.

Nick slammed into my gushing cunt sex tenn xxx hamster storys, the end of the choke chain wrapped in his fist as he pulled it tighter. Light faded and my body fell limp. *** Nick slapped me hard and I groaned without opening my eyes.

He slapped me again and I roused enough to realize his hard cock was just above my face, a gossamer strand of clear ooze hung from the tip to slide down the side of my nose onto my cheek. I knew what he wanted before he spoke. "Suck it, you filthy slut," he growled. I shivered. His harsh words sent a thrill of pleasure along my spine. I opened my mouth and dug the tip of my tongue into his piss hole to scoop out the pre-cum gathered there.

He shoved his cock into my mouth, his hands gripping the sides of my head as he forced himself into my throat and started fucking my face. I gagged on him and he moaned softly as my throat convulsed on the head of his penis. I reached between my legs and slid my fingers through the wet folds of my cunt as I sucked and licked his thrusting cock.

I lifted my wet fingers to explore the crack of his ass. Finding his tight pucker, I pushed my middle finger against it insistently. Feeling it give and stretch I slid my finger deep into his clenching ass and and began to thrust, matching his rhythm in my mouth.


His breathing ragged, he wrapped his hands around fistfuls of my hair lifting my head as he shoved all 7" of his steel hard cock into my mouth. The spongy head pushed against the back of my throat and he growled deep in his chest as he erupted. There was no question of spit or swallow. It was swallow or drown as he released a torrent of semen directly into my constricting throat.

So I swallowed as I continued to fuck his ass with my finger. My tongue undulating against his shaft as I drank his precious sperm, milking his balls dry. When he had spent his load in my mouth and his cock began to soften, he let his piss begin to pour into my mouth. It didn't surprise me anymore. I almost expected it. I made a gurgling sound around his thick penis as I tried to keep up with the flow.

I swallowed frantically, knowing well what he'd do to me if I let one drop spill from between my lips. I chased his sperm with gulp after gulp of his hot piss. Finished, he fell to the bed and laid beside me, his chest rising and falling rapidly while we both caught our breath. After a few minutes he pulled me against him and kissed me deeply as he rough sex teen blonde hd dont say you love me my hair.

I snuggled against him, happy that he'd allowed me to survive another encounter. I knew there would come a day he didn't. It kept things really interesting. "Ready to play?" he asked slapping my ass hard.

I laughed as I sat up and swung my legs over the side of the bed looking back at him over my shoulder. "I'm always ready, baby." *** I stepped into the bright, late afternoon sunlight and looked around. There were a few people enjoying the motel swimming pool. A family on their way to vacation someplace a lot more exciting than this little pimple of a town in way the fuck and beyond gone Nebraska.

At least that's what I assumed. I couldn't imagine anyone choosing McCook as their dream vacation destination. I ran my hand over the red hair of the wig I wore and pushed the large, dark glasses up onto the bridge of my nose. Nick and I weren't here. The motel room had been paid for with a stolen credit card as was the rented car.

Our IDs were very expensive forgeries. Denver and the secluded rented cabin by some mountain lake was as far as anyone could track us. He unlocked the driver's side door of the silver Pontiac and climbed in before popping the lock on my side. I got in and fidgeted with the wig again. He started the car and backed out of the space in front of our room. "Let the wig alone," he said. "It looks fine." I folded my hands in my lap and watched the little frame houses pass my window as he headed out of town.

Neither of us spoke. I could feel the pent up energy boiling off my lover. He'd been waiting for this ever since I'd introduced him to my uptight, good girl roommate Jeanie nearly a year before and he had started his onlline friendship with her.

A few miles out of town he turned off the blacktop onto a dirt road. I hadn't known until Jeanie had brought me home with her last Christmas that there naughty hottie raises her long legs hardcore and blowjob still dirt roads. Her parents lived on a small ranch that sat, literally, in the middle of nowhere. Their nearest neighbor was at least two miles away. Nick turned onto the lane that led back to the house. I pulled the red wig off my head and shook out my long, dark hair.

I tossed the wig into the back seat and retrieved the large tote bag I'd stashed behind the driver's seat when we had picked the car up. He glanced over at me as I settled back into my seat. "Feel better?" he asked with a grin. "Much," I said hugging the nylon bag on my lap. Nick parked the car behind the red pickup in lad fucks raunchy luscious bitch hardcore and blowjob driveway.

We got out and he took the bag from me as we walked toward the house. He stood off to the side with his back against the wall and I knocked. The curtain moved and someone looked through one of the small panes in the door. The door opened and Jeanie's mom stared at me through the screened storm door. "Haley," she said wrinkling her nose as though she smelled something bad. "What are you doing here?" "I need to talk to Jeanie," I said trying to work up a tear. "You really should have called." "I know, Beverly" I said sniffling.

"I just had to get away from my dad. I didn't know anywhere else that he wouldn't find me." That did it. Jeanie's mother was convinced my father was the devil. She pushed the door open and stood back to let me enter.

Before she could let it swing shut Nick stepped through and swung the heavy duffle bag hitting her square in her smug face. Her head snapped back and she dropped to the floor, stunned by the unexpected blow. Straddling her stomach I opened the bag. As I extracted the roll of duct tape I heard Jeanie screaming for her dad. I looked up for a second as Nick rushed after her, then turned back to my task. Working quickly, I wrapped duct tape around the wrists of the stunned, older women beneath me.

I covered her mouth with a strip of silver then swung my leg over her body and turned to bind her ankles together. I stood up and dragged her by her feet to the the stairs that lead down to the family room in the basement.

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I started dragging her down the steps then stood aside and let her slide. A muffled cry of pain or surprise left her as she landed in a heap at the bottom. I followed, jumping off the third step from the bottom to land on her charlotte stokely and romi rain. She made a loud whooshing sound as all the air left her body and she jerked her knees up.

Jeanie's dad had started down the steps before I had a chance to drag his wife into the nice, comfy seating area. He was followed by his wide eyed daughter. Her pale cheeks were wet with tears and Nick held a gun to her ribs. It wasn't loaded, but neither Jeanie or her dad knew that. Nick shoved Jeanie toward where her mother lay on the floor. She stumbled then kneeled by the bitch's prone form.

I grabbed her by her blond pony tail and dragged her to the sofa. Pulling her up to sit beside me, I wrapped my arms around her. "Why are you doing this?" she whined pathetically as she watched Nick direct her father to the straight back chair he had set at the far end of the room. I kissed her cheek and she winced.

"We just stopped by to visit," I said giving her a little curvy gf kimmy fabel gets her pussy stretched pornstars hardcore. "Haven't you missed me?" "This isn't just a visit. What do you want?" I curled up next to her, my arms still around her, resting my head on her stiff shoulder while we watched Nick tie her dad to the chair.

"I thought you would enjoy meeting Nick," I said softly against her ear. Her eyes flew open wide as she looked at the man tightening the rope around her father's chest. The man that had won her trust and befriended her online. The man she'd turned to and confided in time and again as I had tormented her with the knowledge that I had fucked her daddy right after the beginning of our last year of college. That I'd done him more than once.

I'd even fucked him here in this room when she'd brought home with her for Christmas while she and her mother were upstairs making cookies. Nick finished tying off the rope binding her father to the chair and crossed the room to stand smiling down at my BFF.

Jeanie trembled in my embrace as Nick knelt and reached out to stroke her cheek. She made a choking sound as she tried to swallow her sob. "Hey, baby," he said softly, almost soothingly. "You're going to be a good girl for me, right?" Jeanie stared at him uncomprehendingly. The hand that had been caressing her cheek drew back and slapped her sharply. She jerked her head back and cried out in shocked surprise.

"Answer me," he said gripping her chin firmly. "Yes," she whimpered. "I'll be good." He patted her cheek then stood up. Jeanie watched him with fear growing in her eyes as he reached into the bag and pulled out another length of rope. I let my hands glide down the front of her taut body to the snap on her white denim shorts.

"No, baby," Nick said stopping me before I could open her fly. "Jeanie's going to take them off for me." I laughed at the look of dull confusion on her face as Nick took her hand and pulled her to her feet.

She had never been the brightest person I knew. She was kind of vapid, actually. It was a good thing she was pretty. Nick leaned down and kissed Jeanie. She pressed her hands against his chest like she actually thought there was some way she was going to stop what was happening. He held her face between his hands and rested his forehead against hers. "Take the shorts off," he said so gently it was almost a caress. Jeanie shook her head. "Make it easy or make it hard, baby," he said in a menacingly soft voice.

"It's up to you. Take them off now, though, or your mom is going to pay." Jeanie sobbed as she unzipped the shorts. Off to the side good old Roger found his voice and began to pray out loud. Nick ignored him as Jeanie pushed her shorts down and stepped out of them. He slipped his fingers under the elastic in the leg on one side and hooked his thumb under the other to pull the crotch of her white cotton panties tight between the lips of her pussy.

She whimpered as he rubbed her clit with the bunched fabric. Her hands that had been pushing at him curled into fists clenched around his shirt as she tried to steady herself. Nick pulled up hard and she cried out as she went up on her toes. He let go of her panties and slid his hand between her legs.

Jeanie moaned loudly as he shoved his fingers into her cunt. He thrust in and out roughly and I could hear the slurping, sucking sound they made. I laughed. "You're a fucking slut, Jeanie," I said mockingly. "You're getting wet for the man that's going to rape you." Tears were flowing down her face again and her dad was still calling on God to protect them as Nick stripped Jeanie's panties off and tossed them to me.

"Take care of him," he ordered as he forced my former room mate onto her knees. "And gag him." I rummaged through the duffle bag and pulled out the brown prescription bottle. Popping the pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 400 off I dumped two of the 20 mg tablets of Cialis into the palm of my hand.

I snapped the cap back on and dropped the bottle into the bag. I grabbed the roll of duct tape. "Hey, Rog," I said straddling his lap.

"You have to stop this, Haley," he said a little unsteadily. "You can't bring this man into my." "I didn't bring him here," I said. "Jeanie invited him." Roger looked at me blankly. I held the almond shaped yellow tablets up to his lips. He pulled his head back and clamped his lips together stubbornly. I laughed and pinched his nose shut. "It's like Nick said," I told him. "You can make it easy or you can make it hard, but you're going to swallow these pills.

If you want to watch your wife and daughter suffer first." He opened his mouth and I pushed the pills to the back of his tongue. I know his mouth had to be dry, but he swallowed the tablets without any farther resistance. I shoved the wet crotch of his daughter's underwear into his mouth and covered it with a strip of tape. I saw his throat work as he swallowed hard again and I could swear I felt his cock twitch.

I slid back off his lap and turned to watch as Nick finished hog-tying Jeanie, ankles to wrists behind her back. He stood up and gazed admiringly down at her bowed body. Naked from the waist down she tried to squeeze her her thighs together, then groaned and spread her knees to relieve the strain on her joints.

Nick pushed the pointed toe of his cowboy boot against the glistening opening of her cunt and she screamed. I knew he wasn't hurting her yet. I'd taken more of that boot in my pussy many times.

Jeanie was just such a baby about everything. She wasn't going to enjoy much of what Nick had planned for her. He laughed at her as she tried to squirm away from him. Looking over at me as he unbuckled his belt, he asked, "You know where he keeps his shotguns?" Beside me Roger moaned around his daughter's panties.

I nodded. He kept his shotguns in an unlocked, glass front case in their erena tachibana sex mom s folly atonement to room upstairs. "Go," Nick ordered. I started toward the stairs. "Buckshot," he said before I reached the bottom step. I nodded and ran up the stairs.

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In the living room I opened the front of the gun case and lifted one of the shotguns from it's rack. Opening the long drawer, I grabbed a blue box of shells. Nick was folding his jeans when I got back downstairs. He laid them neatly on top of his folded shirt. He was kind of particular about things like that.

He refused to tolerate my clutter and insisted that everything be in it's proper place and the house kept spotless. The only chaos Nick allowed was that which he created.

And he was about to start creating. He pulled on a pair of latex surgical gloves then grabbed a handful of Bev's hair to drag her across the floor. The old kitchen table in the corner served for their family game nights.

Now it was going to be used for a different kind of game. Nick hoisted Bev onto the formica surface, dumping her onto her back. He lifted her by her throat and slammed her head against the table top. "Don't move," he told her harshly. He strode back to where Jeanie lay crying softly. "Bring the bag," he said to me as he lifted Jeanie by one elbow to half drag, half carry her to the table where her mother lay still.

I followed him carrying the bag, the shotgun, and shells. He dropped Jeanie and positioned her on her back just in front of the table. I dropped the bag next to her and handed the shotgun to Nick. Without warning he brought the butt up sharply and rammed it into my midsection. I doubled over with a surprised grunt. "Finger prints, you stupid cunt," he growled at me. "I've been here before," I reminded him angrily. "I can explain my finger prints if I have to." He smiled unpleasantly and I suspected he wasn't really worried about my carelessness.

If they did dust for finger prints ours wouldn't be the only unidentified prints they found. His treatment of me had a lot more to do with the fact that he wasn't going to be able to leave too many marks on Jeanie.

Nothing that couldn't be explained by her crazed father losing it and raping his daughter before murdering busty dyke gets her pussy licked by taxi driver family and killing himself.

Nick opened the box of shells and extracted two.

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Carrying the shotgun with him he dropped to one knee behind Roger. He placed one shell in Roger's palm and squeezed his fingers against it busty babe lauren pounded by a black guy loaded it into one chamber before doing the same with the second shell. He stood up and returned to the table where Beverly lay quietly with her eyes tightly shut. Propping the loaded gun against the wall, he reached out and ripped the tape off Bev's mouth.

He lifted her legs, pressing her knees to her chest and spread her ass cheeks. "No, please," Bev moaned miserably. "Please don't." Nick laughed and turned to me. His cock was thick and rigid, standing proudly from the crisp curls at its base. I wanted to kneel and worship it with my mouth, to fondle his tight balls while I stroked and sucked the nectar that I craved from his testicles.

I knew that wasn't what he wanted from me now. I pulled a condom from the duffle bag and opened the foil with my teeth. He hated condoms, but they were necessary this time. I took the thin latex out of its package and rolled it onto is erection. He stood behind Bev, one foot on either side of Jeanie's head. He looked down at my friend's stricken face. "Mommy first, baby," he said grinning.

"Don't worry, though. I promise there will be plenty left for you." Placing one hand on the back of each of her thighs, he pushed her legs up. Bev started whimpering and begging him to stop. He pushed the head of his rampant cock against her tight sphincter and she screamed as he shoved reality kings couple pay for their way into her.

I fell to my knees and crawled under the table. Lifting Jeanie's head onto my lap I watched as Nick savagely fucked Bev's ass. His cock was streaked with her blood and she was screaming mindlessly redhead teen sucks and gets anal fucked he pumped into her torn anus.

Jeanie squeezed her eyes shut to close out the sight of her mother's violation. I popped her a little one on the chin and her eyes flew open. She looked a little dazed, but I knew it wasn't from the gentle tap I'd just given her. "Watch," I ordered her, "or I'm going to feed you that condom when he's done." Her eyes widened then fixed on Nick's hard cock pounding into her mother's bleeding ass. His rhythm quickened and I could hear him grunting as he slammed into her abused body. Jeanie was crying harder, whether for her mom or because she knew what was in store for her I didn't know.

Nick groaned and pushed deep into Bev's ass and I knew he was cumming. I let Jeanie's head slide off my lap as I crawled from under the table. I picked up a ziploc bag and peeled the dirty condom off Nick's deflating penis, dropping it into the plastic bag. I sucked him into my mouth and cleaned his cum from his twitching cock. He stroked my hair then picked up the shotgun. Lifting her legs to rest against his chest, Nick pushed the muzzle of the gun against the opening of her cunt.

She shrieked and started beating her heels against him ineffectually. She tried to push him away with her feet as he shove a few inches of the barrel into her dry pussy. "Nnnoooooooooooo!" she wailed as I grabbed her around the calves and pulled her legs up and held them so Nick could fuck her good and hard with the barrel of the shotgun that was becoming Bev's last lover.

She bucked wildly, rolling her hips as he thrust deeper and deeper into her cunt. It looked for all the world like she was fucking the gun back, probably with a lot more enthusiasm than she'd ever fucked her husband. Nick had at least 10" of the barrel in her ravaged pussy when she finally stopped struggling. Her breathing was rapid and shallow and her eyes were glassy. "Stand back," he said to me. I stepped back and he withdrew a few inches of the barrel.

Resting the stock by his hip, he squeezed the triggers and fired both barrels into her vagina. Even though I was expecting it, the loud report in the confines of the family room made me jump. Bev's body jerked then twitched as she went limp, her eyes wide and empty. A pool of blood spread beneath her body, spilling over the edges of the table and blood dripped from her ruined cunt onto her daughter's upturned face. Nick pulled the barrel out of Bev's dead body sexiest body in the world anllela sagra dropped it on the floor.

Jeanie was completely still and quiet as he rolled her onto her belly and dropped to his knees between her thighs. He pulled the surgical gloves off and bunched his fingers together to shove them into her wet cunt.

She grunted as he thrust into her, working more and more of his hand into her pussy with each hard stroke.

His cock was rising as he tucked his thumb against his palm and she writhed as he buried his entire hand in her cunt. I slipped my hand under my short skirt and began rubbing the wet crotch of my panties.

I would have sat in front of her face and made her eat my dripping pussy, but Nick didn't want to have to clean up when we were done. This was supposed to be in and out, so to speak. I pulled my panties aside and rammed two fingers into my drenched vagina as I watched Nick pound the inside of Jeanie's cunt with his fist. The lips of her tortured pussy were stretched so tight over his forearm that the skin was white.

The force of his powerful thrusts was sliding her body across the carpet so he put his free hand on her back to hold her down. My breathing came in panting gasps as I watched the walls of Jeanie's cunt pull out, grasping at his arm as he withdrew and sliding back with his inward stroke. I leaned back a little and worked my fingers in and out of my cunt rapidly while pressing my thumb against my swollen clit.

Nick pulled out so just his hand was still inside her. He twisted his wrist back and forth and Jeanie's face screwed up. Her mouth hung open and she was panting like a bitch big ebony rods temptation black ebony cumshots ebony swallow interracial a heat.

Nick rocked his hand inside her cunt then thrust in hard and deep. Jeanie arched her back and screamed and I knew he was pushing his fingers into her cervix. I cried out as my cunt clenched on my fingers and I came shivering violently with the force of my orgasm.

I rode the waves of my climax with my fingers buried in my spasming cunt as Nick finger fucked her uterus. She moaned pathetically as she kissed the carpet, her face rubbing back and forth on the floor as he continued to torment her.

He looked at me as he pulled his hand out of her gaping cunt.

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"You're pretty fucking useless, aren't you?" he asked me, watching me suck my cum coated fingers as he put on a fresh condom. I knew he didn't expect an answer, but I couldn't keep my mouth shut.


"I love you, too," I said sarcastically. His look told me that I was going to pay for my smart mouth later, but he was occupied with more pressing matters at the moment.

He rose onto his knees and pushed his arms through the space between Jeanie's calves and hips and braced himself with his hands against the floor.

I moved forward quickly to guide the head of his engorged cock to her tightly puckered anus. His thick penis bent a little as it tried to gain entrance to her ass. She moaned loudly as her sphincter gave enough for the head of his cock to push through. He paused for just a second then shoved all the way in. She shuddered and went completely limp as he began to rape her virgin ass.

Jesus, baby," he groaned. "She's so fucking tight. Wake her up." I rummaged through the duffle bag and found the smelling salts.

Turning her head toward me I snapped the vial under her nose. She jerked as she came to. "Stay with us, sweetie," I said tapping her cheek. "Nick wants to see how much you're enjoying his cock." Jeanie sobbed as Nick literally pounded the shit out of her. He leaned over her back pressing her down and changing his angle of penetration to make her rape as painful as possible. She shrieked and I knew he had to be tearing her.

Having cum already when he was fucking Bev's ass I knew he was going to be a while in Jeanie. It was why he'd done her mother first. Jeanie was the reason we were here. He'd spent nearly ten months playing the shy, lonely, older man just looking to befriend some sweet young girl. Just someone nice and pure to talk to. She had fallen for it all so beautifully, confiding in her friend, exchanging syrupy emails and telling him all about her final year in college.

She'd complained to him about what a horrible friend I was. She cried to him about how I made her feel so insignificant and unattractive. And he had consoled her. I moved to kneel beside him. I leaned down and cupped my hand over his swinging balls, pressing them against against his body as I extended my tongue to run it over and around his anus. He slowed his rhythm, fucking her slow and deep while I licked his asshole.

I sat back on my heels and sucked my fingers, wetting them with my saliva. He groaned, a shiver of pleasure running up his spine as I gently pushed my forefinger into his anus mom and son japan movies began directly stimulating his prostrate. I matched my rhythm to his as he continued to fuck Jeanie, pushing deeper and deeper into her bowels.

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He wrapped his arms around her body and quickened his pace as my finger drove him toward his release. Jeanie was whimpering beneath him as he pounded into her torn and bleeding rectum. His breathing grew ragged and I pushed a second finger into his ass, twisting my hand back and forth as I thrust in and out.

"Oh fuck," he growled as he began to pound his rampant cock into her as fast and hard as he could. He shoved his cock into her, his ass clenching on my fingers as he filled the tip of the condom with his cum.

He held the base of his cock and pulled out of her anus, carefully removing the condom and dropping it into the ziploc I held open with the first one he'd used. I leaned down and licked the length of his softening prick before taking him into my mouth to finish sucking him clean. His cock twitched as my tongue undulated against the head. He stroked my hair as his breathing returned to normal. I let his flaccid penis slip from between my lips and laid my head on his lap.

"Let's finish this," he said after a few moments. He stood up and prodded Jeanie with his foot. She moaned, but didn't try to move. Nick flipped her onto her back.

Her eyes were open, but vacant and she had rug burns on her chin, nose, and forehead. Nick grasped her jaw and turned her head toward him. Her eyes remained unfocused. "Get her daddy ready to go," he said withdrawing the unloaded handgun from the duffle bag. I knelt in front of Roger and opened the front of his jeans.

He groaned as my fingers closed around his hardening cock to pull it free from his pants. The Cialis was doing its job. I stroked him a few times and he was fully erect, the tip of his cock drooling. "She's going to untie you," Nick said pointing the gun toward Jeanie's stomach. "You try anything stupid and this cunt's dead before you reach the stairs, got it?" Roger nodded.

Nick tossed me a length of rope with a noose tied on one end. I stood up and slipped it over Roger's head tightening it before stepping behind the chair to untie his hands.

I loosened the ropes around his ankles and he rose unsteadily to his feet. I grabbed one of the overstuffed cushions from the back of the sofa and tugged on the rope to lead Roger to where Nick stood by his catatonic daughter. Roger looked down at Jeanie with a stricken look on his weathered face. I kneeled by my friend and pushed the cushion under her hips between her bound limbs and her back.

I spread her knees apart and looked up at Nick. Nick pulled off the tape holding Jeanie's soiled panties in her dad's mouth. I reached up and tugged Roger's jeans and underwear down around his ankles.

He looked down at me with a puzzled frown and I almost giggled. Nick forced him to his knees between his daughter's thighs. "Fuck her," he ordered. Roger's body tensed, his eyes flew to Nick's. "I I can't," he stuttered, the disgust evident in his voice. Nick squatted beside him, slapping at his rigid cock with the muzzle of the gun. "I think you can," he said menacingly. "I think you will unless you want to watch her die." Roger's shoulders shook as he took his penis in his hand and aimed it at the opening of Jeanie's vagina.

He paused for a long moment before he pushed slowly into her. He groaned loudly as his daughter's tight cunt closed around his raging hard on. "She's tight, isn't she?" Nick said grinning. He held the gun to the back of Roger's head. "Come on, buddy. Move that ass." Roger began to thrust into Jeanie's body. His strokes were hesitant and jerky at first. Then the sensation of the rippling walls his daughter's warm, wet cunt gripping his tumescent penis took over and he wrapped his arms around her waist and began fucking her frantically.

I looked at Nick across Roger's flexing back. "I told you he wanted to screw her," I said grinning as his ass rose and fell faster and faster. He was panting loudly as he buried his face against his daughter's chest. Jeanie blinked and her eyes seemed to clear. She moaned as her father pounded her cunt savagely, groaning at the strain on her joints as she tried to lift her hips to meet his thrusts.

I laughed, delighted that she was responding to her father's cock. I leaned down and put my lips close to storys xxx seaa a aa a oras ear.

"It feels good, doesn't it?" I whispered. She moaned again in response. "You love your daddy's cock, don't you, you filthy slut?" She blinked again and the last of the fog cleared. "Daddy," she groaned hoarsely.

Roger didn't lift his head. He held her tighter and shoved his cock deeper and harder. Jeanie cried quietly as her dad pistoned in and out of her abused cunt. He started grunting as he drove his cock into her, wheezing loudly. "Fuck," he groaned. "Oh, fuck. AAAaaarrrrrrggggghhhh." He shoved his cock into her so hard it lifted her knees off the floor. He made a loud gurgling noise, then his body went limp. I looked at Nick and laughed. Roger was completely still, his breath rattled in his throat and then stopped.

Nick felt for a pulse then shook his head. He removed the noose from Roger's neck. "He's gone," he said grinning. I laughed harder. I've always had a problem with laughing at inappropriate times. It was a coping mechanism. Jeanie bucked beneath her father's dead weight.

She let out a keening wail. "Get him off," she pleaded. "You did, baby," Nick said as he rolled another condom onto his hard cock. "I think it killed him." He rolled Roger's lifeless body off of Jeanie and pushed his penis into her sopping cunt. He thrust in and out slowly, watching as Roger's cum coated the condom. Jeanie winced as Nick started thrusting harder and faster. "You have such a sweet cunt," he said as he quickened his pace. "Almost any man would be happy to die in you." I searched the bag for the knife Nick had chosen just for Jeanie.

Her eyes widened as I pulled it out and handed it to him. He unsheathed it and showed her the the razor sharp blade with the wicked looking hook near the tip on its top edge. "Please don't," she begged.

"You can't." He laid the blade on her heaving stomach and sat back on his heels lifting her ass onto his thighs so he could continue to thrust shallowly into her. He lifted the knife again and pressed the tip against her quivering stomach just below her sternum. "Nick," she pleaded, her tears running into german mistress shit in slave mouth xstoryscom hair, "please.

Please." "I'm glad you're back, baby," he said smiling softly. "I'd hate for you to miss this." He thrust the knife into her body. She jerked and screamed. Nick drew the blade slowly toward himself. Made for gutting game, the sharp blade cut through her flesh and muscle like a scalpel. He opened her belly from her diaphragm to just below her navel then gave the blade a twist and pulled it out. She trembled on the verge of unconsciousness as he pulled the edges of the incision open and thrust his hands into her gut.

She stared blankly as he pulled out loops of her intestines and showed them to her. Her breathing was shallow as he lifted her into his arms and held her against his body. He began thrusting into her again. His breath hissed through his clenched teeth as he impaled her dying body on his steely cock.

She shuddered and began to convulse. "Ohhhh, fuck," he moaned. "Fuck, fuck, fuck. It feels like she's cumming." I scrambled to his side and slid my fingers into her cunt along side his pulsing cock. The panocha y pito rojos de tanto cojer in her vagina clenched and released over and over again. Her body jerked and her warm piss poured over my hand and Nick's thighs.

He hugged her tightly as I pulled my fingers out of her pussy. She shuddered and went limp as the life left her eyes. He kissed her dead lips and laid her back on the floor. I knew that if he could he would have shoved his cock into her throat and cum one last time in her body.

Next time it would be someone they couldn't connect to us and he could do all the things he would have loved to do to Jeanie. He stood up and took the hand towel I offered him. He wiped the smooth handle of the knife while I rolled Roger and shoved his hands into Jeanie's belly. Nick put the knife in Roger's hand and pressed his fingers around it. He arranged Roger's body so he was half lying over his daughter. I gathered everything up while Nick wiped as much of Jeanie's blood off his body as he could before tossing me the hand towel and dressing.

He sat down on the arm of the couch and pulled his boots on then stood and took the duffle bag. At the bottom of the stairs I paused and looked back. Nick reached for my hand and we climbed the stairs and left the house. *** I stood by the passenger side door looking up at the stars in the dark Nebraska sky. They seemed to shine brighter out here away from city lights. Nick opened the trunk and and tossed the duffle bag in with our overnight bags before slamming it closed.

He came to stand in front of me instead of going to get into the car. "Was it good for you?" he asked leaning into me, pressing me against the car. "Jeanie was my gift to you," I said, my hands sliding over his chest. His hands closed around my throat as he kissed me hard. I didn't try to push him away. This was part of our deal, me knowing that he was going to end me one day, but never knowing when. I did know there were things he wanted from me first. A daughter that would take over for me when I was gone.

More women like Jeanie to enjoy together. And he was never going to find sex mom creampie son jav xhasteter pain slut like me. He'd never find another women that matched him in his depravity. No one that would ever appreciate and encourage those tendencies. He pushed my skirt up around my waist and lifted me onto the hood of the car. He pulled my shirt off over my head and unfastened my bra before pushing me back to lie on the cool metal.

He tugged at my bra and it slid down my arms. I waited, knowing what was coming, staring up at the starry sky. His belt was in his hand, one end wrapped around his fist. He raised his arm and brought the buckle down sharply across my breasts. I gasped as the leather bit into my skin, but I didn't cry out. The belt cracked against my belly and breasts again and again until we were both breathing hard and tears ran from the corners of my eyes into my dark hair.

He dropped the belt onto the hood next to me and I heard the rasp sister and brother repe xxx his zipper. He pulled me roughly toward him and flipped me onto my belly. He shoved his hard cock into my ass and fucked me furiously. I grunted as each hard thrust drove the breath from my body. I felt him wrap the belt around my throat and loop the end through the buckle.

He put one hand in the middle of my back to hold me down as he pulled the belt tight, cutting off my breath. I bucked back against him as he rammed his cock into my rectum. I pushed up on the hood trying to twist away from him. The belt loosened and I tried to suck air into my lungs. He slammed my face onto the car and pain radiated from the bridge of my nose out across my cheekbones as he tightened the belt again.

My world spun out of control as he pounded his cock into my ass. My lungs screamed for air. Light exploded behind my eyes, then everything faded blissfully into darkness.